‘We Three Kings of Orient are……

Ooops sorry….We Three Dolls of KendalsSashaBrood are, Bearing gifts we traverse afar, Over field and fountain, moor and mountain, Following yonder road to Bridgemere Garden Centre for our annual ‘Walk in Winter Wonderland!’
(No wording today….just 71 pictures!) So hop aboard my camera….err I mean Santa’s sleigh…..and away we go.

Bridgemere 113

Bridgemere 115

Bridgemere 001

Bridgemere 007

Bridgemere 005

Bridgemere 008

Bridgemere 010

Bridgemere 012

Bridgemere 015

Bridgemere 016

Bridgemere 018

Bridgemere 020

Bridgemere 019

Bridgemere 021

Bridgemere 024

Bridgemere 025

Bridgemere 027

Bridgemere 029

Bridgemere 030

Bridgemere 033

Bridgemere 034

Bridgemere 035

Bridgemere 039

Bridgemere 042

Bridgemere 044

Bridgemere 048

Bridgemere 047

Bridgemere 052

Bridgemere 054

Bridgemere 057

Bridgemere 059

Bridgemere 058

Bridgemere 061

Bridgemere 063

Bridgemere 066

Bridgemere 101

Bridgemere 100

Bridgemere 091

Bridgemere 103

Bridgemere 105

Bridgemere 104

Bridgemere 106

Bridgemere 107

Bridgemere 108

Bridgemere 109

Bridgemere 110

Bridgemere 111

Bridgemere 112

Bridgemere 117

Bridgemere 118

Bridgemere 120

52. The next set of photos are especially for Denise.
Bridgemere 067

Bridgemere 069

Bridgemere 070

Bridgemere 071

Bridgemere 074

Bridgemere 075

Bridgemere 078

Bridgemere 079

Bridgemere 081

Bridgemere 083

Bridgemere 085

Bridgemere 086

Bridgemere 088

Bridgemere 090

Bridgemere 092

Bridgemere 095

Bridgemere 096

Bridgemere 097

Bridgemere 098

Hope that you have had a pleasant and enjoyable journey with us today ‘transversing’ through Bridgemere’s Winter Wonderland and will pop by here again next Sunday.

This post featured….
1. A Trendon bobbed haired early 70s Sasha Gingham in a Sharon Humphrey’s ra-ra outfit with JJ sandals.
2. Bea, a 1990s Gotz customised by Raven toddler in a Passion for Sasha coat and UGGS, Ruthsdoll’s tights and a Christine Durand hat.
3. A Trendon early sexed wigged baby girl in a ‘Sashawardrobe’ fleece, commercially made tights and a Lakeland bobble hat.


28 thoughts on “‘We Three Kings of Orient are……

  1. Sometimes words just aren’t needed. They could have been walking through our local garden centre! So many familiar displays etc… They all look wonderful in their red outfits, especially the little toddler Bea. They certainly had fun…and I bet kept you busy trying to keep track of their movements!

    • These Garden Centres are certainly full of attractions and a perfect place to take our Sashas for a photoshoot! Decided this year to dress them all in red and white and choose dolls of three different heights (but with good stringing) !to aide the photography.
      I had difficulty keeping track of my own movements, never mind theirs, as it’s a massive place.

  2. Well done you Kendal, as I wouldn’t have the nerve or the patience to take all these pictures at a garden centre, lol. I expect you get some right looks, lol.
    Beautiful pictures and as Loraine just said, I think all three look fab in their red outfits especially Bea. Xxxxx

    • My, you’re here early today!
      Actually it’s easier than you think as after the first photo you seem to get lost in your own little Sasha Doll world, quite regardless to the other people, (apart from when some interrupt you by asking what and why you are doing it) eyeing up potential spots for the next photo..

  3. Oh how wonderful this Winter Wonderland is Kendal! I love the photos of your three Sashas dressed so perfectly in their reds in each and every scene. 71 photos is quite the Christmas gift to us, your blog readers, and not an easy task, wording or not.

    My favorite photos,though each one is absolutely lovely, are #s: 1, 10, 21, 26, 28, 33, 41, and 46. Such a delight to see this early Sunday morning. Thank you Kendal and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! ❀ xxx

    • Thanks Ginger for popping by. Will go off afterwards and see just which photos particularly took your eye!

      Having no words to write made life so much easier and quicker all round. Must bear this in mind for the future….although the next post more than makes up for it (when I get around to doing it!) has words galore.
      Red is such a bright and cheery colour especially at this time of year as your beautiful NP Adeline, demonstrated to us yesterday in her new Christmas outfit.

