Sasha Celebration Weekend….The Studio Doll Replicas

Due to taking over 500 photos I have decided to separate my posts into smaller groups (although not necessarily in the correct order) to make life easier….so to start off with here is Janet’s stunningly magnificent ‘final all-together’  Repilca Studio Doll display, before being separated and returned to their new owners.

I must again congratulate Janet on her truly wonderful creative work here and wish that some of my very favourites could have been returning home with me. Along with each doll there was an interesting keep-sake card with photos of ‘before, during and after’ and with the original subject photo from the Sasha Puppen Book.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 205

The equiste pale colouring of the doll here on the left was a true delight to see.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 112

It was almost if she had been completely and softly ‘air-brushed’ in lilacs, blues and oranges. Definitely one of my favourites!

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 126

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 122

The 1979/80 white dress doll next to her was in almost sharp contrast….being bright and bolder and hadn’t been wigged on account of her beautiful original hair.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 125

Another of my very favourites is this girl with her giant bow and wearing an original Trendon factory Velvet dress (but without the lace collar.) Just adore the pantaloons here. (She is unfortunately staying with Janet or would have been in my suitcase in an instant.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 117

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 118

My friend Theresa O’Neill is the very lucky owner of this Pierot replica. His white chalk -like complection is so life like it’s almost unbelieveable and his poseability is fantastic.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 121

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 119

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 416

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 418

The blonde doll in her dark smock has had her original hair styled just like the Studio Doll’s.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 110

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 111

These two white dresses (particularly on the baby) were absolutely equiste.The baby bonnet was a nothing short of a ‘work of art.’

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 108

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 127

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 128

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 109

These two girls were another two of my ‘absolutely to die for’ favourites.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 106

Again it can be seen from where Gotz got their 1990s Barbette/Barbara doll’s idea from.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 107

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 133

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 131

Fire, another of Janet’s ‘keepers’ in his stunningly detailed costume.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 104

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 182

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 183

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 134

A stunningly beautiful trio here. Faultless in their replication. All three are favourites of mine!

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 102

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 137

Apologies for the blurred photo below but thought that it was just too nice not to include. (Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think that I’m right in saying but is this the only Gotz face mould to be included in the collection?)

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 135

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 136

Fabulous costume on a fabulous doll.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 120

Love the eye colouring and painting of the Duffle Lad.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 120

Lovely Sun Hat model

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 094

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 095

….But it was this Little Prince standing by her that really stole my heart.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 097

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 096

This Smart Girl’s outfit (front left) made from antique material with the lace inserts was gorgeous .

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 098

Great copy of Sasha Morgenthaler’s eye painting here.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 101

And it  was this interesting to see the Street Child’s roughly thrown together outfit by it’s side displaying the marked comparisons of the classes. Both these girl’s hair styles were beautifully styled.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 100

This next Gypsy girl in her red dress was very dramatic and flambouyant in comparison.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 099

This Extenlialist girl’s outfit below was a superb and very clever replica of Sasha’s original. Another favourite of mine and can’t understand having seen this doll from Sasha Morgenthaler’s sudio collection why Frido/Trendon didn’t produce more of the brunette-haired, blue eyed combinations.

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 092

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 093

It was great to see this girl in the farmpants as she must have indeed been the inspiration for the 1990’s Gotz Maria alongside the more ornate leather and bead clad Indian child..

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 089

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 090

The Twins were well liked with their slight facial differences and similar toning coloured clothing. (Reminded me of our own family’s twin girls.)

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 085

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 086

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 145

Sasha Celebration Weekend 1 146

I’m sure that you will all have enjoyed seeing this wonderful unique collection of dolls as we were and look forward to seeing you here for some more posts on The Sasha Celebration Weekend which include the attending Sasha collectors and some of their dolls, the raffle and activities.


38 thoughts on “Sasha Celebration Weekend….The Studio Doll Replicas

  1. Ooh! Should we dream about which doll we’d adopt, given the chance? I’d be hard pressed to choose between the blond farm girl and the duffel boy. (But you are still my favourite, Bea, except for the Sashas who live her, of course.)
    I’m glad it was a fun weekend, Kenal, but hope the journey wasn’t too difficult for you.
    Jenni xxx

    • I’m afraid that it wouldn’t have been just the ONE doll in my case as I wouldn’t have been able to choose less than five or six!
      Unfortunately I didn’t get to get more than a brief glance at the first characters at the CnS last year being too busy being behind the camera SO had made seeing them here my top priority and I was both amazed and enchanted….not to mention envious!
      Bea had a lovely time. She went with Miss Nobody, my birthday doll but I didn’t get to photograph them as I had planned as was too busy chatting and eating!

