Where Are You Now? (Part one)

In hindsight I have deeply regretted selling on some of my Sasha Dolls (always through Sashadolluk) and often wonder who adopted them and where they are now. Occasionally I’m lucky enough to spot them in photo form on social media some years on and so know a few their new owners and some of their details…. but the majority I haven’t a clue and only hope that they are enjoying their new lives in good, kind and caring Sasha homes.

First up is this little 1990s Gotz baby Stine that was customised with her eye painting and re-named ‘Snow Babe’ by Kelly Wenarsky. She was a Christmas Present from ‘me to me’ some years ago and came in this sweet little handknitted suit. She unfortunately was moved on when I decided to sell all my later Gotz dolls and re-invest the capital into the Frido, early Trendon and Gotz dolls.


After all these years and ‘selling on’ mistakes you’d think that I’d have learnt my lesson but no, I recently again fell into the trap and sold on this gorgeous Gotz Saucer eyed on a rare pale skinned No-navel body (admittedly I was in need of two new pairs of rimless vari-focal spectacles so needed the funds!) after having searched for years for a nice looking/not too staring eyed doll. Does anyone know who adopted her?


d6814 195

d6814 212

This 1968 philtrum eye style painted Gregor Dark Denims was another drastic and regretful mistake made in a moment of weakness. I have since found out (and hope that I’m correct) from seeing his photos that Cassie from Sashapotamus??? has purchased him.


d17614 167

d17614 171

8. Just love this photo of him in his Winter Dollydoodles.
My Gregor Lads 017

Gregors and Babies 025

Graffti backcloth 055

Christmas Dolls 2010 and Sasha Book 013

12…..and with his hair brushed to the side.
Christmas 2011 presents 011

My 1990s Gotz baby Max who I often transformed into a little tomboy girl called Maxa!



Here he is now transformed into Maxa, such a sweet little girl.







This is a dear little wide/matt-faced early Trendon baby boy Nightdress tot with large fantastic eyes that I sometimes used to middle part his hair and clip it back to make a darling little girl when needing a blonde baby girl. I now understand that Paula Morton very kindly gave bought him off Sashadolluk and gave him to Cathy Buckley-Mellor for Christmas. Hoping that he is being a good little soul for you Cathy….IF NOT you can send him back here anytime, day or night, as we really miss him.


d81014 047

d81014 046

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 002

Autumn Clothing 4 021

Autumn Clothing 4 022

Baby Fleeces 2 005

Next we have a 1970 Gregor who was especially customised for me by Kelly Wenarsky leaving out the final sealant on the eyes as I found that they picked up the flash from my camera causing them to shine and therefore loose their detail in the photographs. She is wearing a OOAK dress that I sent the material to Ruth Hartley to make . This delightful and petite girl now lives with Joyce Jordan.



I loved this vibrant eyed Trendon bobbed haired lass but unfortunately I’ve no idea as to where she went to live etc after being sold via Sashadolluk. Hoping that someone recognises her and lets me know who adopted her and where she is now living.



The moment that I saw these photos of this dear little soul on Sashadolluk I realised that I had made a drastic mistake in letting him/her go but couldn’t do anything about it as he was snapped up within seconds of appearing and I didn’t want to let the buyer down. Would be just great to have him back.

Was even more devastated when I came across these photos in my pictures and realised that I had sold on this delightful mid 70s little chappie in one of my baby culls as their numbers had increased to 26!

32. As he was when I purchased him.

33. As he/she was sold on.

Photo box pics 019

Another pretty little girl. Gotz Irka with her enhanced eyes by Shelly, was another mistake as such but hopefully I’m now forgiven as she is living a very happy life with Cathy Buckley-Mellor.

This and That 002

36 With her original unhanced eyes.
14th July. 09 005

37. As she was sold on.

My little Gotz Toddler Ollie. Bea says that she is missing you and sends her love.

