‘The North Wind Doth Blow……’

The North Wind doth blow and we shall have snow
And what will Sasha do then, poor girl
She’ll put on her coat to keep herself warm
And cover her hair with her beret,  smart girl.

(This is a slightly ‘Sasha-adapted’ version…..though not as good as I would have liked!…. of an old English nursery rhyme about our little red-breasted bird, the Robin.)

Below is the very SECOND coat that Sarah Williams of Vintage-Sasha ever made. (Steve was given the first!)

It is made from a lightweight tweed wool in an attractive hot pink colour copying the fitted and flared skirted style from the ‘olden days when I was young’ and wore similar coats. It is seen here on my early 1960s slate eyed Gotz Bettina mohair re-root….. as I like how the coats colour exactly matches her lips.
Warm off-white tights and JJ sandals complete the outfit.

Winter Coats and Jackets 153

Winter Coats and Jackets 152

Another of my favourite slate eyed girls is seen below wearing a V-S jacket, beret and trouser set in brown, although it looks slightly more green here in the photo, teamed with Boneka brown shoes given to me by Dorisanne. A perfect smart but casual outfit .

Winter clothing 1 043

Winter clothing 1 042

My 1969 blonde/blue eyed Gotz No-navel lass is sporting a V-S patterned green/blue  hooded cord coat along with Ruthsdoll’s green leather lace-ups and blue commercially made ankle socks. A sensible loose-fitting but warm coat for outdoor walks with her Fox Terrier.

Winter Clothing 2 188

Winter Clothing 2 195

A petite 1969/70 Frido brunette Gingham girl is the perfect candidate for this very pretty V-S pale pink/off-white Herringbone tweed raglan sleeved coat and beret. Pale pink commercially made bar shoes and off-white socks enhance this outfit beautifully.

Winter Clothing 2 187

Winter Clothing 2 186

Belle, a customised 1970s Trendon Gregor by Shelly looks very ‘Mabel-Lucy-Attwell’ like in this very attractive rust/beige Gingham material coat (that also comes with a matching headband.) Notice that the sleeves are of the ‘set-in’ style. I have added commercially made beige socks and burgandy bar shoes.

Christmas gift outfits 055

Christmas gift outfits 053

My second wide faced 1969/70 Frido/Trendon brunette Gingham tot wearing a V-S green/brown Herringbone tweed short hooded jacket worn over brown trousers. Her brown eyes have been slightly enhanced by Shelly as they had started to oxidise to green.

Winter Changes 064

Winter Changes 066

Winter Changes 067

My pretty 1960s pale skinned slate eyed Gotz girl suits this V-S rusty-brown tweed coat and beret worn with Doll Secret’s dark brown tights and Ruthsdoll’s laced-up shoes. Sarah has designed this with a raglan sleeved pattern to allow for a dress to be worn underneath.

Winter Clothing 2 210

Winter Clothing 2 209

Last but not least is Sophie, my 1960s Gotz slate eyed waif in a light grey/green cord with a pale blue pattern, hooded casual coat worn with pale green suede fur lined laced boots, a gift a few years ago from Susan Bulger Pomeroy.

Winter Coats and Jackets 161

Winter Coats and Jackets 159

Winter Coats and Jackets 163

A little extra to end with. Chon’s very first pure wool Kamella coat with the machine stitched velvet collar that she wore around the age of one+. (I’ve yet to finally decide if I use this to have Sarah make up my Sashas a coat but it does seem rather a waste of still a good wearable, although now, somewhat old-fashioned coat…..but a lovely momento.)

Chon's fist Kamella Coat 001

Her second Kamella coat in cream which she had around the age of two years with cream Viyella tights and Startright’s soft leather dusky pink pram shoes. (When she grew out of this she wore my sister’s and youngest brother’s handed down beige/fawn one.)


I did try to find the one of me wearing one of these coats at around the age of six years…. but no luck.

Hope that you enjoyed seeing these beautiful coats from the House of Vintage-Sasha. In my next post I’ll be showing you The Broods other non-Vintage-Sasha coats and jackets  Until then thanks for dropping by, keep well and enjoy your Sasha Dolls.


34 thoughts on “‘The North Wind Doth Blow……’

  1. Lovely array of coats and girls, I especially love the girls in photos 7 and 11 just beautiful.
    The coat of your daughters will make a beautiful Sasha coat, the colour is gorgeous!

