A Christmas Cocktail

….OR more of a time filler-in whilst I get myself up, standing upright and into gear for a New Year photo.

1. The sound of Christmas music suddenly fills the air as Father Christmas riding on his sleigh appears in our cul-de-sac. Grabbing my camera and coat (and donation of course!) I race out to greet him and hopefully receive my asked for Xmas gift!

Xmas 2014 019

Xmas 2014 018

3. OH YES! ….and just what I had asked for! Must have been a ‘goodie’ again this year. He even got down from his sleigh to personally give it to me whilst the sleigh was turning around at the end. (What more could a Sasha Collector want?)

Xmas 2014 016

4….then all too soon sadly disappearing from sight for another year.

Xmas 2014 017

5. My Christmas Doll. As the years are marching by far too quickly in my life I have decided to sell on some of my dolls and try to buy some of the ones that so far I’ve never had in my collection. Hopefully a case of ‘Been there, done that, what’s next?’

Christmas wrappings 022

6. This is what Shelly has written as her description….’1970 Gotz Pale Saucer eyed girl in Brown cord . I love the saucer eyed girls so when I say this pretty young lady I mean what I say ;o) This rare to find young lady is quite special as she not only has a No Navel body she has a Pale vinyl body and as there were no Pale No Navel dolls made this makes her quite unique . She is in gently played with condition and retains her original stringing which is in good order . She has beautiful soft and silky hair with plenty of factory curl remaining , It is an Ash blonde colour also quite unique and all original . She has vibrant face paint with a little touch up paint to her top lip which has been done very nicely. She comes wearing her original dress and shoes both in very good order , her pants and socks have been replaced ‘ (As Shelly mentioned she did come with her original Many-Jane brown leather shoes but which I have stored away for now not being keen on this shoe style.)

Christmas wrappings 019


Christmas wrappings 029

8. My apologies for the dappled background caused ny the bright sunshine and Jasmin shrub nearby.

Christmas wrappings 032


Christmas wrappings 033


Christmas wrappings 054


Christmas wrappings 055


Next up are my presents to Chon which include this Fortum and Mason wicker hamper as she uses them for storage.

Xmas Presebts 015


Xmas Presebts 017


Xmas Presebts 020

15.I loved this little wooden white Reindeer decoration that is hanging on the front of the hamper. Really wanted to keep it for myself!

Chon's presents 006


Chon's presents 002

17.. The beige wide cord with twisted red and green rope legs in the corner is Ruldoph the red nosed Reindeer is a squeaky toy for her Weinanmara dog, Bella.

Chon's presents 005


Chon's presents 004

19. Chon’s dog enjoying the squeaky toy which is amazingly still squeaking in-spite of being now drenched in doggy ‘slobber!’



Blurred from quick action to stop it escaping to the floor!

20. Below are my presents from her although unfortunately taken in artificial light as it was early Christmas evening when we returned home to open them.

Xmas Presebts 006

21. She gave me two of these Cyclaman plants to go in my Chimney pots either side of the front door.

Xmas Presebts 008

22. Have taken her three presents out of the hamper for those who like to see the wrappings more closely. After getting the F&M wicker hamper (and my recent visit to Little Moreton Hall) I decided to go with this natural wood wrapping theme this year.

(A bottle of Baileys Original Cream.)

Christmas wrappings 010

23. (MAC make-up.)

Christmas wrappings 013


Christmas wrappings 014

25. (Lancome creams, lotions and potions.)

Christmas wrappings 016

26. My 2014 cards to my family and Sasha friends.

Xmas 2014 026

27. My card to Chon.

Xmas 2014 015

28. Chon’s cards using her dog Bella and the help of photoshop!

Xmas 2014 028

To be hopefully continued at some point in time……..


22 thoughts on “A Christmas Cocktail

  1. A very pretty Sasha for your Brood Kendal. I was never a fan of the saucer eyed girls but some can be quite pretty like yours,still not planning on adding one to my collection but they are wearing me down… 🙂
    I just love how you wrap your gifts! The thought and style is wonderful, puts me to shame with my paper and then any old tags will do! I must learn from your example and do better!
    Chon dog looks huge! I thought they were a smaller dog! Did she hog the sofa at your until she left!
    Happy New Year , thank you for all your wonderful posts last year and I am looking forward to seeing this years .Sasha love and hugs Dee xx

    • I wasn’t really a fan either but havng seen Sarah William’s on several occasions I decided ‘to test the waters’ so to speak….. and I am thrilled with her.

      Chon’s dog is indeed a BIG dog….but luckily gentle and well behaved with it.

      Luckily have always enjoyed wrapping presents so it’s not so much of a chore or challenge as such. My eldsrt brother always refers to them as ‘Kendal’s beautifully wrapped little nothings!’ Needless to say he doesn’t get any nowadays!

  2. Kendal, so sorry for the unfinished post above.

    How exciting to see Santa coming from his sleigh to deliver your Christmas doll! And what a beautiful Sasha she is!! I love her expressive eyes and pale complexion. She is a very, very special girl and she is certain to be very happy to be a part of your brood!!!

    Your Christmas wrapped gifts and beautiful cards are so nice to see and Chon’s pup is a lovely girl. Thank you for sharing this part of your beautiful holiday festivities! 🙂 xxx

    • I do rather look forward to Santa’s annual visit In fact I thought that I was going to be somewhat disappointed this year as our Avenue didn’t seem to be listed on the Village flyer but did decide to have everythibg in the hallway ready just in case! There are now no young children living in our cul-de-sac as they are now all teenagers.
      So it is in fact only ME who personally goes out to greet him and accept a present, plus take a photograph in front of the neighbours looking through their front windows. (Goodness only knows what Sharon would thnk about doing that!).

