‘Let’s hear it for the boy’

The title here is taken from the song sung by Deniece Williams (and also by The Who.)

I gathered together the last seven of my lads and off we went driving around within a short radius from Alsager looking for some suitable photoshoots. Unfortunately there hasn’t been hardly any changes to my Gregor Brood section, either with the dolls or their DD clothing APART from one most attractive 1968 Dark Denims with NP eye painting, sam, leaving here for a new home to help pay for my daughter’s 50th birthday family ‘do’ and gifts……SAM seen here below. A hard choice but needs must as it was either him or several; of the others.

My Gregor Lads 017

…..so I’m hoping that the change of scenery will stop you from being too ‘bored to tears’ this morning.

As in last week’s post they are all wearing Dollydoodle’s clothing with commercially manufactured converses. My lads are named after some of my very favourite of my past boyfriends.

1. Iain, was the first out of the large blue Ikea plastic travelling bag when this old rusty car was spotted by the gateway to one of our local Cheshire farm shops. He is a Frido ‘minty’ 1969 Gregor Dark Denims lad and one of my rare eBay purchases.

My lads out and about 001

My lads out and about 002

Not sure which make of car it is so hoping that someone can enlighten me. Notice the small side-light on the front wing. This was how they used to be ‘in the olden days when I was young’ and not incorporated in with the main head-lights as they are nowadays.

My lads out and about 008

Nicklas. Fritz’s younger brother, is a very handsome 1960s Gotz slate-eyed, sharp-nosed lad and he and his brother are named after Sasha Morgenthaler’s two sons.

My lads out and about 011

My lads out and about 013

My lads out and about 014

3. Matt is a petite Frido 1968 Gregor Shorts lad with the tiny eye painting. Always preferring the brunette and blonde haired boys the very best I was only tempted to buy him as he came wearing the RARE three-quarter length grey woollen socks (albeit covered in darns from moth holes) that these very first lads were given for their original outfits before they were replaced by the shorter grey nylon ones. (Although I was rather disappointed that these weren’t mentioned in the recent Sasha Identification book.)

My lads out and about 028

Not quite sure just what this refers to written on the passenger door.

My lads out and about 036

My lads out and about 029

I think that Matt has a very younger kid’s look about him…..as does his best friend Jac, seen below.

My lads out and about 037

My lads out and about 030

Jac, another petite Frido Dark Denims lad who is from 1970 and who has since been customised by Shelly. I just adore his long fringe which completely covers his eyes giving him a rather shy, mysterious appearance.

(I can unfortunately remember when the rear car number plates used to be like this.)

My lads out and about 016

My lads out and about 020

You can just see a peep here of his eye painting.

My lads out and about 019

My lads out and about 021

My lads out and about 018

James, is a 1971s Trendon PJ boy who last year returned to us after spending two years in the US. He is seen here climbing over the ancient 2000 year old gnarled hollow trunked Yew Tree situated in Astbury’s St. Mary’s Churchyard (a few kilometres further on from where the rustic old car stands.) Yew Trees are completely poisonous (except for the fleshy insides of their seeds and have always been held sacred and linked with death since early man and was used for making weapons, tools of death. It is the oldest of our trees, some still here are over 4000 years old and was always planted in churchyards and often used in funeral rites…. and so therefore protected. The trees hollow trunks and many have such great girths (like this one has) that have to be supported to stop the tree from falling over. (Sorry forgot to take a photo of this this time!)

My lads out and about 046

My lads out and about 041

My lads out and about 045

Antony, another handsome and minty Frido Dark Denims boy from 1969 who came to us from Sashadolluk, is also seen playing in this ancient tree with it’s completely hollow and widespread trunk.

My lads out and about 051

My lads out and about 061

My lads out and about 059

My lads out and about 060

Next is the twelth of my lads and who came into our Gregor fold the last so he took on the name, Sam (the name of the 1968 lad who recently left.)

