Finally…..Sharon’s Doll’s Challenge to me

Part one of the Doll Challenge was to name and show the three most favourite of your dolls purchased over the last year. Now whilst a few collectors have had quite a bit of difficulty choosing, it is an easy task for me only having had four new dolls within the last twelve months due to my self-imposed 2015 New Year’s Resolution of not buying any new dolls so that my doll numbers (at 66) would be the same in December 2015 as they were in Januay. (IF, on the other hand, there was an irresistable doll on offer, then one from here would have to be sold on to make way for it.)

My very favourite of these four latest dolls has to be Simply-Sasha’s ex Miss Nobody.

A very pretty (inspite of a few tiny lip chews) bobbed and partially re-rooted haired 1969/70’s face/torso with later 1970’s re-placed limbs due to chew marks. This is definitely MY kind of doll. An unique and attractive waif with for me, the perfect length and thickness of hair….and coming complete with a fabulous and unforgettable name (as only Simply Sasha can come up with!)

SCW Goodies 009

SCW Goodies 119

SCW Goodies 094

SCW Goodies 083

Birthday Sasha Gifts 015

Birthday Sasha Gifts 003

Birthday 048

Birthday 045

Birthday 020

Birthday 010

Miss NoBody 002

My second new doll during this twelve months WAS (unfortunately I have to use this past tense as she had to be sold on in the Spring as I needed the funds for two new pairs of lightweight rimless (as I can’t bare having anything heavy on the bridge of my nose) vari-focal spectacles due to aging sight deterioration) this rare and gently played with Gotz pale skinned with ash-blonde hair, 1970s Saucer eyed girl on a No-navel body and who I purchased as my Christmas present ‘from me to me!’ Such sad times! So miss her!




The third ‘newbie’ is this sweet little early Trendon baby, re-rooted by Lisa Hartley and and so generouisly given to me for Christmas by my very kind and wonderful friend, Steve.

She had been mine for few years but in one of my downsizing sessions had, had to be put up for adoption via Sashadolluk and Steve had bought her.

Xmas Presents 045

Xmas Presents 039

Xmas Presents 053

The fourth doll was my Trendon Founder member Gregor, a 1973 wide faced Dark Denims guy.

Trendon Kendal 013

Trendon Kendal 015

Trendon Kendal 020

Trendon Kendal 019

The second part of the challenge was to list some dolls that you wished you owned or would like to own sometime in the future. At the moment, due to my ‘no new dolls this year enforcement’ I’m basically contented with the dolls already here….. BUT certainly  wouldn’t say NO to any of these following dolls if I was offered them and had the available funds.

These next few are from the Studio Replica Collection by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. Firstly this red haired Gotz Farmchild (Who I think belongs to Cathy Himmel?)

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 106

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 131

Secondly the twin on the right hand side of the screen now owned by Ginger Mullins as I prefer her slightly wider face!

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 085

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 145

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 086

26 (Borrowed photo taken by Ginger)

Thirdly Janet’s blonde lad in the navy Duffle coat.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 103

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 137

Also on my wish list are a few of Steve Kingaby’s dolls….(Borrowed photos taken by Steve.)






Several of Sarah Williams models….(borrowed photos taken by Sarah.)







Two of Denise Owen’s lads….(borrowed photos taken by Denise)



One of Gillian Nash’s (borrowed photo taken by Denise.)

no navels 014

And finally another from Ginger’s collection as I haven’t a red haired No-navel as yet.)….(borrowed photo taken by Ellen Church.)


The last part of the challenge was to give this challenge to several more collectors but as most of my Sasha friends (though not sure if Lorraine Tyler has yet done it) have already completed it I would like to give it to anyone reading this who would like to take it up.
Thank you for visiting us, wishing you all a wonderful August and hopefully see you back here on September 6th, the first Sunday of the month.
PS.The Misses Lippy and Nobody send Simply Sasha their love and hope that you are enjoying the VW season and look forward to seeing you in October.


