Had to Have another ….

Unortunately I’ve HAD to HAVE another BIRTHDAY…..but as I understand ….. it seems there is some compensation!

Card 002

Still having to keep off doing as little close work as I can to try to help with this Vertigo condition I have decided to only post my Sasha Doll related gifts and cards here and not include those from my family and home friends as I normally do.

So first up is THE birthday doll (from me to me!) who has a rather an interesting history. She was originally bough by Simply Sasha as a 1969 Sasha with very bad chew marks to her hands and feet (plus a few around her lip) and a un-flattering stubble cut to her whole fringe area. She was found some new but slightly later limbs from another source and was then sent down to Alison Parnell for a partial frontal bobbed re-root with an off -centre part.

On account of this she was named ‘Miss Nobody’ by her previous owner… as she stated that nobody is perfect. (I have been allowed on purchasing her to keep this name as I just love it …plus wouldn’t want to confuse her even more with a new name with all these recent changes happening in her life!)

Miss NoBody 002

Knowing that she would be coming to me nude I quickly sent off for these trendy skinny jeans and then searched through my Sasha clothing boxes for a suitable top. (Knitted by Rosemary Shortell from her own pattern design and given to me as a gift.) Marti Murphy’s Birkenstocks complete the look.)

Her dear little multi’coloured bear was kintted by Theresa O’Neil and very kindly given to me for my recent birthday. Thanks Theresa he is just so adorable!

Miss NoBody 003

We have some ‘very naughty but nice’ members amongst the Sasha community who decided to ignore my ask of ‘NO birthday presents’ and sent these delightful and much appreciated Sasha related gifts……

This very attractive and lovely dress and pants set by Passion for Sasha was from Steve. Many, many thanks indeed for remembering me in this wonderful way. As you can see it looks delightful on my new birthday doll (as indeed do my other TWO outfits so  you can imagine just how thrilled Miss Nobody {and I} are that she now has an instant wardrobe!)

Now I’d like to hear your imput with which coloured shoes and socks YOU feel goes best with this….. as I have several choices to hand

Birthday 010

Firstly we have white socks and grey shoes.

Birthday 015

Secodly grey socks and shoes.

Birthday 036

Birthday 035

Thirdly, red socks and grey shoes.

Birthday 021

Fourthly white socks and red shoes.

Birthday 009

Fifthly red socks and black shoes. Sixthly but unshown here you could have white socks with black shoes or seventhly black socks (which I failed to locate in time) with the red, grey or black shoes.

Birthday 026

Her second birthday outfit is from another truly great Sasha friend, Chris Taylor, and one which I loved but missed on vintage-sasha’s latest blog listing. A million thanks Chris for this most attractive outfit. I have added some brown shoes to the black socks that came with the outfit.

Birthday 042

Birthday 045

Birthday 047

Birthday 048

Third birthday outfit is from Susan Bulger Pomeroy and another from the House of Vintage-Sasha that I would have loved to have bought but unfortunately missed. Here we have a choice of footwear to go with it if you’d care to help with the choice. Firstly we have a pair of sea-green JJ sandals and secondly shown lower down are a pale green colour (the extact colour of the collar and piping although not showing as such) pair of bar shoes. (Please note the NEW fencing in the background!)

Birthday 055

Birthday 056

Birthday Sasha Gifts 007

Birthday Sasha Gifts 003

Birthday 059

Next is a Dollydoodle baby outfit from ‘The Ice Queen’ her very self with a VW motif featuring one of her hobbies. How wonderful is that for one of my dear little tikes! A small but friendly fight broke out amongst the babies as to who would get the first to try it on and model it…. and luckily that bossy Quirky didn’t win for once! A million/trillion thanks SS for remembering me as I gained another year to my ever increasing yearage.

Birthday 2 003

Birthday 2 008

Birthday Sasha Gifts 030

Birthday Sasha Gifts 026


Birthday Sasha Gifts 021

Birthday Sasha Gifts 020


Birthday 2 017

Birthday 2 015

Time to come in now! (This little fellow wanted to stay out for more photos as with that Quirky around he doesn’t get to take centre stage as much as he should.)

Birthday 2 019

This unusual photo canvas is from Denise and Paul and can be fixed to the wall with the supplied fittings or can stand freely on it’s own (which is how I am using it at the moment) moving it around with wherever I am so that I can keep glancing at these six photos of my some of my precious girls. This is a new venture for Denise and she has obviously spent a great deal of time and effort to have this made up for me so tons and tons of thanks as I love ‘the unusual and different.’

