My Sincere Apologies….

Had planned to show my Christmas doll today BUT what with still having huge problems with my computer NOT allowing me to even get onto my own blog (or the others that I follow, plus limiting access to the Sasha websites, Facebook, Paypal and Moonpig for 99% of the time) it’s been a none Sasha productive week all in all. (According to my computer geek it’s down to still being on Vista and Internet Explorer which can no longer be updated… SO sometime next week he is coming over to change me over to Windows 7…. when hopefully all my recent IT problems will disappear.)

So am making do this week with photos that have already been taken and stored in my Pictures! First up is the box of Thornton’s chocolates that Chon gave me for one of my Xmas presents. Naturally Bea has decided to show them since they are sporting a photo of her on the front.


Xmas Gifts 2015 049

Xmas Gifts 2015 052

3. On the sides is written ‘Christmas Sasha love’ and the inside was filled with my very favourite of their chocolate assortment.
Xmas Gifts 2015 048

Denise at Sasha Village was asking for home shelf displays on a monthly basis so I sent in this one from the corner of my living room this week. (Luckily when I looked around my bungalow I realised that I have 12 main Sasha displays (plus two smaller individual ones) so I’ll be OK in supporting her.) The two girls on display here are my 1966 Dungaree girls, on the left a Developmental girl in a vintage-sasha coat, hat and dress and on the right my Graphic eyed lass in a Ruthsdoll’s dress.

The flowers behind them were one of the first accessories that I bought after moving into this house 22 years ago. It took me about a month to finally purchase the whole bunch, buying around four flowers or sprays a week. (I thought that they enhanced the colours of my two Derwent floral two -seater settee’s.)


Sasha Shelf Display 003 - Copy

Sasha Shelf Display 002

Last week but one Theresa O’Neill came over to visit me for the day to play Sashas! She helped me to sort out the hair and dress one or two of my girls ready for the SCW in May.

….and last week I had another lovely surprise as Petrana sent me this beautiful bouquet of Hyacinths… (though still not sure what I did to deserve it!)  Their perfume is simply delicious.
The first two photos are taken on the day after their arrival and the third one a day after that to show how beautifully they had opened. A million thanks Petrana and I am pleased to say that they are still as gorgeous today.

Petrana's Flowers 006

Petrana's Flowers 004

Petrana's Flowers 008

Unfortunately because of my ‘very naughtily playing up’ computer I totally missed seeing Dollydoodle’s latest listings of the baby snowsuits that I had been waiting a good two years for now. Talk about being disappointed! I would have loved to have bought ALL of the following (although wouldn’t have dared been THAT greedy!)



P1040279 P1040285

Thought that these last few photos, taken when we un-expectantly came across this feature when driving back from a day’s shopping at The Trafford Centre in Manchester via the Cheshire country lanes instead of the M6 Motorway. Luckily on investigating in the car boot I found this Trendon Gregor lurking there and who was more than willing to get out and have his photo taken. Aren’t some folks clever with their wayside art?

Jockey and race horse 006

Jockey and race horse 008

Jockey and race horse 002

Jockey and race horse 001

Do hope that this rather scrambled together post has made up for the lack of the expected Xmas Doll photos. Will try to get some pics taken asap of the intended subject. Meanwhile thanks for popping by to see us and we look forward to meeting you again in our next post….though not sure exactly when that will be with these future computer changes lined up..

PS, A special welcome to my latest two new blog followers.


16 thoughts on “My Sincere Apologies….

  1. Hi Kendal so sorry that your computer is still playing up. I am feeling much better after my op and can now talk. Bea looks fab in her hair slides and PJs and I love the photo on the box of choccies too.
    That photo of Trendon on the wicker horse is fab. I really enjoyed making a fuss of your dolls xx

    • Firstly I’m so pleased that you are feeling much better after your recent biopsy. Good luck with the results when they finally come through.
      I too like the first photos of Bea ‘in the red’ so to speak!
      I thought that the wicker horse was a super find and we were lucky enough to be able to park in a gateway close by as the roads around there are very narrow.
      My dolls say thank you for your TLC that day.

  2. A lovely post to view on this chilly Sunday morning. Love the photo’s of Bea and the box of choc’s I do love the dolls in red and her Pj’s are gorgeous.
    I’m so glad to hear you have enough ‘shelves’ to take part each month in the doll shelves photo op.
    I to missed out on the snowsuits by DD and I was about with computer working! them’s the breaks!
    Love the photo of your Gregor on the horse, he looks like he’s trying to push the other rider off! so he can get a ride.
    I hope the loading of windows 7 does the trick for your laptop, enjoy the week ahead
    Dee xx

    • Hadn’t yet been out of the door here so wasn’t aware of it’s chilliness as the central heating is on full and 24/7 and the sun is shining brightly and streaming through the windows.
      Maddening about missing the DD snowsuits after having patiently waited for over two years now. I’m surprised to learn that you hadn’t got wind of them as I’m sure that it’s not that often that you miss Sasha news like this!
      Yes, my Sasha shelf displays are ‘at the ready’ and the photos are already even taken on account of my recent Sasha Count post!
      Was thrilled to come across that wicker horse tethered to that county lane gate post. Did you notice that he had obviously been drinking heavily (still had his glass in his hand!) and was therefore drunk and clinging around the horse’s neck for dear life.
      Thanks for the computer’s good wishes. Been frustratingly/maddeningly lost without bit over the last couple of months. My computer guy has been working on it from his home and som has re-installed Google Chrome for me until he can get over here sometime next week.

