New Sasha Stuff…..and a 50th Birthday.

1.Miss Lippy says….’Hello again and welcome back.’

New Sasha Stuff 078

This last five weeks has been very busy firstly with sorting out the garden and planting out the Runner Beans, then having my daughter staying up here for the week whilst celebrating her 50th birthday. (Have included some photos of this in the second part of this post for those of you who are interested.) Unfortunately I have also been ill so had to sit and rest… so watched practically ALL of Wimbledon.

2. First photo in the Sasha section is a lovely belated birthday gift of a Dollydoodle top and skinny jeans seen here on Abril, (the name which Sharon suggested and told me it’s Spanish for April ) my Birthday Fringe girl (as all my other birthday Sasha clothing gifts were!)
New Sasha Stuff 029

3.This month we have had wall to wall sunshine again (and still no rain until Friday afternoon) so have had to wait until the evenings to take the photos or set up under the trees, hence the shadows and sometimes an overall greenish tinge.
New Sasha Stuff 030

New Sasha Stuff 031

5.Secondly is a very attractive vintage-sasha outfit that I purchased a little while ago from Sarah’s blogspot sales and modelled here by Belle (a Shelly customised {and named} 1970 Gregor.)
My apologies throughout this post for the continual presence of stray hairs across their faces…..I just don’t see them anymore (with not wearing my reading/computer glasses when photographing) until I come to bring them up on the laptop screen…..when by then it’s too late.

New Sasha Stuff 003

New Sasha Stuff 011

New Sasha Stuff 010

New Sasha Stuff 012

9. My 1968 waif Fringe girl is wearing a ‘gifted’ from Sharon Humphrey ra-ra frilled casual jersey dress over some DD cerise shorts. Many, many thanks Sharon for this delightful surprise which arrived with my chosen, ordered and bought dress seen below this.
New Sasha Stuff 058

New Sasha Stuff 066

New Sasha Stuff 059

12. I wasn’t too sure if the addition of the ribbon was a bit too ‘over the top’ so took these next few photos on the following day without it to see which I/you preferred. (Personally I like it!)
New Sasha Stuff 005

New Sasha Stuff 013

14. This is the dress that I choose from some of Sharon’s materials and bought and now finally seen here on one of my favourite of my Gotz girls.
New Sasha Stuff 049

New Sasha Stuff 052

16. I’m loving this pose of her below.
New Sasha Stuff 056

17. Another vintage-sasha dress with one of her latest yoke frilled designs. (Unfortunately I missed the blue denim one previously listed) seen here on my 1969 Gregor Luke who was re-rooted into Lucy by Sarah Williams.
New Sasha Stuff 025

New Sasha Stuff 017

New Sasha Stuff 029

New Sasha Stuff 026

21. Chris Taylor sent this sweet DD beach outfit for Bea as she herself no longer has any of the Gotz toddlers. Bea says thank you very, very much Auntie Chris. I just love it.
New Sasha Stuff 039

New Sasha Stuff 044

New Sasha Stuff 053

24. ….and then this Sasha sized version followed shortly afterwards. Just how lucky are we? Millions of thanks Chris. These two are all ready now for a visit to the beach.

New Sasha Stuff 006

25. My 1969 wide faced waif with her slightly greening eyes and brows enhanced by Shelly.
New Sasha Stuff 007

New Sasha Stuff 009

27. We were all geared up ready to support England in the World Cup with this limited edition of a DD England shirt….. BUT unfortunately our hopes were very soon dashed!!!
New Sasha Stuff 029

28. A very handsome wide faced 1969 Frido lad is modelling the gear for us.
New Sasha Stuff 056

New Sasha Stuff 065

New Sasha Stuff 068

31. Another vintage-sasha outfit that I purchased from Sarah’s blogspot sales and seen here being worn on my 1966 Frido Developmental Jeans girl…. with JJ sandals (a gift from the late JJ.)
New Sasha Stuff 035

32. The first few photos are with her hair in bunches as she has a FCP and the later ones are with her hair let lose around her face.
New Sasha Stuff 043

New Sasha Stuff 039

New Sasha Stuff 076

New Sasha Stuff 073

36. An announcement from Miss Lippy….who although not wearing any new clothes has been allowed for once to have her hair unbraided and let loose. (Not the best of hair for this as it’s dry and slightly frizzy!)

