The Wearing of THE GREEN



Wishing all the  Sasha Collectors, especially my wonderful Irish friend, Susah Bulger Pomeray, a very happy St. Patrick’s Day. St Patrick, as most of you will know, is the Patron Saint of Ireland and according to legend he used the three-leaved Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.


It is a recognised Church Feast Day and so the Lentern Restrictons are lifted to allow celebrations and festivities to happen throughout the world to honour this Saint.

At present this is a photo only post although if time allows during the day I will try to add descriptions of the outfits (though not the dolls as I’m guessing that they must be well known to you by now!)

Winning entry of Ted’s Pinafore challenge and which he later very kindly gave to me.

Down at the bungalow 063

Down at the bungalow 061

Easter 055

Easter 061

Easter 063

St Patrick's Day 2015 Pic 7

Thursday morning 047

Out in the garden 016

Out in the garden 022

A real little Irish lass with her red hair.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 010

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 009


More Sashas outdoors 025

More Sashas outdoors 021


Broad Shorts 075

Sunday and outside 083

Sunday and outside 085

Final Summer Dresses 043

Final Summer Dresses 041


In the Shrubbery 053

Hello Auntie SS. Hope that you spotted me here wearing the green!

VS Coats 074

VS Coats 075

Christmas gift outfits 108

Christmas gift outfits 078

Christmas gift outfits 079


Christmas gift outfits 073

Christmas 2013 gifts 042

CnS Outfits 021

CnS Outfits 027

Winter clothing 1 013


Another perfect looking little Irish lass!






Snowdrops 017


In the Shrubbery 053





More photos 044

Spring changes 044

Back behind the camera again 041


Thanks for popping by and I’ll hopefully see you back here on 5th April, Easter Sunday, being the first Sunday of the month. Meanwhile I’m on a mission to delete at least 50 photos each day from  My Pictures folders!


30 thoughts on “The Wearing of THE GREEN

  1. Oh wow, Kendal you have been busy, lol, two blogs in a matter of days. A very happy St Patrick’s day to you to!
    Beautiful pictures as always and some fabulous outfits and models too.
    Thank you for posting again, I know how time consuming these post can be. Xxxxx

  2. Trust you to think of this, Kendal. You just finished with a huge post! But as a halfway Irishwoman, I thank you so much. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!



    • Oh! A very happy St Patricks Day to you too. My daughter is half Irish having an Irish father and me, an English mother!
      Enjoy your special day hopefully with a little Sasha Doll play with re-dressing them in green!

  3. Happy St Patricks Day Kendal, I hope you’re having a good one. It was lovely to see all your girls and boys wearing their various shades of green.
    St Patricks Day for me brings back many memories of my dear Dad who was from Cork City, who, along with his parents and three older brothers, went to live in the UK in 1951 when he was 17 years old. We always celebrated St Patricks Day and it would be a night when we’d go out for the evening to the local Catholic Social Club even if it was a school night!!!! They’d have an Irish band playing and my parents and their friends would celebrate by eating ‘cruibbins’ or pigs trotters….my mum would be boiling them up all afternoon to then wrap in foil and take out with us ….. I thought they were disgusting looking things, but the men loved them. After they’d eaten every door knob would be all slimey and greasy as they’d gone off to the mens room to wash their hands!!!! Yuck! I also remember every year we’d get a letter from Ireland just a week before, and it’d contain our new St Patricks Day badges….we always wore them, with their green, white and gold ribbons and usually embellished with a golden harp! Ahh those were the days! I still have a special brooch but I keep it safely in my jewellery box….one day I’ll have to bring it out and wear it on this day.
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx

    • How interesting. I learn so much from the comments on my blog.
      My first ex husband now lives in Wicklow although his family was originally from Dublin.
      At Loreto College, my boarding school in Llandudno most of the nuns and many of the girls wore bunches of Shammork on this day. I was always quite envious of this tradition.
      Enjoy your day with all these family memories.

  4. My mother used to send us to school with a green carnation pinned to our uniforms, just for Saint Patrick’s Day, boys included!
    Totally unrelated question – I know very little about the toddler Sashas. Are they baby Sashas, only with different legs? Is this the only difference? Your darling little Bea somehow looks quite different to my brunette baby.

    • I hadn’t ever heard of green carnations being worn. How lovely to be so unique. I’m all for anything ‘different!’
      The very few Trendon prototype toodlers and 1990s Gotz toddlers are indeed babies with straight legs added BUT the reason why Bea looks like she does is because she has been customised by Raven from the US into a little Asian girl (although sadly she only customises the BJDs) The Gotz toddlers who were originally bought for approx £63 when they first came onto the market now fetch over £400. Personally I’ve only kept just the one as IMO their small curved arms are out of proprtion to their toddler bodies and because the used the baby torsos most of bthem have trouble with standing unsuported.

  5. Happy St.Patrick!
    Great post as ever, green is a nice theme.
    I enjoy all of them, especially 11, 22 and 29.

    You must be very orderly, I’m sure – so much dolls’n clothes. I’m sure you got a perfect system for neatly arranged storing!

    • I too like the colour of green on my sasha Dolls but there are a couple of people that I know that don’t.
      No11 is Sally, my 1960s slate eyed red head is a real cheeky little tot, into everything.
      Ripllee, no 22 is a Shelly customised girl whilst no 29 is a 1967 Frido Dungaree who Denise likes the best of all my NPs.

      I’m not particularly orderly with their clothing although all are basically contained within three very large cardboard boxes that stack with a fourth in my bedroom.

