Last 2015 Chat n’ Snap post featuring the Raffles, more of the Visiting Dolls and a Few Final on Stage Photos.

Firstly are the photos of the amazing raffle which was won by the lucky Tricia Jackson. Many thanks to,all those who so generously contributed and bought tickets to raise such a marvellous sum for the Save the Children charity

I’m now correct in saying that Denise, her sister Michelle Sharpe and Jenni Lowcock provided the doll, Passion for Sasha the Brownie uniform and Gillian Nash the bobble hat …..all seen here below.

Chat n' Snap 2015 169

2. Sharon made the dungaree outfit and Jennie and her mother gave the dressing gown (and nightie) book, alarm clock and pottery mug.

Chat n' Snap 2015 170

3. I’m presuming that Dollydoodles gave the ballet leisure suit but not sure who gifted the ballet tutu.

Chat n' Snap 2015 173

4. DollMum and Dmd gave this dear little wooden boat and frog finger puppet,.

Chat n' Snap 2015 172

5. Lesley Shaw donated these tights.

Chat n' Snap 2015 177

6. The clock, mug and book that Jennie and her mother donated.

Chat n' Snap 2015 176

7. Celia Tosse from Norway gave these three (and the one seen later below) tiny Sasha sized books.

Chat n' Snap 2015 175

8. Uncertain who donated this lovely Halloween dress.

Chat n' Snap 2015 180

9. ?

Chat n' Snap 2015 179

11. ?

Chat n' Snap 2015 181

12. ?Judith?

Chat n' Snap 2015 182

13. ?

Chat n' Snap 2015 183

14. Another tiny book. Is this donated by Catherine too?

Chat n' Snap 2015 185

15. This is the dear little baby that I think that Brenda Walton donated for the baby raffle which was won by Susan Bulger Pomeroy (who as most of you know only collects the babies and toddlers.)

Chat n' Snap 2015 178

16. Now starting the dolls who were on the tables around one side of the room and I’m definitely going to need your help with naming their owners. All these here need to have their mummy’s named. Update. These all belong to Tricia Jackson. Lisober by Mary MD. Gideon in one of Diane’s Keffe Farsette patterned jumpers and the twins, Eddie and Bobbie. In front of these are her two toddlers Phoebe and Xana.

Chat n' Snap 2015 122

17, The three girls and baby in the front with the pram are Sarah P’s. I think that the girls on their right could belong to Louise?

Chat n' Snap 2015 123

18. Are these Louise McNamara’s girls? I’m now thinking that they might be her mother’s dolls and that that the red head is Louise’s first attempt at re-rooting on her mother’s doll.

Chat n' Snap 2015 124

19. Sarah’s again.

Chat n' Snap 2015 125

20. Dawn Law’s three. two with their new curly hair. (Now I know who bought this Marilyn Hotchkiss dress that I liked!) Dawn herself knitted the beautiful cardigan from Rosie Shortell’s US Festival pattern.

Chat n' Snap 2015 126

21. Paula’s, Cathy’s and Jocelyn’s girls on the back wall with Diane Duke’s toddlers in front with their pet bull. The two girls on the left are still unclaimed but could the red headed lass who seems to be minding the toddlers also belong to Diane? No, I have just been told that the lovely red haired green eyed girl (eyes by Janet) is Helen the travelling doll and now belongs to Granny Peggie, Diane’s mother.

Chat n' Snap 2015 127

22. Still waiting to name the Gotz orche eyed lass’s mummy and now the Ira in the VS red coat outfit has joined her. The girl in lilac is Paula’s and could the toddler in front and standing by the baby be Paula’s too?

Chat n' Snap 2015 128

23. Paula’s, Cathy’s and Jocelyn’s at the back and right.

Chat n' Snap 2015 129

24. Cathy’s girl in the dungarees and Jocelyn’s at the back, Paula’s little baby, Diane’s toddler lads but to whom does the red haired girl in the Gingham smocked dress belong to?

Chat n' Snap 2015 130

25 Denise’s three (well more like two and a half!) 1968 Beverly sisters.

Chat n' Snap 2015 136

26. Who owns these three lovely girls then? I now understand that they are Jane’s three early Trendon 1970 girls showing the differences in their eye painting.

