‘Button up your overcoat’

‘Button up your overcoat
When the wind is free
Take good care of yourself
You belong to me.’

These lyrics, as many of you already know, are taken from one of Frank Sinatra’s famous old songs and which I thought applied themselves perfectly to this post  depicting some of my Sasha Dolls in their Vintage-Sasha coats.

My 1966 Frido brunette Developmental girl wearing a peach-rust trimmed with black  wool coat and matching beret teamed with comercially manufacture black bar shoes and Sasha Doll Ltd original Kiltie tights.


VS Coats 024


VS Coats 018


VS Coats 023


VS Coats 022

Secondly is my 1971 Trendon Gingham waif with trimmed hair that I purchased from the CnS in 2013, wearing an unusual black and grey patterned coat trimmed with a black velvet collar and worn with a matching black velvet beret. Black commercially made shoes and three -quarter socks complete this outfit.


VS Coats 049


VS Coats 043


VS Coats 042


VS Coats 048

Thirdly is Miss Lippy, a 1967 Frido Dungaree NP waif, in a green tweed wool coat and beret trimmed with black. She has the choice of two styles of shoes and socks. Firstly are some Ruthsdoll’s machine knitted green/beige stripped socks and green lace-up shoes.


VS Coats 065


VS Coats 076

The alternative choice are these commercially made black bar shoes and three-quarter length socks but personally I prefer the green shoes and stripped socks choice..


VS Coats 074


VS Coats 082


VS Coats 078

(Extra photos of Miss Lippy are especially for Simply-Sasha if she’s visiting us today.)


VS Coats 083

PS. We here have celebrated Shrove Tuesday since I last posted when my sister very kindly came over and made me six large scrumptious pancakes topped with freshly squeezed lemons and caster sugar and which I greedily ate one after the other and when I remembered and mentioned at the end that my late mother used to also make rabbit/cat/dog shaped ones too she very kindly made this tiny little dog one for my Sasha/Gregor kids….. as that was all the pancake mixture left in the bowl.


VS Coats 012


VS Coats 009

Thank you for dropping by here today. Please note that I ‘buttoned up my overcoat’ against the cold biting wind and ventured out to my favourite photoshoot. Parts 2 and 3 of their Winter coats will follow in the near future, so until then we wish you all a good Sasha filled week ahead.


27 thoughts on “‘Button up your overcoat’

  1. What a lovely post of your girls in their winter coats, ready to keep them snug and warm against those chilly winds we are having at the moment. Interesting to see each Sasha in the different coat colours.
    I like them all but the patterned one is unique and goes so well with it’s black velvet beret. Miss Lippy is looking very fine in her green tweed with choice of shoes and socks. I liked the green ones with the striped socks.
    Well many thanks for another Sunday stroll through the Sasha Brood, always a gorgeous feast for the eyes.
    Dee xx
    Ps Love the little dog pancake! We never got round to having any this year! My eldest daughter Lauren was born on pancake day, didn’t get any then due to being in hospital!!!

    • Thanks Denise although we won’t mention the one/two that got away before me!!!
      I too like the green/stripped socks combination the best but it’s always good to try the alternative out so that you can see the choices all the better.
      I LOVED my pancakes as I missed out on them last year so we are having them again next week to make up for it. Belated birthday wishes to Lauren. How often does her birthday actually get to fall on Shrove Tuesday with that being a variable date?
      Hope that you noticed that I’m following your’s and SS’s examples and making an effort these days with the choice of titles?

