Sasha Celebration Weekend….the attending Sasha collectors

Now I have always known just how lovely and friendly Sasha Collectors are but this weekend I saw and witnessed their helpfulness, kindness and generosity in sheer abundance especially during the raffle with people willingly giving their winning tickets to those less fortunate in winning a prize.
I am truly proud to belong to such a wonderful group and would like to take this opportunity to say another special thank you to our magnificent hostess Janet and Tricia and Theresa, her weekend helpers, Brigitte, Dollmum and Lorraine, the workshop organisers and to every single one of you for making it such a memorable Sasha Doll Celebration….and hopefully the start of many more to come.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 001

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 003

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 005

4. Lee
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 008

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 011

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 014

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 015

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 017

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 018

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 021

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 022

12. Shelley
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 024

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 026

14. Alice
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 028

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 029

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 032

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 034

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 036

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 038

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 040

21. Petrana
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 044

22. Dollmum’s daughter
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 047

23. Lorraine
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 049

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 051

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 054

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 058

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 059

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 064

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 067.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 235

31. Dollmum
Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 043

My apologies if I’ve missed anyone off but it was rather hard to keep track with all the ‘comings and goings!’ (The reason that a couple of people have two photos shown is probably on account of the different dolls that they are holding.)
PS. I also have a lovely one of Jo and her husband if she would like to get in touch with me to forward it on.


25 thoughts on “Sasha Celebration Weekend….the attending Sasha collectors

  1. It will be good to see you with in the other photos. I also hate to have my picture taken and try to be the photographer on most occasions.

  2. Brilliant! So nice to see pictures of all the wonderful Sasha people one is in contact with on FB and elsewhere!!! Most of us usually hide behind a Sasha, or a grandchild, being camera shy, so it is nice to see some of those as well. Amazing job again, Kendal, although you are missing from the line-up!!! Thank you for all that work. It takes dedication and skill! xxx Karin

    • I was amazed that all these people didn’t mind me taking their photo for this blog post. I agree that it’s great to be able to put a name to a face especially when we see the name appear on a regular basis on Facebook etc. The only one objecting was ME….but luckily most collectors know what I look like by now!

  3. I must admit that I found myself looking at the dolls people were holding and then when I came to think ‘who’ it was holding them, I had to go back and have another look to see who the people actually were! LOL…..typical dolly lover! I love the two girls being held by the lady called Linda (Linda’s face looks familiar, I wonder was she at the CnS last year?), they are gorgeous and those two lovelies in the arms of Jane W…..I think they might be reroots and the one on the right looks like it could have been done by Sarah W!!!
    Thanks for sharing the photos Kendal and I know what you mean about preferring to be behind the camera rather than in front of it! I’m with you all the way on that!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • I will have a post later with some of the visiting dolls in but not as many as I had hoped to have had individually featured as time, as usual when one is having fun, ran out and I was determined NOT to spend too much time behind the camera..

      Yes, you’re right about those two in Jane’s arms, the one on the right was the doll by Sarag W that was up for sale at the 2014 CnS and the one on the left is a Jackie Rhystrom re-root. Good detective work!

      I can’t say for certain about Linda being at the CnS but perhaps she or someone else can confirm this.

  4. Wonderful photos Kendal, glad you managed to get round everyone – lovely to see everyone’s smiling faces again. Such a brilliant and friendly crowd of people.

  5. Well thought of Kendal, allowing us all to put names to faces (which is pretty rare). As expected, a happy, warm and friendly group who look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, thanks to Janet´s beautifully organized weekend.
    I did espy one of my re-roots with Jane W where we had a lot of fun making sure her Sasha resembled her 3 adorable grand-daughter´s, all of whom are blessed with red hair…..and I think she was given their thumbs up?
    I´m glad also that you managed this time to enjoy the banter even though, as usual, your photography is superb! Love Jackie xxx

    • Yes, knowing your re-rooting work well now I hope that I captured her on film well enough for you! Love how her hair has been styled keeping it ioff her lovely face when ‘out and about.’
      I had made up my mind NOT to be behind the camera for quite as long as I normally am!

    • Lovely to get to know them too as I’m normally stuck behind the camera for most of these times.
      Yes, I thought that it was lovely seeing these two re-rooted girls again. Sarah’s was from your 2014 CnS sales and I know that Jackie’s was done especially to represent Jane’s three grandchildren.

  6. What a superb collection of pics of wonderful, kind, friendly, helpful, giving, happy people that I am happy and proud to call friends either through fb, or blogs or wonderful gatherings like the ChatnSnap meetings. Well done Kendal on capturing these wonderful images. It looks like you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will be able to join you next year. It’s amazing how this little vinyl doll Sasha has brought us all together. I wonder did the real Sasha ever have any idea of how her creation has united so many people from so many corners of the world. Her memory lives on and will continue to do so through these wonderful little companions.
    Susan xx

    • All beautifully said above and so true. Like you I have made some wonderful friends though my Sasha collecting and enjoyed some superb outings, events, internet posts and mail, not to mention some wonderful gifts and cards, all linked to this unique little doll….. which would never have happened otherwise..

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