Happy Christmas

The Queen’s oops sorry…..Kendal’s Speech

‘My Sasha Brood and I’…. would like to wish all my Sasha friends a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Christmas wrappings 042

My prayers and thoughts are especially with those who are ill and suffering pain, lonely, homeless or in poverty. May God bless you and bring you ‘peace, comfort and joy.’


29 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

    • Sorry about that! Miss Lippy is still trying to get to the computer to send YOU a personal message BUT the phone keeps on ringing and I’m trying to have my bath, hair wash and breakfast before my sister and her family come to collect us.
      Wishing you a day full of peace and love.
      (PS We have our present opening this evening.)

  1. Merry Christmas, Kendal. Thank you for providing Sasha eye candy regularly during the year!

    Happy New Year – filled with all things Sasha and good health to enjoy them!!

    Carol Mitchell

  2. Dear Kendal,
    here are the CommoneoCrew; saying thanks
    and wishing you wonderful days, filled with joy and love.

    Liebe Kendal, vielen lieben Dank fuer deine Besuche bei uns. Komm uns gern immer wieder vorbei und wandere virtuell durch unsere Zimmerchen.
    Du sollst ein froehliches Weihnachtsfest haben, mit all deinen Lieben
    und bis wir uns wiedersehen halte Gott dich fest in seiner Hand.

    • Many thanks indeed Anne and all those at Sasha Commone
      Unfortunately I am still having trouble leaving you comments as it’s not letting me scroll down to leave one after the last comment registered. Can you help in any way?.

  3. Have the most wonderful time with your family over Christmas and thank you for all the Sasha smiles throughout the year! Love Jackie x

      • Not as much as I’d like, having a little one doesn’t allow much free time to play, my mum gets more time than I do, she changes their clothes often, talks to them and sits and stares at them 🙂 more time for me will come as my son gets older 🙂 until then mine mostly just look pretty which I enjoy anyway.

      • Well I think that I’d willingly forego some Sasha playtime if I had a lovely real life little boy of my own.
        Admiring your Sasha Dolls is one of life’s pleasures I find and a very effective cheering tonic when you’re so busy or feeling low.
        Pleased though that your mother is enjoying playing and changing her dolls which is exactly why I have mine.

  4. Merci pour ces voeux , à mon tour de vous souhaiter- à vous et à votre “grande famille “- tous mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur , santé, et d’imagination pour nous emmener encore vivre des moments de tendresse dans le monde de nos chers Sasha !!

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