  2. Hi Kendal, thank you very much for another lovely post, showing us some of your beautiful girls in their pretty Vintage Sasha coats. They do look snuggly and warm for their cold Sunday morning in the UK. I too prefer Miss Lippy in the green Ruthsdoll’s socks and laceup shoes. I really like Ruthsdoll’s laceups, I think they look great on both boys and girls, I really must invest in some more this year 🙂
    Of the coats in this post, it has been hard to pick my favourite but maybe the black and grey patterned one just has the edge 🙂 That could also be because I particularly like the little waif wearing it, she is a real sweetie.
    And what can I say about the pancake!!! Two of my favourite things, food and dogs, can’t be bad!!! 😉
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    • My pleasure as I love dressing and photographing my Sasha Dolls even though the weather was very cold at the time as the sun had gone in by the time I had got there so had to keep getting back into the car for a quick warm up.
      I to prefer the Ruthsdoll’s shoes and socks with the green tweed coat but thought that it was worth a try with the all back just in case they brought out the black coat and hat trim better.
      The black and grey coat had already got ‘sale pending’ on it along with the bottom two when I arrived at the site but then later on it became available again so snapped that up as well..
      I adore Pancakes but only with the lemon and sugar dressing and wonder why I don’t do them more often. The Brood were thrilled with theirs too!

  3. Hello Kendal, a lovely post today. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful dolls in Sarah’s wonderful coats and hats. She is so amazingly talented and I always enjoy seeing her creations!

    Miss Lippy looks extra nice in those green boots and I hope Ronnie sees her photos. Thank you for sharing and also sending the lovely well wishes for the upcoming week! 🙂 xxx

    • I just adore vintage-sasha’s coats and have been really good at and since the 2014 CnS and let others buy them so was thrilled to finally get my chance of scooping up a few. One WAS meant to be a raffle gift but then I couldn’t bare to let it go. (So often the story of my life!)
      I think that Miss Lippy will be very disappointed if SS doesn’t drop by as it was very cold out there especially as she had to do a double-take too.

  4. all look lovely but I think your bobbed girl really suits that coat and beret …I have trouble making round pancakes , let alone a dog shaped one ! xxxxx

    • I do have two rather pretty wide faced waif brunette girls who I thought about wearing this coat BUT I do much prefer the girls with short bobbed hair to wear your super berets.
      I have read that you can now buy a device filled with pancake mixture for outlining your pancake shapes (a bit like an icing piper) and then you fill them in although my late mother had plenty of practice over the years with our various aminal demands.

  5. WOW! I have 101 things to do today and shouldn’t even be on the computer but there she is my favourite of all the Sasha girls in the world…Miss Lippy!! Who is looking splendid in her new coat and striped socks 🙂 I must mention the other gorgeous girls including a certain little waif whom I now very well 🙂
    Beautiful K!! Absolutely beautiful!
    Huge thanks for my Lippy fix!!

    • Oh, I know that feeling far too well but the laptop always seems to win in the end!
      Hadn’t realised that my bobbed haired lass was originally yours before Steve bought her, although you may have mentioned it before and I’ve forgotten in the meantime….. as after so many years on this earth ‘the memory box ‘is full to busting’ and now over flowing constantly.

  6. Ooooh gorgeous outfits Kendall and I’m sure some women would give their right arms for grown up versions of these outfits? Beautifully tailored and enviable fabric quality.

    Hmmmmmm, on Mr. Sinatra, the only song that I always loved was ‘Summer Wind’, which for some unfathomable reason makes me feel extremely relaxed. I don’t, though, think it appropriate as a subject for quoting in one of your Sasha themes.

    HOWEVER, The Association’s ‘Windy’
    ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsY8l0Jg3lY ) is a superb candidate for one of your fab postings. ‘Who’s peakin’ out from under a stairway, callin’ a name that’s lighter than air’. So we have one of the Sasha’s checking to see if any of her friends are around….or if Fritz is lurking 🙂

    He isn’t and so loads of Sasha’s all link arms and start marching down Abbey Road and head off for the great Orme (You see, I am arranging a nice day out for you 🙂 !). This would fit in with: ‘Who’s trippin’ down the streets of the city, smilin’ at everybody she sees’

    But then Fritz appears…..with an impish glint in his eyes (as in can you lend me a pound/dollar?)……Sasha girls retaliate: ‘And Windy has stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies’. Poor Fritz……he only wanted to buy a new snake belt (English kind of belt and not made from animal skin) to go with his new home-made trousers!

