Happy Christmas Everybody

My Sasha Brood and I wish all my blog followers and Sasha Doll Collectors a wonderful and happy Christmas day.

Xmas 2015 025

Hope you’re having fun……..and like me, have a little Sasha related something to open!!

Christmas 2015 010

Thanks for coming here Father Christmas. (I just adore her!)
Spending quality time with my family over the next few days but will hopefully be back blogging asap.


31 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Everybody

    • Oh thank you. I certainly am looking forward to it as I have a super very large family!
      Thanks too for your great attempt with your very first Sasha card and which arrived in plenty of time for the big day!

    • Thank you and thank you for YOUR MANY fab posts, especially the rhyming , story telling and gardening ones!
      A very happy Christmas celebrating with your family.
      PS. Will hopefully get to comment on those last recent posts asap.

  1. Happy Christmas Kendal and wishing you a fabulous fun-filled Sasha time for 2016. I will be keeping a watch-out for your wonderful blogs from Costa Rica where happily this time, I will be returning on the 31st December with all my Sasha family! Lots of love to you and everyone here and thank you for all the smiles! Jackie x

    • Was rather wondering just what was happening with not hearing from you privately for quite a while now. Will email you later in the week when Chon has returned home.
      Thanks for popping by and leaving this comment. Wished I had sent your card to Spain now..

    • Thanks for your good wishes Rosie. Yes it seems all systems go here at the moment and out of the house for 70% of the time at the moment being either at restaurants or other family member’s homes. Enjoying seeing how the other half live and being away from any kitchen activities.

  2. Have a love Christmas/New year break Kendal and thanks, as ever, for such wonderful postings and pictures. Sorry for lack of postings…..usual issues…..work, work, work!!! I do, however, follow all your postings 🙂

    Lots of happiness and peace of mind to you (and your daughter) in the new year.

    P.S. Would it be OK if I reply to someone who posted on the ‘Our Mummy’s Boarding School’ thread? I remember the poster well – and he was an incredibly nice person. No problems if you’d rather I didn’t……and I won’t indulge in a lengthy trip down memory lane :):):)

  3. Hi Kendal, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that your New Year will be a good one too.
    I look forward to seeing who the newbie is that came to live at your house!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • Many thanks for your good Christmas and New Year wishes.
      Will try to introduce the Christmas Doll asap BUT Chon isn’t returning home until Tuesday evening and then I’m hopefully going with my sister to see the memorial poppies on display in Liverpool on Wednesday.
      The spring mecanism on my automatic garage door has broken and collasped trapping my car inside so need to try to find someone to come to repair that before I need the car.
      Also still struggling to find a TV stand for the new slim line TV so that can be sorted out and fixed up to work.
      Will hopefully get there in the end!

  4. Hello Kendal,

    Your last mail that I received yesterday causes difficulties with windows when trying to open it.

    Did you get more reactions like mine?

    Like to hear from you.

    Best wishes for the year to come.

    Tiny van den Ende, The Netherlands

    • I’m thinking that it’s the overall annual re-view from WordPress that you are finding difficulty opening NOT being one off my usual blog posts WHICH should have been published on that day, being the first Sunday of the month BUT due to over-running Christmas celebrations is still in the process of being put together.
      Hopefully there will be a couple of posts asap showing a little of my Christmas activities plus a special visit to round things off for the year 2015.
      Sorry about this delay, ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!’

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