  3. Ahhhhh, Kendal, never any need for any apologies when you devote so much time and effort thinking up fresh ideas for the settings of your wonderful photo suites. One of my laptops has a Windows fault which has driven me bonkers as I’ve tried to fix it and so I sympathise.

    Perhaps it’s the time of year, but the smell of lavender suddenly drifted into my imagination whilst reading this blog posting. I have attached a youtube vid [1] of an area close to where I work when in France (near Manosque) and it would make a wonderful setting for a Sasha photoshoot.. Hee-hee, I suspect it wouldn’t be long before ‘Fritz’ set up his own little ‘Lavender stall’……..with grossly inflated prices!!!!

    Hope you manage another trip up the Great Orme this year. I fell of my chair laughing when one of your amusing contributors suggested that an (unnamed!) Sasha had fallen over, due to an excess of alcohol (whilst on top of the Orme)!!!!!!


    [1] see:

    • Your comment has bought back memories of my visit to some Lavender fields although they were in Jersey and not France. (Perhaps Fritz might be encouraged to take a little holiday with you after his display in May near Nottingham?)
      It’s a shame that my continuing IT problems has dampened my usually enthusiastic Sasha photography activities of late but hopefully all that will be solve very shortly..
      I ‘mhoping that I might well visit Llandudno this year as haven’t been back there for the last few years but did enjoy my trip to near your hometown on the Wednesday after Christmas and which I’ll post my resulting photos on my November post.

      • Hello Kendal

        Yes, I think I recall you mentioning the Jersey trip. Ooooooh, not sure about taking Fritz back to France with me……just imagine the cost!!! He’d want 7 berets – one for every day of the week to ensure that he outclassed all the other Sashas….so that’s 700 Euros. Then he’d want 2 pairs of Aix baseball shoes….that’s another 300 Euros. As soon as he heard: ‘l’addtion, s’il vous plait’ – after choosing a very expensive restaurant – he’d disappear faster than a Caterham Super Seven. I think I’d end up busking and pretending to be a poor Django Reinhardt imitation as I busked for my air fare home.

        Come to think of it, I have a suspicion that Fritz still owes you the post and package from his ‘schmoozing’ trip down South……even joining a southern golf club in the hope of social climbing! Fritz should stay true to his school and support the North of England. I fell over laughing when I heard his pretend southern posh accent!!!!

        Great to hear that you got to see the poppy display and hope all garage door/TV stand problems are now solved.

        Keep warm and look forward to your next summer visit to Llandudno and happy Loreto memories!

      • I’ll inform Fritz that you think that his visit would be way to EXPENSIVE for you!
        I’m sure that he’ll be disappointed but will get over it in time!
        My middle brother is spending the weekend in The Imperial Hotel (St George’s was fully booked!) at Llandudno as it was his wife’s birthday on the 12th and today, the 14th is their engagement anniversary.
        (I did ask if he could manage to take a photo of the apartments recently built on our school tennis/netball courts BUT don’t hold up much hope with their being ‘Love in the air…..!)

  4. Oh dear computer problems are the worst sort of problems for us dolly people as we need our fill of dolly photos….but problems aside, Kendal, you have ensured that we’re still able to have our fill of lovely photos. I love the girls in front of the flower display, the colours of it do work particularly well with your girls’ outfits.
    The whicker horse and rider are crazy! What a find on the side of the road…..and even more of a find, a Gregor loitering in the car just waiting to have his photos taken. LOL.
    I hope you’re computer is sorted out for you very soon!

    • Have certainly missed my daily Sasha fixes with not having a working computer of late but pleased that all is working quite smoothly for a while since my IT guy re-installed Google Chrome on Saturday until he can sort out adding Windows 7 (and then updating to Windows 10 later in the year!)
      I too enjoy seeing those two early girls standing in front of those flowers though they’ve not been there together for so long as the one on the left has recently moved there from the old pine chest over the Christmas period replacing the original one there as she was needed in the hallway.
      Was thrilled when we spotted the wicker horse tied by the roadside. Love un-expected surprises like this!

  5. I think your current computer problems have led to a very fascinating and wonderful blog Kendal. I love that box of chocolates first off, how thoughtful of Chon. How cute that you had a day with Theresa playing Sasha dress up for the SCW and I can just smell those beautiful hyacinths from Petrana. The snowsuits by Judith are just adorable and I am sad I missed those too )o: Well done on your Gregor find and how funny to see him as a co jockey! I do hope Windows 7 is the answer to all your computer woes Kendal I can’t wait to see how you photograph ‘You know who’!

    • That’s a really lovely thing to say, Janet! Still feeling rather guilty though with not introducing my new doll especially as Christmas seems so long ago!
      Not forgiven my laptop though for making me miss the DD snowsuits! Windows 7 has a lot to live up to after these last few very trying months of such disruptions.

  6. Hope so much, you and your Computer are meanwhile happy and healthy! Just love watching your photos, reading your words -humming a melody *g
    Have to apologise as well for not following properly… but real life is challenging just now.
    Have a happy and sunny valentine!
    Anne and the Commoneos

    • I think that ‘real life’ is challenging US ALL at present. My ageing, health, quickly passing time and computer problems all adding to the stress and pressures of my life….. and practically limiting my Sasha playtime to nothing!
      A very happy St Valentine’s Day to you and the Sasha Commoneos!

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