My Sasha Celebration Weekend’s Goodies

Gifts and bought sales table items have become a much looked forward to part of any Sasha gathering, rather like the icing on a cake.
So, at long last, I’m finally able to show you mine from the Sasha Celebration Weekend.
(Please remember that it was a somewhat sunny and windy day when I took these photos and especially the ones taken during midday time are quite ‘dappled’ as the sun caught the leaves from the surrounding trees.)

My very first gift on the Friday evening was this delightful bar of Chanel soap and box of chocolates from Petrana as a thank you for my Sasha blogging over the years and which she says she so enjoys.
How lucky was I? A super and so unexpected start to my weekend. Many thanks again.

SCW Goodies 135

My next gift was this delightful hessian bag, with an inserted photo of some of Janet’s replica studio dolls and containing some lovely little goodies two pairs of Sasha baby shoes with red/blue Sasha Celebration ribbons, a little notepad and two felt tip pens, two tiny crayons, two hairslides and ties for the dolls, plus a little black lucky cat (one of which had a prize attached to it’s owner) which was given to us individually by Janet on entering our private function room on Saturday morning. Another charming little detail to this special Sasha weekend. Many thanks again Janet. Incidentally the box of little delicious chocolate pearls also included was given to us and our Sashas by Petrana. What a sweet addition.

SCW Goodies 037

SCW Goodies 045

Another very special gift from Emma Flood who had mentioned last year when she was visiting me that she had made me this beautiful Sasha three ringed logo pendant. It has the number seven stamped on the back (my birthdate) and is one of a limited edition of fifty. Many thanks indeed Emma I am so very thrilled with it and shall asap buy a silver neck  chain on which to hang it from.

SCW Goodies 136

SCW Goodies 139

Having given the only one of my winning raffle tickets to Dollmum’s delightful daughter (as I feel that My Brood have more than enough of everything…..although they themselves might think not!) Petrana then gave me one of her winning tickets and said that she would choose the gift for me…. and so she selected, this Chanel perfume (which she herself had donated. I’m saving the discovery of which of their many famous perfumes it is until later as another lovely little surprise.) Many, many thanks again for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

SCW Goodies 133

After the raffle had finished those of us with no sales tables to prepare for went to the adjoining seated tea/coffee alcove where we had a hot drink and one of the clotted cream scones that Lorraine had made and bought with her for our afternoon tea. (Apologies for the lack of a photo but had left my camera in the room.) Thanks Lorraine, they were delicious and certainly renewed our energy for the sales buying.

Once let back into the room I went straight to the Dollydoodle’s table as wanted to get something for my friend Susan’s toddlers and babies only collection. I chose this yellow/navy three boat set for one of her little toddler boys……

SCW Goodies 010

………and this pretty, fresh looking little shortals set for one of her baby girls.

SCW Goodies 022

Then I spotted this newly styled Spring/Summer coat, perfect I thought for little Bea.

SCW Goodies 009

…….and by the side of it was this delightful little shortals set.  (I asked if there was another of these for Susan but unfortunately there wasn’t as it was left over from October’s CnS…though I can assure you that it certainly wouldn’t have been if I had spotted it there!)

SCW Goodies 023

Bea liked this little Indigo blue dress with the white flowers so added it onto the order too…. as I personally don’t often buy her anything being my one and only toddler.

SCW Goodies 011

Lastly I decided to get this dainty lilac shortalls and T shirt set for my baby girls.

SCW Goodies 012

Bea modelling her new coat, firstly with her usual white JJ bar shoes as seen here…….

SCW Goodies 029

….but then I remembered these little navy shoes and which I much prefer with this outfit..

SCW Goodies 105

Who’s a very lucky little girl then?

SCW Goodies 104

SCW Goodies 107

Added one of Susan’s flower spotted slides here holding a little blue ribbon in place. Now she’s all ready for the sun, sea and sand this Summer!

SCW Goodies 057

SCW Goodies 059

Bea in her new indigo blue/white dress and pants and wearing another of the spotted little hair slides from the packet that Susan gave her a couple of years ago.

