Finally……..Happy New Year

Well Better Late Than Never!

Here are some of my babies, on behalf of the Sasha Brood,  wishing all my blog followers  a very happy, healthy and Sasha fun-filled 2015.

Happy New Year 007

Happy 2015 004

Happy 2015 003

4.Below is an early Trendon baby Nightdress girl that I asked Lisa Hartly to re-root for me on account of her falling hair. She is wearing a Dollydoodle fleece jacket and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 003

Happy New Year 2 005

6.Early Trendon Nightdress boy in a Sashawardrobe fleece and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 013

Happy New Year 2 016

8.A Frido 1969 wide faced quirky eye-browed baby Nightdress who came MIB and is now wearing a pale pink furry Dollydoodle jacket and jersey tights.(She stills smells of new vinyl after all these years.)
Happy New Year 2 006

Happy New Year 2 009

10. An early Trendon minty sexed girl re-rooted in Mohair by Bettina due to falling hair and wearing a cream Dollydoodle oufit.
Happy New Year 2 018

Happy New Year 2 021

12. An early Trendon baby Nightdress now wigged due to falling hair and dressed in a Sashawardrobe fleece and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 029

13.Another Frido 1969 quirky eyebrowed sexed baby ‘Woolly’ boy in a Dollydoodle fleece and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 025

Happy New Year 2 026

15.A Frido 1969 quirky eyebrowed baby Nightdress with beautifully handpainted eyes wearing a Dollydoodle soft pale peach fleece short coat and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 033

Happy New Year 2 034

17.A mid 70sTrendon black baby White Suit in a Dollydoodle soft fleece cream coat and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 043

Happy New Year 2 045

19. Baby Quirky, a Frido 1969 quirky eyebrowed baby Woolly in a Sashawardrobe fleece and Ruthsdoll’s tights.
Happy New Year 2 047

Happy New Year 2 049

Secondly, these were my New Year presents to my daughter,  a personalised card and  a little Champagne plus the usual traditional bowl of Hyaciths (… help bridge the somewhat bareness when the decorations finally have to come down.)
The tugging tennis ball was of course for Bella! She’s a young, strong dog so wondering just how long it will last against my daughter’s good strength!

Xmas 2014 007

I was thrilled with this packaging of the Champagne this year to look like a cracker. (Chon told me that there was even a paper hat included too!)

Xmas 2014 011

I was rather limited in the number of spaces to write in my personal wishes for her.

Xmas 2014 013

Her New Year present were these salt and pepper set in the shape of Champagne corks which I thought were rather fun.

Champagne_Cruet_set_wedding__74359 1405375831 380 380



Many thanks for joining me with my blogging over yet another year, plus extra thanks to those of you who spare the time to write a comment as I do so love to read what you have to say and it certainly encourages and spurs me on no end to play and photograph some more with my dolls.


27 thoughts on “Finally……..Happy New Year

  1. What a wonderful post! I have never been a great Sasha baby lover, but am becoming rather fond of the little devils 🙂 Am very envious of your black baby as I would like to get my hands on one in 2015 (the one I did get recently had falling hair…so she came and went within the space of 24 hours 🙂 :
    Wishing you all the best in Twenty Fifteen and looking forward to your future posts and meeting you in October!!

    • There are some gorgeous little black babies around.. Over the yearsI have had three, two were earlier than this one but I decided to keep her as she has the less tightly curled hair and at one time I used to tie lots of little bows in her tufts of hair but unfortunatly I’m struggling to be able to do this now.

      I’m lookng forward to to meeting you in October…. providing of course my heath behaves itself.

  2. Oh thank you Kendal for a very beautiful Happy New Years post and just perfect with the babies!!! I love how you have dressed the babies and how you have given the falling hair babies new life with rerooting and wigs. The Betina reroot is a particlar favorite of mine. 🙂

    The New Years gifts for Chon are great and I love the champagne cork salt and pepper shakers! Just wonderful and a great way to bring in 2015! Happy New Year!!! ❤

    • I had planned to do this yesterday but unfortunately the time ran out after it had taken me so long to find these tights and fleeces and then redress them all. Still missing a pair of the white tights though….must have used them with somnething else and not put them back in the right place.

      I too liked the Champagne cruet set. I do love things that are different.

  3. What a great and well behaved bunch of babies you have there Kendal! They make me look at my own little Bertie and think “oh dear! poor neglected child!” Having said that, he has been well looked after recently, since my little Himstedt girl discovered him a few weeks back and has been loving him ever since! Maybe he needs a new outfit one of these days, when I get the time and then he won’t feel so unloved 😉
    I like photo number 16, such a pretty little brunette baby girl, and the other baby I particularly like is the curly haired one by Bettina, in photo number 11… I really think she’s sweet, I’d love a curly haired baby like that I think 🙂
    Happy New year to you Kendal, I hope you have a great one 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • I’m sure that little Bertie isn’t that neglected. I do remember not so long ago you made him a dear little dungaree outfit.

      The Bettina re-root is really minty-gorgeous. She always makes me think of the nursery rhyme There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead….etc’

      Hope that you’re now feeling much better and ready to start the new Year with a ‘bang!’

  4. ‘I do love things that are different’ Well said! I agree.

    It’s a joy to visit you and the brood, thanks –
    and keep on ‘picturering’ for the next year, please.