38. As he was purchased.

39. As he was sold.

I think that this attractively customised by Shelly and Alison girl was adopted by Mary Hokke. We all send our love to her if she is still with you.




No, I hadn’t forgotten to do this post today but just as I was putting the finishing touches I lost most of it so this is, I’m afraid a rather shortened version
My apologies for some rather ‘dusty’ faces but they only get dusted once a month so guessing that the photos were taken somewhere in-between.
Many thanks to Shelly and Sashadolluk for many of the photos used here.
I do hope that some of my ex-dolls can be tracked to their new adopted owners and I send my love and apologies for moving you on and hope that you are happy and behaving yourselves.
Will continue with this theme as and when I’m able to.
Thanks for dropping by and a special welcome to my three latest new followers.


27 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? (Part one)

  1. Kendal It can be sad when dolls move on but you should enjoy that they spent time with you and have now gone to others, who would never have had the chance to own them if you’d never let them go.
    I have only had two near sales that I would have regretted if they’d gone ahead , one was Violet, twin to Sapphire, a very near miss with that one and also Quinn, my Bettina reroot baby, who was sale pending when I realised that I should have kept him and then luckily he went back on sale and I had him returned but they are the only two, although I miss Arabella I know she’s well loved but any of the others I only miss fleetingly because others have come to take their places .

    I must say that the saucer eyed girl I would have happily waved off but that NP eyed boy! No way, he’d still be sitting up my table tucking into his breakfast ! But that’s the problem if you need to re fill the coffers , you have to sell the dolls that will move quick and they are of course the dolls you like best!

    I think you should go talk to little Bea and Anis you’ll soon forget about the ones that have left while you enjoy the ones still there. :)xxx

    • I know, but hate to admit it, that you’re probably right in what you have said above BUT sometimes it is easier and quicker in the long run to sell on ONE expensive doll rather than several cheaper dolls when ready cash is needed on the double.
      Plus, I always seem to be in rather a rush when dolls need to be chosen and packed off to Sashadolluk. (Should really have a few dolls in mind to cope with these situations but you know me as not such an organised future planner.)

      I appreciate that the Gotz Saucer eyed girls aren’t to everyone’s tastes but I was on a mission to at least have had a few of the doll styles that haven’t been included in my collection so far. A case of ‘Been there, done that, what’s next!’

  2. Oh dear, poor you Kendal. It is always sad when you wave goodbye to a doll you like, but so much worse when you imediately realise that it was a mistake. I remember seeing several of these little ones on Shelly’s site but, sadly, have not bought any myself, so can’t help.

    The good thing is that they are all so beautiful that they have certainly gone to loving homes. The dolls I worry about are the less popular ones that mean a great deal to me personally (not all of them are Sashas) – what will become of them when they have to leave me? Some of the little people I see languishing on Shelly’s site make me quite sad too especially if they are dolls I really like but just can’t afford at the time.

    • I unfortunately can be rather stupid at times instead of thinking things through a little more thoughtfully and carefully. Pleased to hear that you remembered some of these poor little souls when they were for sale on Sashadolluk. Naughty me!

      There are quite a few at the moment there I would love to give a home to but I got caught up and sillily made that New Year Resolution with Denise and Simply Sasha. Mind you it is paying off and my finances are at long last getting sorted with a few major household jobs about to be started (outside paintwork and central heating system for two)……and only four more months to go in this year!

      • Oh, Kendal, there is nothing stupid about selling on when you need funds for glasses or even another doll – I think this just passes the pleasure on to another person.
        You were more determined and frugal in your Sasha adoption allowance for 2015 than either Dee or me. I think I’m still just under my quota by one but, given the fact that I had lots that I inherited last year – all be it mostly poorly little things – and several from the family in December, I really shouldn’t have bought any this year at all! I think only Ronny has beaten you as she seems to have sold and not bought at all – what a good girl! or was Sharon part of it too? She seems to have bouht less than most of us, as well.
        My favourite of yourgone but not forgotten children is the brunette lad with the beautiful eyes but (sh! Dee will disown me!) I always liked your saucer eyed girl too. Somehow, she seems less staring and scared than all the others I’ve seen.