New Sasha Stuff 079

‘This is the end of the Sasha section to this post and we’ll hopefully be back here on Sunday, August 3rd with photos of the rest of our new Sasha ‘stuff.’

37.What follows now is some photos of Chon’s un-50th-birthday ‘do’ for those who are interested.

I asked my youngest brother if he would help me with the photography that day so some of the following photos are his (I’m sure that you’ll be in no doubt as to whose are whose!)
Wanting to have as many of our family as could make it to help my daughter informally celebrate this, as she puts it, her UN-milestone birthday, I decided to ask my sister’s husband if I could ‘borrow’ one of his privately owned vintage buses to host the occasion. I had to choose one of the single-deckers, rather than a more exciting double-decker, as I had decided to park it under the shade of the trees at my late mother’s and father’s bungalow (as Chon was particularly close to my mother and is the first of her 10 grandchildren to reach 50.)




40. Chon so loved the destination blind that it is now in the process of being mounted to display in her home.



41. As the bus’ exterior is painted red and cream I had decided to go with a ‘red’ theme  but added the black when I heard that Chon was calling it an UN-birthday! The red and black alternate balloons are encased in a transparent outer balloon with the number 50 printed on them whilst black ribbon bows adorn the in-between seats.


43. The food now un-wrapped. My sister very kindly prepared the food for me as Chon was staying with me and we wanted everything to be a complete surprise for her.
Chon's Birthday 055

Chon's Birthday 056

Chon's Birthday 053

Chon's Birthday 057

47. Whilst the drinks, sandwiches and nibbles were situated at the front of the bus the cake and strawberries (which I had luckily managed to prepare and decorate whilst she was walking the dog so without her seeing) were laid out on a table at the back. (The empty white dishes were for the cream which remained in a cool bag until needed.)
Chon's Birthday 036

Chon's Birthday 037



51. Natually two year old Bella, Chon’s rescue Weimaraner, was invited as guest of honour as it was the first time that we had seen and met her.

52. An extra photo here of her getting ‘doggy birthday kisses’ just in case Absolutely Sasha is visiting us today.

53. The cake was duly brought outside on this perfect afternoon/evening’s weather, when it was time to light and blow out the candles.


55. A later photo of Chon, and of course her ever faithful hound, Bella, with the rescued from the bus balloons sitting on the wrought iron bench (that she and her ex husband gave me about fifteen years ago) under the arch which I trained this ivy to cover and shade.
Chon's Birthday 082

56. I have included some photos of her presents and cards from me as I know that several of my friends like to see the wrappings….. plus what was inside. Unfortunately I had somehow lost the paper that I had bought last year to use (and to which I had selected these bags to go with) so had to use some other paper that I had here instead.
Chon's Birthday 003

57. I therefore now had to link the plain black bags to the paper in some way so came up with the idea of adding her name cut out from the paper to the bags.
Chon's Birthday 018

Chon's Birthday 004

Chon's Birthday 005

Inside the presents was a bottle of Champagne to go into the ice bucket (notice the  replica horse’s snaffle bits for the handles) and a Polo malet toast rack, which she is going to use instead as a letter rack on her desk. (The ice bucket was filled with Lancome cosmetics and MAC make-up when inside the box.)
Chon's Birthday 061



64. I spotted this little novelty filled with Champagne, as it was rather appropiate for the Sunday’s celebrations with her friends….. as you will see later on.
Chon's Birthday 065

65. In the large black carrier bag was this linen cushion which I thought was a bit of fun for the day….. being born in 1964.
It was also made in Wales of Welsh linen where we had most of our holidays in our caravan on my parent’s plot of land when she was younger.
Chon's Birthday 088

66. I had been looking out for suitable 50th birthday cards over the last two years and finally came up with these five, one for every ten years of her life.
Chon's Birthday 070

67. I numbered them on the envelopes as to the order of opening saving what I thought was the two best until the last. So no 5 was the red Fifty today, no 4 was the replica number plate, no 3 was the sophisticated 50, no 2 was the vintage map 5 and 0 numbers. (The maps on the number 5 depicts the area around here where she lived aged 2-25 and the 0 shows Bletchingley where she has lived for many years…. and still lives.