25 thoughts on “Finally…..Sharon’s Doll’s Challenge to me

  1. I have to say I do love your Miss Nobody and had got Ronny to let me have first dibs if you changed your mind!! 🙂 But sadly for me you did not, I knew she’d be a Kendal must have girl !.
    Love the little rerooted baby from Steve also, but don’t really do the saucer eyed girls although she looks like one of the better ones ! lol
    I love Ginger’s girl by Janet, I love the pintucks girls and this one and her twin , look like the studio version of the Pintuck, gorgeous!.
    And I have to agree on Steve’s dolls and also Sarah’s blonde slated eyed waif, Gill’s no navel and Gingers no navel all would be most welcome in the Village.

    Great to see a post from you Kendal especially as I know you have not been well these past few months. Love all the wonderful outfits you have dressed Miss Nobody in especially her faded jeans.Plus Trendon is looking very handsome and I look forward to meeting him at the Chat n Snap. :)xx

    • So sorry about Miss Nobody. Would say that you could have her if I decided to part with her…..BUT can’t see me letting her go (although SS has said that she would like her back if that happens.) Still feel,somewhat guilty about taking her from SS but she was offered to me to buy as such.

      This indeed was a gorgeous Saucer eyed girl and I’m heart-broken to have had to part with her but she was one of the last in and her monetry funds would cover all my spectacle costs, rather than have to try choose and to part with several other dolls..

      My apologies for the no new photos but am still struggling with ill health although everything medically is being done to try to help me get back on my feet again. Would hate to have to miss the Chat and Snap!

      • Hi Kendal and thank you for a lovely post in response to the doll challenge. I have read it several times now and will again. 🙂

        Miss Nobody is a very beautiful girl. I love her hair cut in that style and she looks fantastic in every outfit. What a cute puppy she is walking! I especially like her in photo number 6. A gorgeous dress and perfect on her! Thank you for the information on SS’s return. I had figured out she was busy with the VWs but it is nice to have an end date to look forward to hearing from her again. 🙂

        So sorry about the very pretty saucer eyed girl leaving your brood and I do understand the need for proper eye glasses. Each new eyeglass prescription I receive seems to get exponentially higher in price. I am always surprised at the cost! I usually need a new pair every two years to keep my eyes healthy and seeing their best.

        Your rerooted baby gifted by Steve is adorable and even more dear that Steve sent her back home. And what a handsome original Trendon boy and he is perfectly dressed. I look forward to Dee’s C&S and seeing all of the boys together. :).

        Steve’s girls are all stunning and I would love to adopt any of them but especially number 29. She is so gorgeous and what a perfect, dear little face. <3. Dee's boy are so handsome and Robin will always be my favorite boy iin the Village. The wonderful Sarah models are very beautiful and they are lovely reroots. My Marcie thanks you for making your list as a redheaded no navel. Ellen's yellow outfit looks fabulous on her. 🙂

        Lastly, I too love the repaints from the talented hands of Janet Myhill-Dabbs and your choices are very special ones. Gertie thanks you for making your list and she sends big hugs to you. xxx She is a true heart grabber and I surrendered immediately. Thank you again for a most interesting post. Kendal and have a great August. ❤ xxx

  2. My reply to Ginger’s above comment.
    I’ve always been tempted and delighted with any unique customised dolls and this post today features quite a few of which your very beautiful Gertie is one of them. I’m wondering if you know if her wig is the original wig dyed? I adore her pinafore outfit.
    It’s super to have a few wished for dolls on our lists as it enhances out interest in the Sasha collecting world. I didn’t dare start to mention the ‘would have liked to own’ Studio Dolls or else my post would have gone on forever. It was probably far too long in the beginning!
    Like you I am pleased to now have a wide variety of Sasha dolls though in my somewhat smaller collection.
    Thanks for the August good wishes although unfortunately for us here in the UK the weather doesn’t look to be going to be too brilliant

  3. So glad that you accepted the challenge Kendal. Wonderful post!! Love that you showed different outfits. Really gives a different perspective for each doll. Changing the clothes really adds to the personality of each doll. While I love all of the dolls you have posted, there is no question for me that Miss Nobody is my favourite. Who cut her hair or is it a wig?
    My own collection consists of mostly waifs with the exception of a lovely little toddler. I have 4 grown daughters who still have their original sasha dolls that I bought for them as young children. Now my granddaughters play with them.
    Sorry to hear that you had to part with your lovely doll to buy new glasses. Despite having cataracts removed 8 years ago I still have ongoing issues with my sight. Do hope that you are healthy & able to attend the CnS. I so enjoyed meeting you last year…Carol
    Ps…your posts can never be too long!!!

