My Delightful Re-rooted Dolls Part 2

First up today is one of my two dolls re-rooted by the very talented Jackie Rhydstrom. She was an early Trendon brunette falling haired Gingham girl that Jackie took in hand and re-rooted her in a lovely coloured strawberry blonde with a FCP to give her a second chance in life.

Here are some of the photos that Jackie took and sent me to buy her from…..

A.Strawberry Blond 024

B.Strawberry Blond 017

C.Strawberry Blond 020

D.Strawberry Blond 009

E.Strawberry Blond 001

F.Forget me knot blue 042



1. She is one of my rare named girls and is called Annaleise.

Winter Changes 051


New doll and outfit 007


Thursday's photos 033


New outfits 025


DD outfits Oct 020




January 2013 031


DD outfits Oct 024




Winter Changes 044

My second of Jackie’s re-rooted dolls is the now ‘famous’ Ross. He is my original wide faced 1969 Gregor Dark Denim lad who has been with me for MANY years, standing quietly on my bookcases and gently shedding his hair until all his fringe had disappeared and some drastic action was required.
He packed his bags and headed off to stay with Jackie in Spain for a little ‘hair re-rooting’ holiday. Whilst over there and living by the ocean he decided that he would like to become a long haired blonde surfing dude.

I.Ross 014 (2)

J.Ross 008

K.Ross 004 (2)

L.Ross 010 (2)

This was the very first time that Jackie had attempted a Gregor and so when it came to styling his long blonde locks she enlisted the help,of her own male hairdresser who agreed to help her if she brought him with her to his salon. A few days later after it had settled down Jackie re-trimmed it a little more before sending him home.

M.Ross 005 (2)

N.Ross 008 (4)

O.Ross 004 (3)

P.Ross 012

Q.Ross 027 (2)

R.Ross 010 (3)

S.Ross 009


Ross arrives back home 018


Single tree backcloth 008


A visit to Llandudno 005


New gear for Ross 008


My lads in the Summer Time 050


My Gregor Lads 047


Broad Shorts 072


New gear for Ross 002

Third on the agenda is my early 70s Trendon dark eyed baby nightdress who was bought especially for this purpose due to falling hair, and then took a trip to Lisa Hartley to get her new brunette longer locks.

Here are the two photos that Lisa took of her before sending her back.

Lisa 1

Lisa 2



Winter Change over 047


Re-root baby 014


Re-root baby 020

Christmas gift outfits 090


Baby Fleeces 010


April 23rd photos 062

Last, but not least is my latest re-root by Sarah Williams. I had been ‘pestering’ poor Sarah for years now for her to re-root one of my gang since she wouldn’t part with one of her gorgeous vintage-sasha models that I so loved and wanted to buy. Finally she caved in and this 1969 fallen haired/then wigged Gregor Dark Denims, Luke, was chosen for the candidate. This doll had a history having originally been bought by me from Sashadolluk as one of Simple-Sasha’s Bassett Hound, Henry’s, chewn footed dolls. He had since been given a complete new torso to match his pretty minty face and so was, as the saying goes….’as good as new.’ The original plan was for him/her to have the original brunette coloured hair again but on draping some hair samples we decided that these golden locks suited him/her far better. With the change of gender came the change of name from Luke to Lucy.

Sarah 1


Sarah 2


Sarah 3


Sarah 4


Sarah 5


Sarah 6


Sarah 8


Sarah 9


Sarah 10


Daffodils 018


New outfits 047


Winter Changes 036


Sashas plus Craft 073


Thursday's photos 025


Final Summer Dresses 085


Dee's Chat n Snap 1 122


Dee's Chat n Snap 1 118


Winter Clothing 2 172

So these last four dolls complete my posts on my re-rooted Sasha Dolls. I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing these wonderful ‘make-overs’ on my falling brunette haired dolls and agree that they are as lovely (if not even better!) than they were originally with their factory rooted hair. My sincere thanks again to Bettina, Jackie, Lisa and Sarah for customising these gorgeous dolls for me to own in my collection….. and allowing me to use their original photos here.