Birthday 011

Birthday Sasha Gifts 007

This most useful larger handmade wooden chair was from Sarah P and bought especially for my two studio dolls to sit on. Here they are taking a well deserved sit down! Loads of thanks Sarah for your kindness. (There was also a little pottery mixing bowl in the parcel but by mistake I forgot to take a photo of it when I had my camera out though will remember to do so the next time!)

Birthday 007

Birthday 004

Birthday 012

Have only photographed the lovely cards from my Sasha friends for the blog today as they are the ones from people that you know or know of. Starting top left, A Moonpig photo card of my customised Belle from Sarah Williams, top centre a homemade card from Paula (Plum) Moreton, top right from Steve and his family, centre from Chris Taylor, bottom left from Shelly, middle bottom from Susan (Bulger Pomeroy) and her family and bottom left from Theresa O Neil. Many thanks indeed.

Birthday 003

Top left from my local Sasha friend Kate Smith, top middle from Anne Dietchman, top right from Cathy Buckley Mellor, bottom left from SS,The Ice Queen (Apologies for the shine on the beautiful photo) middle bottom from Jill Mackley (of the ex-Sasha Doll smocked Frocks and Socks) and bottom right was the card from Denise and Paul included with their gift as they sent me an e-card. Thanks to you all.

Birthday 007

Along with the sweet little knitted teddy Theresa set my girls this lovely little vanity set. Many, many thanks Theresa!

Birthday 013

As my birthday directly followed Easter this year I have included the cards from my Sasha friends with my other birthday presents. Top left from Jill Mackley, top centre Susan Bulger Pomeroy and top right Gillian Nash, Middle left from Mary Hoffman, middle centre the Irish chocs from Susan, middle right Steve and family and the bottom  row are the three packets of notelets from Jill Mackley. Yet MORE thanks to you all!

Birthday 009

Bet you had thought that I wasn’t posting here today? Well here I am (as had a noncomputer day yesterday with Sarah P and Theresa visiting me.) So hopefully ‘Better late than never! Thanks for popping by and look forward to reading your choices of socks and shoes with these new outfits!


34 thoughts on “Had to Have another ….

  1. Kendal what a lovely bundle of gifts you received. I especially love Miss Nobody ( I was waiting in the wings in case you changed your mind!) She is gorgeous and a perfect gift from you to well you!!
    The first dress goes well with all the socks and shoe combinations, each change picking out another colour in the dress and either lightening or darkening the look.

    Again the next dress looks great against her almost white hair and the new style dropped waist dress from Susan PB again suits her and I love this new style of Sarah’s.
    I love Theresa’s little bear and also Quirky’s new Duds!

    Sarah P is a whizz at finding these beautiful pieces of furniture for the dolls and this chair is perfect for your Studio dolls, it’s a shame that they will have to take turns !

    It’s seems you had a Very nice birthday indeed ! :)xxx

    • Many thanks too for my block Sasha canvas, a great idea.
      I felt that most of the shoe/sock choices went very well with the new outfits so guess that’s why I couldn’t decide on an overall final choice.
      Oh yes, I did have another wonderful birthday although I’m not liking the additional year that has to be added!

  2. My goodness what a great birthday stash! And that’s where Ronny’s lovely girl has moved to! Such a pretty face and lovely hair.
    I think I like the red socks and black shoes with the dress from Steve, but either shoe colour with the dress from Susan, I really like that dress made by Sarah….but then I usually love all her dresses 🙂
    Those two Studio girls are gorgeous but I particularly like the second one, she’s lovely…..and what a super chair to be able to display them on!
    I hope you had a good day, I think you share the same birthday with my brother 🙂
    Hugs Sharon x

    • Yes your brother and I share the same birthday date BUT unfortunately I’m SO much older! Could do with swapping ages with him!
      Thanks for helping to decide on the final shoe/sock colours!
      I had reminded Sarah the other day when we were talking about the dropped waist dress that she hadn’t made for a while now. This style so suits Sasha.

      That second Studio Doll is very famous and has travelled the world with her previous owner as she was one of her favourites.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous Sasha filled birthday, which is what one should always have 🙂

    I personally like the red shoes, white socks combo.

    Lovely blog as ever.