    • I too love the wide-faced 1969/70 brunette Ginham girls. There’s nothing like a V-S coat is there. Sarah’s own designed fit and choice of materials are second to none.
      I had kept Chon’s very first ‘best’ coat for any grandchildren but alas there isn’t going to be any so guessing that the next best thing would be for a Sasha to have it cut down to size for her.

  2. I love Sarah’s coats and jacket sets. You have a lovely collection of them Kendal. That bright pink at the start would warm up anyone just seeing it!
    Of course I particularly love your No navel girl in her floral print one and not just because she’s a nn, the photo is beautifully set as is the young brunette in the pale pink tweed below. I remember the last VS coat well as it was the first one I ever saw and bid on! 🙂
    Love seeing Chon showing off the real child’s version of these coats plus the photo of the blue coat always loved seeing little girls and boys in what I call ‘proper’ coats.

    Many thanks for another delightful Sunday post, I am off now to have another look with my cup of tea.
    Dee xxx

    • Sarah’s coats and jackets are indeed the very BEST! I have been collecting them over a fair number of years now from eBay in the very beginning although these days I’m usually f’irst man too late’ on most of her listings on her blogspot.
      I agree that, that No-navel certainly suits that coat and I am particularly fond of that photoshoot place down at my late mother’s bungalow. Haven’t been using it as much over the last year with now letting my youngest brother and one of his four daughters live there. It is five kilometres away from here so it’s quite an effort to get ready to go etc so usually try to plan a session when I’m passing that area on my hospital check-up/dental visits.
      Not the best photo of Chon with her screwing up her face against the sun but it is the only one that I seem to have of her in a ‘best’ coat.

  3. Thank you for another lovely post Kendal, as I sit here on the sofa all snuggly warm with three Chihuahuas squashed inside my dressing gown and another two dogs down the side of me….it’s a wonder I can actually type as my hands are pushed so far away from me!! Anyway, I digress! I love all these super coat sets made by Vintage Sasha. They are just perfect. I also like the shorter styles with the trousers to match, very like something I would want to wear myself 🙂
    I have to tell you that children here in Spain are still wearing these very styles of coats, often with velvet collars and pocket edges as well as a small half belt at the back. They are generally worn with thick woollen tights and leather strap shoes! Both boys and girls with be seen wearing these outfits, even the boys wear the tights and strap shoes although sometimes they will wear laceup leather shoes instead. I thought you might find these links interesting to have a look at:
    One day I will do a blog post about all the Spanish kids outfits that I’ve taken photos of over here!
    Anyway, going back to your lovely photos, I particularly love your two brunette wider faced girls, as you already know….and your Gotz ‘waif’ who looks perfect to me 🙂
    And great to see Chon wearing her coat, as well as the pale blue one shown on it’s own! Another great post to start the day 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon x

    • Thanks for the links to the Spanish kid’s coats. I really enjoyed seeing them.
      I too wore several of the fitted coats with the machined velvet collars and pocket flaps but I think that I only bought Chon the double breasted ones at that time. By then the waterproof anoraks etc were coming into fashion so she went onto having those instead since she was an ‘outdoor-loving’ little girl.
      Yes, I too love those wide-faced so young looking brunette girls. Don’t think that I could ever part with them.
      Unfortunately the Gotz waif Sophie, has now split vinyl in her neck and one arm but adore her little face plus I think that she looks very much like I did at that age.

      • I thought you might enjoy those links Kendal! I might try to get more photos of real children wearing the outfits when it’s Semana Santa (Holy Week) here, the kids all seem to be turned out in the very best outfits then 🙂
        I’m sorry to hear about Sophie, can she be repaired?
        Hugs Sharon xx

      • Oh, I certainly did!
        Yes. I’m sure that Sophie can be repaired a little bit when I get myself organised and can bare to part with her for a while. If not I could see if I can find a suitable torso replacement.