I must apologise for this seemingly ENDLESS and photo OVERLOADED post but obviously didn’t know just when to STOP….. but guessing that’s what comes of me loving The Sasha Dolls so much.)



26 thoughts on “My Delightful Re-rooted Dolls Part 2

  1. Lovely to see these four re-roots Kendal and also their ‘in progress’ photos as well. Always great to see this transformation and the hard work that goes into them. They all look delightful.

    • Thanks Lorraine and I have to agree that a lot of hard work (and I believe pain!) goes into giving these dolls a new lease of life.
      I really love them as they are so different and unique….. and you know just how much I like anything that is ‘different’ from the norm!

  2. BEAUTIFUL ! What gorgeous re roots Kental . I love seeing all the photo’s of each girl or boy and I totally understand how hard it must be to only chose so many photo’s to share when each one shown is so good!
    I love seeing Ross’s re rooting photos again 🙂 and seeing the girls in all their different outfits are so lovely .now where can I find a sasha who needs a re root!!
    Hugs Dee xx

    • BUT rather TOO many photos today I think! It is, as you know, so hard to select a nice handful to show as you are constantly thinking….yes, but she/he looks good or different in that outfit etc and so the photo numbers mount up!
      I’m now thinking that I ought to have someone or a a team who would reduce the numbers down at the very end before finally publishing..Are YOU offering? (Mind you I did remove THREE at the very end but as usual time ran out!

      • I would not remove any of these published they are all just perfect , I forgot to say that seeing Sarah’s re root photo’s were also great, I loved the one before she wet and cut the hair, I would have been tempted to leave it that long for a while!!

      • Thank you Denise for these kind words but I’m sure that there are many others out there whom might NOT agree as, as the saying goes ‘Less is the new more!’
        Guessing though that if her hair had been left uncut she could have played the part of Lady Godiva riding upon her horse to a ‘T’

  3. Jenni Lowcock emailed this to me privately…………
    ‘WordPress Hates Me!’

    ‘Good Morning Kendal

    Just a quick email to thank you for the two wonderful posts about your re-rooted children. I hadn’t made the connection between your Ross and THE Ross, whom I admired greatly when he was having treatment at Jackie’s hair clinic. It is lovely to know he has gone home to such a caring owner. Your girls are equally gorgeous.

    I would love to have one of the waifs I inherited from my dear friend Ellie rerooted. I tried it once, but it is not a job for those of us with arthritic joints to undertake – I dislocated my thumb! The Sasha family have very hard skulls and their rooting holes, being tiny, are very difficult to work with.

    Word Press is refusing to allow me to post comments. I keep resetting my password but, despite inventing ones I’ve never used anywhere before, they send a message telling me I can’t use a password that I’ve used recently and to choose another one. Very frustrating. So if I don’t post comments it is not because I am not sitting with the Sunday morning husband-made coffee, reading and viewing your posts with delight. I hope to be back soon.

    Happy Sunday,
    Jenni xx

    • Oh! I’m so sorry Jenni to hear that you are having such trouble with my WordPress blog site. I went over to this company after having difficulty with my previous blogspot site.
      I’ll try to look into this problem with them and get back to you.

      Re-rooting is a very hard process requiring strength in the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders so I’m very grateful to those re-rooters who persevere and give us these delightful second chance hair customised dolls. These seven of mine hold a very special section within my Sasha Brood (… do my wigged dolls)… I do hope that you can manage to have your possession in the near future.

      Ross was always a rather handsome and such a kind natured doll and although I was fully aware of his falling hair when I bought him he survived a good 14 years with his own original hair and undertaking many ‘out and about’ adventures, including visiting Sussex Polo Club and outings to Llandudno and Portmadoc on many an occasion.
      He is like Miss Lippy, Fritz, Belle, Anis, Quirky and Bea one of the main core group in the Brood.

  4. Wonderful photos and it’s so nice to see them while their re-rooting is taking place and their photos once they were home with you. I think the re-roots are very special because they are often the “waifs” that some collectors would no longer want to own.

