The Final 2015 Sasha Brood Doll count

This time last year I got carried away with Simply Sasha’s and Denise’s Sasha Doll New Year Resolution making and whereas they both just put a limit on their new doll buying I decided to count the dolls already here (66) and make sure that that in a years time (January 1st 2016) their number would still be the same.
An almost impossible task I thought at the time BUT I also needed to put my finances back in order so that I could then help my daughter pay for some major house repairs to her Victorian Lodge home.
I have decided to take YOU with me as I counted my dolls just to make sure that there was no cheating going on. Unfortunately the weather of late has been somewhat dull so the photos aren’t the best.
SO are you all ready?….here we go….start the counting….

Firstly the dolls at the moment that are in the hallway…
Dec 2015 Sasha Count 001

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 026

On into the living room….

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 038

Sasha 2016 count 004

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 042

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 044

Sasha 2016 count 010

Then into my bedroom….

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 015

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 017

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 023

(Do NOT count in the Studio girl here…as those three weren’t part of the equation…)

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 018

Finally into the spare bedroom….rather over-crowded in here so often known as The Doll Room…

2015 Sasha Count 004

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 031

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 032

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 039

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 034

2015 Sasha Count 001

Right now how many did you get….? 66/65?

65 is the correct answer as the 66 latest girl below that I had for Christmas 2014 had to be unfortunately and sadly sold to pay for my two pairs of expensive vari focal spectacles.

d6814 195

d6814 212

However this now allowed me to purchase my Christmas 2015 doll (which I have yet to take photos of to introduce ‘him/her’ to you.)
As you can see I was a ‘goody’ and kept to my self imposed 2014 resolution and so didn’t have to pay a forfeit to a Charity.

NO Sasha resolutions taken this year as after the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May a huge Sasha Doll downsizing will start to take place to allow them more room to stand/sit and hopefully less dusting for me.

I am publishing this tonight whilst I have an internet connection as haven’t had one, due to my sever playing up, for 98% of the time over the last few days.


36 thoughts on “The Final 2015 Sasha Brood Doll count

  1. such a lovely collection you have!! I have half as many, does that mean I get to go crazy this year as my New Years resolution?! I wish my budget would allow it!

    • Gosh you were quick off the mark as hadn’t even had the time to close down the computer after publishing as it’s way past my usual bedtime.
      Glad that you enjoyed seeing and hopefully counting them though a pity that the photos were so poor in quality.
      Remember to only buy the dolls that you completely fall in love with and can’t resist like I do or else you will soon be completely over-run withn them and considered a lost cause..

      • I agree! I have bought a few that I am lukewarm about, but most I adore! Sometimes they grow on me over time, so I don’t want to be too hasty in selling someone off!

  2. A most perfect post Kendal! I love to see your gorgeous and so beautifully dressed Sashas as they are throughout your lovely home. The beautiful settings are just fantastic!!! I am certain to re-look at this post over and over again. It is a Sasha Fantasy Land! Thank you for sharing your amazing brood. I wish you all the best in 2016! ❤ xxx

    • Definitely a Sasha Doll home! I’m almost getting pushed out of it they are taking up so much of the space. My own personal rooms seem to be the kitchen, bathroom and conservatory where they are banned from entering.
      It is lovely though to view them in each room as I move around and so pass them by.
      Many thanks for the good wishes for 2016.

  3. Hi Kendal, what an epic photography session to cover every single vinyl Sasha doll in your collection (I’m excluding the glorious studio girl as requested). You have lots of girls and not so many boys, I think I can see only one boy red head, though maybe two (photo 12 – is the boy on the extreme left dark haired or red haired?). They are all so beautifully dressed. I’m sure it will be hard to reduce your collection later this year after the Celebration weekend, though I guess more girls than boys will go. Best wishes, DollMum

    • Many thanks. Only wish that it had been a brighter day, especially for those on my dressing table. Might try to take a few of these photos again so that they can be seen more clearly.. I have 12 Gregors, 12 babies, I toddler and 40 Sashas (PLUS the Christmas mystery he/she? doll)
      Yes, I only have the one red headed Gregor Shorts boy as red hair is not my favourite Sasha Doll hair colour. Couldn’t resist him as he is such a petite, very YOUNG, tiny eyed looking lad who had the original three quarter grey woollen socks on. The others are 6 brunette and 5 blondes.. .

      • A red haired shorts boy would be my dream red haired boy, but out of my range at the moment (extramural educational activities for my daughters have to come first for the moment).

      • I totally agree about education coming first but I’m sure that one day in the near future you’ll have your dream Gregor Shorts join your Sasha Doll family… just as your little toddler, Edmund, finally did last year.

