UK’s Mothering Sunday

Today, as you can see from the title, is the UK’s Mothering Sunday so I’d like to wish all the UK mothers a very happy and restful/relaxing sunny day…. plus decided to dig deep into my archives and hopefully locate and resurrect my Sasha World Magazine article and photographs on this topic for this Sunday’s post.

Mother's Day 047

‘Mothering Sunday in the UK is the equivalent of Mother’s Day in other countries. It has been celebrated here on the fourth Sunday of Lent since the 16th Century. The day has no fixed date since Lent (Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter Day) varies each year.
It can fall as early as 1st March, when Easter Day is on 22nd March and the latest on 4th April, when Easter Day falls on 25th April.’

Seeing this photo has rather saddened me to realise that although I still have all the Ruthsdoll’s OOAK specially commisioned outfits, the dolls are no longer with me. Maria, in the centre, was my very first of the 1990s Gotz dolls bought in 1996 and I loved her so much that I purchased a twin for her.

Irka, a Gotz limited edition of 750, seen here on with the left with rare blue eyes (a factory mistake) was sold on to a dear friend of mine at the UK Sasha Festival in 2012. Her twin sister on the left, has the correct coloured brown eyes. Their hairstyles were rare in the fact that they had sideparts.

Mother's Day 043

‘For a long time now Mothering Sunday has been regarded as a day for giving thanks for all the million things that our mothers do for us.’

Pleased to see that I still actually own BOTH these dolls BUT just hope that Quirky doesn’t go on his computer this week and see himself dressed in pink (a beautifully knitted five piece outfit by Christine Durand) and posing as a baby girl! He’d be mortified and die of shame if the other babies saw him here…. as he considers himself the boss and leader of the babies!

My 1969 Pink Party girl, now re-wigged due to falling hair is wearing one of vintage-sasha’s first dungaree outfits with red checked trainers purchased from Little Princess Frocks at roughly the same time.

Mother's Day 021

‘No one is absolutely certain exactly how this tradition actually began but we do know that on this day, about four hundred years ago, people who lived in little villages made a point of not going to their local church but walked to the nearest big church, The Mother Church.’

As you know Anis is still here with me and wearing a little cream Sashawardrobe jacket (that’s still here too!) but the lovely, slightly older looking 1960s Gotz slate eyed girl has since been adopted. She was my very first early Gotz blonde slate eyed girl and my daughter drove me up north to Marie Morgan’s house on my 61st birthday to chose her. I remember that she had beautiful thick quality hair, attractively styled with a super long fringe that always stayed in place. She has on a Sashadollstyle Duffle over Ruthsdoll’s blouse and OOAK fine cord peach coloured dungarees….. though all have since been sold on.

Mother's Day 016

‘Here in the Mother church most mothers would be briefly united with their children. People who did this would say that they had gone ‘A Mothering.’

Not too sure if seeing these old photos again on Mother’s Day is turning out to be such a good idea as here is another doll, a Frido 1966 brunette Gingham NP, who has moved onto pastures new. She was my first brunette NP and again purchased from Marie Morgan in the days when I didn’t have a computer and their were only a couple of Sasha websites. She has on a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s outfit and is accepting a little basket of flowers from her toddler daughter, Bea who we all know is still here and the only remaining 1990s Gotz doll left after all my others (and I had EVERY one of their 42 cms dolls and most of the babies….although was only tempted to buy two of the toddlers, customised Bea and little Ollie (who left here a couple of years ago as he was rather lonely, Bea not wanting to play with him as he was a BOY!) Bea is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s outfit commisioned and then given to me by Dawn Law for a Christmas present some years ago.

Mother's Day 009

‘Young English girls and boys ‘in service’ were only allowed one day each year to visit their families and this was usually on Mothering Sunday. Often the housekeeper or cook would allow the maids to bake a cake to take for their mother. Sometimes a gift of eggs, or flowers from the garden (or hot house) was allowed.’