(It was quite a difficult decision as to which maps to use as she has lived in eight homes altogether starting off in a flat on the sea front in Bexhill on Sea, a maisonette in London, two properties, a bungalow and house, in Alsager, a flat and bungalow in Hartshill, two houses in Bletchingley, a manor house in Eastling and finally back to her own lodge in Bletchingley.)

68. The final and my/her’s/everyone’s very favourite card was the one ‘Today I have loved you….’ (I was the most thrilled with this of everything that I gave her!)
Chon's Birthday 076

69. This was from her dog, Bella and Polo pony, Navanja.
Chon's Birthday 074

70. …. this I thought was rather amusing as her father and I had both given her identical cards….( we have been divorced for a good forty years and he now lives in the Republic of Ireland!)….. BUT the wording sums her up to a ‘T!’
Chon's Birthday 071

71. On the Sunday, 22nd June Chon hosted a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ for her home friends down at the Sussex Polo Club. (This was why I bought the little ‘Drink Me’ potion bottle that you saw a photo of earlier……rather like Alice in Wonderland drank which made her so small that she was able to follow the White Rabbit down his burrow.)


72. Chon decorated the hat herself.

The End!


31 thoughts on “New Sasha Stuff…..and a 50th Birthday.

  1. Oh! It is so good to have my Sunday coffee treat chez Kendal again!
    I hope you have enjoyed Wimbledon, despite your illness, and hope you are better now?

    What a lovely post. Please don’t worry about stray hairs blowing across the girls’ faces, it just makes them seem more natural. I remember that, each time the old camera’s lens cap came off, there came the dreaded undoing of braids, scraping of the scalp with mother’s sharp, narrow toothed hand-bag comb, followed by rebraiding so tight that I have a look of teary-eyed surprise in every photo father took. It was HORRIBLE and shouldn’t be inflicted on our lovely Sashas! lol.

    Now, Kendal dear, we all love you but fibbing still isn’t allowed. There is no way Chon can be a day over 35 and absolutely no way you are old enough to have a 50 year old daughter! I don’t believe you on either count and will be sendng an investigative journalist, in the shape of my news reader, Gregory, to insist on seeing documentory evidence!


    • So pleased to hear that you are glad to have us back blogging again…..although on a much spaced out basis.
      Leaving it so long between posts does tend to make me forget just what I have written and photographed so had to have a bit of a catch up beforehand to refresh the memory…. BUT on the other hand it does give me more time to get things done here which might otherwise be left for even longer…. plus I have reached the age when so much excess ‘stuff’ has been accumulated over the years that much of it needs to be sorted and moved on.

      I am trying NOT to believe that I have a 50 year old daughter as even the thought of it seems to add years to my already ancient age! Added to that is the fact that when at these family gatherings I am indeed the oldest there and so must be considered the matriarch of the family…..which again doesn’t please me!

      Unfortunately Gregory would find everything to be ‘the truth and nothing but the truth’ although I wished it wasn’t but he is welcome to visit us here any time, especially if you were to accompany him as well. Sooner than later would probably be better as my Sasha Brood is fast depleting in numbers as funds for my daughter’s major house repairs are needed.

      I am feeling much better now thanks but like so many health problems it is on-going with flare-ups when you least want them…. BUT I did enjoy watching the tennis (as I do each year but not on such a large scale!) and am looking forward to the highlight of the men’s single’s final this afternoon.

  2. Wonderful post Kendal, Lovely to see your gorgeous Sasha’s in their new outfits.All so pretty and perfect for each wearer.
    Shame that England did not last long enough in the World Cup for your boys to celebrate more.

