Some of My Delightful Re-rooted Dolls

I began writing this post with the intention of including photos of my SEVEN re-rooted dolls but half way through I realised that it was going to be ‘too long and photo heavy’ so decided to divided it into two parts.

Part one here will include my three dolls, one big kid (Bettina) and the two babies (Anis and little Miss No-Name) all re-rooted in mohair by Bettina, from Germany.

First up is a 1960s Gotz pale skinned slate-eyed doll. This I believe was Bettina’s second attempt at re-rooting a Sasha Doll and  so I’ve named her Bettina, after her.
More Summner Clothing Changes 009

Winter Coats and Jackets 152

Sasha plus prop 030

Sasha plus prop 027

A few more photos 051

Calico dresses 004

Birthday 1 019

DD outfits Oct 092


70th Birthday Gifts 029

70th Birthday Gifts 028

This is the very first photo I ever saw of baby Anis. She was being sold by Bettina on eBay and I remember being so enchanted with her and her halo of blonde curls that I placed a bid of £174.91 on her determined to try to win her. (This in those days was an awful lot of money and remember too that there were hardly any re-roots around then.) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I won her for only £34+.


Studio Baby and Anis 010 My Fav Sasha Bricks


Baby Anis 007 My Fav Baby

Baby Anis 014 My Fav Sasha Chair & Teddy

Displaying Sashas and Baby Anis 031 My Fav Sasha Sniff Daffy

A baby brother for Anis 005

Baby Anis 022

Anis bathtime 008

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 003

Baby Fleeces 2 014

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 051

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 049

In the garden 3A 025

Displaying Sashas and Baby Anis 014

Displaying Sashas and Baby Anis 009

Baby Anis 011

Easter 032

Another of Bettina’s baby re-roots. This is a minty little babe that I purchased off Sashadolluk a few years ago as she reminds me of the nursery rhyme ‘There was a little girl, who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead…..’ Not named as yet.

DD baby daywear and Fleeces 023

Xmas 2013 Presents 017

Easter 029

Baby Fleeces 2 010

70th birthday presents 039

Next week I’m hoping, and I say HOPING, to show my other four re-rooted dolls (two by Jackie Rhydstrom, one by Sarah Williams and a baby by Lisa Hartley) BUT if I’m NOT here it’s because I am desperately trying to find someone to replace the spring in my laptop’s left clicking key which has finally ‘given up the ghost’ and barely works at all now which is causing me major problems, frustration and stress. (Just praying that I won’t lose any info. or photos IF I can find someone to repair it.)

I have left the photo numbers in today in case you need them when referring to a photo in your comment….. and which BTW I do so enjoy reading.

Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by, a very happy Mother’s Day to those concerned and have a great Sasha week.


35 thoughts on “Some of My Delightful Re-rooted Dolls

  1. Well I can’t refer to any particular number as ALL the photos of your gorgeous re-roots are wonderful. The Sasha Bettina’s hair looks so natural and the two babies are just so sweet!

    I have decided I have officially adopted today as Mother’s Day as I was away when it was here and it is Mother’s Day in NZ today… and of course am away for that! Not that anyone in this family are even aware Mother’s Day exists wherever in the world it may be happening. So thank you for your Mother’s Day wishes 🙂

    Just had another look through the photos, and no, I can’t choose a favourite! Have a lovely day Kendal and hope you get your computer fixed.

    • I think that choosing to celebrate your Mother’s Day today is a good idea since you missed out on the UK’s Mothering Sunday last month. Even if the family don’t seem to be aware of this you can still make the day your own by selecting to do the things that you enjoy the most. Sasha play and photography for a start although the weather today isn’t exactly suitable for being outdoors.
      Have a godd day anyway.

      Thanks for the computer repair wishes. Not too keen on having it sent off to Sony as when my previous laptop went way there for it’s repairs it got lost in their system and was there for six months! Couldn’t cope with that nowadays!

  2. I always look forward to the beautiful doll and the color coordinated outfits you choose. I again can not choose only one outfit or doll. Karen

  3. I think that ALL Sasha Dolls world wide are so unique and beautiful that it is so hard not to be able to love each and every one or chose a very favourite. Each pose or photo shows them up in another favourable light.
    This Spring I have decided not to go out of my way to choose a special coloured or styled outfit for each doll but to let them choose their favourite clothing that they themselves want to wear.