  4. I hate Christmas as you know, but I must send a huge thank you to you for your magical Christmas post. It was obviously a labour of love as it must have taken ages. Beautiful, nice also to see an ex foster child of mine, she looks fab in her Sharon outfit :0

    • Oh then, just how lovely for me to have this doll who was once yours! I bought her off Steve at the 2013 CnS as I can’t resist an already bobbed haired doll as wouldn’t have the courage to cut it myself. I’m off to tell her this WONDERFUl news!
      Miss Lippy sends her love and says that she wasn’t able to go with us as her stringing is getting loose and I didn’t want her to take a tumble.. XXX

  5. LOVED every photo from start to finish Kendal. What a marvelous place for a Sasha photo op! All your girls looked perfect for the part in their red clothing, loved Bea’s hat just gorgeous. Loved the little cuddle toys you found for Bea and baby to carry with them. and your little waif, who so needs a name maybe Stevie as she came from Steve via CnS?
    I would have loved to have traveled round that Garden centre while you photographing, buying things! LOVED those Donkeys so sweet! and thank you for the last photo’s of the animals like my Billy Bob the goat, loved seeing all the new ones now available unfortunately they are the sort of things you cannot have too many of without it turning from cute to overkill!
    Well I am off to take another look at these fab photo’s, Many Thanks for all your hard work in taking them and A MERRY CHRISTMAS Dee xxxxxx

    • That certainly sounds like a good name for Steve’s ex girl plus I’ve just read above that before that she was SS’s doll!
      That Garden centre is just a super place for a Sasha photo-shoot and I would have loved to have had you trailing round there with me. I agree that there were so many tempting things to buy but luckily I already had my hands full with the camera and three dolls.

      Was really thrilled when I spotted all the re-cycled animal models and could have purchased quite a number of my favourites which were the mice, stork, cat, cockerel, duck, owl and pig,

  6. Have been back and taken note of some of my favourites, 6, 13,19,21,24,28,48,59,66,67,but especially love 65 of Stevie sitting on the bull and 36 of Stevie with the polar bear, that one looks like she’s asked him to help her spot the missing Bea and Baby , with him looking one way and her the other! Wonferful!
    Dee xx

    • I’m always interested in which photos people like the best and shall now go and take a second peep at your favourites.
      I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these brightly metal sculptors .up close. Someone was very clever, such a great idea!

  7. What a lovely Christmas treat for the eyes today Kendal! I love the three girls dressed in their festive red outfits, and Bea is just so cute…..if I had a Toddler I would like her to be just like Bea! That Garden Centre is amazing, what a lot of fantastic things they have there! I love those large animals and particularly liked the little Meercat in his Super Hero outfit….very cute!
    As for favourite photos, wow how does one choose. I will go back now and have a look again before posting this reply……..Well, I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t come up with a favourite from the photos, there are so many lovely ones. I suppose I have to say that I loved them all πŸ™‚
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kendal, and the Sasha Brood too of course, and that the New Year brings you everything you would wish for…dolly wise and otherwise!!! πŸ™‚
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thanks Sharon. Glad that you enjoyed it. It seems that this annual visit has become sort of a tradition now. I’m very partial to Christmas traditions in families. We here have built up quite a few really special ones.

      I too smiled at that Meerkat one. as wasn’t expecting to see him there!

      Thank you for our Christmas and new year best wishes.

  8. Winterwonderland is just the right word for this!
    Some photos, specially with the white reindeer, reminding me to a fairytale – the ‘Schneekoenigin’ (Snowqueen- there was a old german film about this, I saw it in my childhood)
    All over the great colour combinations. I love red and white!
    Nr.48, with the cat and the baby is really precious, so lively – just think to hear it purring.
    Thanks for sharing!

    ps. …is there a making-of?
    I’d love to see you positioning the dollies, carefully watched by the other visitors πŸ™‚

    • Knowing that there are many different ways that people celebrate these Winter holiday Seasons I think that anything to do with SNOW falling fits the bill perfectly. Our Sasha Dolls,especially the brunette ones, suit the colour red really well.

      I thought that those animals in this post were so realistic looking that it was easy to forget that they actually weren’t.

      I usually go on these photo-shoots on my own BUT the next time anyone is with me I’ll ask them to take a shot of me arranging the dolls with others looking on..

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