Gosh! Another TWO dolls that have ‘moved on’ from here. (Must indeed have been a ‘naughty’ Sasha mother!) One of my 1970 twin girls and my very first brunette Baby Nightdress with non falling hair! The doll posing as a mother is wearing a lovely OOAK knitted Sashadollstyle outfit in creams, blues and lyme greens and the baby in one of MY old little three piece knitteds for my daughter’s Thumbelina doll.

Mother's Day 033

‘Flowers were traditional, as the children would have to walk the longer distance to their Mother Church and so could gather a bunch of wild flowers on their way walking  through the meadows.’

‘Breathing a sigh of relief’ as STILL have the two dolls below, a Frido 1967 bobbed haired Blue Cord NP in a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress and an early Trendon baby in a Sashawardrobe fleece and Doll Secret’s tights.

Mother's Day 001

Thought that it might be interesting to show you a poll conducted to see the top 10 things that mothers wish for on Mothering Sunday/Mother’s Day

1.Have a cup of tea in bed. (24%)

2.Spend time with their partner. (24%)

3.Spend time with the whole family. (26%)

4.Have breakfast in bed. (26%)

5.See their own mother. (30%)

6.Have an interrupted lie in. (30%)

7.Be spoilt by the family all day. (32%)

8.Be taken out for a meal. (34%)

9.Spend day out with the family. (35%)

10.Spend time with their children. (47%)

For me (…since I can no longer go and see my own late mother…although I shall go and take some flowers and say a prayer at her graveside) I’d plump for spending a day out with the family and which might hopefully include a meal out…..but unfortunately my only child, lives way down in the south and has to work at Sussex Polo Club today…. so instead I shall visit one of the wonderful local garden centres and enjoy a little play with my Sasha Dolls.

Now we come to part TWO of this post.

The Versatile Blooger Award  which was awarded to ‘Kendal’s Sasha Brood WordPress’ by Sharon Humphrey’s of ‘Sharon In Spain Blogspot.’ Many thanks Sharon, we are very honoured to receive it.


The rules of this award are that you have to choose to pass it on to another 15 bloggers and then tell your ‘award giving blogger’ 7 things about yourself. As it’s Mothering Sunday I didn’t want to bore you with 7 basic facts so I have tried to choose some more lighthearted ones.
So here goes…..

1. Although well versed in social skills (due to my parent’s lifestyles) and baby/child minding knowledge (the eldest of five) my house-keeping qualities (plenty of daily home help etc.) were practically non-existant. So it was quite a shock that after being married for several months or so I accidently dropped a lipstick from my handbag onto the bedroom floor and it rolled under the bed. Lifting the fitted ‘down to the floor’ bedspread and getting down to retrieve it I was shocked to see large clouds of blue fluff resting on the natural cork tiles from the bed’s new pure wool Whitney blankets (duvets weren’t around then, only Eiderdowns that were put on top of the blankets.) Naturally remembered from then on that one had to Hoover UNDER the bed even if there were no carpets under there!

2. My parents were very strict with my ‘night coming home times’ after I had finished at boarding school and insisted that I be home by the stroke of midnight. This was aided, even when they were resting in bed but obviously listening out for my return, by the home’s extensive outside floodlights which would automatically switch themselves off at 12.00pm sending the house into complete darkness.  Aware of this I therefore used to make a fair amount of noise as I arrived home and climbed the stairs. Once in the safety of my room I would then get changed into casual gear to enable me to climb out of the window and slide down the adjacent roof to rejoin ‘the’ current boyfriend who would be waiting in his car to take me for a full English fried breakfast at a local Transport Cafe. After which I would return via the steep roof climb and window whilst my parents were luckily still non the wiser.

Photo below showing my bedroom window and sloping roof.

1April 21st photos 099

Adding to the above one of my boyfriends, who was on the Local Conservative Council (along with my father!) concerned as to my safety in these midnight escapes applied for permission to have a country lane road light placed on the other side of the lane  but in line with my bedroom. Permission was granted and a very helpful light was duly erected. (Luckily my father never clicked-on as to the real reason.)