    • I’m feeling rather guilty though that there were NO new photos but just haven’t felt well enough to get out and about to take any this month but thought that I’d better get on with the challenge asap.. Hopefully will be able to rectify the situation over the next four/five weeks and put the camera into action again.
      Miss Nobody has her original hair apart from her fringe that was so badly cut down to the scalp and which SS had that part re-rooted before I bought her. Not sure if I can add a photo on here in the comments but if not I will add one now to the end of my post …..OR I can send it to you privately showing her as ‘before’ and ‘after.’

      How lovely that your daughter’s still have their original Sasha Dolls. The three brunettes (Sasha, Gregor and baby).that I bought for my daughter in 1966, 1968 and 1969 were all stolen during one of her house moves and by the time a couple of years later this was discovered the removal firm had gone into liquidation so we couldn’t claim and get any compensation.

      I well remember meeting you at the last CnS and enjoyed our brief conversation in admidst my photographing..

  4. What a super long post with some fantastic photographs Kendal – a real effort made here,and much appreciated by all that is for sure. especially since you have been so poorly.

    Wonderful to see your first favourite doll in all her guises, she can look so different in all the different outfits – something for every occasion and a real star. I think the waifs are always very special – they seem to exude personality.

    Some really super choices for your ‘wish’ dolls as well – who can not help but to swoon over Steve’s beautiful girls?! Ginger’s Gertie is just gorgeous and Janet’s lad was a firm favourite of mine as well. Sarah’s girls always look stunning and you just have to love Dee’s two lads – handsome chaps they are.

    All in all though, they are all wonderful!

    • I bet that there will be quite a few disappointed followers with the repeat photos but did my very best under the circumstances.
      I too have a very special love for the waifs and strays. They have to be my favourites along with the uniquely customised dolls.
      I adored those studio replica dolls of Janet’s. What an amazing idea and fabulous display they made. I could hardly take my eyes off them the whole weekend.

      It was lovely to be able to share some of other Sasha collector’s dolls that I admire and wish that they could be mine one day…..although in reality it won’t ever happen but enjoyable ‘dreaming!’.

  5. Why would we be disappointed with repeat photos – firstly they are a great reminder of your collection and your favourites of other collections and secondly it is great to see a post from you again. I am sorry you have been unwell and continue to battle illness, I do hope your health improves soon.

    • How kind of you to say that YOU didn’t mind all those repeat photos that were in this post! (I’m still feeling rather guilty though. Must try to do better for next month’s photographs.
      Many thanks for the improved health wishes!
      Hope that your younger daughter is enjoying her Summer school holidays.
      PS. I rather think that I still have to add a comment to your last blogpost but am trying to limit my close work in the hope that it helps the headaches etc.

      • Don’t worry about commenting on my blog Kendal, it is more important to improve your health. Younger daughter hopefully having a good time (she is at camp this week).

      • Many thanks for the offer and thinking of me but I always try to comment on the blogposts that I read and look forward to as way of saying a ‘Thank you’ for the Sasha enjoyment.

  6. Dearest Kendal, I have just had a most enjoyable half an hour reading you lovely blog and comments and I am humbled to read about your love of my repaints. I am so flattered that 3 are on your wish list, thank you so much. From my part your Miss Nobody and Steve’s wide faced blond NP are some of my most favourite Sashas in the world. How sad for you that you had to give up that lovely Saucer eyed girl I have never seen a prettier one. xxx

    • I simply adored your customised studio replica re-paints in the Sasha Celebration display last May. In fact I spent hours and hours just admiring and photographing them since I completely missed taking a close look at them at the CnS due to photographing the day for my blog…. as I know how much other collectors like to see what they missed!

      I can assure you that there were WAY MORE than those special three mentioned of yours that I would have liked to have shown and listed and come to join the Sasha Brood here. but feel that my posts are always way too long as it is.

