A surprise but secret visit

1. My sister needed to go to the John Lewis Store in Cheadle Hulme and asked if I (and a few of my Gregor lads) would like to go too…. as if there was time afterwards there might be a surprise stop further on (but wouldn’t tell me anymore.) I love suggestions like this so we all bundled into her car and off we went.

About half an hour’s driving northwards after our John Lewis visit she pulled off from a roundabout where she had previously seen this tank was on display……

A Surprise Trip 036

2.   As you can see below Matt, Luke and James had a wonderful half hour climbing and exploring this Centurion Tank. (Was thrilled with this unexpected backdrop!)

A Surprise Trip 001

3. James, a 1970 Frido Trendon London lad, now back from his two year visit to the US.

A Surprise Trip 006

4. Luke a 1968 Frido Dark Denims boy.

A Surprise Trip 007

5. Matt, a 1968 Frido tiny eyed Gregor Shorts.

A Surprise Trip 008

6. James. ”Look everyone how high up I am!”

A Surprise Trip 017

7. Luke.

A Surprise Trip 016

8. Matt. (He said that he didn’t dare climb up as high as James!)

A Surprise Trip 012

9. James again.

A Surprise Trip 020


A Surprise Trip 023


A Surprise Trip 025


A Surprise Trip 027


A Surprise Trip 029


A Surprise Trip 031


A Surprise Trip 030

17. Time to continue on our surprise journey so the three boys say goodbye to the tank. (The rest of their visit will have to be shown in another post as time ran out….again!)

All these boys were wearing Dollydoodle’s wear……their favourite clothing!

My next post should be on Sunday, 2nd November BUT with the Cn’S intervening on the 25th October I’m hoping to add my photos of this event during the week before…. but not until after I have returned home on Monday evening, the 27th .



19 thoughts on “A surprise but secret visit

    • Unfortunately it was just a coincidence as neither I or they were given even the slightest hint as to where we were headed.
      I literally just grabbed a few of the better strung lads off the bookcases in the spare bedroom and shoved them into an Ikea bag along with my camera, quick visit to the bathroom and into the car we jumped.
      Couldn’t do much else in the half an hour we were given!

  1. The perfect adventure for the boys who of course are dressed very appropriately for the occasion. It seems tanks and boys combined is certainly a recipe for success and fun. Great photos of your handsome lads.

    • This was the first stop of the surprise visit as you will see when I finish the post later. Even I enjoyed the surprise stops along the way!
      This post reminded me of my very first blogspot entry many, many years ago when they visited another tank on a roundabout……. but this was used as a floral display and covered in grass and flowers..

      I do love my lads especially when they are dressed in their Dollydoodles!

      • I remember those posts! I think you did at least a couple of them if I remember rightly. Fabulous flloral displayed. I daren’t let my lads see all your boys and their wonderful DD outfits!

    • I’ll be sure to tell them. Shorts boy, Matt, certainly has a very different much younger look about him due to his tiny-eye painting. I was first attracted to him on account of the fact that he had the original three quarter length socks on and I’d never seen any of those before.
      Another two lads also came with us and they will be shown in the finishing post!

  2. What a wonderful sister to take you on a surprise trip AND suggest the Gregor’s come too! Normally you can hear a groan if any Sasha’s or Gregors try to sneak on board out outings!! Knowing how you love the camouflage DD clothes, I am not surprised that the lads turned out to be wearing just the correct gear for scrambling over the tank that your sister took you to! I cannot wait to see where you landed up as you have definitely got her trained in spotting Sasha photo opportunities.
    Loved seeing the lads enjoy climbing all over and there is always one with a head for heights , in our family it’s me!, who likes to live just a little more dangerously than the others.

    I look forward to the future posts.
    Dee xx

    • Yes, you’re right so here! My sister usually refuses to let any of ‘those darn dolls’ (as she calls them!) on board unless it is a ‘my birthday outing treat’ so I was more than amazed at this offer…. and this was only the beginning of a super Sasha filled day as you will see.

      Luckily only the week before I had spent an hour whilst watching the TV experimenting with the Gregor’s Dollydoodle clothing, mixing and matching their camo gear with their Summer shorts and T shirts.

  3. What a lovely treat and surprise from your sister Kendal! The boys must have loved being able to climb about on that big tank…..and to be able to climb so high too, my goodness James is a daring little fellow, isn’t he! 🙂
    Nice that you brought along one of each hair colour….and such handsome fellows too I have to say!
    I love their outfits, so perfect for them and looking like real little boys!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • I’m still recovering from us being invited to such an outing!
      I hadn’t realised about those three displaying the three hair available colours although Ross (blonde) and Mike (brunette) also went along and will be seen in the other three stops.

      I too was rather thrilled with the way the ‘mix and match’ outfits turned out. as they haven’t had any new Dollydoodle’s gear due to Judith’s temporary website closure for it’s renovations and updates.for quite some time now.

  4. How nice to have a visit with your sister and to bring the boys along is a special treat too! James, Luke, and Matt look fantastic in the DD wear. So nice to have those colors too. They are perfectly dressed for your active outing! 🙂

    Boys and tanks get along well together too. Though James is a bit braver with his climb, they each were able to investigate and exercise outdoors on a beautiful day. A great post of your very handsome, well dressed boys! Thank you! 🙂

    • Yes it was as although she lives approximately only five kilometres away we don’t get to see each other as often as we used to as she is always so very busy.

      I tried to get her to tell me what she had planned but she kept telling me to wait and see. Even with looking at her sat nav and road signs could I discover where, apart from obviously travelling northwards, we were heading which obviously made it much more exciting.

      Two more of my lads are to appear in the continuing post.

  5. TANKS ( 🙂 ) for the photos..it is always nice to see your boys!
    Still, think you should go retro and feature a Beetle 🙂

    • We’re still keeping our eyes pealed for one to feature the boys with but in the meantime we are having to use whatever else comes to hand or is available.
      Thrilled to hear from you……. as always! Do miss your blogposts.

    • My! You’re up late on your iPad tonight!
      Yes, I must admit that I was very pleased that they were dressed (or at least half/partly dressed) in their DD camo outfits as my sister wouldn’t even give me a hint of where she was taking me….even when we were actually on the journey!
      All I could guess was that it must be northwards and something that only the boys would enjoy……(but I do rather love to be teased and kept on edge at times! Keeps the old brain more active)

  6. Maybe you had a premonition when you dressed your boys in their Doodles gear!!! What a nice sister you have to take you and your boys out for a photo shoot! Looks like everyone had a great time. Gill xxx

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