SCW Goodies 076

SCW Goodies 077

Over to Petrana’s table next to buy a couple of outfits for Miss Nobody and my girls plus a few to give or send as gifts.

SCW Goodies 017

Firstly I bought this fine cord Winter dress and pants… as I like long sleeves on my girls in the colder months. As you can see it also came with a hair tie made from the same material. I’ve teamed it up with some beige JJ sandals and commercially made brown socks to complete the overall effect.

SCW Goodies 052

SCW Goodies 048

Miss Nobody chose this following dress for herself as she said that this colour was perfect for her eyes and especially as we already had the grey bar shoes here to finish off the outfit.

SCW Goodies 020

SCW Goodies 082

This felted Sasha logo was done by Janet for an example for her felting workshop and when I saw it I mentioned that it would look good made up into a tote bag for Sasha. Low and behold a couple of weeks later this arrived in the post for them. They are very thrilled and say many thanks indeed.

SCW Goodies 079

SCW Goodies 080

SCW Goodies 083

I bought this following dress for one of my special Sasha friends as I know that she likes the brighter colours on her dolls to my personal preferences of the greys, navys and browns.

SCW Goodies 018

I firstly added these pink JJ sandals for the photos with it ……

SCW Goodies 093

SCW Goodies 094

Quite liked this photo of her with her face completely shaded by her hair

SCW Goodies 092


SCW Goodies 091

…..and then some turquoise/sea/ duck-egg green JJ sandals…. but in the end I preferred the pink

SCW Goodies 095

Apologies for SO many close up photos of Miss Nobody but can’t resist as I just ADORE her! She is SO MY kind of doll     and if I was only allowed to keep just one doll out of my whole collection SHE would most definitely be ONE of the main contenders!

SCW Goodies 090

SCW Goodies 099

Another of the dresses that I couldn’t resist buying as a gift or present.

SCW Goodies 015

Was a bit undecided as to which shoes I should put with it. First tried a black pair but thought that they looked too Winterly so that left the terrocota or beige. Thinking that it might have to be the beige as the terrocota isn’t quite the exact colour, a little bit too orangy (….though might also try a pair of brown when I get time.)

SCW Goodies 108

SCW Goodies 109

Now with the beige sandals and socks.

SCW Goodies 114

SCW Goodies 115

Lastly I bought this very pretty and dainty beige set in the same patterned material as the first grey for another present or gift as I thought that it would suit all the three of different Sasha hair colours.

SCW Goodies 019

SCW Goodies 122

SCW Goodies 120

SCW Goodies 119

As well as the above dresses I bought this pretty/daintily coloured back fastening jumper or which could just as easily  be used as a cardigan as shown here.

SCW Goodies 024

SCW Goodies 129

Not having time to actually eat my ‘Janet’ homemade Sasha logo fairy cup cake there I bought it back home with me so that I could photograph it for you all to see. It was these small wonderful little details that Janet thought of that added to the already great weekend. WE are all going to share it out between us and have a little tea party.

Mo, my little black baby, in her new outfit and Bea showing the cup cake.

SCW Goodies 143

SCW Goodies 074

Bea, in the second outfit that she took with her (although we never found the time for her to change into it) showing this colourfull little felted Canary that Janet made for her as a demonstration for her felted needlework toy workshop.

SCW Goodies 149

SCW Goodies 155

SCW Goodies 151

Here is Bea showing off this gorgeous little wooden engine and fender set that Dollmum made for her when using it as her demonstration model. Bea insists that SHE keeps it for herself…..Quirky, or one of the other baby boys, is NOT getting his hands on it!

SCW Goodies 002

The little pink slide, again from Susan.

SCW Goodies 005

SCW Goodies 008

Talking of second outfits that my girls took with them, here is Miss Nobody’s one.

SCW Goodies 009

SCW Goodies 010

I also purchased two of these cards made by Anne Votax.

SCW Goodies 022

Well that’s it now for the Sasha Celebration Weekend posts apart from these last two photos of Miss Lippy wearing one of the new dresses (this time with the Boneka shoes that Dorisanne gave them a couple of years ago) especially for SS. Unfortunately I had to brighten them, so not as sharp as I would like them to be, as they were taken at 8.00pm. (Didn’t dare NOT include her for SS again today!)

