A New Sasha Doll Cobbler……

….Joins the ranks (although unfortunately not for mass and media production) and I was lucky enough to be given two of Rosemary Shortell’s prototype sandal samples to try on my girls as she said that I had been somewhat of a ‘goodie’ in supporting and helping her with a recent project….. (although I was only too pleased to be of help to someone!)

The first pair is in the Clarks/Startrite old style with the three tear cutouts on the front like so many of us used to wear in our childhood. Such a pity that they were always usually in the boring, boyish brown in my day (although I do remember managing to get  navy blue, white or red pairs for Chon during her later younger years.)

Rosie's Sandals 007

The sandals are being worn with a Marilyn Hotchkiss smocked dress and commercially made socks on a Frido wide faced 1969 eBay win Gingham girl.

Rosie's Sandals 003

Rosie's Sandals 005

Rosie's Sandals 004

Rosie's Sandals 006

The second style are with the sides cut down into a V shape. Since then Rosie has tailored them down in size (although these would be super to wear with the thicker knitted socks that so many of you prefer to put on your dolls.) Both styles have the added detail by having the letter ‘S’ stamped on the soles.

Rosie's Sandals 021

Rosie's Sandals 020

These are being seen here on a Gotz 1969 No-navel lass wearing a vintage -sasha dress with commercially made socks.

Rosie's Sandals 029

Rosie's Sandals 032

Rosie's Sandals 031

Rosie's Sandals 030

These sandals in a very pale blue were a later gift from Rosie and are viewed on a very pretty Trendon 1970 Gingham girl with beautiful silky two toned blonde hair and commercially made socks.

Rosie's Sandals 016

Rosie's Sandals 010

Rosie's Sandals 012

Rosie's Sandals 014

BTW mummy says to tell you that she didn’t bother brushing our hair today as it was rather breezy outside.

Rosie's Sandals 011

Some of the shoes can be bought for a few extra dollars in these lovely little boxes which Rosie has designed and made up.

Rosie's Sandals 048 Rosie's Sandals 047

The GOOD news is that those of you lucky enough to be attending the Fort Worth Texas Sasha Festival this month will have the opportunity to buy a pair of these as Rosie is very kindly sending out twelve pairs for Dawn Law to sell on her sales table, the resulting sales money going to help pay for the printing of the Festival Journal.

Finally, Miss Lippy pops in just in case Simply-Sasha is around to visit us here (as we know that she is busy with the VW car season) to say ‘Hello and hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying this super weather.’ She is wearing Rawkiss skinny jeans, a Dollydoodles long sleeved T shirt, an original early Gotz ski anorak and commercially made canvas Mary-Janes.

Rosie's Sandals 043

Rosie's Sandals 039

Rosie's Sandals 036

Rosie's Sandals 045

Rosie's Sandals 037

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you here again on Sunday, August 2nd.


22 thoughts on “A New Sasha Doll Cobbler……

  1. Awesome Photos of your Sashas and adorable shoes by Rosemary S…would love to buy some…but also only 12 pairs to the Festival…and so many admirers….Thank you for sharing your photos…

  2. What a lovely post Kendal. I saw some of Rosie’s shoes when I met up with Dawn and the others earlier in the year. They are gorgeous and so beautifully made. She could make a good living if she was to do them to order;
    Love each Sasha and outfit you have chosen to go with each pair of shoes.But I have to say my favourite is The no navel girl 🙂 she is just perfection! The blue of the dress matches her eyes beautifully and the shoes the dress so sigh!!!.
    Lucky people at the Texas Festival to be able to buy some of Rosie’s shoes will make a lovely donation to the funds.
    Dee xx

    • They are really lovely aren’t they! I even offered to buy ALL twelve pairs at maximum prices as theymake superb presents for Sasha friends but unfortunately it wasn’t accepted!
      I KNEW that you would like the No-navel girl the very best! Originally I put those navy shoes on a Gotz waif girl as she was already wearing that dress but after taking some photos decided to put it on the NN instead. SO now have to change both dolls back into their original clothing but will hopefully do that this evening when I’m sitting watching my programme on the TV.
      Many thanks for your lovely comment.

  3. A very nice post Kendal and I love Rosie’s handmade shoes. I like both styles and I like all of the different shades of blue. Her shoe boxes are lovely and it is so nice to have the boxes to store the shoes.

    Your 1969-70 blonde haired girls with blue eyes are all beautiful and perfectly dressed in their sunny summer frocks. I really like the yellow dress with the beautiful smocking. Of course, Miss Lippy is always a welcomed sight and she is gorgeous in those trendy jeans.
    I love her blue clips in her hair too.