  4. Good morning Kendal. 🙂 Another lovely post full of gorgeous photos. I do so love Bettina’s re roots and wish I had bought more of them myself when they came up!
    Of your girl Bettina’s photos I must say that 2,4,5 and 6b are lovely, for Anis 13,15 and 27 which looks very much like bed hair! or in her case cot hair!
    and finally 30 and 32 for little Miss Curl whose photo’s some years back inspired me to purchase my own little Bettina baby re root Quinn. Who funnily enough I changed just the other day and thought how much I would like another with the mohair and how hard was mohair to use for a re root!!!!
    Hope the computer key gets fixed without any drama, have a lovely week
    hugs love Dee xx

    • I did have a little baby like your Quinn at one time but a friend wanted him so we did a swap at some point.
      I think that Anis’ hair gets wilder on a daily basis but she was a very well loved baby before I bought her It I was most interested in your choice of the photos that you liked. The little pink cot that Anis was in is one of the only toys left from my childhood and after my four younger siblings had had their play. It was made by a German prisoner of War for my father to give me for Christmas. It used to be painted in a dark blue but I had it changed to pink to fit in with my spare bedroom’s colour scheme
      I rather liked Anis in photo no. 24 showing her playing with her yellow rubber duck in a little pool of water. .

      Thanks for the computer repair wishes. I’m rather dreading the experience if it can be mended BUT if not looks like I’ll have to sell a Sasha or two and buy a replacement.

  5. Wonderful post Kendal and Happy Mother’s Day! I like to think we can enjoy all of the Mother’s Days :). Anis is very precious and her Ducky photo is a favorite though I like her close up photo in #22. I really love the rerooting and coloring of your no name baby. Just adorable! Bettina’s first photo is a favorite too. I love her fringe that shows off her pretty face. Have a beautiful week and I hope your computer fixes are not costly 🙂 xxxx

    • That’s a great idea for us to celebrate each of the other countries’ Mother’s Days!
      (A pity that the first half of the day has already gone by! Will have to put my skates on and try to catch up.)

      Have only just realised too that I hadn’t put the link on my old blogspot this morning either! It’s this clicking left key that is driving me wild but at least I have now got the telephone number of a computer firm about ten kilometres away so will give them a ring tomorrow morning and see if they can help me.
      Even tried to use the mouse that my daughter leaves up here for when she uses my laptop but my hands can’t cope with it.

      I hope that Finn and your Sasha gang are duly treating you to a lovely day today.
      Was wondering if they might have paid for you to go to that spa mentioned in your last blogpost but perhaps it was a bit too short a notice?

      Enjoy the next week. Thanks for popping by.

      • No spa this time Kendal but I asked for a pink dogwood tree and guess what? There is a lovely pink dogwood tree sitting in it’s burlap bag just on the edge of the garden. How wonderful and there are many volunteers here that want to help plant it. More photos coming 🙂 xx

      • I think that the Pink Dogwood Tree sounds even better as it’s lasting gift and will bring back the memories every time you see it.
        Wonderful too that you have many hands willing to help you plant it.

  6. Another lovely post Kendal, thank you so much for these super photos. Well, what can I say! Bettina is already one of my favourite Gotz dolls, so I was particularly happy to see your little cutie adorning your post this morning. I really do love her little pouty face, and her hair is very natural looking and a bit untidy, which I sooo love on dolls. I guess, I just like the windswept look….even when there’s not a puff of a breeze in sight! As for her photos, the ones that I like best are numbers 2 and 3.
    My next favourite of the three is the little girl with the curl….the second of the two babies. I just like the length of her hair, it seems a very natural length for a baby. She also has a very cute face, and my two favourite photos of her are numbers 30 and 31 where she has a little bit of both sunshine and shadows on her.
    Finally, baby Anis. Another cutie….and her name is a VERY popular drink here in Spain! I like photo number 19 of her in the bubbles. One question, are they real bubbles and did she get wet? I was wondering, if she did, did you worry that her elastics would either get loosened by the water or perhaps go mouldy? I ask because I wanted to put my baby in a bowl of water for a photo and was worried that his elastics would be damaged. I also wanted to put the bigger kids in the hot tub to play!
    Big hugs and thanks again for a lovely post!
    Sharon xxx