Miss Lippy 007

Miss Lippy 002

I am taking a ‘close-work’ break now from here until Sunday, July 5th in the hope of getting this Vertigo sorted out once and for all.
Enjoy the month of June and many thanks to Denise, SS and Sharon for Chon’s birthday wishes on the 19th. We all here send ours to Sharon 11th, Merrick and Lindsey 20th and any other June birthdays.


26 thoughts on “My Sasha Celebration Weekend’s Goodies

  1. My goodness, it’s a good job that you were going home by car and not by public transport, because you did buy a lot of lovely things to take home with you!!! You’d have needed an extra large suitcase otherwise! 😉
    A lovely lot of goodies I must say! I particularly like the sleeveless dresses by Petrana, she chooses fabric that is unusual and they work so well in this style. I also like seeing the plain brown socks worn with the cream leather shoes too…..I like striped or spotty socks (as you’ll probably have guessed by now!) but my next favourite is plain socks with shoes of a lighter shade… probably goes back to my childhood when my mum always put me in snow white socks and I always wanted to wear coloured ones!!!
    I think Susan (lovely lady!) is going to be very happy with her gifts too….I must ask her why only babies and toddlers in her collection!
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, I’m thinking that maybe this year I’ll start to subtract a year for this and subsequent birthdays! 🙂
    Hugs Sharon x

    • My, you’re alert today as I decided tp publish this post this evening as I’m hoping to have a little sleep in tomorrow morning.
      I love your patterned and stripped socks too and my Brood enjoy wearing them as well and like you I prefer coloured/patterned socks to the plain white ones if I have the right colour.
      I’ve just forgotten why Susan only collects the smaller Sasha Dolls rather than the bigger kids but I think it is because she prefers their smaller sizing overall.

      My daughter decided to have an UN-birthday last year with reaching the ripe old age of 50 so I’m guessing that she’ll be continuing doing the same next week.

      We here have been enjoying beautiful sunny weather although this has been accompanied by a breeze….not so good when trying tyo take Sasha photos with all their hair blowing into their faces.

      Happy birthday on the 11th.

  2. Hi Kendal what lovely gifts you bought. I love Bea’s new coat, i must have been at a different table as i did not see it. I prefer the duck egg blue shoes with the stripey dress, hope you are feeling better soon xx

    • Unfortunately though the allotted spending money soon ran out!
      Pleased to read your opinion on the duck-egg coloured sandals with that dress as I never tire of hearing other people’s views.

  3. Kendal looks like you were well spoilt ! 🙂 and what gorgeous dresses you bought from Petrana. All looks lovely and loving Miss No body modeling them, I liked the the pink Jj sandals with the pink bright stripy dress too.
    Love Judith’s new baby outfits, very sweet. Looks like you had a lovely Sasha spend which is the best kind 🙂
    I hope you can get the Vertigo sorted, so you can get back to enjoying yourself .
    Best birthday wishes to Chon for the 19th.
    big hugs Dee xx

    • Having a little? Sasha spend is always a lovely finish to any Sasha time.
      I have become really attached to Miss Nobody. She seems to look good in most things and enjoys being in front of the camera.
      Pleased that you agreed with me about the pink sandls though I al,ways enjoy hearing what other Sashaz collectors think too.
      Judith’s new designs are great. Apity that she hadn’t more to sell with her.
      Thanks again for Chon’s birthday wishes and please give ours to Lindsey on the day afterwards. Hope too that she’s having a wonderful time in France…. and learning loads of Art techniques and styles..

  4. Hello K! What a fantastic post! I so enjoyed seeing the different outfits on Miss Nobody and friends…and thank you SO much for the Miss Lippy pictures…….that really made my day!!
    Glad you are really enjoying little Nobody and having fun with her…please give her a hug from me 🙂 And while you are doing the hugging thing…special hug for ‘my’ girl Lippy 🙂
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for Merrick…sending loads over to Chon (and Lindsey and Sharon/Kara)

    • I am simply ‘over the moon’ withMiss Nobody so many thanks again for allowing me to adopt her. Will give them both a hug from you and promise, as I do with Miss Lippy (well when I remember when I actually have my camera in action!) that I’ll include her in as many posts as I can so that you can keep an eye on her. They have become the best of friends!.

