Chat n’ Snap Visiting Serie Dolls Part 2

1. First up in this second part are Sarah Price’s lovely 1966/67 NPs. Driving over to Hitchin by car Sarah allowed them all to come instead of the usual selected few. Heading the group is the very handsome Billy, bought and named after her late father.

Chat n' Snap 2014 244

2. I love how she has dressed this top group in shades of lime green, one of her favourite colours for the Sashas. I had to smile when she told me that she overheard  two of my obviously observant Sasha blog followers agreeing that they must be my dolls as they had seen those outfits before on my blog. Yes, to them being my ex-outfits but can’t unfortunately aspire to them (apart from one) being my dolls!

Below is my very favourite of her dolls whom she religiously saved up to buy to remind her of her mother’s sad passing.

Chat n' Snap 2014 246

3. Billy was once mine so it was great to see him looking so well dressed and obviously loved and treasured.

Chat n' Snap 2014 248

4. Her other three attractive NPs …..and all looking ‘in the pink’ so to speak.

Chat n' Snap 2014 268

5. Sharon Humphrey’s three lovely dolls that had travelled all the way from Spain to be with us. Lindt, the brunette girl has recently been re-rooted for the second time by Sharon, They are all wearing super clothes made by their mummy (who has now become well known in the Sasha World for her delightful little girly Ra-ra outfits.)

Chat n' Snap 2014 252

6. Loving these colourings on her Dungaree girl.

Chat n' Snap 2014 254

7.This very dramatic Cora belongs to Theresa O’Neil who also painstakingly made her her absolutely gorgeous dress and coat.

Chat n' Snap 2014 257


Chat n' Snap 2014 258

9. These three experienced riders belong to Jocelyn Rose and to top it all they even rode there on their ponies. (I have since been informed that all their outfits are commercially made.)

Chat n' Snap 2014 241

10. Their very handsome ponies!

Chat n' Snap 2014 049

Chat n' Snap 2014 048

11. Hope that I’m right here too and that these three very attractively coated girls are Theresa’s. I do know that the brunette girl on the right, wearing her newly purchased VS CnS duck egg blue coat has recently returned from the eye specialist, Michelle Baxter, with some very attractive OOAK blue eyes.

Chat n' Snap 2014 260

12. Does this sweet little No-navel girl in her very pretty tweed coat and hat also belong to Theresa? I’m feeling pretty sure that she might!

Chat n' Snap 2014 251

13. Aren’t these two of Gillian Nash’s slate eyed girls just irressistably gorgeous in their Brownie uniforms. I believe that they had intentionally come to help at the CnS but had become hemmed in at the back of one of the tables. Love the fact too that they are wearing their poppy badges and so supporting the British Legion and their Poppy Appeal. Now who does this smartly dressed lad with his cowboy hat on the right belong to?

Chat n' Snap 2014 042

14. Another two beautiful girls though I’m not sure, as yet, to whom they belong although I’d quickly claim them if they were up for adoption.

Drum roll please! Right now we have it. The owners of these two beautiful dolls are the wigged brunette who was bought from Ruthsdolls sales table by Louise ready for her mum, Gill’s, 70th birthday later this month and to the right of her is the Jackie Rhydstrom red head re-root who is Louise’s doll, called Darcy. Two very lucky collectors indeed!

Chat n' Snap 2014 234

15. Just love the brunette wigged girl in the pink OOAK Ruthsdoll’s outfit and adore the 1968/9? re-rooted Fringe red headed girl in the Carol Bell Mitchell dress. Both such pretty/dainty dresses.

Chat n' Snap 2014 235

16. Chon made me take several side-views of her as she said that her profile was just fabulous.

Chat n' Snap 2014 236

17. She also mentioned that she had a perfect and artistic nose.

Chat n' Snap 2014 238

18. I’m rather thinking that these two lovely girls might possibly belong to Gillian Nash as apart from her twin slate eyed girls in their fantastic Brownie uniforms we haven’t seen any more of her dolls as yet. Correct, these two are Gill’s as I’ve just spotted them on Denise’s blog post.

