2016 Easter Blessings


Taking my cue from THE Queen who often starts off her speech with..   ‘My husband and I’ …so I’m beginning this post with…’My Sasha Brood and I’ would like to wish my blog followers and visitors a very happy Easter.


As usual I was late designing/photographying/organising my Sasha Easter cards (I mean, for pity’s sake, I’ve known about this event for 365 days!) and so must apologise to several of my close Sasha friends for the lateness of their card in arriving in time for TODAY and secondly for missing sending one to other Sasha friends that I’d of loved to have sent to. (Simply must do better next year!)


I am therefore going to show a few of the photos that I took from which to choose a couple for my Sasha Easter cards…. interspersed with a few Easter images from Pinterest to prevent boredom.

Quirky’s little brother, Quirky2 (nicknamed QE2 …after the Queen’s Royal yatch ) decided that he wanted to be a bunny rabbit over the Easter weekend. So having secured this outfit from off Sashadolluk and borrowed a pair of the baby girl’s tights he was all set to go in front of one of my backdrops.

Easter Bunny Card 019

Attractive table napkin decoration in which to add a few mini eggs.
Easter - Easter decor - holiday decorating - decor - easter bunny - easter egg - easter bunny ears napkin - table decor via pinterest

2. Looking left.
Easter Bunny Card 004

Loving the sheer daintiness of this basket of eggs, very in keeping I thought with my Easter card.

3. Looking at you!
Easter Bunny Card 015

Such exquisite fabric and trim detailing here.

4. Looking right.
Easter Bunny Card 006

Adored this rustic, natural look.

5. Finally a close up of this cheeky little tot.
Easter Bunny Card 018


In the end I chose numbers 3 and 4 as I liked more of the backgrounds showing but I’m wondering just which one YOU would have picked for your card.

Loved this bunny hoop idea below.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing QE2 (a Frido 1969 baby Woolly with his quirky eye-brow) out foraging for his breakfast of greenery in the early morning woodland mist.

Finally some views of the Easter activities here under the guidance of Theresa O’Neill. (Many thanks indeed to Theresa as detailed positioning is unfortunately now proving too much for my Arthritic hands!)

Easter Window Display 002


Easter Window Display 010


Easter Window Display 016


Easter Window Display 017


Easter Window Display 012


Thank you for visiting us here and we will hopefully see you again on Sunday, April 3rd, for our usual first Sunday of the month post. Until then, Sasha love and have a wonderful Easter weekend in-spite of the disappointing weather forecast.



29 thoughts on “2016 Easter Blessings


    • I have always loved the uniquness of these dolls from the moment I bought one for my two year old daughter in 1966 (although in hindsight I probably bought it for myself as it’s hardly a suitable doll for one so young!)
      Be very careful if you decide to buy one because as we’ve all discovered one leads to another….to another etc.
      Happy Easter to you and your 1/12th scale dolls.

  2. Happy Easter to you and the Brood, Kendal. Another beautiful post, Love your bunny baby card idea’s and trust you to have found the perfect outfit to turn QE2 into the perfect bunny. Just love those ears! He makes such a great Easter card.

    Love all your Easter shop photos too. Plus a lovely variety of Easter images for us to enjoy.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter from Dee and the Sasha Village Clan xx

  3. We here all say ‘Thanks for your’s and The Village’s Easter wishes.’
    I was rather pleased with how QE2 turned out dressed as a bunny. Did try him on a more green moorland background but it didn’t do anything for the atmosphere, then remembered this misty morning in the woodland one! Another Sasha box ticked!
    My Sasha Kids love window shopping especially at Christmas and Easter. I’m thrilled with the two door (wooden egg shape and silver bell wreath) embellishments that fix to it on these two special occasions.
    Just to let you know that WE have sunshine and blue skies here!

    • A very happy Easter to you too Nikita. The little knitted bunny top and bonnet feels so beautifully soft and silky.( I did originally try on some off white tights with it but preferred the pale pink ones.)

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful Easter greeting Kendal, I love my Easter Card of QE2 and I have now enjoyed seeing all the other images that were up for contention. The images of all the hand crafted eggs are just wonderful but made me feel guilty that I haven’t made a thing for Easter this year! You and Theresa must have had such a fun and joyous day, the displays are just perfect.

    • So pleased that you liked the Easter card. It turned out to be quite different to my usual ones with it’s pale misty colouring.
      There was no time for the annual decorating here either and I have to admit that I didn’t do too much with the shop display apart from getting everything out for Theresa to create the window display whilst I was taking photos outside of some of her dolls.
      Clarise says ‘Happy Easter!’

  5. A very Happy Easter Kendal ❤

    I so enjoyed your Easter post. I am always amazed at the many beautiful ways to decorate Easter eggs. So very lovely to see. Your dear quirky eyed baby looks fantastic in the sweet bunny outfit. I love all of the photos but number 3 is my favorite. What a precious baby and the soft colors are wonderful.