  5. It has been so delightful reading your final post about the Sasha Celebration Weekend Kendal. I have loved looking at your prizes and purchases and seeing them all modelled by your beautiful dolls. Every time I see her I fall in love with Miss Nobody a bit more, she has to be one of my most favourite Sasha dolls in the world!

    • Such a pity though that it was the LAST post of a fabulous weekend! I could easily have spread it out more but need to take a much needed break from the computer in the hope of taking some of the strain away from my head and vision.
      Many thanks again for all the organising and hard work that you had put in to ensure such a wonderful Sasha weekend. Being an organiser myself over the years (especially when teaching) I know just how much work has to go on behind the scenes for an event such as this but rest assured we all so enjoyed ourselves.

      I’m so pleased that you too love Miss Nobody although I can’t take the credit for her as Simply Sasha originally put her together but it just goes to show how a Sasha waif can steal your heart…. even in preference to one of the best of the best NPs. These waifs have so much history and character, just like a well loved favourite childhood toy!

  6. Thanks for sharing the variety of lovely outfits, toys and other goodies you purchased. I too love greys and the grey dress, shoes and little bag are my favourite. Love the cupcake.

    • It’s so lovely to be able to have a little Sasha spend at these events never mind receiving such superb surprise gifts.
      The cupcakes were a n extra and delightful little detail, in fact so nice looking that I’m not wanting to break into it to eat it.

    • The gifs were fabulous and I did enjoy my Sasha spend at the sales tables …… would have liked to have bought more but as usual my money didn’t have elastic sides!
      Would have loved to have joined in with your crocet workshop but haven’t the necessary required control over the hands anymore.
      Thanks again for the clotted cream scones for Saturday’s afternoon tea!

  7. What a great roundup to the weekends events.

    Love your spoils and your girls look great in them!

    Have suffered with vertigo a couple of times myself, felt ok so long as I didn’t try to walk or hold my head up lol hmmmmm not so easy when we are humans and need to do both those things! Good luck with getting shot of it soon.

    • Thanks Louise.It was a super Sasha weekend and lovely to have such mementos as reminders. Sasha items are so tempting.
      Don’t seem to be getting any better from this Vertigo so am off to see a specialist etc. as it’s been going on for over six months now.

      • I had to see a specialist too, mine kept coming back, the second time I had it. By the time I saw him it had gone. Still had me doing all the routine things, including hearing test, standing on one foot, there were other things but I can’t recall them all but seem to remember touching my nose and closing one eye and touching his hand and such………hopefully you get sorted soon.

      • Thanks for this info. They’re thinking that my balance organs have been damaged in some way but it’s my poor eye sight /dizziness and headaches at the moment that I’m most concerned about.

  8. I too was very taken with Miss Nobody when I met her, she is very appealing. I love your purchases and gifts Kendal – and thank you for giving us such an amazing ‘memory box’ of the weekend

    • I am thrilled that she is so popular although as I said in one of my earlier replies I can’t take the credit for her apart ….from the way I dress/ed her.
      Thank you for all your hostess help and support to Janet during the weekend to make it such a memorable time.

  9. What a beautiful post Kendal of the lovely treasures found at the Sasha Celebration gathering! I really enjoy the way you show us the outfits as purchased and then again on your lovely models. It is always special to return home with momentos of happy days on a trip! 🙂

    What a pleasure it is to see Bea and her remarkable face painting and wig. A fabulous toddler! She is just adorable in her new outfits and her sweet hair clips and her toys. Miss Nobody is just gorgeous and I love her hair style so very much. She is a super model as is Miss Lippy. They both are so nice to see wearing the lovely new outfits. I am so glad you went and had such a wonderful time with Sasha friends!

