My Amazing Eight Wigged Dolls

Buying this doll on a ‘second chance’ (seemed that she was already sale pending from the previous evening, before I spotted her at 5.30am the following morning and asked for a first refusal in case the sale fell through) made me take a good look at my eight wigged girls already here.This new doll has now arrived here (due to quick Bank Transfer) and is residing in the drawer under the spare bed until a next ‘me to me’ gift is needed for a future special occasion. (Luckily I already have a good selection of wigs for her to choose from then.)


So today I am just going to show you some random, both recent and past, close-up photos (no words or descriptions as I was too late in starting this post) of my delightful wigged girls. I originally planned to take some photos of these girls out in the garden yesterday but had only got half way through when some of my family arrived…. and stayed until the evening… I guess that you could say a case of  ‘family stopped play!’ Had then to search through ‘My Past Pictures’ to find some more photos.

1.Harper, a 1970s doll, customised by Shelly. (Wig make unknown.)

Out in the garden 039

Out in the garden 038

Winter Changes 015

At the shrubbery again 038

Looking at my Sashas 027


2. My 1971/2 Gingham girl sent to Shelly in this Monique Cossette wig to have her eyes re-painted.
DD outfits Oct 055

Out in the Garden 2 042

Winter Coats and Jackets 146

DD outfits Oct 055

Out in the Garden 2 041

Out in the Garden 2 044

Down at the bungalow 057

3. Riplee, a customised 1970s doll by Shelly and wearing a Ltd ed Velvet’s wig.

Christmas gift outfits 079Winter Changes 2 074Snowdrops 031Final Summer Dresses 027DD outfits Oct 012Early morning 102

Out in the garden 050

Out in the garden 046

Out in the garden 051

4. A 1969 Frido Party girl in a strawberry blonde Monique Cossette wig.

Out in the garden 016

Out in the garden 021

Out in the garden 018

Shrubbery 3 012

DD outfits Oct 049

5.A 1960s Gotz slate eyed girl, a waif bought especially for wigging due to her scalped  fringe area.

Winter Coats and Jackets 132

In the Garden 6 046

Audley 2 063

In the Garden 6 052

In the Garden 6 010

Audley 2 048

6. Belle, a 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly and wearing a light brown Monique Cossette wig.

Winter clothing 1 036

Thursday morning 006

Final Summer Dresses 048

Down at the bungalow 061

Christmas gift outfits 053

7. Gotz 1990s toddler Esther customised by Raven.

Christmas gift outfits 094

Bea 011

In the Garden 5 021


Toddler 020

Bea in sand 023

Bea and Anis 009

Bea and Anis 006

DD Sleepsuits 021

8. An early Trendon Nightdress baby girl wigged due to falling hair.

In the Garden 6 021

In the Garden 6 017

Sasha Baby Xmas Card 2013 Portrait

70th birthday presents 023

In the Garden 6 018

Dolydoodle baby fleeces 027

Dawn's Christmas gift 008

Next Sunday I’ll be showing the next stage up from wigs, a group of my seven re-rooted dolls so hopefully I’ll see you then, meanwhile have a wonderful UK Bank Holiday weekend and a Sasha play filled week.


30 thoughts on “My Amazing Eight Wigged Dolls

  1. All wonderful Kendal, and loving the customized eyes as well on many of them, some really special dolls there indeed. I do like number 4 especially, but they are all pretty fantastic. So nice to see them all together.

    • Yes, I agree having the eyes re-painted as well as being wigged is a special asset.
      My daughter likes number four one of the best of all my dolls too. She was a 1969 Party girl who I kept for years until most of her hair had fallen and it was the time for me to finish it off and don a wig.
      Hadn’t ever thought of showing them altogether until yesterday!

      For some unknown reason I’m having difficulty adding the link (as I normally do for those followers who haven’t transferred over to my later wordpress blog) onto my previous blogspot blog today and can’t ask my daughter if she can help as she is off playing in a Polo tournament today and my sister’s in Llandudno .

  2. Lovely photos Kendal. My favourite is No 6 and I just love the photos of your Toddler Esther, especially the ones with Noah’s Ark and sitting amongst the crocuses! Your new girl looks very sweet, I hope she gets to come out of the drawer very soon! Have a great weekend. Gill x

    • Yes, I guess that Belle, my Mabel Lucy Atwell look-a-like and Bea are very popular as they are so ‘different.’
      Those two photos of Bea that you mentioned were taken for a Sasha World Magazine article some years ago now as she was one of the dolls that ‘missed out’ on having their photos taken yesterday due to my last minute decision on a post theme.
      Have a few special dates coming up soon, my daughter’s 50th birthday and two ex-wedding anniversaries, so hopefully she won’t be confined in the drawer for too long!
      Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Well You can just pack all of the up and send them here! It would be hard to chose between them ! But if you twisted my arm I would have to pick no 4 and Harper very very closely followed by no2 and then all the others including your new girl, who Gill and myself had admired when we saw her on Shelly’s!.
    You have so many wonderful photo’s Kendal past and present , that it’s a joy to pop over to your blog and study them as and when we have the time, which soon vanishes once we stop to look!!
    You should one of those coffee table book for Sasha’s, I’d have one, signed of course 😉
    Many thanks for a lovely post, now I am off back to the top to have another good look, I did not need to do anything constructive today..honest!
    Love Dee xx

    • I agree that number 4 is a very soft and delicate looking girl with her strawberry blonde wig and subtle eye painting. She was originally a pretty looking brunette Party doll with beautifully styled hair. Such a pity that most of the brunette haired dolls have this falling haired problem.