    • Thanks for dropping by and giving me your preferred shoe/sock choice. I’m guessing that there will be quite a few different choices in the end.
      Thanks for the belated wishes and I had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Hi Kendal first of all thank you for a fabulous time yesterday. I love little Miss Nobody and am happy to know that she has bonded with her bear, even though one of the studio girls tried to pinch him. I personally prefer the white socks with the grey shoes with the first outfit and the t-bar shoes with the drop waist dress.
    I made it home about 2am this morning and must invest in some night driving glasses as managed to get lost on the way home, even with the satnav there is definitely no hope for me i’m afraid xxx

    • Thank YOU and Sarah for coming over. Had a thoroughly enjoyable day but so sorry that ypu had to drive all that way, only arriving home in the early hours!
      Miss Nobody has snatched her little knitted bear back again as she rightly says ‘He’s mine!’
      Bea sendss lots of love and says thanks for her lovely warm cardi that you so kindly knitted for her. She’ll have her photo taken asap for the blog.

  5. All very awesome…but love the trendy distressed skinny jeans ( they look like mine)…where did you find them? and I love the sea green shoes and the dress Sasha is wearing with those shoes..Always enjoy your posts,,,Dreaming, Nikita.

    • Thanks Nikita. Those distressed’Dirty’ skinny jeans are from Rawkiss at Etsy. Wasn’t quite sure at first just what top to team then with but think that this jumper goes perfectly with them.
      Have noted which shoes you prefer with the vintage-sasha dress and thank you for taking the time to let me know.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Kendal! I am quite sure that you had a great day with all these cards, gifts and especially with your new Sasha “Nobody” that I like quite a lot! As you asked for I will tell you which outfit I love most on Miss Nobody; It’s no 15 but the outfit I do love most on her is the one t you dressed her up with; the skinny jeans, top and Birkenstock :-). Liss xx

    • When I first saw her on SS’s blogspot I thought that she looked a skinny jeans type of girl BUT am so pleased that she now has some outfits to ring the changes to allow for any washing to take place should it become necessary.
      Thanks for letting me know yoir favourite shoe choice.

  7. Glad to see Miss Nobody has settled in well. and what a lucky girl she is with a new wardrobe to her name!! And how lucky are you to be remembered by so many?
    I didn’t think you were posting today as I passed by earlier and no post, glad to see you are okay and blogging 🙂

    • She has settled in VERY well and is well liked and loved by all.

      Snap! I too didn’t think that I would be able to manage a post today with having such a wonderful full day yesterday but felt that I owed it to all my super Sasha friends to say many thanks for my birthday cards and presents. I shall be writing some thank you letters when I’ve recovered from these last two hectic weeks.
      (ps. Should you be missing Miss Nobody please remember that said that I would return her to you if you wanted as she’s so absolutely gorgeous that I feel somewhat guilty!

  8. Well, Miss Nobody has really become Miss Somebody today!!! What a beautiful Sasha doll she is and such a wonderful haircut!!! I love all of the birthday outfits on her too. So nice to see the outdoor photos and that nice sturdy fence in the background. 🙂

    I think it is wonderful to have so many Sasha friends remember you on your special day. A fantastic post which became super fantastic when your shared both of your gorgeous studio dolls. Wonderful. ❤

    I like the red shoes and black socks with the first dress. I have to say the longer black socks on the next dress look fantastic with the brown shoes. The baby outfit is adorable and
    I love the Sasha photos on canvas gift. Everything you have shown is so very thoughtful and a great way to celebrate your special day! 🙂 xxx

    • She is certainly SOME doll and I feel rather guilty buying her off SS though I did say that I would return her if she feels that she can’t do without her. Thanks for letting me know your socks/shoes choices. There just seemed to be so many linked to Steve’s outfit that I was literally spoilt for choice!
      Don’t know what I’d do without my FABULOUS Sasha Friends who certainly know just how to make a birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Kendal! What an amazing bunch of photographs. Miss Nobody is divine. I really like the grey shoes with the dark grey sock combo. Second photo. Hope you have a wonderful start to another year.
    Best Wishes, Verity-Kate

    • Many thanks for the birthday and next year wishes. I’ll definitely try to put them to good use.
      I must admit that I rather like the two grey combination as well. So different.
      I need to be getting onto your blogspot again once this Vertigo has passed as I seem now to be so behind in viewing and commentimg on the blogs that I normally follow.

  10. Hope you had a very happy birthday, little Miss Nobody is gorgeous. Vertigo knocks you for six, hope you fully recover soon.
    Best wishes, Vivx

    • Thanks for your birthday wishes although it seems like it happened years ago now and I’m well into my next year!!!
      I do love Miss Nobodytoo. She’s such a little character.
      Thanks too for the very thoughtful and kind get well wishes….it’s certainly knockimg me for six and drastically limiting my life at the moment..

  11. Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag nachträglich, dear Kendal.
    Stay happy and healthy!
    Enjoy your own very new year and your chocolate!