He is seen here in the middle of Alsager, my home village, which has now unfortunately increased and become a small town over the last 48 years since we arrived to live here. It is called Milton Gardens and is a beautifully kept and restful green space (behind is a much larger green field where the annual carnival and major outdoor activities take place as well as boy’s Sunday football etc.) There is also a super children’s playground (where my Sasha babies occasionally like to visit) and a recently renovated skate boarding park adjoining it to one side.

There must be over twenty-five of these three tiered flower planters scattered around the town  decorating the pavements in front of the shops not to mention about fifty+ hanging flower baskets or hay troughs attached to the shops/banks/supermarkets/church’s/library/civic centre/doctor’s surgery etc walls…. and which are watered every night with the council’s water wagon. (My apologies as I forgot to take any photos of these but will try to do so and will try to add them in a future post.)

We have won (or come runners up) the village/small town  in bloom award most years.

Sam in Alsager 001

Sam in Alsager 003

New Sam, is standing to the right of the centre circle admiring the planting. (I had planned to take a photo of my daughter standing here on her 50th birthday but time just didn’t seem to allow that to happen. Pity, as I thought that it would have made a lovely photo with the flower planted number 50!)

Sam 003

Sam 004

Sam 006

Moving on to just a half kilometre away New re-visited this unique tree trunk that has been freshened up this year by another budding artist (although IMO not quite as well done as it has been in previous years when you compare the additional photos!)

Sam in Alsager 007

Sam in Alsager 008

Sam in Alsager 009

Sam in Alsager 011

These two following photos were taken in the year 2011 with Jac.

The Tree 001 The Tree 004

I do hope that you enjoyed catching up on my lads over the last two Sundays and look forward to hopefully seeing you again on Sunday, October 5th…. although not too sure just what I’ll then be featuring. In the meantime have a great time enjoying your Sasha Dolls and thank you for popping by.


31 thoughts on “‘Let’s hear it for the boy’

    • It’s getting increasingly difficult to find new places of interest within a ten kilometre radius around these parts so was rather ‘chuffed’ when I spotted the old car…. BUT hadn’t realised from seeing it from the lane that it was quite so rusted and dilapidated. Had to think twice as to whether to let my boys actually sit on it but it seemed a shame not to have a photo or two of them with the car.
      Thanks for commenting. (The left clicking key has gone again and the laptop is on another ‘go slow’ so guessing that it’s time tI should be looking at new models. There’s always something needed!)

  1. As DollMum said, we could never be bored with your fabulous photos! Especially when they are of the boys! They all look as usual super trendy in their fabulous DD kit and look like they have had fun with the wonderful props you found for them to climb and enjoy. Great stuff indeed.

    • Thanks Lorraine but I seem to be on a sort of ‘quiet lull’ of not buying anything new for my Sasha collection at the moment. I did have a new visit planned for some of the lads two weeks ago only due to lack of time on the day it didn’t materialise…… but still have hopes for it in the near future.
      Still trying to find out what make of car it is.
      Thanks for commenting. Love to ‘Dear’ Henry!

  2. Lovely photos Kendal – and congratulations on having such a well turned out gang of lads with clean and tidy clothes, neatly combed hair and immaculate shoes! The car is such a nice prop – do you fancy one of those in your garden for future use in your photos?

    • Not sure that they were quite as clean after scrambling over the car though!
      Unfortunately my garden is just too small to have this car in it although I’m sure that my boys would have loved to it here as their den!
      I really enjoy seeing my lads out playing in the open as it makes me able totake a good close look at them all instead of viewing them as a mass group at home.

  3. I have really enjoyed your posts featuring your very wonderful boys Kendal. The outfits by Judith are so very nice and they look handsome wearing them. The photo settings have really captured my attention this time though and the rusty old car is a show stopper!

    I love seeing the boys on the amazing old car from the different angles. Just wonderful. It is always nice to see a boy in a tree climbing or just hanging around. It brings back many happy memories of my tree climbing days.