  6. My goodness K! I wasn’t expecting another super post from you just yet…which includes another fix of ‘my’ girl Lippy 🙂
    Happy St Patrick’s day to everyone whether they celebrate or not. My poor mother actually went into labour on this day many years ago, so it should have been my birthday really…but I had to be awkward and kept her waiting an extra few days 🙂

    • I wasn’t expecting to do one either….but it just somehow happened. Mind you I am taking a little rest now until Easter Sunday whilst I tackle deleting this HUGE overload of photos stored here in my laptop before it collapses under the enormous weight of ‘not worth keeping’ pictures.
      It’s my late mother’s birthday anniversary tomorrow and she went into hospital on that date to have my middle brother who was born at 12.15 am…. so just missing having the same birthdate by 15 minutes!
      (PS. Won’t dare mention about anything about someone we all know being awkard!)

      • Will wish my middle brother ‘a happy birthday’ from you and I’m sure that he will want to return the good wishes .
        Have duly informed ‘our’ Miss Lippy and she is thrilled to know this and hopefully has the situation under control.

    • I shouldn’t put it off too long though as you’ll need to be a millionaire to buy one!
      My favourite of the toddlers is Esther (which it seems that Bea is!) and then the paler skinned Iona and Ollie if that helps you.

  7. Happy St. Partick’s Day Kendal! Green is the color! Loved seeing your kids wearing green, and in every shade too. The green shamrocks were a nice touch. 🙂
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Good luck on your mission.

    • Thanks Anne. Green is such a soft and pretty colour with unlimited shades and looks great on our dolls.
      I decided to add the Shamrock images later on as I hadn’t the time this morning.
      Have just deleted nearly another hundred photos again today so hope that I can keep this up on a daily basis!

  8. HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY Kendal. What a wonderful and unexpected extra Post you have done. I love the colour green and seeing all your wonderful Sasha’s and Gregors in their green clothing is perfection!
    How Fabulous to have such a wealth of photo’s to call on to put together such a post of varied green outfits.Love Them ! I will be dipping into this bowl of joy over the next few days and weeks to take in all the different clothes and scenes.
    Dee xxx

    • Thanks Denise and a very happy rest of the day to you.
      I was rather late publishing the post today as had several long phone calls this early morinng which delayed things here, so eventually published what I had already done and bthen went back later on to add the St Patrick/Shamrock images….although which most of my email blog followers won’t have seen.

      I hate to admit it but I have millions of photos stored that are really not worth keeping but this year I plan to slowly but surely trawl through them and delete a large portion. The snag is though that when doing posts of past photos over the past ten years or so it takes you so much longer trying tomfind them all than it would doing a themed post from scratch.

  9. Dear Kendal,
    Wishing you too a very Happy St. Patricks Day xxx many thanks for the special mention and the wonderful post of your gorgeous kids in their beautiful outfits. So many shades of green, amazing and so apt for today. I have thoroughly enjoyed this post with all the shamrocks too. I never tire of your posts and look forward to them with anticipation. My James turned 15 today so a double celebration for us. He was due today and arrived bang on time all those years ago which only seem like yesterday!!! How time flies.
    La le Fheile Padraig, to you and all our Sasha friends all over the world,
    Susan xxxx

    • So pleased that you enjoyed the post and on your youngest son’s 15th birthday, so an extra special day. 15! Yes our years are flying by far too quickly. I could hardly believe that my daughter was 50 last year and will soon be 51 in a couple of months. Did my time always go by so or am I only noticing it now?
      t this rate it will soon be time for the 2015 CnS!

  10. Kendal, It’s been quite some time since I have written to you, but want you to know that I look at your blog site each and every Sunday morning hoping to find a new post from you. What lovely gifts you give all of us who love Sashas and Gregors. Here it is several days after the 17th, and I am enjoying for the first time this Sunday morning your special Saint Patrick’s Day picture-every shade of green just as in Ireland. In the ’90s and early years of the 2000’s I spent a great deal of time in Ireland as my husband was teaching at University College Cork. I have some wonderful Cork friends and fond memories of time there. As for the dolls, I continue to enjoy them each day and am grateful for them. In addition to English vinyl Sashas and Gregors, I have several studio dolls. They remind me of some of my childhood dolls so I am delighted to have them.
    Best wishes and many thanks to you, Betsy in the US

    • I’m afraid that my regular Sunday blogposts have become to be ‘a bit thin on the ground’ of late due to not such good health. I’m sorry to disappoint you and my followers but do try my best to keep them coming ‘as and when.’

      My husband’s family, the Donnellys, were from Dublin so I have visited ‘The Emerald Isle’ on many an occasion. He retired out there some years ago and now lives in Co. Wicklow which isn’t too far from Cork..

      It’s great how our Sasha Dolls (and their super friendly owners) bring us so much pleasure and enjoyment.
      The Studio Dolls are so very special too and it’s wonderful to know that they were painted by Sasha herself. I only have two of the Sasha ‘C’ bodied girls and one soft bobied baby left here now as I find that I didn’t play or redress and take them ‘out and about’ with me as much as I would have liked due to their size and ‘precious-ness.’
      Lovely to hear from you and will hopefully see you next on Easter Sunday….that is IF I can gear myself into some Sasha action!

  11. Lovely to see your St Patricks Day Green wearing brood, who all look ever so smart and stylish as usual. Our rough Collie was born on St Patricks Day, so it is always a reminder of our poor sweet boy who we lost nearly two years ago now – my how time flies.

    • At first I couldn’t think of how my Brood could celebrate this special saint’s feast day and then this idea suddenly came to me.
      Yes, I too remember that very sad time two years ago when your rough collie (Shadow?) had to say goodbye to you and the world but we never forget them and their companionship, trust and loyalty.

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