    And two for the price of one! Chon’s gorgeous birthday parties, in Stoke and also back at her home. Loved seeing all her gifts and cards, very clever idea of cutting out her name in the paper to pull the two bags together with the paper.Are you sure you never worked in the wrapping gift department of Harrods? You could pull in a few pounds doing talks to department store on how to provide a gift wrapping service! Loved the polo toast rack very smart idea and looks so good.

    Love Chon’s idea of a Mad Hatters Tea party to celebrate her un-birthday ! Looks like a lovely time was had by all at both events.

    A beautiful start to a Sunday , thank you for all your time and effort to provide us with this interesting and colourful post
    hugs Dee xx

    • Hadn’t expected to hear from you today as I thought that you would still be recovering from yesterday’s Sasha Village garden party.

      My lads were very disappointed that they weren’t able to get better value out of the England shirt (which had only just arrived here!) and the thunder sticks that they spent their pocket money on. (Luckily they didn’t have enough ‘puff’ to inflate the second stick so that can hopefully be saved until the next England event!)

      Pleased that you enjoyed seeing the photos of our recent celebrations.
      In between my two marriages I used to do a home present wrapping service (plus giving them ideas for the presents etc) for my family and friends to get a little extra bit of cash in to help pay for my presents for Chon but am now finding it much too difficult to do with the deteriorating hands so shall unfortunately shall be having to stop wrapping presents very shortly..

  3. Happy July Kendal and I really enjoyed your post of the dolls and Chon’s birthday celebration–just wonderful! When you start off with Miss Lippy, I know it is going to be a great time. I think this is the first time that I gave seen her with her hair down. She is a beauty! I liked all of the photos of the outfits, shoes and ribbons very much and your garden is lovely too.

    So very nice to see Chon’s wrapped presents and cards too. The use of the bus was just inspired and a fantastic party site. It is very special to celebrate a milestone birthday and I am certain Chon was very touched by the thoughtfulness and love expressed by her family and friends. Great day!

    Thank you for sharing this post Kendal and I am happy to know that you are feeling better. Enjoy your summer! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks for the July wishes. Hoping that it will be a somewhat quieter and healthier month overall.
      I think that Miss Lippy enjoyed me letting her have her hair down for once although it’s really not the best style for this type of hair. She probably has the best painted eyes of all my I try to treat her to a little extra something now and then.

      I have been more conscious of my postage stamp of a garden since following Denise’s Sasha Village’s, although there’s not much one can do with such a tiny plot. Am planting a few new trees around the perimeter to try to block out the neighbouring houses and give me more of a secret garden style look….though how many more it will take before I completely block out the sky is anybodies’ guess.

      I was very pleased with the way the ‘bus do’ went especially as Chon hadn’t the remotest clue about it happening as she just thought that she was going over there after walking the dog for my youngest brother to take one or two informal photos of her on her special day.As she rounded the bend on the private road and saw the bus and most of the family gathered there she was honking her vehicle’s horn and grinning from side to side.

      Hope that you have now recovered your energy fully from another great Sasha Festival.

  4. What a delightful post Kendal, made even more ‘special’ by 1) the un-Birthday of your dear daughter Chon, and 2) the fact that it has been….AGES (or what seems like ages) since you last posted!!! I’m so glad to see you back though as I have missed your weekly posts, but appreciate that it is hard for you to do one every week…..we will just have to be satisfied with the fact that you are still continuing on a monthly basis instead!!
    I loved the photos of Chon’s birthday party, what a great idea with the vintage bus. My hubbys daughter hired one for her wedding to take the guests from the registry office to the reception, it looked very similar to this one!! My favourite photo of the un-Birthday ones? Can you guess? I’m sure when I say which, you’ll say “of course!”….it’s the one of Bella ‘kissing’ Chon for her birthday. I’m such a dog lover, I just love photos like this, natural relaxed photos of people enjoying the company of ‘mans best friend’….or in this case ‘womans’!!! Oh and I do agree with Dee on the parcel wrapping, they really are too pretty to open!
    The Sasha photos are of course lovely too. I see that it was you who pipped me to the post with the dress from Sarah, the one with the grey background and the red/orange/white etc flowers. Such a pretty outfit, and looks great with her hair ribbons and JJ sandals. Love it!
    I’m glad you liked the two ra-ra dresses, I like your choice of girls to wear them!
    A great bunch of photos, girls, boy and outfits….I am now off to do a bit of sewing for one of mine….maybe a boy will get something new today!
    Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you’re feeling a lot better and will have fun watching your favourite tennis player in the final……here’s rooting for him!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Oh gosh what a super long reply here! Will try to take it point by point with my reply and try not to miss anything.
      It does seem a long time even to me since I last posted. Had certainly forgotten just what I had and hadn’t done. I’m hoping that just the once every month will bring a happy medium for me and my followers.