Chat n' Snap 2015 137

27. Can now see the third Beverley sister’s twin but who is the mother of the No-navel and girl in the Sashadollstyle lime green outfit?

Chat n' Snap 2015 138

28. Could these both be Anne’s dolls? (Apologies for the out of focus pic.)

Chat n' Snap 2015 139

29. Side view of Jane McClusky’s beautiful 1968 Fringe girls.

Chat n' Snap 2015 140

30. Now who’s their mummy? It’s Karin!

Chat n' Snap 2015 141

31. Thinking that these at the back are Callie Doyle’s kids.
Chat n' Snap 2015 142

32. Who’s is the Honey Blonde Party/Silk dress girl? These are Karin’s kids.

Chat n' Snap 2015 143

33. Callie’s stunning two.

Chat n' Snap 2015 144

34. Callie’s lad?

Chat n' Snap 2015 145


Chat n' Snap 2015 146

36. ???

Chat n' Snap 2015 147

37. DollMum’s and Dmd’s Reubern and Nicholas James.

Chat n' Snap 2015 148

39. Who is these very talkative girl’s mum then?

Chat n' Snap 2015 149

40. Catherine French and Jane Woodward’s girls at the back and DollMum’s and Dmd’s three at the front with their newly restored Ponfa pram.

Chat n' Snap 2015 151

41. Jane Woodward’s wonderful choir.

Chat n' Snap 2015 152


Chat n' Snap 2015 153

43. DollMum’s and Dmd’s babies, Mabel and Leo who love to come here.

Chat n' Snap 2015 155

44. Now then who’s the mummy of these three dear little tots? Just been informed that the blonde baby on the left in the Doddlydoodle’soutfit is Celia Tosse’s and the two toddlers are Joyce Jordan’s.

Chat n' Snap 2015 156

45. The girl on the left is ? The very handsome Gregor Shorts is ? and the girl at the back I think belongs to Chris Meatyard.

Chat n' Snap 2015 158

46. Thinking that this Gregor Shorts might well belong to Christina as the other surrounding dolls, including those lying down taking 40 winks.

Chat n' Snap 2015 159

47. Christina’s.

Chat n' Snap 2015 160

48. Christina’s? Linda Simpsons?

Chat n' Snap 2015 162

49. Who’s is this dear little black baby in the pale pink and complete with her lunch bottle?

Chat n' Snap 2015 163

50, Christina’s new fab. Gregor. I would have loved to have bought him but am still on the 2015 no new Sasha buying resolution!

Chat n' Snap 2015 165

51. Christina’s two on the right but who own’s the two Gregor’s on the left? Louise?

Chat n' Snap 2015 166

52. Who is laying claim to these two beautiful NPs? Denise thinks that they are Noreen Walters.

Chat n' Snap 2015 167

53. Are these three delightful girls Louise’s? Denise thinks that they belong to Noreen Walters. Can anyone confirm this?

Chat n' Snap 2015 168

54. Drum Roll please! Well here finally are Theresa’s two super No-nose kids.. who unfortunately weren’t able to get their fabulous rocking horse to go behind the Button nosed group.

Chat n' Snap 2015 224

55. Here we have my Trendon Kendal on The Brood’s new Summer present of this Thoroughbred horse, Naranja, named after my daughter’s own Polo pony. He is wearing a Ruthsdoll’s replica outfit of the actual one that Chon designed and had made up whilst in Argentina for her own Polo team.

Theresa O’Neil very kindly then made the hat and stick for me. My home help, under my instructions and guidance, changed the reins (which were made of a red satin ribbon!) to this black trainer shoe lace that I bought and then wrapped and secured the leg bandages for me. (They should have been further up the legs but I had only bought one pkt of the bias binding thinking that three metres would have been enough.

Trendon O’Neill is the one in his Wellies standing behind.

Chat n' Snap 2015 229

56. Here we can see Trendon Paige on the back right with surfer Trendon Jordan to his right, then Trendon Owen, Trendon Mullins, Trendon Law (and not sure of the Trendon in the blue jumper.) The Trendon twin toddlers belong to Catherine French and the two babies look like they are Diane’s. (Apologies for the cut off heads due to those No-noses wanting to get into the photo.)