Chat n' Snap 2014 044

19. Wondering just who owns this very pretty and trendily/modernly dressed girl in her lovely lilac sweater and hat? Just been infornmed that she is Theresa’s girl and who she replaced/repaired her damaged hand.

Chat n' Snap 2014 256

20. Who is claiming these two sweet girls standing by Dawn’s 1970s blonde girl with her newly loosely curled long hair.

Chat n' Snap 2014 038

21. NOW we all know who owns these two outstanding and exquistely re-rooted dolls. The very talented Sarah Williams!!!! She’s such an asset to the Sasha World with her magnificent re-roots and to-die-for clothing.

Chat n' Snap 2014 262


Chat n' Snap 2014 267


Chat n' Snap 2014 264


Chat n' Snap 2014 266

25. Two more lovely dolls waiting to have their mummies named. News has just reached me that these two dolls also belong to Louise, the red head White Dress girl was her childhood doll given to her on her 4th birthday and also wearing a VS jacket given to her by Steve. Elle, the blonde on her right is wearing a Carol Bell Mitchell dress.

Chat n' Snap 2014 239

26. Not sure who’s doll the Gregor on the right is or the Sasha in the centre but the pretty customised by Kelly Wenarski girl on the right is Gayle’s.

Chat n' Snap 2014 040

27. Steve’s latest 1968 Fringe brunette girl standing by Sarah’s two magnificent black girls.

Chat n' Snap 2014 054

28. I must apologise for missing taking Steve’s two beautiful Fringe girls close up (it was I believe the first time that he had seen and handled the brunette girl as she had gone straight to Brenda’s from Sashadolluk and had travelled down with her to the CnS) as they were standing up on the windowshill on the far side of the room and had been packed away ready to leave before I actually got to them to photograph…… SO I asked him to send me a photo of them. They were/are the two in the middle here and were wearing their very attractive VS coats.


29. We have already seen the dolls in the centre and on the right but I’ve included this group photo especially for the red head girl in the lilac and the two babies sitting in front of her who missed out on having their photos taken individually.

Chat n' Snap 2014 036

30. Unfortunately apart from this group photo taken when we arrived we weren’t able to get to closer photograph all of these lovely dolls as their table had already been taken down and the dolls returned to their owner’s safe keeping.

Chat n' Snap 2014 047

31. Last but not least are the Little Darling Dolls. These first two below belong to Joyce Jordan and are wearing Sharon Humphrey’s tiny ra-ra outfits with a little of Joyce’s fine knitting.

Chat n' Snap 2014 177

32. Here are Sharon’s three having travelled over from Spain with her. Two are beautifully customised whilst the third tot on the left is as she was manufactured and left the factory. All three are wearing Sharon’s trendily modern outfits.

Chat n' Snap 2014 179

Chat n' Snap 2014 180

33. Thought that I’d better finish this Sasha CnS post with a Sasha Doll so here is this ‘truly scrumptuous’ looking Frido Ballet  Fringe girl again.

Chat n' Snap 2014 237

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing all these wonderful Frido/Trendon/Gotz serie dolls that came to Denise’s 2014 CnS and apologise for any that I didn’t capture on camera.
Until my next post I’d like to wish you all a very happy Sasha filled time and thank you for visiting.


40 thoughts on “Chat n’ Snap Visiting Serie Dolls Part 2

  1. More lovely photos – thanks, Kendal! The horse-riding dolls (and their horses) are mine, though – and the outfits all commercially-made. – Jocelyn

  2. Hi Kendal, the 3 horse riders and horses belong to Jocelyn I believe, the outfit on the right with the horse picture on the tabbard is actually a commercially made outfit for the 19.5 inch modern Gotz dolls – I know this because we have the same outfit, it is a bit oversize for Sasha but does look good.

      • Yes, the tabard outfit is for a Goetz Hannah doll. Davy, on the left, is wearing an Our Generation outfit and Ella, in the middle, is in Kaethe Kruse.