      • Many thanks for your empathy with regards to these dolls above. Very comforting to know that you have such virtual friends.
        Poor Simply Sasha deciding to sell all but toddler, Cookie on although it enabled me to purchase her Miss Nobody since I had previously sold on the Saucer eyed girl…..so keeping my numbers at the sworn in 66. (Luckily I had included my 2015 Christmas Doll (whose still in hiding) in those numbers so shan’t be crying on THE day with not having a new doll from Father Christmas.

  3. These dolls would be hard to forget. Beautiful photos!! Love seeing the before and after pictures. FYI – there is a baby Irka on Ebay.com just listed. She looks lovely however, she isn’t in the budget for me right now. Thanks again for really lovely photos.

  4. Hi Kendal! I am sad about the lamenting of your lovely Sasha dolls that you have sold in the past . I think that most of us have similar feelings about dolls that we have adopted out and, then later in time, we so deeply regret our decisions. I have at least 2 dolls that I wish were with me today and I have no clue what I was thinking to let them go. 😦

    Your photos are wonderful as always and I can see why you wish they were still with you today. None of them reside with me and, unfortunately, I do not know who adopted any of them. I thank you for sharing these beloved Sasha dolls with us both when they were with you and now that they are gone. It is a joy to see them so well cared-for and beautifully dressed. I hope you learn where they are residing and can stay in touch. Have a great week! ❤ xxx

    • You’d never think that I’m an OLD grown woman with acting like a spoilt young kid with all this. Should pull myself together and starting acting my age!

      Thank you for letting me know that none live with you and that you are unaware of where they have been adopted too. Do hope that I get some news about a few of them as it’s comforting to know where they are and if they are happy.

      Many thanks for the week’s good wishes. I understand that we here in the UK are in for an Indian Summer so have quickly arranged to have my bungalow exterior painted ready for the Winter.

      • Please, please, please never start “acting you age”. Yikes that would be no fun at all. A very interesting post. I’m wondering if my dear Maisy will show up here as one you have sold on. I do wish I knew where she had been and what she had done before moving in here With me.

      • You shouldn’t really be encouraging me as i don’t need any more encouragment to be so Sasha naughty and wayward when it comes to collecting these unique and wonderful dolls.
        There are still many more of my ex dolls to be featured over time and I hope that you manage to find some interesting past history for your Maisy.

  5. Please ,don’t be so sad ! your other dolls still at home are so beautiful ; and it’s a wonderful story that one doll could offer you new glasses ,sort of “thank you ” for all the love you have given her .
    Hope all your Sasha give you happyness again !

    • I agree that I should be counting my blessings and not grumbling or complaining ….especially with the plight of all those poor suffering migrants with nothing but their clothes on their backs.
      (Thank you for giving me this ‘kick up the backside’ if you’ll pardon the expression.)
      Have just toured the rooms in my home and given each Sasha Doll a smile and a hug.

  6. I can fully understand how you feel about selling on the dolls and regrets for some of them…I know I regretted selling two of mine in the past but was fortunate enough to get both of those back. Sometimes though it is necessary and at least you have your wonderful photographs to remember them by.

    I would have found it impossible to part with that boy though! He is a stunner.

    • So pleased to hear that you were able to get those two dolls back.
      I do hope that news of some of my ex dolls reaches me as it will be good to know just where they are now living and being loved by their adopted owners.