Chat n' Snap 2015 230

57. Some of Steve’s No-noses in the pink, green, red and grey coats. (Not sure of who they others belong to.)

Chat n' Snap 2015 231

58. Obviously an intruder (Gotz brunette girl in the pink Gingham) in the No-nose camp!

Chat n' Snap 2015 232

60. Thinking that these are Christina’s or Linda Simpson’s dolls.

Chat n' Snap 2015 233

61. Great little group of the Esther, Elke and Iona toddlers all wearing Knit 4 Sasha’s dresses.

Steve’s new Iona is in the middle and surrounded by Diane’s two/three and Paula’s one?

Chat n' Snap 2015 359

62. This is my very favourite of the group and belongs to Diane.

Chat n' Snap 2015 360

63. I managed to plait the tail, after several attempts, and then my home help cross bound it. The back view shows the name, Dark Horse, that Chon named her team.

Chat n' Snap 2015 361

64. Had to take all, the shots of the horse from this side as Chon said that I should cut off the main like they do with the real life ponies (to stop it getting entangled during play) BUT I’ve refused to in case I ever sell it on in later years!

Chat n' Snap 2015 497


Chat n' Snap 2015 501

66. Theresa O’Neill’s fabulous wooden Palomino rocking horse (and which I am thrilled to say is being stabled here for a month or two!)

Chat n' Snap 2015 503

67. Chon still enjoying her time behind my camera.

Chat n' Snap 2015 506

68. Dmd’s Miranda getting in on these last minute photos. She is calming and composing herself,  holding Ballet position 1 before getting ready to mount!

Chat n' Snap 2015 511

69. Giddy-up.

Chat n' Snap 2015 507

70. Finally now most of the visitors have packed up their dolls and are heading out to their cars Chon is able to take these final two photos on the almost empty stage of Denise’s Medieval dressed kids and horse to say a final HUGE thank you to her for hosting yet another great event! Thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone!

(BTW you’re certainly looking THE part here Zak.)

Chat n' Snap 2015 513

71. Many thanks again and bye-bye for another year and hopefully see you here again in 2016.

Chat n' Snap 2015 516



23 thoughts on “Last 2015 Chat n’ Snap post featuring the Raffles, more of the Visiting Dolls and a Few Final on Stage Photos.

  1. Wonderful Kendal. What great photos, Thank goodness you took photo’s of the raffle prizes, I totally missed out on them , especially the ones donated on the day.

    I believe the dolls in photo 48 and 60 belong to Linda Simpson. and could those two np’ girls be Noreen’s?
    Love the final photo’s of Theresa’s rocking horse with Rosie’s Sasha on and also the one’s with the medieval two ! 🙂

    The doll in the Sasha and her wardrobe was donated by me, Jenni Lowcock and Michelle Sharp.

    It was a great day and I’m looking forward to next years ! 🙂

    • Thanks for this extra info. Will go and add it a little later.
      Another great event thanks to you. The sales tables were fantastic too. Always a treat to see the other dolls and so individually dressed thanks to our marvellously creative and inventive seamstresses.
      Thanks to all these added comments I now seem to be able to put the owner’ names to the dolls that were on display.

  2. Another lovely lot of photos. I think the three tinies in photo number 44 belong to Joyce Jordan.
    The little girl in the front in photo 18, is Louise McNamara Kelly’s mum, Louise recently rerooted her…..her first reroot, she did a fantastic job of her! I think the girls behind are also Louise’s.
    I love Theresa’s rocking horse, that is just perfect, you’re very lucky to be looking after it for her at the moment, plenty of time for more photo opportunities.
    Your polo pony is very nice too, as is her rider. And I love Dee’s Zac, he is so cute. He and Robin are my favourites of Dee’s boys!
    Well I don’t think I’ll be attending next year’s CnS as my son is getting married in the September and I think it’ll be an expensive year, so I hope you’ll continue the tradition and take lots of photos to share next year too!
    Big hugs Sharon x

    • Oh many thanks for all this much needed and appreciated doll info. Will shortly go and edit them for the others to see.
      I am very lucky with the loan of Theresa’s rocking horse. Now that the CnS posts are completed I will have time to have a little play and photographic session.
      Those two lads of Denise’s are MY favourite of her dolls too along with her 1968 Fringe girl, Belinda.
      So sorry to hear that you might not be able to join us again next year due to your coming over for your son’s wedding the month before.