    Your Matt and Jac are very handsome boys but James and the rest are too! So nice to see them all outdoors and thank you for another great post 🙂 xxx

    • Hopefully third time lucky as have lost the last two replies as my laptop is still playing up!
      Was quite shocked to see just how rusty and dirty the car really was as from the lane it looked in a much better state. Had to start by clearing away some of the cobwebs.

      I do so enjoy taking my boys out and about as it makes me look at them more closely and see their different little characters much more clearly which I don’t always see when they are at home and on mass.

      Like you I too enjoyed climbing trees with my two younger brothers and would spend quite a bit of time quietly hidden away from view just day dreaming, wishing for or reading..

  4. love the photos Kendal, especially the rusty car shots …how do you know denice Williams “here it for the boy “…that song brings back happy memories of the summer of 84 being 15 and getting up to no good and wearing rara skirts just like Sharon makes xxxx

    • ……Because my daughter (although a few years older than you) was still at home at that time so playing them out loud from her bedroom plus I was teaching and tried to keep up with the popular songs that the children used to mention.
      You sound as though you were somewhat of a naughty,rebellious teenager in those days. Unfortunately I missed out on the wearing of the ra-ra skirts but certainly made up for it with the mini! dresses and skirts in the sixties and early seventies..

  5. Another great post Kendal.
    How lovely finding an old car and using it alongside your boys. Fab pictures as always.
    Sorry I have been a bit quite, but I should be back to normal Monday. Xxxxx

    • Always MY pleasure to hear from you either here or via the telephone.
      Yes, I was thrilled to discover the old rustic car to add a new and different dimension to my photos which could have been rather boring otherwise having the same dolls and clothing for quite some years now…..(I’m tending to blame the lack of the Dollydoodle’s website whilst it’s undergoing a redesign and renovations) though the Sasha girls seem to have faired a little better with regards to new clothing thanks to vintage-sasha and Sharon from Spain.

    • I too love the boys and their DD clothing ……..BUT perhaps not quite as much as the girls if I had to choose.to keep just the one sex.
      I do enjoy taking them out and about though as they are much more fun and will have a go at anything and everything with not a whisper of complaint.

    • Great to hear from you!
      Will do my very best to try to locate a VW Beetle but if I fail I could always send one of my lads down to you to take some photos for me as I’m sure that he would even have a choice of model and colour!
      (I’m thinking that this might be an Austin with that winged badge on the top of the radiator so need to try to Google it when I have a spare minute or two and my laptop will let me.).

  6. Kendal, your photos are smashing!! It’s hard to decide who is the cutest! I might have a little crush on James, your PJ boy. Oh, he looks so much like my Eamon. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with the rest of us. It IS hard to find new places to take the Sasha kids for photos within a certain distance. Your efforts are appreciated by all of us, Sasha-fans.

    • Oh thank you! Yes, I am finding it more difficult nowadays to find an interesting background especially as I have now published 751 posts on this WordPress blog,and not counting those on my previous blogspot over the first few years.

      I’m still needing to get back to finishing commenting on your other posts that I have missed but this laptop has been causing me too many problems again this week especially as the left click key has broken once more. Am definitely in need of a new replacement laptop..

  7. Fabulous photos Kendal! Your boys are always so well dressed in their Dollydoodles attire! Just love that old car, it looks like an old Austin 7. I too can remember when number plates were like that! Makes me feel ancient!!!! You always find such great places to do your photo shoots! Gill x

    • Thanks for commenting Gill. It’s always good to hear what other people think of the post even if it’s a negative feedback as it helps you with future posts.
      I know that it is sometimes a little time consuming especially when time is so precious but I always look on my comments as like a little thank you note for them giving me an extra ‘Sasha fix!’

      • Luckily I haven’t so far…….. but one never knows what the future holds!

        Have finally started on deleting hundreds of photos from my Pictures just in case I have to have a new laptop. Looks like that is going to keep me busy for months to come as there are so many ‘rubbishy’ photos stored in amongst the few better worth keeping ones.