      I was lucky with that grey/floral VS dress as was late checking into Sarah’s blogspot and it was the only one left BUT was actually my favourite of the day.
      I and my girls are thrilled with your two ra-ra dresses.

      These vintage buses are now coming into their own for weddings, proms, special outings etc. since the decline in popularity with the limousines and Hummers due to their limited number of passengers.
      This pretty little bus is the last one of it’s kind still in use and is very popular transporting party’s with numbers 42 and under.

      Will tell Chon that you liked the one of Bella ‘birthday’ kissing her the very best.

      I am enthralled with the Wimbledon men’s finals but unfortunately Federer is behind with little chance of catching up unless a miracle now happens. It is by far the best ever men’s final that I have ever watched..

  5. Hi Kendal, what can i say , yet another wonderful post. I love the outfits especially the one from vintage Sasha on your FCP. Sharon’s ruffle outfit is very pretty too. Please wish Chon a belated un-birthday from me and i think you did a marvellous job with all the arrangements for her Birthday. Hope you are feeling better Theresa xx

    • Thanks Theresa and hopefully I’m now on the mend…yet again… plus I’ll definitely pass on your belated birthday wishes to Chon who I believe is still celebrating that day….thanks to her home friend’s gifts of meals, a spa …..and a holiday in Tenerife in January!
      I agree that there were some great new outfits included today..These Sashas of ours are so lucky with such fantastic seamstresses catering for their every need.

  6. Dear Kendal a very wonderful post with lots of gorgeous treats to look at. Your beautiful Sasha’s all dressed so nicely in the garden. Like Jenni said, I wouldn’t worry about stray hairs it looks far more natural.

    I hope Chon realises how very lucky she has to have a Mum like you and the family she has to put on such a super fabulous birthday party – ‘unbirthday’ or not, it is simply the best. The vintage buses are so popular now and I have heard of several people who have used them for various celebrations. Perfect that you have a family member with some to choose from, and what a lovely bus chosen as well. It is lovely to see Chon has a new dog as well, who very obviously looks like she has settled in and bonded with Chon very well indeed. The gifts were perfect as well, chosen so well for her personality that we have read so much about on your blog.

    Have a good month, hopefully feeling a lot better, and take care.

    • Thinking that it’s good that photography isn’t my main job with all those stray hairs flying everywhere!
      I always think that Chon is most appreciative of what everyone does for her and we always get a beautifully written thank you letter as well as the phone calls and verbal thanks.

      Yes, I agree that these vintage buses are very popular nowadays. It’s lovely too to have your guests under one roof when being transported from A to B as it extends the party spirit and time.

      We are all thrilled that Chon’s rescue dog has finally settled to a good life having been originally found as a little puppy wandering the streets and even after being taken to a rescue centre with three unsuccessful adoption tries she was scheduled to be put down if a new owner couldn’t be found.
      So sad the way some of these beautiful dogs are treated.

      Thanks for the good health and month of July wishes.