    • I too love her natural looking hair.It is basically un-brushable so you just have to run your fingers through it now and then to keep it looking as it can be.
      The second baby is really sweet and quite a minty doll especially compared to Anis whose eyes and brows were already starting to turn green before I bought her but she was so completely different to any doll around at that time and as you know I like ‘different.’ I know that light and shade in photos are very professional but I always think that they provide a little mystery

      The photo of Anis in the wash hand basin was taken some years ago now for the Sasha World Magazine. What I did was to run a bath with bath foam for myself then scoop handfuls out into the basin for bthe effect. She did have a polythene bag on her lower half secured with a rubber band at her waist just to be on the safe side.
      Pleased to hear that little Bertie might be getting to have some attention again!!!!

      • Thanks so much for the information on the bubble bath…it worked really well because I’d never have thought she wasn’t actually in a bath full of soapy bubbles!
        Yes, Bertie really does need attention, poor thing. He sits there staring at me, and he’s patiently waiting for a new outfit. It’ll be winter before he gets one though!!!
        As for the mouse idea, I forgot about your arthritis, so no, not a great plan. I hope you’re able to get the key fixed then and quickly….we’ll miss you and your lovely dolly posts if they keep the laptop for any length of time!

  7. Kendal, regarding your laptop and the left click key, have you thought to plug a mouse into your USB point and switch off the touch pad? Only that is what I do with mine. Mine isn’t broken but the keypad is just too sensitive and even hovering over it causes it to do some ‘action’ or another, so the mouse is the way for me. Just a thought!!
    Hugs again, Sharon xx

    • Unfortunately my hands are too deformed to use a mouse, either to hold it or use the click button. This is why I had to have a laptop in the beginning so still hoping that it can be re-paired.
      Thanks though for your thoughtfulness.

    • I think that after phoning them tomorrow I shall be expected to take it in to be looked at and discovered just what is needed before ordering the part. Then when that arrives I’ll have to take it back there again to have it hopefully fixed.

  8. Hi Kendal you re-roots are beautiful and i look forward to seeing the others when your computer is fixed. I particularly love the baby with the kiss curl on its forehead, reaaly sweet. Hope to hear from you soon xxxx

    • Yes, I too love her. Must try to find her a name. I was thinking along the lines of curly and changing it to Carla but doesn’t quite grab me as yet.
      You have seen one of my next week’s dolls as she was at Denise’s Chat n’ Snap.
      Great to hear from you. Thanks.

  9. I love baby Anis’ hair, so wild! Fabulous. What luck to win her for £34!!! Bettina is my favourite of your Gotz girls, she has such a sweet appealing face and looks great in all her photos. All fabulous photos ! I hope you can get you laptop sorted soon. Gill x

  10. Oh definitely ‘on the wild side!’
    I too love Bettina. I always think that she has a bit of a film star quality about her.
    I am praying that I can get my laptop repaired whatever the cost as I do so love it and can’t imagine my life without it. It has a widescreen with double lamp technology and up to 100% colour fidelity.
    Really enjoyed seeing your three blonde No-navels at play. They are all very pretty girls and I love how you have plaited the hair on those two.

    • Pleased you like my NN girls. It was Zoe who plated their hair. I was tempted to take Saskias out as I’ve forgotten how she looks with it down.

      • Oh, I did indeed love them. Very pretty girls. Far more so than mine.
        I do like their hair done like this as it looks so neat and tidy. Most Gotz girls have thick, straighter hair that often has a tendency to stick out so a great way of taming it.

  11. Hi K!
    Just checking in 🙂 Oh goody a Gotz!! And you know how much I love Gotz…not 🙂
    Hope all goes well with getting the Lap top fixed and that it doesn’t cost a small fortune!!
    Say hello to ‘my’ girl Miss Lippy for me !

    • Miss Lippy and I are dancing around with joy at this sight of your comment as she was beginning to feel quite upset and neglected having made an effort to especially appear in quite a few posts especially for you and then noticed that you had checked in to a couple of other blogs of late. So thanks for restoring her faith in your love for her.

      Apologies for the Gotz though next week is totally free of them.

      Thanks for the good wishes for hopefully getting my laptop fixed. I’m not so worried as to the expense as long as it can be repaired because I really LOVE this one and it might be a real struggle for me these days to get used to using a new model..

      Hope that the VW renovations are still on track for the big show at the end of this month.