    Thank you Kendal, have a great July! ❤ xxx

    • I think that we’re all going to love Rosie’s shoes! Would love to persuade her to make them full time….BUT….it would be a waste of my breath as she loves the challenge at first but then, like so many true artists, she doesn’t enjoy repeating items over and over again.
      Luckily I had all the right coloured dresses to go with the shoes though had a bit of a struggle finding the paler blue floral dress in amongst all their huge clothing boxes. At one stage I was able to have their Winter, Spring and Summer clothing in separate boxes but they have become too full of late so more of the lighhter weight Summer gear has had to go in with the heavier, bulkier Winter clothes.

  4. I didn’t realise that your friend Rosie was new to shoemaking, she makes such beautiful shoes that I guessed she’d been doing so for a long time! I particularly like the Clarks style t bar sandals, I used to have some myself too when I was a child. And yes, I mainly remember the brown but knowing my mum she searched out different colours for me too as like me, she is a lover of bright colours! 🙂
    Of all the photos above, I particularly like the girl in the first outfit and those pale blue shoes, and her lemon socks, very nice indeed. And the No Navel and her outfit are my second favourite. I love blue and white in particular, but yellow comes in close second as being my favourite colours 🙂
    Hugs Sharon xx

    • Actually you are quite right as Rosie has been making shoes for her own dolls for quite some time now but bthis is the first time that she has ventured into the outside stitched sandals as such as she had, had difficulty finding that firmer base sole before.
      I think that years ago I bought a new doll that I eventually discovered was wearing one of her own pairs of more boyish and brown sandals.

      You’re most probably liking the first doll modelling because, like me, we like the wider faced girls. I was a bit uncertain if the yellow socks were a bit too much of a good thing but think that I got away with it. Was going to take a few extra photos of her without any socks but was way behind this morning and knew that a shower ot two were forecasted for later in the afternoon.
      Thanks for your comment. I still have to take up your challenge, haven’t forgotten and will try to do it in my next post next month as have my daughter staying up here this week.

      • I think the yellow socks are lovely and definitely not ‘too much’ Kendal. Ooooh yes, those wider faced girls and boys just push their way into our hearts, don’t they! They’re definitely my favourites 🙂
        I hope you’re feeling better now too, that the vertigo and now ‘verti-gone’ 😉 and that the hot spell you’ve had over there in the UK hasn’t made matters worse.

      • Pleased to hear that you don’t think that the yellow socks are ok with it.
        Yes WE are indeed the wider-faced Sasha lovers!
        This cooler weather is definitely more bearable for me but the headaches etc are still there.
        Chon is up here this week but after that I’ll be having another good go at trying to get rid of them for GOOD!

  5. gorgeous shoes , i dont know how peoples sewing machines cope with that leather , i know mine cant 🙂 xxxxx

  6. Rosie makes very lovely shoes indeed and my girls are lucky enough to have a pair that she kindly gave us last year. Your girls all look gorgeous modelling the various different styles.

  7. You own a dress that I see here in pictures 13-16 that I have seen before (I think you said it was a gift and made by vintage sasha), anyway it makes my heart flutter when I see it. I often click on Sasha google images purposely just to view it ! Lovely to see it in this post and what a perfect match those lovely pale blue shoes are for it.

    • Oh how interesting of you to mention this particular vintage-sasha dress. Yes, I seem to remember that it was indeed a birthday gift from Sarah herself. It was this dress that I was searching earlier this morning for as I guessed that these shoes would be the exact colour. Normally I had to put white sandals with it although they did nothing for it.
      I love the two little buttons on the yoke too.

  8. Hi Kendal sorry for the late comment on your lovely post. I have been having terrible computer problems and hopefully they are now sorted.I was lucky enought to se Rosies shoes at Dawns and they are really good. Unfortunately for us it will probably be a while before Rosie is making any to sell, but i am sure thay will be worh the wait. xxx

    • They are gorgeous aren’t they. I do hope that she will make a few occassionally for us to buy although I know that the demand will be high.
      Pleased to hear that your computer problems are hopefully now fixed. How we have come to so rely on them!

  9. You are so lucky to have some of these prototype shoes Kendal, I too saw them at Dawn’s luncheon and had a little chat with Rosemary about them and about Jean Jensen too. I would love to buy some, please pass my wish one Kendal! Your models are so pretty and ooooh, that wide faced girl, what a beauty! xx

    • I know I am but Rosie is also a good friend of mine since we first met at Anne-Marie’s fundays and then did the Sasha World Magazine together many moons ago. I think that she is planning to make a few more in the Autumn after a rest so will definitely mention it and then remind her then as well.
      Need to really remove the oxidising lips on that wide-faced girl but thinking that I will perhaps wait until Jackie Rhydstrom visits me later in the Summer and let her do it just to be on the safe side.

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