  2. Janet’s exhibition of her Sasha project is indeed lovely, there are such wonderful replicas of the original Sasha Morgenthaler work and it’s obviously been a real labour of love to put this collection together. I particularly like the girl in photo 13 called ‘Blond Smock’ and the girl in photo number 15, wearing the white dress. They are all just lovely though! Now that Janet has completed this project, I wonder what she will do next!
    Thanks for sharing the photos Kendal! I hope you had a lovely time!
    Hugs Sharon x

    • It was a ‘once in a life time’ chance of seeing this unique project all displayed together and have to admit that I spent most of my time whilst the workshops were going on admiring them enviously.
      I did have a fab time and the venue was literally ‘out of this world’ there was so much space to settle oneself down and chat whilst enjoying the free 24/7 hot or cold drinks (tea, coffee, iced water, sparkling canned drinks etc.) that were situated in alcoves throughout the reception/lounge areas.
      Hopefully Janet after a well deserved rest will be planning next years Sasha Celebration at this venue when it has been suggested that ALL my Sasha Brood might be on display!

      • Janet’s project was quite amazing – I agree it was lovely to gaze at them close up. I can’t pick a favourite. And the sight of ALL your Sasha Brood at next year’s Celebration would definitely be top billing in my book.

      • It was INDEED amazing to say the least. Great idea too. I just adored the eye-paintings and the clothing.Must have taken so much time to resource the suitable materials to get that overall effect.
        I hadn’t realised, not being on Facebook etc (knowing that I would never get anything done here if I was!) that you could send in a doll to be ‘made-over’ or else I would have done so!

  3. Hi Kendal I hope it didn’t take too long to get home. I am still trying to catch up with everything. your photos are fan and it is nice to finally have my little periot home x

    • Actually I got home slightly quicker than I came thanks to my youngest brother’s satnav.
      Many thanks again for all your kindness and care over the weekend.Couldn’t have done it without you!

  4. A wonderful achievement by Janet. I love their outfits as well as their make overs. One or two who be more than welcome to come live in the Village with my clan.
    I was fortunate to see some of the early one’s at last years Chat n Snap and would have enjoyed seeing them all together.
    Their new owners will be very happy I am sure with their ‘new’ old Sasha that returns home.
    Thanks for all the Photo’s Kendal.

    • Oh! It truly was indeed! I unfortunately didn’t get to fully see those at the CnS in detail being too busy taking photos of the Course and Toddler dolls etc so it was a good second chance for me to study them in great detail here.
      Hope that we wouldn’t have ended up squabbling over some of the dolls that we liked the most and wanted to take home!
      PS. Needing to catch up on commenting on your blog asap.Very impressed with the gardening open day project!

  5. Oh Kendal, I’m so happy that you attended the Sasha Celebration Weekend and took so many photos to share with us. It is next best to being there in person.

  6. After taking over 500 photos I bet your arms were aching, but I suppose you were so absorbed that you hardly noticed! What lovely dolls. My favourites are number 20 Farmgirl and the beauties in numbers 45 and 46. I recognised Le Petit Prince immediately, so cute. Thanks for taking the time to show them to us. Vivienne.

    • Luckily I didn’t spend as much time BEHIND the camera as I normally do letting myself chat and get to know everyone instead which is what Sasha collecting is really all about……though am feeling a little guilty now about not having quite as many photos to show you as I normally do.
      The farmgirl was definitely one of my very favourites. Loved her freckles!

  7. Great photos Kendal – thank you. I heard you say on Sunday that you have sayed another day – and completely agree! Looking forward to seeing your collection next year

    • Am feeling rather guilty about staying on chatting with Janet, Brigette, Liss and Theresa instead of taking Miss Nobody and Bea on the planned photoshoot around the hotel….. but couldn’t resist this lovely informal end chat over cups of tea and coffee.

  8. Privately emailed……..
    Studio Doll Replicas……are fantastic!!! super, super photos!!! thank you for posting them all. which one was your favorite?

    Gosh! that’s SO hard to chose! Such talent here!
    I think that it would have to be the red headed Farmchild in the blue stripped apron (closely followed by the blonde long brown skirt and cream blouse girl.)
    My favourite of the boys would be the Duffle lad then the Little Prince.
    I also adored the Peach Smock, Raincoat, Street Child and Blue Velvet dress girls plus the purple dressed clown.

