A Brief Look At Our Christmas 2015

A very late and so desperate search for a Sasha based Christmas card. I’ve know about needing this for well over 300 days… but does this spur me on to do something about it earlier on? NO! So now at the last minute it’s panic stations!

Grabbing my camera, my new Twig tree (which I decorated with some fine red tinsel)  and a few ‘red-dressed’ dolls of varying sizes, I try to apply myself to the task in hand, although the truth is, that my heart’s wasn’t quite in it this year with still feeling ‘so poorly.’ With the inclement weather still outside I had to opt for taking the photos in the conservatory amongst dull and grey surroundings. Not a promising start.

First few attempts….(I have left these photos without lightning them so that you can get ‘the real picture’ that I had to work with.)

Xmas 2015 001

Xmas 2015 004

Xmas 2015 020

Xmas 2015 017

Xmas 2015 018

Xmas 2015 005

Xmas 2015 022

Xmas 2015 023

Xmas 2015 025

Xmas 2015 027

Xmas 2015 029

Xmas 2015 038

Xmas Cards 013

Xmas cards 2015 015

Eventually decide to go with this last photo which I duly lightened, and feeling generous, go for a slightly larger size (7″ x 5″) instead of my usual 6″ x 4″, and so ordered 60 to be printed.

A week later they arrived but were useless as I had lightened them too much so into the re-cycling bin they went. Starting again I then chose to use photo no 9 and in the smaller size.

Xmas 2015 025

These arrived on 19th December and so the writing and posting of them began in the hope that at least some of them would arrive with the recipients in time.

As most of you have seen my usual Christmas decorations here over the past years I decided just to show you a couple of photos of my new one, a graduated twig tree (it is actually a 3D but I wanted to use it as a 2D up against this wall) which I then decorated firstly, in red tinsel for the use with my Christmas card and secondly, in tiny green sparkling ivy for my hallway.

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 001

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 003

(With the flash on in the hope of picking up the sparkling tiny ivy but alas to no effect.)
Dec 2015 Sasha Count 004

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 027

(Added a red bow to last year’s new wreath outside the front door.)
Dec 2015 Sasha Count 009

Dec 2015 Sasha Count 010

Chon’s Christmas handbag.
Xmas 2015 027

Chon’s Xmas stocking and re-usable linen embroidered cracker and bottle bag gifts plus a Christmas Rose plant.
Xmas 2015 012

24. My gifts to Chon’s new partner in a more ‘manly’ stocking.
Christmas 2015 002

Christmas 2015 005

Bella, Chon’s dog’s gifts.
Christmas 2015 009

Alcohol gifts for my eldest brother and sister-in-law to take with us to their Boxing Day’s open house.
Xmas 2015 023

I filled this charming little Christmas stocking for a delightful two year old member of our family who loves to come and visit me and play with my Sasha Dolls.
Xmas 2015 003

Xmas 2015 007

Xmas 2015 009

Chon’s New Year gifts. A horse’s snaffle bit on a leather bracelet and her usual bowl of Hyacinths… plus a bottle of Champagne and chocolates.
Xmas 2015 029

Xmas 2015 031

Xmas 2015 034

Xmas 2015 035

I’ve decided to keep you in suspence as to what/which doll Father Christmas brought me this year. Actually that’s not quite true as I haven’t had the time to take any photos of it, or my other Sasha related gifts, as yet so hopefully they will be in my next post.

Christmas 2015 010

Father Christmas waving me and Xmas 2015 farewell until December.
Christmas 2015 013

I hope that I have been forgiven for not posting this last Sunday, with it being the first Sunday of the month, and that this post makes up for it.
Wishing all my wonderful blog followers a very happy and healthy Sasha filled New Year and with an extra special thank you to those who so very kindly take the time to comment and give me some all important feedback.


24 thoughts on “A Brief Look At Our Christmas 2015

    • My you were really on the ball here and so quickly off the mark with your comment. Thank you for good wishes, especially the health ones with The Brood having to hopefully go on full display in May at The Sasha Celebration Weekend though luckily the much needed re-stringing has already begun if we are to be standing smartly.
      A very happy Sasha filled New Year to you and yours..

  1. What a lovely Sunday surprise this was popping into my inbox. I love all the photo’s of your girls in red and the very versatile twig tree. I particularly like Sharon’s Ra ra outfit on your waif, it really suits her . Not that the others don’t look great because they do, I just love brunettes in red and this red and white display is just perfect for Christmas.

    But then I also love how you rang the changes and put the ivy on the twig tree giving it a totally different appearance and the colour change with one of your girls in the cosette wig , dressed to match colour wise is again a beautiful sight.
    Chon looks to have had a lovely Christmas and New Year on seeing her lovely gifts.

    A wonderful post to lift us on a cold but bright Sunday. Many Thanks Dee xx

    • So pleased to see that at least YOU and Karen W have forgiven me for the lateness of this post! Christmas had certainly got me into a very lazy non-sasha and no cooking mode and which I’m now finding it a real struggle to get out of!