3. Around this same period of my life (late teens) I was in the town collecting two large tins of paint for my father from the decorator’s shop in town when just as I was leaving the shop with my hands obviously full, Emile Ford, the pop singer (What do you want to make those eyes at me for. A kiss to build a dream on etc!) was ‘jauntily swinging’ his way down this side street on his way to the theatre where he was performing for the week with his supporting band, The Checkmates. He unfortunately collided into me and whilst apologising one thing lead to another and he ended taking me out for a coffee to say that he was sorry plus an invitation to come backstage after his performance that night. Afterwards he came to my family home for several lunches and where he taught me how to roller-skate. When he had finished his evening performances he used to take me dancing and needless to say, I felt that I was ‘the cat’s whiskers’ in front of his fans!

4. Before my serious Sasha Doll collecting began I used to collect a variety of dolls including The Cabbage Patch Kids. One Summner’s day when John, my second husband had lost his job (though through no fault of his own!) and we were so hard up that we couldn’t afford to go on a holiday we decided that we would have a special day out, spending the morning for me to visit this toy shop in the centre of a new shopping precinct and then drive on to Coventry Aircraft Club for my husband’s treat (both husbands became private pilots whilst they were married to me!) to see and watch the light aircraft there. As it was going to be on a Wednesday, when some shops around here used to close in the afternoon, I had sensibly phoned the day before to check that this shop would remain open.

When we arrived at the Precint carpark at 10.00am my husband said that he would go and buy a newspaper then come back and sit and read and do the crossword until I returned an hour later. The ceiling strip lights were on when I first went into the shop and was soon busily sorting and choosing a new doll and oddment items like outfits, shoes, rattles and dummies to give a few of my friend’s children and some of the girls in my class who I knew were getting CPK dolls for Christmas. This did involve bending down to select things from the lower shelves along the various ailses and at one point I did notice the lights go off but thought that was because it was getting lighter as the morning progressed. Nearing the hour to return I quickly gathered the things that I wanted to buy and headed to the counter to pay….BUT there was no-one there. I called out but soon realised that the shop was closed and I was trapped inside (NO mobile phones in those days!) Going over to the full heavy glass plated doors I tried to attract some of the passers-by to try to help me but everyone seemed to think that it was joke/prank like ‘Candid Camera’…. until an older man took pity on me and came to hear what I had to say through the fine slit between the two doors. He then went off to the Dorothy Perkins shop opposite and they phoned the police who came five minutes later.
It turned out that the shop owner had suddenly decided to close shop, thinking that it was then empty (must have been on one of my bending down sessions!) and start the long drive down to his meeting in London as the railways were on strike that day. I asked the Police when they finally arrived go to the carpark and alert my husband about what had happened whilst they were trying to get in touch with the owner’s brother to get a key to let me out.

The first that he knew about this was when the policeman tapped on the car window and said ‘Your wife’s locked up!’

My husband arrived at the scene with the Policeman before the key had been bought to let me out and just as it was being suggested that they get the local paper to come and take a photo of the event….but seeing how shocked and ‘white as a sheet’ I was John said that he didn’t think that, that was a good idea! I felt that our ONE day holiday was ruined….well for me anyway!

The next day I phoned the shop’s owner and although most people could only see the funny side of it I was still in shock and disbelief. The outcome of it was that the owner invited me back to choose a free doll and then anything else I wanted I could have at a reduced price. I naturally didn’t want to go back there so soon so chose a free doll and some other things over the phone which were then posted on to me.

Another little Cabbage Patch story was that I always enjoyed giving myself a doll for Christmas but how to get one in without appearing to give it to myself and without my husband knowing that I had, in his opinion, wasted money on an ‘unnecessary’ item….. so, as I was always the first up I used to pretend to find it on the front door step when I unlocked and opened the front door on Christmas morning. From this he luckily and naturally presumed that one of my family had bought it for me and then left it there late on Christmas Eve after we had gone to bed!

5.My most expensive ‘tea-time’ meal……EVER!
It was on one Sunday lunch time and in those days when the shops and supermarkets only opened from 9.00am to 5.30pm and never, ever on a Sunday, when my husband decided that he just fancied some fresh Manx kippers for tea but as there was none in the fridge or freezer he told me to grab my coat and handbag and jump into the car.