      • LOL I was just thinking “oh boy! Kendal’s brave!” as I read your comment LOL. The funny thing is, my neighbour (and best friend) Magdalena, has often been with me when we’ve taken photos of dolls in public (well, as public as it gets for me) and she’s great to have along as she’ll tell the Spanish starers all about me, they don’t think I’m so weird then! 😉

  3. Well K, what can I say you have featured two things I don’t care for…… Christmas AND a saucer eyed GOTZ (I couldn’t wait to get rid of mine scared the life out of me!)
    BUT….I LOVE BELLA! So all is not lost!
    SELMAT TAHUN BARU ( Happy New Year in Malay…I thought I would give the H*N*Y thing a bit of a twist 🙂 :

    • Pleased to hear that I ‘GOTZ’ something right then! Bella is indeed a beautiful and good natured/well behaved dog.

      Trust YOU to have a ‘twist’ on the usual New Year Greeting! ….but I l do like to try to learn something new everyday!

      Miss Lippy says ‘Have a great 2015!’ She might even decide to come tom the CnS if my sister decides to drive me the three hours down there to save me using British Rail again.

  4. Lovely to see your Christmas doll being delivered 😉 I too rushed out to our yearly Santa & Sleigh to take photos and make a donation…but ours didn’t have a Sasha to deliver to me! Congratulations on your new arrival, enjoy her!

    I think I am the only one who goes out to meet our Santa and take photos as well in our little road. Must remember to take Henry outside with me next Christmas! It was all a bit rushed this year as I had forgotten what day they were due.

    Lovely wrapped gifts as always and a delight to see.

    Our little dog destroyed, de-stuffed and de-squeaked his two Christmas toys on Christmas Day!

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year Kendal.

    • It is a thrill to see this Santa/sleigh tradition being kept especially as we don’t seem to get any carol singers coming round anymore.

      How our dogs love their squeaky toys. They just have to keep on biting and chewing them until they squeak no more.

      A very happy New Year to you and your family and not forgettibg ‘Dear’ Henry.

  5. Beautifully wrapped presents, gorgeous cards, truly scrumptious new girl, beautiful dog = wonderful New Years Day blog for me to view.
    If I can help you rehome any of your Sasha’s please don’t hesitate to say!

    • Thanks Louise. Unfortunately most of my dolls don’t like to leave here but should any decide to I’ll be sure to let you know and give you first refusal.
      Still don’t seem to be getting any further with my planned New Year photo’s wishes

      • Thank you Kendal, having seen your dolls I fully understand why they don’t want to leave!

  6. WOW, Kendal a beautiful saucer eyed girl and Santa, some people have all the luck!!.Bea looks beautiful on your Christmas cards and thank you so much for mine xx

  7. i love your saucer eyed girl but you knew i would !….also love chons fab xmas card ….happy new year ….sarah xxxx….ps …glad ronnys girl scared the life out of her as shes doing well living with me !

  8. Happy New Year Kendal, I’m glad that Santa was good to you! What a pretty little pale saucer eyed girl he brought for you this year! 🙂 I think you have been a good girlie again!
    I loved the photos of all the gifts, I particularly like the wrapping paper you used, that would make a great background for photos as it’s very pretty and natural looking.
    Lovely cards again this year Kendal, thank you so much for mine, which will eventually go on the wall in my dolly/sewing room, as they make such great wall pictures.
    Chon’s dog is gorgeous, what a pretty girl she is! I would love to make a Christmas card from my gang here but it’s very hard with the 5 of them! They are worse than a bunch of kids to keep still 🙂
    I hope that 2015 is a fantastic year for you, filled with all sorts of super things.
    Big hugs and lots of love
    Sharon xxxxx

    • I was a bit doubtful about the wrapping paper at first but once I’d sourced the ribbon and embellishments it all began to come together.

      Chon’s dog is a really lovely handsome dog.who is admired when she’s out and about racing round. It’s super to see how happy and contented she is after her poor abandoned start in life left wandering the streets to fend for herself and finaly ending up in a dog pound and about to be put down.

      Perhaps you could just use one of your dogs for yoir card next year, then another the following year etc.

      Hope that you’re now feeling much better.,

  9. They are not my favs, but your saucer-girl has very nice eyebrows!
    Your gifts are very carefully packed and with so much sense for colours and patterns. Love this!

    Bella is a Weimaraner. Very intelligent dogs, and looking wonderful as well. Her story is sad!
    (We are living not far from Weimar, a lovely old city btw. Goethe and Schiller were at home there 🙂
    Thanks for your great post!
    Have a very healthyhappycrazy year -without any Vodka 🙂

    • I felt the need to own a Gotz Saucer eyed girl for a while now so have been watching and looking out for one, so was pleased when this one came up on Sashadolluk in the Autumn. Another box ticked!

      This is the third Wemaraner dog that Chon has had as the other two had to be put to sleep last year due to a good old age (13 and15 human years respectively.) They are indeed beautiful looking and active country dogs who don’t shed hair which is a blessing. (Nice to know that you don’t live far from where they were originally designed and bred.)

      Luckily I don’t like Vodka and in fact apart from the odd occasional glass of wine or Sherry on important celebrations I don’t drink alcohol at all.

      Adoring your blog posts! Can’ t in fact, get enough of them as just love your little room settings. (Have got a little behinbd with my commets of late but will hopefully catch up next week when things are quieter.!

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