  7. Kendal,
    I think it may be about a year since I started following your posts. They continually delight me and I forward them on to a dear friend of mine who lives far away and she enjoys them just as thoroughly! All of your posts brings huge smiles to my face and this one was exceptional. I wonder if Chon realizes what a fabulous mum she has?! (I’m certain she does!) I’ll bet that when she was born you never fathomed how many dozens of siblings you’d provide for her!! ;-D

    Please keep on sharing your passion for life and Sashas (and fine/exquisite outfits and landscapes) and people! You are a treasure!

    All the best for wonderful health! You have so many children that are counting on you to clothe and gently care for them!!

    From across the Atlantic and the land mass of the US, in the city where the beatiful & iconic Smith Tower has just celebrated it’s 100th birthday (tell Chon that is something about which to look forward). I am sure your Sashas would love a photo shoot at Smith Tower and the view across Puget Sound!

    Warm regards.

    • Oh many thanks for this most interesting comment. So much to think about packed in here.

      I bought our first Sasha for Chon in 1966, then a Gregor in 1968 followed by a baby Sasha in 1970 though unfortunately these were stolen in one of her house moves and which wasn’t actually discovered until many years later.
      From those moments on I have always loved these wonderful dolls although it wasn’t until 1975 that I was able to actually buy myself one…. and from then on there has been no looking back! They seem to bring so much pleasure into our lives in one way or another…..not to mention the resulting fantastic worldwide friendships.

  8. so glad to read your blog again and admire all the lovely clothes on the Sasha brood and the amazing celebrations for your daughter’s birthday – real style. I’m glad she had a happy time (and you did too), though sorry you haven’t been well – hope you are much better now.

    • Thank you, especially for the better health nwishes.
      It does seem a long time to me since I last posted but as we know time these days seems to fly by far too fast. SO much to do and so little time to do it.
      I was really pleased that the idea of using the bus really paid off and will hopefully be remembered in the future as being something a little bit different.

  9. I’ve drank two cups of coffee whilst reading your post because the photo’s have had me mesmerized this morning. I’m so happy that you kindly shared with us Chon’s Un-Birthday with all the fine touches and details that you are so talented at putting together. When I turned 50, my ex-husband very kindly hosted a party for both me and my youngest (Nina) who was 25 in the same year and month of July. All was superb except he seriously lost one big fat brownie point when he had banners and balloons put up, titled “75th Birthday Party”! So Chon’s idea would have suited me far better and this year, I think I’ll have an Un-Do Birthday taking down the numbers that was so kindly bestowed on me!
    I too like Sharon, love Chon’s beautiful dog and of course, the pretty, pretty rah-rah dresses with all the beautiful fabrics……so much talent collectively on your wonderful page!
    I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling better and made the most of your recuperation to at least enjoy the tennis. I hope the weather stays sunny at home with not-so-high temperatures to have your brood out in the garden for some more gorgeous photo’s next month and thank you for a most enjoyable morning!
    Hugs, Jackie xxx

    • My apologies as it was indeed rather a long post….hence dividing it into two parts for those who are only into the Sasha section.

      Smiled at your’s and Nina’s 75 year birthday banner.!!!
      (Actually I did put up a 50 birthday banner on the front windows AND did take a photo of Chon out there but must have forgotten to include it here!)

      We are still having the hot sunshine so will have to watch and wait for more suitable opportunities for the next photo-shoots…. although I didn’t use all of the all the last time so still have a few in hand…..always a good thing the way my time is flying by!

      Thanks for the better health wishes though it allowed me to watch practically all the tennis without feeling too guilty…..particularly yesterday’s men’s final which is the BEST tennis match that I have ever watched….though would have preferred Federer to have won!

  10. Glad to hear that you are on the mend Kendal. Loved all of the photos! Enjoyed all of the beautiful photos over a nice pot of tea. Thanks for sharing your lovely daughter’s birthday celebration with us. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet elegance of the occasion & think that it ties in well with Sasha photos where the poses seem pensive. I am going to keep your birthday ideas in mind when my daughter turns 50 in a little over 2 years. We are already talking about it & I am collecting ideas. Yours are clearly the best ones I have seen. She does not want a party – she wants to travel – so maybe an unbirthday?? Many thanks for sharing…Carol

    • Sorry to hear that this post was SO long that it required ‘a pot of tea’ whilst viewing it.