    I hope you feel totally better very soon Kendal. Please take care of yourself and I will look forward to your next post in July. ❤ xxx

    • I certainly did have a wonderful time and it was great catchingnup with some of my alrady Sasha friends plus the excitmebnt of meeting so many new Sasha collectors.
      The sales tables are always a much looked forward to event. So much to choose from but with so little money! I was only able to get to two of the tables before the alloted cash had run out.
      I am so thrilled with my birthday doll, Miss Nobody, and love the name that SS had given her. She is such photogenic and adaptable doll and I was thrilled that she was able to model all the outfits so well….although we are unfortunately not keeping them all for ourselves but ‘gifting’ some away.
      Bea is rather a little ‘sweetie’ isn’t she. I was so lucky getting her third time round!
      I’m pleased that I actually got to see your ‘yet to arrive’ new doll. She is absolutely delightful and you’ll be ‘over the moon’ with her.
      Thanks for the better health wishes.

  10. Dear Kendal,

    Hello. My name is Elisabeth (as seen above) and I live in the USA. I have been following your blog for a while and finally decided to write something. You are one of the most amazing photographers that I have ever seen and your pictures just bring out so much wonderful personality in your beautiful dolls. Your prop pictures are truly extraordinary. You also have a wonderful eye for lovely Sasha fashion, and a knack for posing your beauties to show off their style to the best advantage.

    Of course all your dolls are beautiful, but I do have my favorites. Bea is adorable and Fritz, the tough adventurous Peter Pan to your not so Lost Boys is a delight. Ross is another favorite of mine, so sweet and considerate and his new surfer boy blonde locks look wonderful.

    As to the girls, I think my favorite is Harper. (Is she the girl with the short dark curly wig)? She looks like the living representative of Johanna Spyri’s “Hiedi,” a favorite book of mine (having a Swiss mother and fully understanding the deep longing towards the beautiful Alps; home for me in so many ways), but I also love Belle and her near twin. They are both so lovely with their OOAK, lovingly hand-done details. Quirky, of course is another personality that leaps out of your pages; the little mischief-maker!

    I also love the adventures that your boys get into. It’s a good thing that they have such a vast and dependable collection of Dolly Doodle specials to keep up with their exuberant lifestyle!

    I really enjoy this blog, and wanted to let you know how much pleasure it has given me, and my own dolls, who follow yours with great interest (and some jealousy of all their beautiful clothes)!
    Thank you for the pleasure.

    Elisabeth and the dolls of Fern Woods

    • Oh, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, Elisabeth for the above. Just what I needed to encourage me to carry on with this ‘unhelpful-to-close-work’ Vertigo!

      I’m thinking that THIS truly wonderful comment is what every Sasha blogger dreams of getting to carry-on producing Sasha posts on a regular basis, I know that we don’t do it for this, but to share our love of these unique dolls with other like-minded people, BUT nevertheless it is so uplifting to get some praise and recognition to spur you on to do more.
      Personally I always leave a comment on every blog post I read as my way of saying ‘thank you’ for the pleasure. I know that sometimes time isn’t always available at that particular moment and rest assured that it does take time to write a few appreciative or encouraging words, but you can always go back later when you have a few spare minutes and know that it will be well accepted.

      I agree with you on selecting these certain little vinyl characters from The Brood.
      Harper, my customised and curly haired wigged girl is MY very favourite too of these OOAK dolls, with Belle a very close second.
      Fritz, the leader ofb the gang might have to jostle for my top lad’s place with his German brother Nicklas (who unfortunately perhaps doesn’t get featured as often!)
      Ross, I guess, will always go down in Sasha history as being one of the very first Gregor re-roots and having totravel to Spain to have it done..
      Bea, my one and only toddler, well here is an individual. Apart from a couple of Simply Sasha’s ex-toddlers (Lucas, Little Shelly, Lonely and Tantum) there’s no-one to equal or give her a run for her money
      Quirky, with his cute cheeky little face, is another of my favourite little imps but who spends most of his time sitting on the naughy chair on a high shelf in the hallway.
      Misses Lippy and Nobody, two interesting waifs, are fast becoming favourites too.

      The Brood and I send our thanks and love to you and yours of Fern Woods and hope that you continue to enjoy our posts.

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