He then drove for an hour to Liverpool Flying club where he hired a little two-seater Cessna light aircraft and flew me over to the Isle of Man. After we had afternoon tea in the airport’s cafe we went to the airport’s shop and bought some fresh Manx kippers before flying back to Liverpool and driving back home just in time for me to cook the kippers for our evening meal.

6. A male friend wanting to hopefully get to meet and know me (again when in my very late teens) and knowing that I was very interested in vintage cars (had just bought my very first car which was a 1936 Austin Seven, who I named Jessica {after one of my then favourite pop singers, Jess Conrad} went out and bought a beautifully preserved vintage Rolls Royce to ‘aide’ the introduction. Yes, it worked and we went out together for quite some time afterwards. (NB the back of the car was extremely spacious with a huge and very comfortable large seat for any necessary kissing and cuddling after hours!)

My first ever bought by me car, Jessica.

7.Once on holiday staying The at The Haven Hotel in Sandbanks, Dorset, we discovered that Noel Edmund and the Candid Camera crew were also there for the week whilst they were filming a programme which involved the nearby car and passenger ferry crossing over a small stretch of water to nearby Studland on the Isle of Purbeck. Once the ferry had pulled away from the ramp Noel, dressed as a Customs Officer, went around demanding to see their passports (although NONE were needed!) Many poor souls were so distressed (and of course were secretly being filmed) as they tried to explain that they hadn’t got one or even thought that they needed one.

Below is the photo of The Haven Hotel, my very favourite hotel in the UK.


The hotel was full of fun and laughter when the Noel and the crew returned each day from filming! One early evening as I was still relaxing by the pool waiting for John to finish a game of Squash, Noel came to sit by me on one of the sun-loungers and as we were chatting he said that he wished that he had bought his swimming trunks with him as he just fancied a swim. I offered to lend him one of my bikini bottoms but he replied that he didn’t think that they would have been big enough ‘to preserve his modesty!’

The Haven’s outdoor pool and sunbathing area (which was also joined to their indoor pool so that you could swim from one to another without having to get out.)


Unfortunately all the Sasha blogs that I follow have already been nominated for the award apart from Lorraine’s ‘Sewing and Knitting for Sasha’ (as she is away in New Zealand but should be returning very shortly) so I should like to nominate her blog and Shelly’s  and Theresa O’Neill’s ‘’ if they would like to accept and take up the challenge.

Disappointingly for my Sasha Brood and perhaps some of my regular followers?… but I’m sure a break and relief for others, I have decided to take a few weeks out from blogging to allow me to spend this time trying to get some much needed jobs done… so I’ll say farewell until Easter Sunday when hopefully I’ll be back again… if you feel like joining me then?


44 thoughts on “UK’s Mothering Sunday

  1. Hi Kendal, I found your blog photos and the information about Mothering Sunday very interesting, I didn’t really know how the tradition had started, but you made it so very interesting whilst including the photos of the Sasha dolls and babies. Thankyou for that! I will be phoning my own mum, who as you know, lives in the UK, later to wish her a lovely day. I don’t want to ring her too early seeing as the clocks went forward last night, just in case she is getting a bit of a ‘lie in’!!! We do have Mothers Day here in Spain, but I haven’t a clue when it is this year…’s funny but Fathers Day seems to be a bigger event here and sometimes it occurs during the week, it is not always at the weekend.
    I’m so glad that you were able to take the time to give us the 7 things about yourself, they were so very intersting and some really made me laugh. You were a little bit of a devil in your youth, climbing out that window like that! Having said that, I would have done the same if we’d had a similar style roof as my parents insisted I be in by 11pm until I got married when I was 22!!! Honestly, can you believe it? And I could only get away with the excuse “my watch stopped” so many times!!!
    I loved your first car, what a sweet little one that was.
    And how funny that you should get locked in a shop like that, because the very same thing happened to my husband and I some years ago here in Spain. We went into a biggish hardware store and whilst we were in there the shop shut for the ‘siesta’. We wandered around looking for a member of staff to help us with a purchase only to find that there was no-one left in the shop but a small dog! Luckily for us though the door just had one of those ‘yale’ type locks on it and we were able to open it and let ourselves out then close the door afterwards! I said to my husband that the shop were very lucky that it was us they’d left locked in there because they had an awful lot of very expensive stock that we could have walked off with, had we so desired!!!
    Well this got a very long comment, so I wish you a lovely day and sending big hugs for Mothers Day!
    Love Sharon xx