      Pleased to hear that you liked some of the birthday ideas as like your daughter, Chon didn’t want a formal family/friends party or meal…..not officially wanting to mark the occasion as such so I felt that this idea was informal with a little difference (as you probably know by know from my Sasha Doll collecting I like the unusual or different!)

      Large family gatherings can be a bit of a bind (or awkward!) at times but it was my late mother’s wish that we try to keep in touch with and look after each other and as many as possible meet up at least once a year. So far so good and we are going to be planning a little something (not sure just what as yet!) for one of my many niece’s 21st birthday in November and next year her twin sisters are going to be 30.

      I think that your daughter’s plans to travel instead of a formal party are great so the theme and accompanying gifts could all be to do with travelling. (Something like a day travelling on the Orient Express if you lived in the UK springs to mind.)

      Feeling that same way about these parties my parents helped me celebrated my 21st birthday by organising for a group of friends to go to the first car racing gathering of the year at Oulton Park complete with Champagne and Caviar picnic hampers and then my mother cooked us all an evening meal on our return
      For my 40th and 50th birthdays my daughter took me to spend those days at a health spa with suitable treatments included. My 60th was a weekend with three of my special friends staying at her and her husband’s 14th century Manor Eastling whilst the 70th was a scrumptious formal afternoon tea at Old Crewe Hall.

  11. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, I hope you are feeling better now.
    What a lovely lot of photos to look at. My favourite is of your 1966 Frido Developmental Jean girl wearing that gorgeous Vintage Sasha dress. I think she looks very sweet with her hair lose around her face.
    Loved looking at all the photos of Chon’s Un Birthday celebrations, the beautifully wrapped presents and lovely cards. The framed photo at the end is great!
    I have to keep going back for another look! Love Gill xx

    • I too preferred my Developmental girl with her hair down.around her face but so often feel that she has to have it in side bunches on account of having the FCP.
      I chose her to wear the VS dress on account of her eye colouring which I felt went well with the background of the dress material.

      It was a up and coming young photographer from the Polo Club who took those two last photographs of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Wished that I could have seen more photos of the occasion especially the presentation of the food as I spent a lot of time helping Chon cut out some Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit (as well as two of the other Alice in Wonderland characters) frills to go around the cup cakes..

  12. Better late than never, lol. Sorry Kendal, i seem to be very lazy when it comes to writting on your blog these days, so you can slap my legs when i see you at Dee’s C&S in October.
    Beautiful pictures as always. Love your developmental in her VS dress and i agree her hair does look better down. I also love your crude eyed Gotz girl in Sharons fab outfit, she has such a far away look to her. The DD outfits are lovely and its nice to see Bea getting a new DD outfit as well, lol.
    Wasn’t Chon a lucky girl! The old bus was decorated beautifully (love the colours) for her un birthday

    • I know how time consuming writing comments can be so I’m very grateful for this BUT it’s interesting to read about what people think of the posts etc. which in turn then helps you to decide or alter your future ones.

      I too preferred my Developmental girl with her hair down. This was probably the first time that he hadn’t been styled in the two bunches with her having the FCP.
      Since having seen her like this I have decided to do the same with my two Fringe Dungaree red heads and I think that they both look better with their hair down and framing their faces… you’ll hopefully see when they next appear here.

      I was thrilled with the way Chon’s un-birthday family ‘do’ turned out. Always a bit of a worry with these family get-togethers!

  13. Sorry Kendal, i hadn’t finished when my comment published, lol.
    Love the wonderful cards and birthday gifts Chon received. I also really liked the pictures of Chon as they look so natural and un-posed. xxxxxx

    • I had particularly asked my youngest brother just to take a few very casual photos of the family, nothing formal, just as a memento of the occasion.
      I was ‘over the moon’ with the ‘Today I have loved you for….’ card. A bright idea of some-ones!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Steve.

  14. Hi I’m so in love with your life Size dolls & are u selling any of your dolls cuse I would love to have that doll with the blond hair

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