      I wasreally thrilled withn this new Twig tree. Originally I had thought of hanging it on a wall somewhere, either inside or outside, but quite liked the look of it here in my hallway, especially when the table lamp was on as it gave a welcoming look to the end of the hall to all who came to the front door.

      Chon said that she had a wonderful Christmas as always. She was pleased too with my stocking gifts to her new partner.

      The girls certainly all looked very festive in their red clothibg.
      Thanks for this super comment Denise. We all love to hear back from what other Sasha collectors think about our blogs and it certainly has the desired effect of spuring us on to do more….even if some of us don’t have the exciting thrill of dolls constantly popping up on our doorsteps!.Mind you I just ADORED your latest Button nosed guy. So very, very handsome!

    • How lovely to hear from you with this super feedback especially about this rather unusual twig tree.which I truly adore and so glad that I had it. and I’m sure that it will be very versatile for the future.with it’s ability to change from 2 to 3D dimensions and ring the colour changes.
      Thanks too for the better health wishes .

  2. A lovely post Kendal. I am in love with your twig Christmas tree! I love the graduated branches and the flexibility of having two or three dimensions. The sparkly ivy is very pretty but I love the sparkely red tinsel and it is perfect beside your lovely Sashas dressed in their festive red oufits. Just lovely to see. 🙂

    I am glad you sent your cards out and they are nice to receive any day of the year. I am sure you put smiles on many faces on the receiving end of your lovely cards. Thank you for sharing Chon’s lovely gifts and the variety of thoughtful Christmas stockings you gifted to family and friends. It is always a pleasure to see Santa waving and his reindeer taking off to the sky. Ho Ho Ho, the big man did another great job this Christmas! I look forward to seeing your reveal of Santa’s gifts to you plus gifts from friends. ❤ xxx

    • I’m really thrilled to hear that others like/love this twig tree too and without these comments I wouldn’t have known this! I did plan to add some little cones/berries/acorns/bells/baubles etc. but my hands found this too difficult with the time quickly running out.
      Unfortunately I’m now having trouble with cutting and sticking small pieces of Sellotape these days so the Xmas stockings came in really handy this year.
      Our Rotary/Round Table Santa does a great job and I really look forward to his visits here at the end of my drive. He actually gave my new Sasha a couple of kisses before handing it to me but the flash on my camera was too late in finishing off from the last photo for me to capture it.

  3. For some reason this post didn’t appear in my blog roll today Kendal, but fortunately I saw the link in Ginger’s post.

    The light has been so frustrating hasn’t it? I can definitely relate to your attempts to get a decent card this year – and yes I think many of us leave it to the last possible minute! Now I no longer have my ‘photographic area’ where I used to take all my photos I have been finding it hard to find a good enough place indoors with enough light, more often giving up.

    Love your twig tree I have seen this before and not given them much of a glance, but seeing yours shows your artistic streak in making it looks so attractive.

    I hope that this year will bring you better health – I think we all hope that, and with better health generally comes the happiness so that is taken for said.

    • Steve has mentioned this before with his email posts but I’m now wondering if it is due to my not regularly blogging as I used to.
      I agree that the light need for taking a good/reasonable photo has been on the poor side. I do remember though that there was one good day when trying to get a photo taken to use as a card but I had to go out to the dentists. in the middle of the day. Sod’s law as we say!
      When I first saw there twig trees it was in a huge format, a goof six feet as such. Way too big for my small bungalow so was delighted when I saw this small;er more compact size.
      Many thanks for your better health wishes and which I send to you and anyone else that needs some. Life can be hard enough as it is when feeling even 100% well.

  4. Your Christmas photos are lovely, however we feel privileged in having a Kendal special Christmas card – namely the photo of our Miranda in the ballet outfit sitting on the Rocking horse at the Chat n Snap – thank you for our lovely card. I do like your 3 in their red outfits and that twig tree is inspired – great that it could be 3D or 2D. I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas with family (and especially the 2 year old who likes your Sashas), here is hoping that 2016 is a good year for your health improvements.

    • I couldn’t resist sending that card to you and your youngest daughter as it was just perfect for this occasion. Miranda looked so regal and at home on that magnificent wooden rocking horse amongst the Christmas Pine Trees.
      I was very taken with the Twig tree and it’s versatility for future use. I’m basically a natural outdoor-natured person at heart so love things made from natural materials.
      Luckily, and I’m sure that it was on account of everyone’s good health wishes, I felt so much better over the Christmas period so was able to fully enjoy my huge and wonderful family.
      Looking forward to seeing you and your delightful young daughter at The Sasha Celebration Weekend in May plus what you have in store for us to make in your workshop session.

  5. Hello K!
    As you know I am definitely not into Christmas, but it is always lovely to see your blog posts and I look forward to the Christmas reveal of your new doll…especially if it is who I think it is 🙂
    Have a good week…and stay warm !