  8. I’m late for the party! But better late than never, I say, and thankfully I am not too late to miss your gorgeous photos of the boys Kendal! I love the photos on them sitting on the old car, I agree that it looks like an Austin badge. I love seeing old cars and you’ve made a very good ‘prop’ of this one I have to say. I also love seeing the boys in the DD outfits, so nice and trendy!
    Alsager is very pretty too, all those lovely flowers….certainly a very photogenic place to live!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • You’re never too late Sharon and luckily these blog posts stay on ‘forever and a day’ so no set time for visiting.
      This car certainly hits the description of old. I was quite shocked when I saw it up close and guessing that it’s only still there and hasn’t been taken for scrap because it is anchored to that gatepost BUT it does the job of alerting passing trade to the arm shop, children’s play area and cafe.

      Our Cheshire Council do make a great effort to keep Alsager looking clean, tidy and decorative. In the Winter months it is filled with a theme of Christmas lights attached above and on the walls of shops, banks, supermarkets and houses throughout it’s whole length making it look welcoming and rather like fairyland

  9. Let’s hear it for the boys…..long sustained applause!!! Love all of the photos. Just love the way that you use old props (the car, tree etc) and brand new clothes. The vintage boys seem to bridge the gap between them. So creative!! There are never too many photos. Many thanks for the post. I thoroughly enjoyed it…Carol

    • Many thanks for your support here. I was a bit apprehensive with hardly any changes with the lads and their Summer DD clothing although I did mix and match a few a little differently and try to put them on a different lad for a change.

      I have since been informed by my male friend that the car is indeed an pre-war Austin as I had previously thought. I have unfortunately used both the Yew tree and the painted tree before, as well as similar floral displays.

      I am also trying to just take three shots of each subject, full length, then from the waist upwards and finally a close up of their faces although Matt, the Shorts lad and Jac, the Shelly re-paint, had a few more each purely to show off the car.

  10. I love your boys Kendal and what a great find for your photo shoot, that lovely old rusting car!!
    It’s great seeing your lads in their summer DD wear. I would not worry about having ‘new’ things to show, we all just love to see photo’s of Sashas/Gregors !!
    Love Dee who is really late withe her comment but does have a good excuse miss!! 🙂

    • Yes, we knew that you were away on holiday this week and hope that you all, including Eric, Sir Walther and Sansa, had a great time up in Yorkshire..

      I must admit that I was pleased with the old car as a background but was rather shocked to see just how derellct and rusted it actually was close too.
      I really enjoy being ‘out and about’ with my lads especially when they are togged-out in their trendy DD leisure wear

      Good to have you back again..

  11. Hello Kendal! I’m back:):):)

    Ooooh Kendal, I had forgotten what I have been missing. These pics are just wonderful…….and I now discover that Fritz has a younger brother!!!!! I should imagine that Nicklas will have learnt a trick or two from Fritz?

    One other song that came into my mind which would be appropriate for your posting is Pentangle’s version of : ‘The Trees They Do Grow High’ (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8fEm3LdvGw ) Very sad traditional folk song, but covers trees and a boy.

    The rusty car was a brilliant idea and Ms. Gillian Nash is spot on with her identification and the car is, indeed, an Austin 7 Ruby(see: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/67/Austin_Seven_New_Ruby_Saloon.jpg )

    The identification can be confirmed by spotting a) the windscreen wiper motor, the hinges on the windscreen and the side mounted engine cooling flaps. I would like to see Fritz sitting on a) a Jensen 541 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jensen_541 ) b) Austin A 105 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austin_Westminster#mediaviewer/File:Austin_A105_Westminster_front_1957.jpg ) c) Wolseley 6/80 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolseley_4/50 )

    One other idea, what about the lads going off on a caravan expedition? Fritz ventures into forest…..and discovers an old Carlight Colonial (http://www.gypsytrailercaravans.webeden.co.uk/#/carlight/4520948231 )

  12. Normally I don’t read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very
    compelled me to take a look at and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me.
    Thank you, very nice article.

    • Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting. It has spurred me on to try to do much better with my titles, descriptions and background scenery for future posts instead of just mainly concentrating on photographing the dolls and their outfits as I normally do.

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