  4. Hallo Kendal, I often wandered how many Sasha’s you would have. Now I have seen them all. An they are so beautiful.I like them all. I myself have only a girl, a boy and a baby. Would like to have a todler. Do you have one for sale?

    • Great to see you here and many thanks for your lovely comment on my Sasha Brood.
      Having a Sasha, Gregor and baby, rather like a family, is a very good way to start off your Sasha collection and I can assure you that it will soon start to multiply. Unfortunately I only have the one toddler (the customised Bea) and couldn’t bare to part with her being so unique…although I’m not a toddler lover as such.
      Occassionally website occasionally has one for sale but they are usually cost around £600.

    • Thanks for commenting Lorraine. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed ‘the count’ with me!
      Unfortunately I’m probably way behind commenting on your posts as haven’t been able to get onto them of late due to my ‘stupid’ internet provider playing up. My family say that I should really change servers but I’m not sure that I’m up to coping with it at the moment.

  5. Another lovely post for this SNOWY Sunday morning ! I enjoyed our trip round your home to view and count the dolls in situ . I am very impressed that you .. with the mantra ‘ A Kendal MUST HAVE Sasha ‘ managed to go the whole year without ‘falling ‘ off the wagon! So well done, however I think you must have passed your buying power over to me as I do believe I bought enough of the pair or us plus another person!

    Sad to hear that you will be downsizing once the May celebration weekend is over but this can be a good thing sometimes as it allows you to spend more time of those dolls still in the Brood.

    Right I am off for a second look, enjoy the day
    Dee xx

    • Snap! We too have a smattering of snow on the ground but not enough to warrant me going out with a Sasha or two to take any photos SO will continue to remain indoors with the central heating on full blast.
      Your admittance of buying enough dolls for the BOTH of us (and poss for SS!) is certainly true. I have to admit that I was tempted on many occasions. There were definitely ‘Kendal-must-haves!’
      Not looking forward to downsizing as I totally LOVE ALL my dolls here.
      Still having trouble viewing my favourite websites and blogs and struggling to even get on here as keeps saying ‘this page is unavailable.’

  6. Lovely display Kendal and I hope berets come back in this year. I spy Fritz! How is he getting on with his career plans? Sales or Marketing? Possibly journalism? Any chance of letting us know what shampoo and conditioner he uses? Knowing Fritz, one suspects it could be ‘home brew’!!!!

    • Like you I too love berets on my Sasha dolls. Not sure though that Fritz would agree. He much prefers his beanie hats! I don’t think that he has the time for a job with being head of the Sasha Brood which, so he tells me, is proving, to be almost a full time occupation as there are some rather naughty members here and as he points out, there has to be some pllaytime for his chosen sports , hobbies and interests.

    • Thanks for popping by and commenting. Always great to hear what other collectors think. Hoping that my Christmas doll won’t disappoint then. Must try to get organised and take some photos. Seem to have become rather lazy with this camera activity over the Christmas break!

  7. What a lovely bunch you have there Kendal! As I wandered down the photos though, for a moment I thought “Goodness! Where are the boys?!” and then I spied them and a sigh of relief escaped me 😉 I thought for one moment that they’d gone walkabout!
    It was great to see how you have them all displayed as you do. I liked seeing Bea in her pyjamas, red definitely is that girlies colour. And the three in photo 8 (bedroom) and the little blond in lemon in 9….super sweet looking. I wondered how you decide who goes with who, is there a reason behind it, or just chance? I would be interested to know.
    Have a great week, I hope you get your internet sorted out…we rely on it so much these days, don’t we?
    Hugs Sharon xx

    • It seems that the lads, apart from the Nicklas, one or my two Gotz sharp nosed lads who likes to ‘lord’ it over those girls and babies in my bedroom, prefer to stay in the spare bedroom so that they can escape into the garden when the mood takes them.
      They don’t all have set positions and some like to move round the rooms on occasions. I usually put a boy/girl together on that long bookcase spread and often match them with their hair colours but I noticed here that one or two have moved to different spots when they were taken off and laid on the bed whilst the shelves were last dusted.
      Fritz always likes to stand there with his bike to regulate who goes out into the garden to play etc.
      Theresa very kindly gave Bea her fab PJs for Christmas and she is still in them awaiting to be photographed in a post about my Sasha Xmas gifts.
      I used to colour co-ordinate which dolls went where with their clothing and my room’s colour schemes but unfortunately time doesn’t seem to allow this these days with it being much slower looking after myself.
      The little 1969 quirky eye-browed blonde tot in photo 9 is Quirky’s younger brother, Quirky 2,, now nicknamed QE2 His sticking out hair is a great dust catcher.
      The two girls in photo 8 on the left as you enter my bedroom usually like to stand together as they are both two of my favourite Shelly repaints. Her other two , Belle and her sister, would also like to be displayed here but four on this tiny surface is just too much.
      Internet still being un-co-operative during the day but then allowing me a little access in the evening. It’s saying that the fault can’t be repaired automatically so it means that I’ll have to get my computer geek in at some point next week.