  5. Beautiful babies, I always look for a ‘favourite’ when I see groups of any Sasha, I’ve been struggling with this group, keep switching so don’t think I’ll be able to settle, I do however love curly locks reroot!
    Lovely blog as always Kendal, I love seeing extra from the Sasha’s in them 🙂

    • There are several really lovely babies in amongst them and ‘your curly-locks’ is one. Unfortunatey I’ve had to recently move some of the 26 that I had at one time on and now I’m down to 12. 9 of these were shown ere in this post.
      I do think that they look so sweet and cuddly when they are in their little fleeces or sleepsuits.

    • Thanks Anne and a very happy New Year to you and yours!
      This little black tot is quite endearing and am glad that I kept her over the other two minty, earlier ,with raised eye-lids babies as her hair looks so very sweet when it is covered with tiny little bows.

    • Not often I can slip one in past you then as I know that my WordPress followers can opt to get them straight into their inboxes if so wished.
      Will look forward, as I always do, to your comment as I love to discuss our Sasha Dolls in any shape or form.

  6. Troublesomemum is havingdifficuly of late to leave her comment so she has emailed this privately and asked me to add it in. …..

    The babies look adorable in their modern day take on pram suits,. They look cosy and very weet. Your crowd inspire me to pay more attention to my little clutch every time you show them but I never quite get round to photgraphing them. I love the fact that you are a specialist in ‘querkies!’
    Chon is also a very fortunate daughter in having such wonderful, carefully chosen gifts for each celebration – but I do worry about the babies…. did they bring straws and start in on the Champagne? Young Querky is a bundle of mischief and I wouldn’t put it past him to see if he could pop the cork!
    I hope 2015 is a great year for you and all your family.
    Lots of love,
    Jenni xx’

    • Thanks Jenni though I’m sorry that you are now having problems leaving a comment (but at least you know the reason why, which in itself is a help.)

      Actually I have stored in one of the Sasha boxes a Sasha sized bottle of Champagne and the respective glasses but they are in the bottom box with three of their clothes boxes on top and so there wasn’t much time to get them out with me photographing outside and getting chilled to the bone with the cold sharp wind that was also blowing the party-popper contents around at its will.

      A very happy and HEALTHY 2015 to you and yours and thanks for dropping by.

  7. Beautiful babies, beautiful clothes, beautifully presented. Many, many thanks for all of your blogs this past year. I have so enjoyed accompanying your brood on their many days out. Wishing you & yours all the very best health & happiness for 2015….Carol

  8. Kendal I have finally remembered that I only left a very short comment due to the lateness of the hour!
    Well what a beautiful bunch of babies you have there, I just love little Quirky and your Bettina curly haired re root it would be nice if she had a name? Plus love the black baby such lovely full hair she has and a sweet face.
    All the babies in true look lovely.Very nice presents for Chon and the salt and pepper pots very swish !
    Looking forward to seeing your posts for the coming year , as they are always wonderful and full of style so we wish you a very Happy New Year full of Health and Happiness and Sasha playtime
    Hugs and Love Dee, Paul and the Sasha Village Clan xx

    • You needn’t have worried Denise BUT you know how much I love to hear any ‘Sasha talk’ in any shape or format!
      uilty as charged when it comes to naming my Sasha girls and babies. Will try to have another go over this year. I suppose that the little curly haired tot could be called ‘Tina’ after her re-rooter Bettina?
      I was very taken with the Champagne styled salt and pepper and thought it would add a special touch too any celebratory occasions as well as in the picnic basket.

      Many thanks for your’s, Paul’s and the Village Clan’s new year’s wishes.

  9. Very best wishes for the New Year Kendal. Lovely to see all your delightful babies dressed in the DD wear, nice and snug for these cold days. Great gifts for you daughter and her new dog.

    Henry sends ‘boy’ hugs to Quirky!

    • Thanks Lorraine and we all here wish you and ‘Dear’ Henry the same.
      I always think that the babies in their fleeces always look ‘as snug as a bug in a rug’ and also feel so soft and cuddly to the touch.
      Quirky says ‘thanks a mill ‘to Henry for the ‘boy’ hugs!

  10. Sorry Kendal I am a bit late With regards to leaving a comment, but as you know I have been battling this stinking cold and cough.
    As Ronny said earlier, I have never really been a fan of the babies but over the years seeing your’s on your blog I have acquired five, lol. Mine are not dressed as beautifully as yours though, as once they arrived I rather neglected them, something I will have to look at now 2015 is here. Loved looking at Chon’s pressie’s also.
    Happy new year my dear friend xxxxxx

    • knew this so wasn’t expecting you to comment…. but what a wonderful friend you are to do this in spite of feeling so rotten. (My sister and her daughter have the same virus so I know just how awful it is!)

      In my earleir collecting days I too wasn’t so keen on them….or infact the Gregors either….but with the increase in their modern and attractive clothing ranges I was tempted to buy more ….and then realising just how wonderfully easy they are to pose and photograph their numbers increased yet again.

      Do so hope that you are now feeling MUCH better. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2015!

  11. I´m so late too Kendal from having an extended time away with my girls, so have enjoyed a relaxing morning with my coffee to catch-up on your posts. I adore your very special Saucer eyed girl and all the beautifully wrapped presents and of course the pretty babies have to welcome in the New Year! So I send you lots and lots of best wishes for 2015 and much love from my little clan here in Spain xxxx

    • No worry as it’s much nicer to beable yo have extra time with your daughters.
      I was trying to do the last CnS post on my two dolls out in my daughter’s garden but had to stop as was suddenly getting intense dizzy spells like I was going to pass out/feint (Vertigo?) from my head cold which was quite scaring so am having to keep off the computer as much as possible until it’s cleared.

      Many thanks for the good wishes for 2015. We send the same to you.

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