      Viewing all the Sasha blogs does prove to be very time consuming but such an enjoyable hobby as I love to see each other’s dolls and then chat about them in the comments.

      I do have a few of these photo books but only done for my own use but I rarely get the time these days to look through them as I used to but .as you well know, it’s very rewarding to take an unexpected photo that sort of stands out from the rest and….and which really encourages you to take more! (Hence the millions that are now stored in my pictures BUT which desperately need culling! Any offers????

  4. I really enjoyed this post Kendal with the interesting “wig” theme. It is so nice to see the girls in different seasonal outfits and indoors along with outdoor settings and all in one post. I think Harper is a real treasure but if I chose one it would be Riplee. She is my favorite with her delicate eye painting by the very talented Shelly. You have captured very beautiful and different expressions in her images. Thank you for another lovely view of your Sasha brood! Have a great week and I hope you enjoy your company :). Hugs, xxxx

    • I really enjoy hearing which of my dolls other collectors like the best especially as it’s usually lovely and very varied… you can imagine my hardship when it comes to having to part with a doll every now and then
      I think that Ripple is a rather dramatic looking girl with various looks to her depending on her slight adjustments to her hair style. I personally like her here featured in the yellow dress.

      It was Denise who suggested that I should use past photos when I haven’t the time to take the present needed ones….so I’m pleased to hear that you liked the variety of seasonal looks.

      I did enjoy being with my family thanks. Wishing you a very happy Sasha filled week!

  5. Hi Kendal what a lovely post and just the thing i needed to boost me on the long late shift i am about to start at work. I love the monique wigs the best, but all of the girls are wonderful xxx

    • Yes, it’s such a great pity the Monique don’t do these Cossette wigs any more.
      So sorry to hear that you have to do a long shift and especially on FINE Bank holiday weekend!
      I think that most Sasha collections nowadays have a few wigged dolls in them and so gives that extra bit of variety.

  6. Hi Kendal
    Well, I’ve tried to leave a comment twice but keep being told my password is incorrect, so here goes, I’ll try again!
    This post was a real treat for me as the dolls that have been given their own, distinct look by wigging and/or repainting are always my favourites. There is no way I could start to choose between them, they are all lovely – though I think my toddler Angelina would push me to choosing Bea. Last night, I lay awake (I may need to ‘get a life!’) trying to decide which of my own special dolls I liked the best but found it is impossible.
    I do hope you have reason to give yourself a ‘me to me’ gift again soon so that we can see your new girl with her new look. She drew me too but I am trying not to adopt again as my large family need more clothing and I’m really glad she has come to you so I can see more of her.
    Happy Bank Holiday (is that a good enough reason to give yourself a new doll?!)
    Jenni x

    • I think that I’d be kept awake too if I was asked to choose my favourite doll of these 70 here! Would be an impossible task here for me that’s for sure but rest assured it would definitely be one of my wigged ‘waify’ 42 cm Sasha girls!

      Afraid that it will be more to the middle of June or even August before I’m due to give myself a Sasha Doll treat! In my quick glance at her before being hidden from sight I noticed that this new girl has beautifully painted dark eyes and matt vinyl!

      Sorry about the password trouble but if you ever have any difficulty you can always email it here and I can add it for you.

      Hope that you are enjoying this beautiful Bank Holiday weather. A rare treat indeed for a Bank Holiday..

  7. A lovely post which I’ve only just realised had been uploaded….for some reason I am no longer getting email notifications of your posts! I must rectify that somehow as I don’t want to miss anything!
    I love all your wigged girls, they’re all so pretty! I particularly like Harper though, she has a lovely softness about her that really appeals to me. I think there is something very special about her. I love how you have them all dressed too, really nice!
    It is Mothers Day today here in Spain and not a bank holiday for us as we had last Thursday as a holiday for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker… I wish all my friends in the UK a lovely extended weekend and hope the sun shines on you!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • Yes, Harper is very popular and I agree that she has a certain softness about her, probably due to her soft curly wig.

      A very happy Mother’s Day to you over there. I think a lot of the other countries are going to be celebrating it on the 11th which is next Sunday.

      The sun has been shinning on us up here for quite a few weeks now as we are
      always good!

      Sorry to hear that you are no longer getting alert to a new post emails into your inbox. It certainly does help you not to miss anything.

