Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating today


Mummy, having said last week that there wouldn’t be any blogging until after she’d got back from the Sasha Celebration Weekend had completely forgotten about the rest of the world’s Mother’s Day so I’ve decided to help her to do a short  post on the three of our Sasha babies who  ALREADY had names by way of wishing you all a very happy and enjoyable day and hopefully being spent with your child/children..

First up is Anis who was one of Bettina’s first mohair re-roots before re-rooting became popular…. so she was quite a rarity as such and was an eBay win. She is an early Trendon baby nightdress.
Studio Baby and Anis 010 My Fav Sasha Bricks

In the garden 3 025 My Fav Sasha Duck

19th July 09 015

Baby Anis 014 for My Fav Baby

Baby Anis 014

Baby Anis 005

Displaying Sashas and Baby Anis 031 My Fav Sasha Sniff Daffy

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 003

Baby Anis 007

More get well presents 008

Anis bathtime 008

Baby Anis 022

The second is Quirky, a 1969 quirky eye-browed Frido baby boy. A real little scamp of a tot who always seems to be up to some mischief.

Pjs 019 Ten Sasha babies 008

046 Autumn clothing 2 030


Playtime outfits 017

Just messing around 037

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 044

Back behind the camera again 032

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 048

Thirdly, Quirky’s baby brother, Quirky 2, now nicknamed QE2. He is another 1969 quirky eye-browed vinyl bundle with his brother’s wayward sticking out hair.
Easter 047

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 029

Easter 019

Happy New Year 2 026

Photo box pics 006

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 011

Xmas 2013 Presents 006

Where are YOU now section.

Departed….. though in hindsight with some bad and VERY bad decisions.

Firstly a really, really AWFUL mistake here with the parting of this angelic looking mid 70s baby boy. (Would adore to have you back!)

Photo box pics 019


Autumn Clothing 4 052

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 021

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 050

d81014 051

Snow baby (A Kelky Wenarski re-paint Gotz baby Stine.)



Gotz baby Max.


…..who also made a delightful little girl called Maxa.



This and That 016


N. (She’s with Cathy Buckley-Mellor.)
This and That 002


A 1970 dark skinned baby Woolly…..

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 053

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 026

. ….who helped Shelly by modelling some of her sales items whilst waiting to be sent off to his new mummy.

Another mid 70s baby boy Nightdress tot who went to live with Cathy at Christmas. He doubles up really nicely as a baby girl too! (Would love him/her back if he ever came up for sale!)
Autumn Clothing 4 021

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 002

Xmas 2013 Presents 027

Baby Fleeces 2 005

The famous Scary who went off to Dollydoodles to help Judith design her first Sasha baby sleepsuit patterns. Miss you dearly!


Well I’m ending this Mother’s Day celebration with another photo of me taken in May last year with a few ‘Forget-Me-Not’ flowers especially for SS with my love and kisses.



18 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating today

  1. Well done Miss Lippy a wonderful post of your baby brothers and sisters. I’m sure Mum’s going to be over the moon at your saving her all the hard work of selecting photo’s and writing a post to celebrate Mothers day for the world.
    You are looking lovely yourself and deserve a nice piece of chocolate and some play time.

    Wishing all those Mother’s out there a Happy Mothers and Kendal a lovely time at the Sasha Celebration next weekend.xx

    • Gosh Denise you’re so quick off the mark! You don’t miss a thing do you?
      I was most grateful to Miss Lippy as have had a rather busy week what with one thing or another. but must start on getting the suitcase out of the garage and get a few things together over the coming week in amongst all the usual medical appointments and general living etc.
      Many thanks for the good wishes for next weekend.