  4. loved the pics of chon and her coats ….I had forgotten how many of my coats you actually have , it was nice to see the one with the pockets as id forgotten id even made it ! 🙂 i may have to make more like that in the autumn, trouble is , i make the patterns but dont write on them what they are , i also keep ones that didnt work at all, so it gets a bit confusing with piles of blank graph paper pattern pieces that ive no idea will work or not …i think i need to go through them all and write on them ! xxx

    • Sounds like a GOOD plan! WE all ADORE your coats and can never have too many. Actually seeing mine here today has made me want many more! So you’d best get cracking and sort out those patterns.
      In fact Dee has just emailed me to say that has been inspired too to go out this afternoon and take photos of her V-S coats and blog post them later today. Should be very interesting as she has quite a few that are different to mine here.
      Definitely a V-S Coat day then!

  5. What a wonderful post Kendal! I love each and every coat and it is so nice to see them on your gorgeous girls against the pretty scenery. I especially love the corduroy coats with the pretty patterns and handy hoods. Your no navel and Sophie look just beautiful! 🙂

    Chon’s photo is delightful to see and her blue childhood coat is a gorgeous color! I can see Sarah working her magic and transforming a stunning blue coat for your Sasha brood. She is so talented and that coat is certain to be so very special. A great idea! ❤

    Your Belle looks fabulous in her red coat with the collar standing up keeping the winds at bay and holding her watering can to give drink to the early Spring growth. She looks very determined! I so enjoyed this post which could only be improved with the addition of that elusive photo of you at age six. But maybe you will run across it and will share in the future.

    Thank you for the beautiful images and the warm wishes! 🙂 xxx

    • We all ADORE Sarah’s Sasha coats and I’m sure that seeing a few of them listed together in all shapes, fabrics and styles will only make us want more.
      I seem to have a varied selection gathered over many years as and when I managed to spot any that weren’t already sale-pending.
      I’m hoping that Sarah takes the hint and starts to make many, many more.
      I’m not sure that Chon is going to be very pleased when she sees this photo but perhaps she’ll miss it as she’s very busy doing the Sussex Polo Club’s end of year book.
      A V-S coat made from Chon’s first coat would look lovely on a Frido/Trendon early blue eyed blonde girl if I can pluck up the courage to ever part with it.

  6. Awesome post…with such a myriad of textures and colors in coats..I love your gorgeous Sashas…especially you no navel and wide face Trenton …I think I would feel elated if I ever arrived on the Vintage Sasha site in time to buYou anything that was not already sold…much less to get an adorable coat set for my Sasha NY Darya…Always enjoy your posts and beautifully set photos…Dreaming, Nikita

    • I agree that you always have to be quick off the mark to win any of Sarah’s listings especially her very popular Winter coats. Quite a few of these shown were gifts from Sarah herself or via requests from my Sasha friends for my Xmas/birthday gifts but as these have had to stop this year I’ll just have to be more alert myself in the future!
      I always think that the wider-faced dolls have such a sweet and younger look to them. I love the Gotz doll’s expressions !

  7. Great post Kendal. Nice to see a couple of my favourite girls ( of yours) modelling today, the first two, lol. Love Sarah’s coats, although I don’t think I have as many as you, lol.
    Love the picture of Chon as a toddler and I do think it would be a lovely idea to have a Sasha coat made from Chons coat xxxxx

    • I’m pretty sure that YOU do have as many if not more than I have! I’ve tended to hang back on Sarah’s CnS sales tables to let others have a chance and always seem to be late arriving to her blogspot listings but having seen these gathered together will deinitely be making much more of an effort to buy a few more this year.
      I’m sure that Chon won’t be liking that photo. Might even be in trouble especially it being Mothering Sunday next weekend!

  8. Hi Kendal a lovely post. I too love Sarah’s coats, but i have a very long way to go before i catch up with you. The photo of Chon is lovely. If you don’t want to cut uo the little coat, why don’t you see if Sarah can make you one in the same Style and colour xx

    • I think we can all truthfully say that WE ALL love Sarah’s coats! I seem to have quite a few of these coats but you must remember that I have been receiving and collecting them for many more years than you have…… plus luckily you are well able to sew your own attractive creations.
      Good idea about asking to have a relica of Chon’s first coat made instead…..but we’ll give the situation a little more thought before making the final decision.

  9. Wonderful collection of VS coats. Belle was obviously feeling the cold as she hooked her collar up to keep her neck warm. I particularly like the very earliest coat in the collection – it is such a lovely colour and cut.
    I have a wool coat given to my younger daughter which she wore about twice then I stupidly put in the washing machine! Big mistake as it shrunk a bit and never looked right with its lining hanging loose after that, however needless to say it has joined my fabric stash and I plan to make a Sasha coat from it. Chon looks very cute in her coat.