  3. I have so enjoyed your photo’s Kendal. The three Blondes in number 26 are mine… I brought them along to show the difference in eye painting…they are all early 70’s dolls. Also it’s good to let a few of my other Sasha’s enjoy some of the limelight for a change. xx

  4. Hi Kendal, photo 16 shows my crew. Back row L to R: Lisabet by Mary MD ( specially for Liss); Gideon my unisex in his gorgeous Kaffe Fassett jumper by Diane Duke and the twins Eddie and Bobbie, who now have eyes courtesy of Janet Myhill Dabbs. In front are my toddlers Phoebe and Xana

      • Hi Kendal,Celia here from Norway,lovely photos from the c&s.My first Visit.Sorry not to have spoken to you.The four little books were given by me.Blond baby in outfit by Judith is actually mine and not Joyce’s.What a fantastic day it was.

      • As much as we all try it’s very hard to get to meet and say hello to everyone there. Thanks for the infomation about the little baby and tiny books. Will correct the posting. So pleased to hear that you enjoyed the day too.

  5. hi Kendal love the photos of Freya and Frechdachs on the rocking horse and I hope he behaves himself while he is stabled with you. I’m glad to see the Trendon O’Neill is being practical as usual by wearing his wellies whilst standing at that end of the horse if you know what I mean. The polo outfit looks fab xxxx

    • Being brought up in a ‘horsey’ family (about six of various sizes) I definitely know what you mean about the wearing of the Wellies!
      Pleased that you enjoyed the photo of your two No-noses riding on the rocking horse….who incidently is enjoying being fed and stabled here although not yet exercised.
      Many thanks again for your superb help with the Polo hat and stick.

  6. Another wonderful post of the CnS visitors. This final post was certainly one of the best and full to the brim with lovely Sasha images. I am behind on my comments and will catch up soon. 🙂

    Thank you Kendal for allowing us to see the very Sasha special time you and others enjoyed last month. It is the best of eye candy! Have a good night’s sleep. 🙂 xxx

    • So pleased to hear that you enjoyed this last post. I never know just where to begin downloading especially when there are so many photos that we have taken. Don’t worry about being behind with your comments, we all get that way at times but I just love to read what people have to say….don’t you?
      I adore seeing other Sasha collector’s dolls and how they dress them.

  7. I have just enjoyed your new post over my morning cuppa! I have a little information to add Kendal, the red-haired girl with green eyes in photos 21 and 24 is Helen the Travelling Doll, she now belongs to Granny Peggie.

  8. Another amazing post of fabulous photographs – a tour de force. I showed your posts to a friend of mine and she was in awe of the wonderful Sashas and props, stage settings and sales item, but most of all of the wonderful photography. It has been a complete delight to follow the Chat n Snap in your pages and one can get back to this time and time again. Thank your lovely daughter for taking such care and trouble to produce something this memorable. Oh, and 30 and 32 are my kids! The brown-haired girl, Romy, is a Jackie Rydstrom re-root. xxx Karin

    • Thanks Karin and I’ll pass on your thanks to Chon who did most of the photographing (although we had borrowed another camera just in case) this year whilst I just mainly sat and talked.
      Will correct your info the next time I’m editing the post.

  9. If we hadn’t you Kendal, we would not have all these great photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to make them and to post and comment them. Big hug, Liss xx

  10. What a treat to enjoy 3 excellent posts about the C&S whilst I am here in Costa Rica. I can´t believe that a year has gone by when I was lucky to attend, so it was great to see everyone having such a lovely time. Thank you Kendal for once again, doing such a fabulous job to showcase this wonderful event for those of us who couldn´t attend and send you all lots of Sasha hugs! Jackie xxx

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