  2. Thank you Miss Lippy for the very special Mother’s Day wishes! What a special treat to see you and the three named babies plus the babies that have moved on to have new mommies. I know you must miss them very much and I so enjoyed your tribute to them. What a very touching post and so appropriate on Mother’s Day. ❤

    Please give your Mom happy wishes from me on this Mother's Day and the week to come as she prepares to go to the Sasha Celebration! I hope she has a wonderful time! I am sending you, your Mom , and your Sasha brood family much love from me and the family here at Sasha Shangri-La! ❤ xxx

    • We do hope that you have a super resting and relaxing day with your family and Sasha family. We shall be thinking of you over these 24 hours. Might you even get time to sqeeze in a little Sasha play?
      Thanks for the good wishes for next weekend. Will hopefully take some photos for a blog post,

  3. What a lovely post full of babies….and all so perfectly dressed too. I can completely understand though how you miss some of those “dearly departed” babies 😉 why oh why did you adopt them out?? There are some real cuties there! I particularly like the little mid 70s Nightdress, such a lovely face and pretty eyes…and Gotz Baby Max, looking particularly fetching as a girl…has me thinking about a Gotz baby again! Nooooo, I mustn’t look!
    Thanks again for sharing Kendal, and hope you’ve had a good Sunday!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    • Unfortunately the baby numbers just kept rising and rising until panic stations set in and a drastic cull was needed It’s at times like these that bad mistakes are made so I now have to live with them!
      I have to admit that Max did look delightful as Maxa and was eventuallhy sold on that way.
      When I come back after next weekend’s Sasha Celebration I need to be taking a close look at reducing ALL my Sasha numbers rather like a late Spring clean. It’s unbelieable how they seem to sneak in when I’m not paying enough attention…. (although it is helpful that this is THE year that I’m following the Conservative’s strategy and reducing and clearing MY Sasha deficit! Have given myself until the beginning of April 2016 and the new financial year!)
      Sad times ahead as I really love each and every one of the little souls.

      • Oh dear, don’t like the sound of the culling, unless one comes to me of course LOL! Actually I have been naughty and replaced the one that I culled last week with one this week……..ooops! Well if any of those lovely brunettes with wide faces need adopting…..you know where I am!!!! 😉

      • Nor do I Sharon but it has to be! Need to take my time though this time and try not to make any bad mistakes. USorry, but unfortunately I’m afraid that those two brunette wide faces will be staying!
        Looking foward then to seeing your new doll’s introduction on your blog!

  4. Thank you K for such a lovely post….AND for a glimpse of ‘my’ FAVOURITE Sasha Miss L!! That has made my week!
    Happy Mother’s day to all those everywhere that care for others human or animal. I salute you ladies!

    • All a bit rushed if I’m honest as wasn’t expecting to have to do a blog post until later in the month but had completely forgotten about most of the world’s Mothers Day which is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May!
      This day is rather different from our Mothering Sunday normally occuring in March/April.
      Hope that all your canine family are enjoying being out and about in this warmer weather. (Was only wondering the other day if you walked all NINE of them together or take them out in groups according to their sizes.)

  5. Never a shame for more beautiful photos 🙂 Cannot believe how cute Gotz Max looks as a girl!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all mums who celebrate it on this day 🙂

    • I certainly have to agree with you about Max/Maxa. No comparison when she is posing as ababy girl! but she unfortunately had to go when I put out all my 1990s Gotz for adoption (apart from toddler Bea who flately refused to leave here!) so keeping back within my original time frame of 1965-1975.

  6. Love your posts photos dolls outfits scenery props and everything!! The little Anis book and the way the duck in the pond looks right back at Anis solemnly! What a treat! Love to you all! From Aunty Sarah who has nearly finished the master bedroom! Xx

    • Oh thanks Sarah! That’s some praise indeed!
      I too really liked those two scenes with Anis.
      SO pleased to hear that yoir master bedroom is nearly finished. Are YOU planning to move in there now or not?

  7. Dear Kendal,
    What a wonderful post and especially as it wasn’t Mothers Day for me but delighted it is for all the other Sasha mothers around the world. A double stroke of luck that it featured babies also as you know I absolutely love, love, love them. Anis, Quirky and QE2 all look great and the Where are they now Babies were a delight for the eyes also. Each and every one of them dresssed to perfection as usual with gorgeous props too. Thanks so much for the wonderful treat, a feast for my eyes and Happy Mothers Day to all the Sasha mothers who celebrated today.
    Much love,
    Susan xxx

    • So pleased that I had another good reason to feature my baby Sashas on mass again…..not that I need an excuse!
      Like you I really love the little tikes and their super posebility. Was a bit sad though seeing some of them that got away but time will hopefully heal once again. Need to cull their ever increasing numbers now and then as the bungalow is already over-run with Sashas!

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