    I love the waifs that are so special to us that we find ways to restore them and you have done just that! It is wonderful that you have examples of different and very talented re-rooters too. They are all very lovely and I enjoyed each photo very much. Thank you Kendal, have a beautiful week! xxxx

    • I think that we all become more attached to our waifs and strays as we feel that they need more TLC than our other dolls. It’s obviously the mothering instinct in us and possibly the fact that most of us might want, or have wanted, a second chance somewhere along the way in our lives.

      With Ross and Lucy it was also an opportunity for me to have a couple of dolls with the blonde hair and brown eye combination which I have always admired.
      It was nice too to see the different re-rooting and styles talents of these four re-rooters!.
      (Just a pity that I couldn’t help myself and went on too long!

      Thanks for the next week’s good wishes which should be fun as Sarah Price is coming over for a visit (or two!) and hopefully I’m finally getting my laptop repaired PLUS I’m planning to do a little gardening after being inspired by a week of the TV’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

  5. Gillian Nash emailed this comment to me privately……..

    Hi Kendal

    I too am having trouble with WordPress so I am emailing my comment to you.

    Lovely to see some more of your gorgeous re-roots. I love how re-rooting totally changes the look of a Sasha and makes them unique in appearance. I’m rather partial to re-roots myself and always find them hard to resist, should I see one up for adoption.

    Hope you have a great week. I’m also looking forward to watching the Chelsea Flower Show.

    Gill x’

    • I’m sure that the Sasha Dolls themselves must enjoy being re-rooted (after the original pain!) and given a second chance to life in the Sasha World, especially if they had been previously discarded due to the falling hair syndrome or as a result of a child’s attempt at re-styling their original hair. particularly around the fringe areas.
      I also like the fact that it gives them new personalities which then makes them ‘stand out from the Sasha crowd!’

      I’m particularly fond of the the trimmed hair length girls as I so often feel that too many on the Frido/Trendon lasses have far roo much hair! Probably why I’m drawn to the Gotz girls who IMO have much more manageable hair.

      Thanks for the week’s good wishes. I shall enjoy watching the Chelsea Flower Show and am already sorting out and tidying up mine in readiness plus I have Sarah Price visiting at least once this week so there will certainly be some Sasha play involved.

  6. Hi Kendal! Ross’ story is one of the first stories I ever read when I was first looking for information about Sasha doll collecting. It is wonderful to see him again! And to re-visit the photos I saw of him…it seems so long ago now. He turned out so wonderfully.
    I really wish there was more information to be had about HOW to re-root these amazing dolls. It seems like just the fiddly, time-consuming – yet rewarding kind of thing I would love to learn to do! There’s lots of information on re-rooting Barbie and My little Pony but Sasha vinyl is so much harder. How do you do it??? Sigh, one day I’ll work it out.
    Love seeing your posts

    • Yes, it was amazing to see Ross leave here as a much loved although rather forelorn little lad with falling brunette hair to returning as a sun-drenched long haired little surfer boy. Such a transformation that gladdened us all.
      (So often wish that the same could be done for my own hair, which has always been very fine, straight and flyaway and an un-interesting mid mousey brown!)

      I do so hope that you can get some help with the re-rooting skill in the very near future as some of these dolls really benefit from this proceedure.
      So pleased that you enjoy seeing my blog posts. Spurs me on no end.

  7. Hi Kendal what a wonderful post, i have just arrived back exhausted but very happy from a long weekend with all of my 6 grand children, so looking at your post is a great way to round my eyeing off. I really love the white outfit with the headdress xx

    • So pleased that you had a wonderful weekend with your grandchildren…..even though you are rather tired now you’ll soon pick up again.

      Yes, that long white dress made by vintage-sasha from an antique christening gown is something really special. Do you remember seeing her in it at the Chat n’ Snap? Lucy put it on towards the end of the day after she and Bea had had their photos taken shopping down those fantastic shops on Owen street?