    • I had decided to turn Belle’s collar up as she hadn’t a beret or hood with her coat, only a matching headband and I daren’t put that on her wig incase I messed up it up even more than it is getting now with years of use.
      Oh what a shame about your younger daughter’s coat! Yes, wool in those days did shrink and then naturally the lining would hang below….not a pretty sight. I used to always have Chon’s dry cleaned. I think that making a Sasha sized coat from it is a lovely idea. Hope that I can bring myself to do it too!

  10. 2, 5, 8, 11, 16 are my favs, Kendal.
    I so much enjoyed the matchings. How delicate, if the lips do have the same colour as the coat, or the hair fits within a pattern!
    Or if the type/charakter of a doll seems to match the basic colour of the outfit.

    That lovely little coat of your daughter is ‘voll retro’, how some germans would say 🙂
    I would dress it on my grandchilds today in combination with modern beanies.

    xxx Thanks for showing!

    • I always love it when people tell me their favourites, both with the doll. or item or photo. I just have immediately to go back and check them out!
      I too love the two cord more casual patterned coats. This style with it’s generous hood hangs and fits so perfectly and feels so beautifully soft.
      I do so enjoy sorting out the dolls to wear certain outfits and as you say there are pointers that help, eg. colour/lenght of hair and eye colour, height and character all go into the choice.
      Love the idea of the coat worn with the modern beanie hat. (Unfortunately there weren’t any of those around in Chon’s day or else I too might have been tempted!)

  11. Just beautiful photos Kendal!  Loved everything!  The dolls, their fabulous coat ensembles, the props and the gorgeous “natural” background.Chon’s coat is totally precious.  Adorable, adorable photo of you. What a cute little girl you were.  Thank you for sharing it.An awesome blog post today.Hugs, -Anne

    • Thanks Anne. Super to have you back on track. pleased that you enjoyed seeing Sarah’s brilliant coats on my girls.
      I rather think that you misunderstood about the photo of Chon in the cream coat though… as it was her and not the one of me as I couldn’t find that one in the end. Being born in the middle of WWII there are only a couple photos of me around.

  12. ???…seems a few comments have been deleted…I suppose only special friend are allowed to post comments…was not aware that this was exclusive. ..I have however enjoyed seeing all of the awesome Sasha Doll posts…

    • I’m not aware that any of the comments yesterday or today have been deleted as they come straight into the blog post and then I try to reply to them as soon as I can. Could it not have arrived here and still be circulating in cyberspace?
      I’ve always left every comment in (be it good, bad! or indifferent) as I know that my followers like to read them and I’m always very interested in what other Sasha Collectors have to say whether it’s complimetary or not.
      Hoping that you’ll still continue to visit as I always appreciate what you have to say.

  13. Lovely post Kendal! Really lovely…the greenery makes a perfect foil for the girls. The coats look like they have just been pressed ready for a Sunday morning walk. I can almost feel the spring breeze on my face. The addition of the props seem to change the photo so much. Every time I decide which one I like the best I look again & then change my mind. Just love Chon’s coat. My daughter’s was pink. Brought back so many memories. Many thanks…Carol

    • Sarah’s coats are always made to perfecrtion including the final pressing of them etc.
      I love that background too. Greenery is always such a treat to use as a backdrop with our Sasha Dolls.
      So far our Spring breeze has been rather on the cold side but hopefully it won’t be long now before it starts to warm up.
      Those Kamella children’s coats were just fabulous. Your pink one sounds freally pretty. (I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a pink one.)

    • It does seem rather a waste to cut it up…. although it is probably already being wasted having been hanging in one of my wardrobes for the last 50 years…. as it definitely seems that I’m not having any grandchildren as such and today’s modern children might think it far too old fashioned.

  14. Gosh I don’t think anyone could compete with the Brood’s stylish coat wardrobe! Just what is needed for the chilly leading up to Spring weather. So lovely to see Chon’s beautiful coat! I don’t think I could cut it up! Although of course it would perhaps be more likely to be used and seen if it was turned into a fabulous Sasha (or Studio) doll coat.

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