    • Well there’s ‘Christmas’ and there’s ‘Christmas’ but for me it’s all about time spent with my family and making a special effort to catch up with seeing, visiting, writing to or phoning friends that I only seem to keep in contact with around Christmas time..
      I’m not so sure that you know my Christmas doll is as such. as In my next post I’m taking my followers with me, in an effort to count My Brood, following my 2015 New Year’s resolution of keeping the same number of dolls as I had at the end of the previous year and so will then afterwards reveal my new addition at the end… all in the pipe line as such, just need the photos to go with it if the weather allows.
      Thanks for the week’s good wishes and yes, I am staying warm as the central heating has been on full for 24/7 over the last few months thanks to the Government’s generous help with the OAP’s cost of home fuel.
      Thrilled to have you back here…. and commenting!

  6. A lovely post Kendal, which I am only now getting to sit down and read as I have had a ‘productive’ day today, in other words I’ve been sewing!
    I love the twig Christmas tree, I like the simplicity of it’s natural branches and how it can be decorated in a number of ways. I too would have it 2D, probably against the wall, but I think it’d look equally good in 3D. I can imagine it with tiny fairy lights too, very plain ones, probably in white or silver.
    Looks like Chon had some lovely presents to open as did her partner and of course Bella! My little dogs had fun with their gifts which were actually only edible ones this year….as they have far too many toys which we regularly fall over as they leave the blooming things everywhere!
    Love the girls in their red outfits, but am sorry to hear that your cards didn’t turn out as expected. However, you did well…..at least you got some more and got them sent out, even if you were late……I have yet to do that! LOL……I was thinking that maybe if Christmas were delayed until Easter….I might get things done on time 😉 as although I’m always slow to prepare for the festive season, this year I was even worse what with being at the coast and having wonderful weather, the sunshine really really threw me!
    Happy New Year to you and I hope that your health improves greatly and you’re soon feeling 100% again!
    Big hugs from Spain xx

    • Many thanks indeed for this lovely long comment and to which I’ll reply to more fully in the morning as am off to bed now.
      Now back again today and continuing with my reply.
      It’s wonderful when you can really settle down and sew to your heart’s content isn’t it? Life these days is so often full of interruptions that doesn’t let you get on with what you love doing the best.
      Yes, I am really thrilled with the new Twig tree and look forward to ringing the changes every so often. Will try it in it’s 3D form later on in the year just to see what that looks like but it was in it’s 2D and space saving form that I loved so much.
      I’m hoping that your Christmas card from me will be waiting for you when you return home to your town house as I don’t know your seaside address.
      Many thanks for the New Year and health good wishes and I send the same to you and your family. An important year for you with THE wedding!

  7. Hi Kendal I loved your blog post and especially the Christmas card of my favourite little Bea. I’m sure the lucky little two year old that has the joy of visiting you and playing with your Sasha’s was delighted with your Christmas gift for her. Thank you so much for my wonderful card and prezzies. xxx

    • Bea is quite the little darling isn’t she? Hope that you noticed that she was wearing the dear little ladybird hair slides that you gave her.
      I have some delightful photos of this two year old playing with baby Quirky but dare not put them on the internet as such but she certainly looks to be a Sasha collector in the making!
      Glad that you liked the card and gifts from here.

  8. I have just spent a most enjoyable 10 minutes reading and taking in all your beautiful photos Kendal. I have to say I loved every offering for the Christmas card! They all were so festive and bright with a beautiful use of red. I do thank you for the final one though, it is in my box of keepies now. I enjoyed looking at all your families super presents to each other, how nice to have a touch of festive cheer on this gloomy January day. xx

    • Probably fartoo many card photo choices as I tend to just quickly snap away when I’ve set up an environment for the Sasha Christmas card and hope that one or two fits the bill in the end. I do think that red always looks very festive but might have to re-think next year as poor little Bea seems to be always seen in those same clothes on my Xmas cards.
      I was quite thrilled with the available choice of Christmas stockings this year. Some years I struggle to find some really attractive or unusual ones..Chon has always loved her Christmas stockings and contents and has often mentioned that they are her favourite presents. Hers this year was filled with her Lancome beauty products and Mac make-up (the latter smaller items was also in the cracker) as her main present is always her house and contents insurance for another year, unfortunately necessary but not that thrilling to open..

  9. Kendal your photos are all lovely – you have such style with your dolls and their settings. I always enjoy reading your blog and hopefully improve some of my skills and ideas in the process! x

  10. Elegant and tasteful, as we know your gifts and photos, Kendal!
    Love the twiggy tree. Many many options to decorate.

    Hope you are well and have a happy healthy year.
    (We know, time is rattling round so quickly… *g)

    • I just love it when I find attractive and really suitable items that are wanted or needed for these occasions..
      Luckily I have been feeling much better these days since I stopped taking one of my Arthritic tablets..

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