      • My first thoughts are to thank you Kendal and your lovely daughter Chon for capturing these beautiful Sashas and their owner’s names too. It is such a treat to see these well loved dolls looking their best for the Chat n Snap gathering.

        Sarah Price’s NP dolls are so lovely in their lime green finery. It is wonderful to see them up close especially her Billy. Sarah Williams’ black girls with their amazing plaits are a work if wonder to me.

      • It’s always a sheer delight to see other collector’s Sasha Dolls and to learn about which dolls they particularly like and so are more drawn too.
        I’m always most interested to see what style of clothing they are wearing and so sometimes, after a little while, I can spot whose dolls are whose simply by how they have been dressed.

  3. Fabulous photo’s Kendal, so good to see all these dolls up close , never seem to have enough time when I am actually there on the day.
    Just to mention, the horse riders belong to Jocelyn and don’t they look great. Theresa’s cora in her coat and hats looks so original, almost a 40’s look about her.
    Love Sarah P’s dolls especially in the lime green just a fantastic group and the ballet girl who you have featured at the end , well she’s just perfect, in fact they all are wonderful and that’s one of the best things about Chat n Snap seeing all these wonderful dolls in their beautiful outfits.
    Thanks for taking such great photo’s so we can see them again
    Dee xx

    • THANK YOU for organising and hosting the CnS’s as without these events we wouldn’t get to see, admire or covert these wonderful dolls, meet their owners or enjoy a little extra retail therapy.
      Will go now and change the horse rider’s ownership.

  4. Hi Kendal the girls on the horses are Jocelyn’s. The photo of Cora is beautiful as she can be very hard to photograph. The girl’s in the coat’s are mine and you are right about my girl in the VS coat, she is my marina who has been re_rooted by Alison as a single fringe girl and her beautiful eye’s were done by Shelly. The trendy blonde in the lilac and white jumper and hat,is my girl Hope whose missing hands I replaced with Lilliput. A great post and I love looking at the photos Theresa xx

    • Your Cora looks absolutely stunning in her outfit in the photo and pleased that I named most of your girls correctly after my huge mistake with Jocelyn’s horses and riders (even though I did actually know that they were her’s.) Unfortunately when you are behind the camera for so much of the time you don’t really get the chance to know which dolls belong to whom.

  5. Hello Kendal,
    I’ve been having such fun following your blogs.
    The girls in picture 14 belong to myself (Louise) and my mum, the one in Ruth’s dolls outfit is my mums (Gill) 70th birthday present for later this month (I bought her off Ruth while we were there) not looking forward to her leaving me, the redhead is Darcy my Jackie Rydstrom reroot, wearing a dress made by Carol Bell Mitchell in Atlanta.
    The girls in picture 25 are also mine, redhead is my childhood girl Sasha (how original lol) who I got for Christmas when I was 4, she’s wearing a Vintage Sasha coat, a fantastic gift off the lovely Steve and the blonde Elle is also wearing a dress by Carol Bell Mitchell (I forgot to bring her some shoes, I bought some for her there and didn’t remember to put them on her)

    • Great! What a superb lot of info that I can now go off, log in and add.
      I really ADORE these two dolls in photo 14 and how wonderful that you were able to purchase the brunette re-root from Ruthsdolls on that day for your mother’s special birthday later this month.
      Darcy, Jackie’s re-root is just beautiful. Wishing that she were mine! Love her Carol Bell Mitchelle’s dress.

      How super to have your childhood doll come too (in photo 25!) seen here with your blonde Elle in another Carol Bell Mitchelle dress.
      (I’m not sure if we actually met on the day although I did here afterwards from Sarah P and Steve about you and your mother’s visit and how lovely you both are.
      A very happy 70th birthday to your mum later this month. (I had mine a few years back.)

      • Hello Kendal,
        The brunette is actually a wig, I too thought she was a reroot at first (I was aware before I purchased her that it was a wig) it is glued, but I know my mum would like a girl she can play with, so we may well end up figuring out how to remove the wig to allow her to ‘play’

        There must be two Carol Mitchell’s (with different spelling of their surname) as this Carol’s husband is called Ben, although funnily enough he also does photography now he’s retired (and he’s extremely good)

        Thank you for your kind words about our girls and thanks to Chon, she said on the day how beautiful Darcy’s profile was.