  7. I totally understand Kendal your heartache and at the moment, I´m missing my little clan back home in Spain. Sadly I couldn´t bring any to Costa Rica but I know when I get back, they´ll be the first I go to for a cheery welcome and I´m sure I will be gazing at them for hours with renewed love.
    They are all so special and it´s hard to part with any of them, but sometimes decisions have to be made where any choice will be regretted. I can only console you that a new arrival to look forward to, does bring joy over a loss and I´m sure all the ones who have gone are being as much cherished and taken care of, so you´ve spread a little happiness where I hope the new owners do get in touch to let you know that all is okay. Love and hugs, Jackie xxx

    • I’m sure that you must really be missing them especially being so far away from home at the moment. I’m certain that there will be plenty of jumping up and down with excitement when you finally return to Spain.

      They do seem to worm their way deep into our hearts and soon so easily become part of the family therefore causing sadness when they have to move on but as you so rightly say, usually another comes to quickly replace them.

      Unfortunately so far I haven’t had any news of some of their new whereabouts apart from the ones that I had already found out by myself through the internet media. Guessing though that there’s still time for this! Would be rather nice though.

  8. Kendal, what an interesting post.
    Like you, I have moved a good few of my girls and boys on to new homes. The plan has always been to better my collection. Big regrets, ( especially regarding my falling hair brunette girls).
    I often wonder who adopted them to xxxx
    Ps I have your blonde no nose girl, lol.

    • I think that we tend to ‘move on’ some of our dolls as our tastes change as we get to know more about these fascinating dolls.
      I know that when I started collecting the dolls for myself in 1996 there was no internet or collectors as such to ask any questions or get advice etc so many like me went for the boxed/mintier more available 80s dolls along with the 1990s new Gotz range that had just started to infiltrate into the Uk BUT even then I couldn’t understand why these dolls looked so facially different from the first three early dolls that I bought for my daughter in 1966-70.

      I was thrilled when you told me that you had recently adopted my one and only No-nose girl. Thanks.

  9. Oh dear, it’s sad to have regrets about selling which is why when I sell I think and think and think about it until I’m really sure that I don’t want to keep that particular doll. I hope that if you do ever get the opportunity to have any of these ‘regrets’ back, that you can grab on with both hands and get them!
    Of the dolls you let go, I really really like the little girl in photo number 40, customised by Shelly and Alison, she reminds me of my own little Millie, also customised by Shelly! And I also like the little girlie in photos 28/29 and then the blond in 30/31…..such pretty girls!
    Thanks for the lovely photos!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • MUST try to follow your example then with my next ‘moving-ons’…. although this year is a self-imposed ‘new doll free’ year…. so will add it my 2016 New Year Resolution……THINK, Think and think again!
      I very much doubt if I can have them back as such with the numbers here already far too high but it would be good to know who adopted them and where they have gone to live.

      It was interesting to me to know which ex-dolls you liked of mine. I love to talk ‘dollies’ like this!

  10. Lovely photos of your former dolls, I’m afraid I can’t say I’ve bought any of the above but look forward to your next instalment just in case there’s one there. I’d love to have owned your 1968 darks denims. As a child,being in love with a brunette sasha and gregor my neighbour had, it wasn’t until the early 1980s that as a teenager my mum could buy me one of each. I instinctively knew they didn’t look like the ones I’d originally loved but didn’t know why, thought it was because I was older. Viv.

    • It is such a pity that the later dolls had the Tampa print eyes instead of the handpainted earlier eyes but I guess that that’s what popular demand and mass producing does. It was several years before this dawned on me as in my first collecting years there was no internet nor collectors living nearby that you could ask or discuss the matter with but there you are, we couldn’t have everything at our finger-tips in those days.

  11. How terribly sad this lovely post is Kendal, I so wished I had adopted one of your treasures but alas there are none of them here. From looking at the photos I can only say that you have such wonderful taste in choosing you Sashas, every photo has been delightful to see and my favourite would have to be that amazing 68 Gregor with that most amazing eye paint on his irises, I have taken note!

    • Very many bad decisions shown here I have to admit! Must try to do better in future and THINK, Think and think again before letting any more dolls go.
      I do find it so difficult to let ANY doll go but have to have a ‘cull’every now and then to keep their numbers to a reasonable number.

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