  8. I only just saw this post, how weird is that? Especially as I regularly check my favourite blogs! Better late than never though and I really love these four gorgeous re-roots. I couldn’t choose a favourite between them, although I have a bit of a soft spot for little surfer boy Ross….I love his blond locks. But all of them are so very sweet and look gorgeous with their new hairs. I have the urge to do another reroot and still have a couple of baldies here, although they are both wigged, maybe one of them will get new hairs one of these days!!!
    Another lovely post Kendal, thanks for sharing your lovely vinyl kids with us!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • It’s probably because I was unable this week to leave a link on my older blogspot as it wouldn’t let me in there. Really need to try to get those followers on board my WordPress blog.and then I can close that one down.

      Yes, I too think that Ross really looks that part with his tanned skin and long blonde locks.

      Great that you yourself can re-root as it can be then started when you’re ‘in the mood’ for re-rooting.

  9. Hi Kendal
    Wonderful photos! Love when you showed the transformations. Sasha’s can look so different depending on what they are wearing & their pose. So good to see the same one wearing different outfits. Thank you for having the patience to change them. They all look so different. Hard to pick one as a favourite. Maybe I should just look once & go with my first instinct. Their little faces draw me back & then I can’t decide. Lovely little children so well presented. Many thanks…Carol

    • Many thanks for your comment. It’s sometimes hard to know which way to go with posts like these and so any comments are grate fully received to help me make decisions for the next time.I do find that the Sasha dolls can take on quite different looks and personalities by the clothing and angle of the camera.
      This year I’m trying to put some clothing on dolls that I perhaps wouldn’t normally.due say to the colouring or style….rather like a little bit of experimenting

      I think that it is quite hard to choose any favourites with them all being such unique and individual dolls with their own little personalities..

  10. Oh, so good to see Annaleise and Ross again and how time flies? The first photo of Ross is just after he famously fell into the Med, much to my horror (and of great amusement to the people watching me on the beach)! But that’s Ross for you and my favourite photo of him was when he fell off your sister’s bus….what a character! That was from a blog you did some time ago where you show-cased his love of a tumble which had me howling with laughter….
    Thank you for paying homage to us re-rooters and I particularly love Sarah’s with the colour choice as she got the blonde just right.
    I hope you two have a great time together this week and as usual, a wonderful selection of beautiful photo’s ~ love Jackie x

    • I can’t ever thank you all enough for giving my re-rooted Sasha Dolls a new lease of life with their super new hair and enhanced character.
      Ross is a really adventurous little lad and rarely complains if he has the odd tumble whilst ‘out and about’ as he much prefers accompanying me to being left at home. I loved how you got him to stand in the wet sand on the Ocean’s edge. A perfect photo of a little ‘wanna-be’ surfer boy.

      In the very beginning I was going bto have my Gregor Luke re-rooted in the brunette hair as, like most collectors we haven’t as many brunettes due to the sad case of the falling hair but then changed our minds when we saw the golden blonde against the vinyl skin tones.

      Ross says many thanks again for giving him such a fab. holiday in Spain. The other kids were very envious!

  11. Hi Kendal,
    Brilliant post and certainly not too many pics, you can never get enough of your wonderful pics!!
    I love all the re-roots and how wonderful to have Jackie, Sarah and Lisa to do such wonderful work re-styling these beautiful dolls. They can change the doll’s look so much and give them a new lease on life and personality. I’m sure even Sasha herself would be in awe and appreciative of these makeovers!!!
    As usual, they are dressed beautifully and it’s a treat for the eyes to see them in their different outfits.
    Well done and many thanks Kendal,
    Susan xxxx

    • Oh thanks Susan for all those kind words and especially to the very talented re-rooters!
      I do enjoy seeing just how much the different outfits can change the look and personality of the Sasha Dolls and it was quite nice me seeing my same girl/lad/baby in different clothing in the same post. Hadn’t really thought of that before this. Sasha collecting is truly a fabulous hobby and just seems to get better and better..

    • Great to have you back as it hopefully means that you are taking a quick break from still trying to get things sorted after your house move.
      Unfortunately I’m taking a break from blogging every Sunday and now just plan to do it on the first Sunday of each month.

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