        I did meet you but it was extremely briefly and you were busy doing something else (I can’t even recall who introduced us) I’m glad Steve and Sarah P only had nice things to say about us 😉 they are truly lovely people we’ve been lucky enough to get to know in the Sasha world.

        Can’t wait to read your next blog, we love them, thank you for taking the time to put them together and share them.

      • So sorry to hear that we only met ‘briefly.’ Will try to amend that next year and get someone else to do the photgraphy and have a good long chat.
        Have now hopefully altered the few bits that you gave mentioned below.
        Think that apart from showing the items that I bought from there and a few odd photos of my No-navel and toddler Bea getting ready to travel down to the south I think that I have covered most of this years CnS so then will hopefully take a blog rest for a few weeks whilst I tackle my Christmas preparations and activiies.

      • Don’t worry about it Kendal, you were extremely busy, without taking photos I could easily have stayed several more hours, so your day must’ve whizzed by! But a chat next year, if possible would be lovely.

        My redhead reroot is a ’69 will get Brenda to confirm when I take her for a visit next year.

        I enjoy all your blogs, not just the c&s ones and now I know how to comment I will 🙂

        Enjoy your blog rest, hopefully you’ll have some time until preparations begin for your next blog.

  6. Such lovely “eye candy” and so nice to have the chance to look at them all again as I didn’t spend enough time looking at them in the day! Fabulous! Gill x

  7. My first thoughts are to thank you Kendal and your lovely daughter Chon for capturing these beautiful Sashas and their owner’s names too. It is such a treat to see these well loved dolls looking their best for the Chat n Snap gathering.

    Sarah Price’s NP dolls are so lovely in their lime green finery. It is wonderful to see them up close especially her Billy. Sarah Williams’ black girls with their amazing plaits are just stunning and she has the amazing ability to transform cloth and dolls into works of wonder!
    Steve’s four girls are perfection and so nice to see in a row. Theresa’s dolls are beautiful and so well dressed in their gorgeous coats and Jocelyn’s well dressed dolls for a great day of riding are a delight to see.

    I particularly like Gill’s Gotz girls dressed as brownies. The details of the uniforms are pleasing and bring back happy memories to me of my brownie days. After my Grandmother, Adeline, passed away, I most unaware found my brownie beret, orange tie and pin neatly tucked away in her drawer as a loving momento. Brownie memories are all happy and touching ones for me. 🙂

    Lastly, Sharon Humphrey’s Little Darlings are always a treat to see. I love Sharon’s outfits and their special touches of trimmings, pockets and striped socks. I really enjoyed all of the photos and thank you again. How very nice to read your post this lovely Sunday morning and it is a perfect start to a special day, my birthday! 🙂 xxx

    • A very happy birthday to you, Hope that you are having a wonderful day celebrating your special day.
      We here in the UK are remembering and honouring Rememberance Day. A sad but proud event/occasion for those who fought so bravely for our country. Have had a little weep as I remember my very early years without my father’s presence as my parents were married in the first two years of War and I was born nine months and a day later in 1941. My father was in the UK for my birth but was then posted to fight overseas until he returned wounded in 1944. A piece of Shapnel had gone through both his hands whilst he was holding a pair of binoculars surveying the battle scene.
      Having spent my first and second years staying with my mother at one of her friend’s home in Somerset and then the next year in Rhyl ,while mother helped another friend run her hotel, both places just consisting of women so you can imagine when my father returned to our own home (when I was 3) in the Midlands hands heavily bandaged and unable to look after himself. I was literally terrified of him, clinging to my mother’s apron strings and hiding behind her apron, not daring to go anywhere near him for quite some time. Poor father, what a whimp I must have been. I now have some of the letters that he wrote to mother during these war serving years after my birth where he says ‘Love to Kendal’ at the bottom. He went on to become a wonderful father to all five of us and worked every day (weekends included) and went back later each evening to check on the working machinery until he was 91 when he then part retired from his buisness for his final year, leaving the main running of it to my three brothers.