  8. Such a beautiful brood Kendal – I am looking forward to seeing them ‘in the flesh’ in May. Parting with any of them will be difficult, but I’m sure you will be able to find them all good homes!

    • Thanks Tricia. Hope that you won’t be disappointed when you see them ‘in the flesh’ in May and that’s it’s not a case of they photograph better than in real life as many are definitely WAIFS…. and been here for YEARS but well loved by me!

  9. What fun this was! Bitterly cold weather outside, but not to worry, I’m indoors counting Sashas!

    I did most earnestly attempt to count, but sadly was distracted by the Sashas themselves. My, you do have a bunch!

    I seem to have missed boys. I thought you had more boys. The girls (my faves) are simply delectable. And the clothes! There are so many darling dresses I’m just drooling over. I can’t imagine letting go of any of it.

    I also immensely enjoyed my stroll through your lovely home. Thank you for inviting me.

    • Having to have another go at replying to this as having written a longer than usual reply it vanished (due to this erratic laptop) into thin air when I came to publish it…..and NO, I hadn’t saved it! Not sure if I can now manage to write as full a reply but will give it my best.
      So pleased that you enjoyed this brief tour of my Sasha Dolls on display in my home. The last time that I did something similar I also added in photos of the actual rooms to show the positions of the doll displays but this time I decided not to with the weather being on the dull side.
      Yes, you are quite right I did use to have many more of the Gregor lads (and dare I mention it, 26 of the babies) but that was in the days when my total collection consisted of 92 Sasha Dolls.
      New dolls have been non-existant this year on account of my 2015 New Years resolution BUT I have enjoyed buying a few new outfits instead for them as I love dresses them, discovering which doll suits which outfit the best.

      • I do regret the departure of the beautiful Sasha from Christmas 2014. What a gorgeous doll. Nice to catch a glimpse of my favorite Belle, too!

        I’m also simply mad about the bigger rocking horse😃

      • Me too about that lovely, minty Gotz Saucer eyed girl….but needs must.
        I’m afraid that that gorgeous rocking horse isn’t mine I’m just looking after/stabling it for a friend for a while.
        Belle sends you her love..

  10. Hallo again Kendal, I forgot to mention the blond short haired girl I have as well. And she is so nice to see!! Having heard from you the price that toddlers do I was almost shocked! didn’t know how expensive the are. But, who knows??

    • It is rather shocking to see the price of the toddlers these days when I remember that they were only approx 15 years ago they were only £65 to buy new. Perhaps you’d better start saving now for one?
      I personally love the shorter bobbed haired girls to the original longer lenghts.

  11. Hello Kendal I am so late with this, as you know I have been looking after my Grandson, whilst my daughter recovers from her op which went very well.
    Lovely to see little Bea in her PJs and that the horse is thriving living with you. All your dolls are fab and beautiful. I hope to see you soon xxx

    • Thanks Theresa and so pleased to hear that your daughter is recovering well from her recent operation.
      Your wonderful rocking horse is being well stabled here though not taking much exercise as such with it being so busy over Christmas.
      Bea adores her new PJs and says thank you very much for them.

  12. Kendal, You have provided such an incredible treat and Sasha learning experience for me (and others)! Thank you. It is lovely seeing your dolls dressed in varying wonderful ways and keeping you company in some of the rooms of your home. My dolls like yours provide amazing companionship as I move from room to room here; they are banned from some rooms just as yours – interesting. Each and every outfit worn by your dolls is special; I especially enjoyed seeing how perfectly each outfit suits the doll wearing it. I hope you soon come to have less frustration with your electronic world.

    • Many thanks for this lovely comment. I’m so glad that you are enjoying seeing them and their outfits. It is delightful isn’t it seeing these dolls on display as you move around the home. They bring such joy with their presence.
      After starting off collecting the dolls with no Sasha seamstresses around and the only available outfits being the original Gotz and Frido/Trendon to buy it is simply wonderful to have such fantastic items to chose from nowadays. Talk about being spoilt for choice.
      Interesting too to see how various collectors decide which seamstresses and the various styles to dress their dolls in.
      Thanks too for the good wishes for a restored working to my laptop.

  13. Dear Kendal, I was away for a few weeks so could look at your 65/66 Sasha’s only right know. I am so looking forward to seeing them all at the Sasha Celebration weekend :-). I know for a long time which one was, is and will be my fave. Do you know, can you gess ;-). Hope that you are better now and are no longer suffering from illness. With a big hug, Liss

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