  8. A great topic for today’s post. Some collectors like wigs and other don’t… it’s just personal preference.
    My rational for wigging a Sasha, when needed, is that the production dolls are reproductions of the Studio Dolls, therefor it is ok to use wigs. I love all the wigs that Sasha Morgenthaler personally chose for her dolls… thus making each one of them unique and special. There were long wigs, short wigs, ethnic wigs and so on… in an array of colors and styles.
    Your *new* little girl is really cute Kendal! The moment I saw her on Shelly’s I knew she was a “must have” for you… “congratulations!” Have you picked out a name for her yet?
    All your wigged dolls are really lovely and beautifully dressed… hard to choose a favorite… but I will say your little brunette toddler (Bea) customised by Raven is very appealing.
    Take care.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I always look on the question of wigs as giving the falling and badly trimmed haired dolls a new lease of life so hadn’t really thought about Sasha Morgenthaler’s wigged studio dolls…..but you’re so you’re right there.

      I felt really lucky to have finally got the new girl after the upset of discovering that she was already snapped up She certainly ‘stood out from the crowd’ as being a determined little madam.

      That toddler Bea always seems to have lots of people eating out of her hand! The little mix!
      Great to hear from you. Hope that all’s well over there.

      • Personally I struggled with the wigged dolls for a long time, however now i really enjoy them. Bad hair… no problem… lol 🙂
        Today’s post demonstrates all the possibilities of what you can successfully achieve with “the baldies”… as my *almost* 4 year old granddaughter calls them. Actually she is quite infatuated with them… much to my surprise.
        Yes, your new girl definitely “stood out from the crowd”… I think it’s her confidence… she looked great in that do… and she knew it… with that sweet little white ribbon tied round her head… a super cutie!

      • I do enjoy ringing the changes with the different wigs especially when you need a particular colour or style to go with the outfit. I think that the secret of keeping the unglued wigs on is to have some stubble left rather than a shiny completely bald head where the wig can slip about.
        I would definitely have a wigged doll if I only had to have ONE Sasha Doll. That way you could make her appear as though you had several dolls.

  9. Very beautiful photos, I love your wigged dolls. I’m not a friend of wigs. But your girls are really pretty. I also have a doll without hairs and I ordered a wig for them from Shelly. And I love the toddler Bea she is sweet:)

    • Wigging dolls that for one reason por another they have previoisly lost their former ‘crowning glory’ gives them an extended life of being loved and treasured again.
      Bea is a little minx if you knew her…. BUT an endearing little one!

  10. Love all of the photos. Have been off line for a couple of weeks with family visiting so have now caught up on all of your postings. Belated Easter & birthday greetings! Looks like you know how to celebrated in style. The close ups of these wonderful dolls is great. Harper & #2 are my favourites. The way that their hair frames their faces gives a soft, sweet look to them while the stray hairs look so natural. Reminds me of braiding my daughters hair when they were little. The clothes are amazing! Your closet must be fun to play in. The babies with their beautiful props are lovely, really lovely. I have really enjoyed a nice cup of tea and looking at all of your lovely girls & babies. Just what I needed. Many, many thanks for all of the time & effort you out in to your postings.

    • Lovely to have you back on the Sasha line. Sometimes I think that it is good to have a little break from them now and then as it sort of renews your love and interest in these magnificent and unique dolls

      Many thanks for the belated birthday and Easter wishes. Made me re-live the days again with your mention of them here…..which was rather lovely treat.

      Those hair tendrils in the Monique Cossette wigs certainly frame the Sasha’s faces beautifully.
      The Sasha wardrobe boxes are now getting too full for comfort and am getting worried that creasing might occur withnthem being so full…..especially as I don’t iron!

      The accessories definitely increase the photographs especially when used with the baby Sashas.

  11. I have just got back from the village bootsale and then the village mayfair and sorted and fed the family and was starting on putting my stripped out kitchen to rights when I just had to stop and look at your blog and as usual it has given me the joy and respite to go on after seeing your fabulous pics and having some “down time” to relax and enjoy them. Now for another cup of tea and back to it!! THANK YOU Kendal xx

    • So pleased that my Sashas have inspired you to get back to the job in hand. They are indeed wonderful for putting you back on track with life when it’s proving rather on the hard side.

  12. Hi Kendal,
    Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend, which we have here too!!
    As usual a fabulous blog but I have to say I really love Bea, she is adorable and particularly in the picture with the Crocus’s. It’s amazing how different she is to other toddlers, a true original with her very own personality. She might be a minx but as you say definately an endearing one 😉
    Susan xx

    • I am enjoying the weekend, thanks especially as it’s been a fine, sunny and rain free weekend for a change.
      I’ll agree with you whole-heartedly about that little toddler, Bea.Definitely quite a handful at times.

  13. Dear Kendal. I do and did love your “waifs” right from the start of my Sasha collection. I love them all as each one is a unique “Kendal” Sasha doll waif :-). Thanks for sharing them with us. Liss xx

    • So many of us Sasha collectors absolutely love the Sasha waifs that cross our paths. Must be the mothering instinct in us that automatically loves and protects the not-so-perfect.
      It’s my pleasure to share any of my Sasha Dolls as this is such a super part of our Sasha collecting hobby…..that we can all share and appreciate these unique and amazing dolls.

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