      I wholely agree with you about all these beautiful and unique dolls that have been featured in these 2014 CnS photos.

      Enjoy the rest of your day withn your family, friends and Sasha Dolls.

  8. Gosh, Kendal! As always I am not only in awe of these amazing Sashas but also your stunning photography! It is a feast for the eyes and a joy to slowly scroll through the exquisite portraits of these astonishing dolls. There is just a tad of envy involved – a bit of masochism – as one covets just one or two of them, at least for a moment. Sheer pleasure. Thank you! xxx

    • I think that we are all allowed to experience a little bit of envy now and then but luckily time heals and we forget and carry on enjoying what we have and already love.
      Apart from one or two of my girls most of mine are my ‘out and abouters’ (waifs) as they are termed who enjoy an outdoor active life complete with the odd rough and tumble.
      My Brood have been purchased for re-dressing, photographing and PLAY…… as this is where I get the most pleasure.

  9. Your fantastic photos of beautiful and more beautiful Sasha’s do astonish me time and time again (if I can say so). I am sitting in front of my laptop looking at them as I did once I was a child in front of the doll stores. Thank you for taking the time to make them and to publish them her! Hugs, Liss

    • I am continually amazed at just how different these dolls are or can become when originally from the same mould.and it is talso he way that different people dress them that thrills me too … the time and talent of our wonderful seamstresses.and cobblers. For example just look at the shoes that Theresa made for her clowns. Totally fantastic! Would never have believed it was possible.
      I live and learn!

  10. I just got in from a day out at a craft fayre in Sevilla, and found another lovely post here from you Kendal. A super feast on the eyes after a day on the feet! I really love all these individual photos you took, the best way of seeing all the Sasha and Gregor kids from the CnS, it was quite hard to see them all properly on the day. I just wanted to tell you that my brunette is actually called Bailey, she’s the girl you helped me to choose back in 2013, when I was desparate for a wider faced Brunette. Lindt is my Gotz Slate Eyes girl who unfortunately had to stay home. Thanks so much for including the girls in your photos and my Little Darlings too 🙂
    I am waiting to hear who owns the pretty little girlie in pink in your photo numbered 20….I was drawn to her sweet little face on the day of the event and no-one I spoke with seemed to know who she belonged to. I was just curious as to who her lucky mum was!
    And finally, I agree with Chon, that little redhead of Louise’s with the reroot by Jackie R, is just the sweetest little girl, isn’t she!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • It’s always the same at these Sasha do’s! So much to see, do and talk about never mind the shopping from the sales tables that it’s useful to be able to go back over things like the day’s photographs etc.

      My apologies to Bailey for the name mix up. It was great to finally meet her and her two Sasha friends along withn the three little Darlings and of course not forgetting, Kidz and Cats,Sian.

      The pretty little girl in pink hasn’t been claimed as yet She looks to be a wide faced tot that we like too.

      I agree that Jackie’s re-root Darcy was absolutely stunning and is very photgenic.

  11. Oh my…..I didn´t even spot Darcy amongst the crowd and there she was all the time! That just goes to show, how valuable your wonderful “diary” is of the day. I love the no-navel in the pink tweed coat, Sharon´s rah-rah´s with those delightful stripey socks and Sarah Williams stunning Caleb re-roots. I did take a close examination of them and failed to guess how many hours those plaits must have taken, but a month of Sunday´s sprang to mind! Even their little white dresses are perfection…..sigh! My thanks again Kendal and Chon, who must take after her mother for her great photography skills, hugs Jackie xxx

    • Darcy was absolutely stunning. She was standing up high on a window sill by the serving hatch. Indeed there were sone really superb dolls there and it’s great that we get to see them ‘in the flesh’ so to speak at these occasions.
      I am always thrilled with Chon’s photography skills especially as she hasn’t a camera of her own and only uses mine once a year here …..but she has my mother’s artistic skills in her blood and was a good artist at school.
      Great to finally meet you.

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