  9. Hi Kendal, I have just looked through your amazing photographs. Absolutely stunning. No one can do the Sashas justice like you can. Superb. These beautiful creations by Janet have been expertly photographed. Just wonderful. Thank you for all your work and for sharing them. xxx Karin

    • Those dolls Karin were absolutely amazing and I would have loved to have taken a few home with me…. but alas not to be! Luckily with not being able to participate in the workshops Iwith my hands as they are I was able to spend much more time admiring them in their every superb detail and something that I will never forget!

  10. Amazing dolls and even more amazing photos! You have outstanding talent Kendal! I love your blog and your kids xx

    • Oh Sarah YOU would have just loved to see those Studio Replica Dolls of Janet’s. You really missed a treat!
      Was so sorry that you weren’t able to make it there too but hopefully next year!

  11. Hi Kendal! I have looked and relooked at this post several times today because these lovely dolls are pure perfection to me. I am amazed at the beautiful paintings, unique hair stylings and detailed and colorful costuming. Janet has captured the beauty and depth of the inspiring studio dolls. So remarkable! Thank you for sharing the photos with us. I look forward to seeing your other groupings of photos from the Sasha Celebration Weekend. What a great gathering! 🙂 xxx

    • That’s just how I was when I was there,could hardly take my eyes off such uniqueness, beauty and splender. Each and everyone had something extra special to notice and admire. I think that if I would have been lucky enough to have been given the choice to take one home with me I’d still be there ‘iffing, butting and ahhing!’ I think though that my final choice would have to be the Farmgirl in her stripped apron and calico cream blouse that the 1990s Gotz manufactured Babette/Barbara was based on.
      It was truely a fantastic weekend spent with some wonderful collectors, many of whom I’d not met before.

  12. Wonderful documentation of such a special exhibit. It’s hard to think that the dolls won’t be together again. While they are each special in their own right, together they tell such a story. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    • It was indeed especially as it was my very first time in seeing them! I spent a great deal of the time admiring and gazing at them all knowing that this was their final display altogether.

  13. It´s funny, I am completely drawn towards the hair and face painting of Janet´s extraordinary work, but this time, I paid more attention to her talent as a seamstress and how incredible her attention to detail is with reproducing the designs from the originals…even the choice of fabric is spot-on! What a joy to have someone with such a gift amongst us and thank you for all the super photo´s Kendal, love Jackie x

    • Totally agree that the outfits were nothing short of superb with the choice of materials and styling and enhancing the wonderful face painting. Although knowing the Puppen book well it was easy just recognising the dolls on account of the outfits.
      A very talented Sasha collector indeed!

  14. Kendal,
    What wonderful photos of the most wonderful replicas that Janet has created. They are totally amazing and I have gone over this post several times just to absorb the beauty in each picture. The amount of work in both the dolls and the clothing is just breathtaking. What a wonderful artist Janet is and how lucky are the Sasha world to have her!!!! I must say I have loved each and every one but my favourites (and I have a few) are numbers, 3, 6, 16, 23, 33 and 39. Thanks for sharing and giving us a little feeling of being there for the weekend with you all.
    Susan xxx

    • Just had to note of the numbers of your favourites and go back to look at these. I’m loving the fact that different people are attracted to different dolls as their favourites though I guessed that the baby might have been in your line up! She was actually for sale there but I’m unfortunately on a NO doll buying year this year.
      It was a truly superb weekend and it has been decided to have it again next year at the same venue with hopefully ALL My Brood on display there. They are jumping up and down with excitment….well those with good stringing are! Now need to start to get the others re-strung over the next fews months.
      The replication of the Studio Dolls was a great idea giving us all a taste of what Sasha’s original Studio Dolls must have been like.
      So pleased that you have enjoyed the photos though wish that you could have been there in person.

  15. Dear Kendal

    Only today I had time to go through all your posts and there are many 🙂 … I felt like beeing with all the ladies and one collecting man again! This weekend was just fantastic and even though it was not short it was much too short for me.

    Thank you for having put together in words and photos all these great moments. It was amazing and an enrichement having had you had with us all these days and I hope that we will meet again and again and again …. :-).

    Big hug,


    • Definitely a case I think of ‘Time flies by when you’re having fun!’
      Indeed we all had a fantasic few days with our Sasha/Gregor dolls taking centre stage.
      I still have a couple of blog posts, namely the workshops and my gifts and sales buys, to do but real life took over, over the last couple of days.
      Loved meeting you again as only had a few brief words with you at the CnS being busy behind the camera…. as usual.
      Many thanks again for travelling all that way to be with us at this Sasha Celebration Weekend.

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