    I also enjoyed seeing your Happy Easter store front and members of your happy brood gathering around to see the Easter bunnies and chicks. Bea looks especially sweet and Theresa is a star to help you with the arranging of the store front. Thank you for a lovely Easter post. 🙂 xxx

    • A very happy Easter to you too! I just love Easter/Spring time…. and chocolate Easter eggs! I always think that April/May are when the UK looks it’s very best with all it’s new greenery and Spring flowers starting to grow and blossom..
      Quirky 2 does look rather cherubic and cuddly in his new bunny outfit but I’m afraid to say that it isn’t always the case as he can be quite a handful like his elder brother. I wasn’t sure if he would agree to wearing the girls’s PINK tights though.
      Yes, Theresa did make a very attractive window display this year as I struggled a little with last years one.
      Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend and thanks for visiting us here.

  6. A very Happy Easter Kendal, or as they say here, Feliz Pascua de resurrección! I love the photos of little QE2 dressed as a little bunny, he looks so cute! And I’m sure looked great on your Easter cards 🙂
    We haven’t done anything Easter-y but I did speak with Brendan, Virginia, my mum and my brother all together via Skype, as they are visiting together, so that was lovely!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂
    Hugs Sharon x

    • I felt rather guilty not being able to send all my Sasha friends an Easter card but knew that I was just late getting them published so tried to make up for it by emailing some pictures of my cards instead.
      I think that Easter sort of crept up on us this year with being in March. Basically I’m better with it being in mid April! Pleased though that you were able to speak to all your immediate family as theyh were together although I’;m sure that this must have made you feel a little ‘out of the loop’ so to speak.
      I’m sure that Spain was full of wonderful Church services, celebrations and parades being such a Catholic country.

  7. Hi Kendal,
    Beautiful Easter post and QE2 is just adorable as a bunny 😉 I haven’t been online much lately but look forward to catching up on all of your posts that I have missed.
    Happy Easter to you and your brood,
    Susan xxx

    • As I wrote in my card ,which you unfortunately won’t have received as yet due to my late posting, I have felt that we have rather lost touch with each other due to your recent sad circumstances but you (and your Sasha babies and toddlers) are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
      Thanks for your Easter wishes and please take good care of yourself and family.

  8. Happy Easter Kendal from all of us and our family of 12 Sasha’s and Gregors. QE2 looks adorable (but still mischievous) in his bunny outfit and Bea looks very hopeful as she shops for Easter treats. It looks like you and Theresa had fun with all these Easter themed scenes.

    • Many thanks to you all over there for your much appreciated Easter wishes.
      Bea and Quirky2 especially say an Easter ‘Hello’ to you both as well, as your Sasha family.
      Looking forward to seeing you all again in May.

  9. Love Bea, Quirky 2, the shop, your dolls, their clothing, the bunny napkin and all of it and so thrilled you are still using the Easter tree I got you. The door wreath is ACE! HAPPY EASTER BESTEST BUDDY X X X

    • Yes, we all love your Easter tree and the decorated hanging eggs. It makes a super Easter centre-piece to this scene.
      Have been very tempted to have a little feast on the Easter treats displayed in the shop windpow but so far have resisted…..butg feel that the will power is now getting somewhat weaker now that the photomhas been taken and Easter Sunday has nearly passed.

  10. Dear Kendal, thank you so much for sharing your wonderul Easter decoration with us as well as your “cheeky little tot” that makes me smile every time a do look at her :-). Your a wonderful photographer. You have the the great talent to abduct as into another world feeling like little girls admiring the window dressing of a doll shop pressing ore nose against the window with eyes as big as saucers ;-). Liss xxx

    • Many thanks for this much appreciated comment. I so often need these encouragements to spur me on to find the time to blog post as there is always so much to do without Sasha.
      Window shopping is always a treat whatever age you are and my Frido/Trendon kids love it too although I feel that I should be changing their window display on a more regular basis.

  11. I hadn’t realised that I received two emails from you a few days ago – so it was an unexpected pleasure to open this today. Kendal – you are so creative: I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at QE2, the scenes set up by your PA (aka Theresa) and the decorated eggs – a feast for the eyes – thank you!

  12. An extraordinary Easter post. Thank you for all you do Kendal. You are truly an amazing women and collector. Beautiful dolls and photos.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Thanks Anne for your comment. It’s great to hear from you again here. I shall never forget your WONDERFUL comment support in my early blogging years. It’s probably thanks to people like you that I’m still posting!
      Hope that your’s and your grandchildren’s Sasha collections are still thriving and in good use.

  13. Hi Kendal so sorry for the late reply to this post, but I don’t seem to have a moment to myself these days. I love Quirky 2 and the Easter card was beautiful. Little Bea looks very nice in the cardy I made her and the shop display has turned out a treat! I also love your backdrop xx

  14. Kendall, I continue to enjoy your posts and learn a great deal about the Sasha world from them. I am about to have a Sasha rerooted and wonder if I could send one or two of your pictures to the person who will do the work. Thank you. Betsy

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