    Role on summer with warm swims in the South of France.

    Take care!!!!

    Lawrence :):):)

    • This was a super surprise today for me as haven’t heard from you for quite a while.
      Many thanks for all the ideas for titles for my future posts. I have been trying to make the titles a little more appealing as they had become a little mundane of late with feeling ‘under the weather’ for so long what with one thing or another. Perhaps you like to nominate yourself for the assistant editor’s position. Could well do with some new blood and ideas entering here after all these years of hosting a blogspot.!

      Didn’t make it to Llandudno again last year but was told in one of my Christmas cards from a Loreto friend that the tennis courts are now swish new apartments.and my sister mentioned that the White Rabbit Statue has been moved from the West Shore site to somewhere into the town.

      I’m rather envious of your last sentence with your work in France! Enjoy though!

      • Ahhh Kendal, sorry. I always read all your postings, but there are occasions when I can’t really make a useful contribution…..and work pressures are always lurking. Sorry to read that you didn’t manage a trip back to Abbey Road. Lucky me managed to climb the Orme 3 weeks after a hip replacement on a very warm July day (with the help of two sticks):)

        Oh dear, I sensed it was only a matter of time before the Loreto tennis courts vanished and just hope they managed to salvage the gate with the Loreto sign. I’ll keep an eye out for the White Rabbit on my next visit.

        Great pics – love grey so much and perfect colour for a winter coat + appropriate hat 🙂

        Kind regards,

        P.S What’s young Fritz up to these days?

      • Hadn’t thought about salvaging those wrought iron ‘Loreto’ gates. That would have been a fab. reminder of my boarding school days if I could have purchased and then used them here as garden gates. I remember in my last two years there as Games Captain that I had charge of the keys too…..although I naturally handed them back upon leaving.
        Wow! What an achievement on climbing the Great Orme last July so soon after your recent hip replacement.
        Mentioning this reminded me of the annual Summer Term event of walking the five miles round the Great Orme’s base and which also involved a lot of helping/carrying the younger boarder’s to make the grade too.
        Thanks for the look out of the White Rabbit Alice-in-Wonderland statue in the town if you get over there before me this Summer….though not sure that the West Shore will look the same without this lamous landmark!

    • I think that I can safely say that WE ALL OVE Sarah’s coats and can never get enough of them but we have to think of her and give her a rest from making them now and then (but if it was at all possible I’d have her making them non-stop!)
      Well I guessed that the green one wouldn’t be top favourite, you not caring as much for the ‘greens!’…..but I love that colour in any ‘shape, form or description!’ It’s so restful and relaxing to the eye.
      I think that my brunette Developmental girl knows by now that she is one of your favouites of my girls.
      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  7. Hi Kendal
    Great post and love seeing the girls in their Sarah outfits, hope its not too windy where you are today xxx

  8. Love them all! The first girl looks quite posh to me wearing that particular color of peachy-rust.
    Awwwwe, what a sweet little pancake. 🙂
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I must admit that I hadn’t heard that version before but it is certainly very catchy and definitely representative of the 1920 period. I like to ltry to earn something new each day so thank you for that.

  9. Many thanks for another beautiful post. Your Sashas are always so well ‘turned out’!
    I love the animal themed pancakes – how inventive of your mother.
    Thanks too for putting a happy song in my head, I’ll be singing it all day 🙂

    • I think that already having the extra accessories like their shoes and socks from collecting the Sasha Dolls for nearly twenty years now definitely helps to put a new outfit or look together more easily.

      My poor mother must have dreaded Pancake Day with all our requests for different shaped pancakes….but how we loved her and them. Nowadays I’m just grateful for the plain circular ones if someone else is standing and slaving away over the hot stove!

      That song stayed singing in my head all day too.

    • I enjoy taking them out and about when the weather is suitable so hopefully we’ll be back on the trail now that Spring is hopefully just around the corner.
      I had originally thought to title the post ‘All Coated-Up’ but then these lyrics popped into my head and which I decided were rather more appropiate.

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