    Miss Nobody is a beauty. I love her elegant haircut!

    • She is really lovely! Just MY kind of doll!
      Many thanks for the happy and healthy wishes!
      PS.Hope that you’re not too worn out with all that ‘digging!’

  12. I´m so pleased to see that you treated yourself to such a beautiful girl and you´ll have guessed that I too, am a big fan of the cute little bob cuts. Forgive me, but I was so concentrating on Miss Nobody´s pretty hair that I forgot to take note of the socks and shoes! Can I say that I liked them all, but the jean outfit is just perfect for her and ticked all the boxes for me. Love Jackie (still in Costa Rica) xxx

    • I had already actually bought my 2015 birthday doll last year but when I was offered the chance to purchase Miss Nobody I jumped at it and have decided to save the other doll as my Christmas gift ‘from me to me’ thus still keeping within my new year’s Sasha resolution of the allotted stay at 65-no new doll allowance (Have to unfortunately had to sell on my 2014 Christmas girl {sad times indeed!) to help pay for the two new pairs of upgraded specs. that were needed.)
      Not to worry about not noticing her different choices of shoes and socks as I’m well aware that it would be her partially re-rooted hair that would be of particular interest to you!
      Sounds as though you are enjoying your stay out there in Costa Rica!

  13. Belated birthday greetings Kendal! Sorry to hear that you are unwell. Hope that you will feel better soon. Thanks for the lovely post. So nice to see all of your goodies! Love little Miss Nobody in her skinny jeans. She reminds me of Hattie. Two very stylish girls! I like the grey socks & shoes. So many nice choices that it is hard to decide. All of them look great. All of your gifts are as beautiful as they are unique. Such a wonderful addition to your collection. I would love to play in your closet which must be a treasure trove of every different style & colour for our dear little Sasha’s. Your birthday’s look like they are getting better & better. Thanks for sharing your special day…Carol

    • Not half as sorry as I am as it seems that my planned time for doing things is fast slipping away yet again but many thanks for the birthday and get well wishes.

      Miss Nobody does look great in her skinny jeans but is thrilled with her three new dresses as she knows that ‘ONE’ can’t wear jeans ALL the time!
      I too like the grey shoes the very best but can’t make up my mind about whether it’s with the white or dark grey socks.
      I have to admit that my Sasha Dolls have a wonderful and quite fantastic wardrobe to choose from as basically I have reached the age when I only tend to buy ‘comfortable,’ cheaper clothing for myself!

  14. Belated happy birthday Kendal – looks like you had a super one with some very lovely gifts….I was away for mine so it was a very quiet affair… my sister cooked me a lovely roast dinner with lemon meringue pie which is one of my favourite deserts.

    • Thanks for the belated birthday wishes. It seems all SO far away now and I’m well into the next year.
      I too love lemon meringue pie but my mother used to bake me a chocolate meringue pie (my very favourite) when I wasn’t having a special birthday that required a family sized cake with candals to blow out!

  15. Kendal, another fabulous post and what gorgeous gifts!!! Love Miss Nobody, SS and Alison did a magnificient job on her. All the outfits are perfect on her and love Steve’s dress with the grey socks and grey shoes. They all look great though. The VS dress from Chris Taylor is beautiful too. My fav shoes with the green VS dress are the ones in pic 15, they are beautiful. And, needless to say my favourite outfit is the baby DD outfit. As a collector of babies and toddlers only I love the the gorgeous little face on this baby and the outfit is just adorable on him. I don’t normally go for the darker colours on babies but this is just beautiful I love, love, love it. Your cards and other gifts are wonderful and I hope you enjoyed your day very much. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday again and many many more,
    Susan xxx

    • Yes thanks, I did have a really lovely birthday with family and friends dropping by and loads of wonderful cards and gifts. Would have loved to have shown them all but am still meant to be keeping off close work as much as poss.
      I think that, this little baby looks quite contented and somewhat cherubic with his round face, sweet look and plump cheeks and looks perfect in his SS’s gift of the Dollydoodle’s outfit.

      Many, many thanks again for you delightful VS outfit. (My thank you card is on it’s way….another case of ‘better late than never!’) I’m only sorry though that the pale green bar shoes with your beautiful dress didn’t show up in their true colour (which incidently perfectly matched the green of the collar and piping) although, like you, I think that I slightly preferred the JJ sandals with it, especially for the more casual occasions.
      I was quite excited by the choice of the shoes and socks with these beautiful dresses.
      Many thanks for posting this lovely long comment and again for the variety of accompanying chocolates.

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