      I too was very sad to have to sell on my Gotz Saucer eyed girl as I had been searching for one as beautiful as that for years and hadn’t really had much of a play with her…. but unfortunately my eye sight had to come first. Don’t suppose that I’ll ever find one as lovely as she was again.

      Many thanks for commentimg here as I know just how time consuming it is but I can assure you it is MOST appreciated and I love to read other’s comments on my Brood.

      • I am always happy to find time to read your wonderful blogs Kendal, your eye for photography makes them especially enjoyable for me. It is a shame we missed each other really at the Chat N Snap last year but I feel we made up for it in May and look forward to having another face to face natter next year.

      • Unfortunately too when I finally managed to get to yoir sales table tobuy that wonderful maroon outfit you were away from your table promoting the Sasha Celebration weekend…. but Tricia very kindly looked after me etc.and took the clothing off your model.
        I’m really looking forward to your next event next year as that venue was outstanding and just perfect for the job.

      • I’m so glad Tricia was there to help you Kendal and I am excited about next year, especially as I’m hoping the main display will be The Brood! That is a very big hint xxx

      • My Sasha Brood are getting very excited about your invitation to go on display at the next Sasha Celebration and are now busily deciding which outfit they would like to be seen wearing. Hopibng that this isn’t going to cause any fall-outs in the meantime as usually they get on really well with each other.

      • Oh dear Kendal, I do hope the squabbling will be minimal, maybe you shouldn’t mention it too them quite yet. I am so delighted they are going to be on display though, this will be very exciting for everyone and especially me! xx

  7. Hi Kendal, thank you so much for taking the time to do ‘the challenge’ because I know that you’ve been unwell and that typing is difficult and painful for you….so it’s particularly special that you did it. I love your Miss Nobody, I think she’s so pretty and dressed so nicely in all the photos of her. I would have her as a favourite too. The saucer eyed Sashas are not usually my doll of choice but this girl is nice as her eyes aren’t so staring, I’m sorry that you had to give her up but who knows, maybe one day she will make her way back home to you again….you just never know!
    I also love Dee’s red haired boy Robin, and Steve’s lovely girl in photo 29 and then Janet’s repainted girl with the freckles in photo 22, but all your choices are lovely…it is so hard to choose!
    I hope you’ll soon be fully ‘mended’ and raring to go to the Chat n Snap in October! See you there!
    big hugs Sharon x

    • So sorry Sharon that this has taken me so long to settle down and finally publish your Doll Challenge! (Apologies too for the repeat photos used.)
      There were indeed a couple out of your’s, Dawns and Chris Taylors and several other collectors that would have easily made it on the ‘wish I owned’ list as well but then this post would have gone on forever. and forever…..!

      I had spent years looking for ‘a not too staring’ a Saucer eyed Sasha and then only having had her for five or six months had to move her on. How stupid is that?

      Definitely hoping to get to the next CnS so look really forward to seeing you there again.

  8. what a lot of beautiful dollies ! … for mine , i got the blonde gotz head for free with an ebay purchase of another doll and had to set about finding her a body, shes now got an english one and i find her easier to dress than if she had a gotz body….the brunette was my first gregor , i persevered with his falling hair then took the plunge and wigged him so he was now a she , she was my only model for a long time , now though im not sure about her , shes really photogenic but in real life i dont like her hair as shes quite pale and her hairs too dark, it was long but i cut it shorter so it wouldnt look so severe ….the platinum blonde came to me minty and perfect apart from being completely bald on the back of her head (and the seller saying her hair was perfectly fine)….she does look pretty blonde but she looked lovely as a brunette xxx

    • Well, you’ve certainly done the free blond head proud. She’s turned out to be a real little cutie. I like the way the vinyl on one side of her mouth curves in a little and her hair cut and style has a little urchin look about it.
      You must have been so disappointed when you discovered the lack of brunette hair at the back on youir supposedly minty girl’s head. Nowadays you do hear about this back head balding obviously due to the doll having lbeing left aid down for a long period.but back then the fdalling hair problem wasn’t so widely knoewn about.
      I can now see that your first Gregor being slightly paled by the dark hair but I love his/her outlining to the eyes…. and of course the hair lenght.
      Thanks for these most interesting comments.

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