  12. Hi Kendal,
    Another wonderful blog and a special delight for me with little Anis and your curly haired baby.
    The Bettina re-roots are amazing and can make the babies and older Sasha’s look soo different just by changing the texture, type and style of their hair.
    I hope you get your computer sorted without too much hassle, as our computers these days are like a third hand and hard to do without. Hopefully, it will be a quick fix for yours 😉
    Thanks again for a wonderful post, most enjoyable,
    Susan xx

    • Have been trying to include a toddler and a few baby Sashas in the posts of late especially for you. Next week will hopefully include my re-rooted baby by Lisa Hartley.

      Shall be phoning this good computer firm as soon as they open this morning to try to get the repairs rolling. If not it will be a doll or two heading off to Sashadolluk and a trip to John Lewis,PC World and Currys.

  13. Hi Kendal,
    I am so enjoying your re-rooted Bettina, Anis and un-named baby! The photos of them are wonderful, esp, that bubble bath photo. Jackie gave me your blog link… and am loving what I’m seeing.
    Sasha hugs,
    Wendy (Rundel)

    • Lovely to hear from you as ‘long time, no see’ as the saying goes.
      Are you over in the UK in October when Denise’s Chat n’ Snap event is taking place? It was a super gathering of Sasha collectors last year with some excellent sales tables.

      Pleased to read that you are enjoying the photos of my dolls here on the blog. YOU know just how much I adore these dolls and get so much pleasure in photographing them at every available opportunity.

      I too was rather thrilled with Anis in the bath foam one which I took some years ago now for the Sasha World magazine..

  14. Great photos, much of them with a sophisticated cut and delicate light. Love to watch them!

    I’m so sorry that Bettina is off the Sasha-Scene. I failed to get in contact with her again.
    A curled baby would have a place at the commoneos as well 🙂
    Hoping you Laptop is repaired soon and if I’m allowed to recommend: backup your pics and burn them on a DVD. So you are independent from the idiosyncrazies of technique.

    Sending some rays of sunshine …

    • Oh thank you for your lovely comment.
      It was Denise (Dee) who suggested that I use some older photos as I can’t always keep on taking new ones.

      I hadn’t realised that Bettina wasn’t around still doing her Sasha customisations. Pity.

      It’s getting close to the time that the computer repair shop is due to open up this so my heart is starting to beat a little faster. So hope that this one is repairable!
      I’m thinking that I might hopefully have a little backup on the Seagate device that my daughter gave me several Christmases ago BUT I must have MILLIONS of photos stored on the laptop MOST of which need deleting as rubbish but never seem to have the time to sort through them and only keep a few of the better ones.

  15. What lovely and VERY clever re-roots Kendal. I adore the 1st baby and want to reach out and touch the hair, it looks so soft. Bettina is extremely talented by the way she has styled the hair to look so natural and I like the fact that they or at least the first two, look a little messy as children are rarely neat and tidy….well maybe for all of 5 minutes! Great post and thank you ~ love Jackie x

    • Bettina’s re-root in those days certainly too the Sasha World rather by storm! There was basically nothing like that around when I first started collecting. All very primitive indeed.

      Anis’s and the Gotz girl’s hair is indeed very soft to the touch but you have to be careful when handling it as mohair is quite delicate. NO times a 100 daily brushes here!

      Next week your re-roots on Ross (your first ever boy!) and Annaleise are hopefully on show providing that the computer gets repaired.

  16. Wonderful photos Kendal. So nice to see different angles of the same doll wearing different clothes – which are amazing!! The babies look angelic, so clean & well cared for. Even their toys are shiny clean. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Their hair can make them look so different. The long straighter girls hair makes her look more serious. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Good luck with your computer…Carol

    • This is somewhat of a new venture for me adding in older photos of the same doll alongside the latest photos to give a more-over all look at the doll so pleased to hear that you liked it. It’s quite hard to think of new and different ways of showing the same dolls and outfits month in month out…..or should that read ‘year in, year out?’
      Being bought up during the war years and afterwards when rationing was still in force made us very careful in looking after our few items of clothing and treasured childhood toys as they were in very limited supply…. SO guessing that I must have instilled this love and care to my Sasha Dolls and their own clothing and toys.

      Thanks for the good wishes for my computer repair… is hopefully going in tomorrow to be looked at and a decision as to how to deal with the situation.

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