    • Gosh! Your superb comment is nearly as long as my post today so THANKS a mill. for taking the time to reply so fully.

      Yes, our clocks went forward last night but which unfortunately cut off an hour off our special day. You’ll be pleased to know that we have a brilliantly sunny day here. A rare treat for a Mother’s Day!

      Funny to read that you and your husband got locked in a shop as well but how lucky that you were able to let yourselves out in the end!

      I only know about the Mothering Sunday’s history because I used to tell my pupils at school all about it when we were making the cards and small gifts.

      Snap! In too got married at 22. I became engaged at 20 and we had planned to get married the following year but I became seriously ill with Glandular Fever and had to have the Last Sacraments as it was ‘touch and go’ so then had to spend the next year building myself up again.

      Many thanks for your good wishes for today

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you too Kendal….
    Oh how I enjoyed your blog today,never mind Dee and her stories (which of course are amazing)….I have just read your versatile blogger and loved every last word of it!! Goodness Kendal you really have had a most interested life you naughty girl LOL !! I was quite shocked at times ……but I suppose in our youth we ALL have such or similar stories to tell don’t we? (I am sure I do and shall put my mind to it !!)Loved it all,thank you so much for sharing with us,I will look at you in quite a different light in future you dark horse you !!….Also loved all the pics of dolls more past than present AND the very super outfits they are wearing are always a pleasure for the eyes ,and can’t wait for Easter and your return to your blog….what am I going to do on Sunday after 8am til then?????
    I also enjoyed the 10 wishes for Mothers Day,mine would be to see my Mum,long time not with us now having passed away in 1989 when I was 29 years old,oh how I wish I could hold her hand and cuddle her once more,but to be honest I have wished this so often not just on Mothers Day…..Love you Mum,Winnie Gale….thanks Kendal for giving me the opportunity to say this on line…xx
    Hugs to you and your beautiful Sasha Brood

    Chris xx

    • I’m so sorry to hear that your mother passed away at so young an age. I was very lucky as my mother was with us until she was a few weeks off being 91.and was very active until then, still looking after her five children and ten grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

      Now thinking that it was a good job that I ‘censored’ my seven things about me as you would might have been totally shocked by now!
      I was surprised at seeing just how many dolls that were featured here have moved on to other adopted homes. One day I hope to do a post on some of these that I regret parting with.

      Enjoy your break away from here as if bit’s anything like my life is at the moment it will just fly by.
      Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine if you have it there as I think that I remember hearing on the weather forecast that you might not have it as warm as we are with being on the east coast.

  3. Happy Mothering Sunday dear Kendal! I have come to look on you over the years as a kind of second mum, as you are always there to listen to my troubles and offer your kind advice. Thank you for listening.
    Loved your blog post today and loved reading your seven facts about yourself (some of which i have heard before) lol. Like you i had a curfew time of midnight, my dad was very strict about this. So being the rebel i was, i used to go to my good friend Wayne’s house to get ready there every friday and saturday night as my dad would throw a fit if he had seen what i was wearing (i was a soul boy and then a New Romantic, lol). We would get the last train into London around Midnight and dance away in the clubs till around 3-4am in the morning, then go for breakfast in one of the all night cafe’s before getting the first train back to Waynes house around 6am, lol. I could never understand how accommodating his parents were to us, as we would then crash out in his bedroom till late afternoon. Wayne used to have a big sign on his bedroom door saying “What your mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her”, lol. Anyway sorry if i have bored you with a little snipplet into my youth! Happy Motheres Day! Steve xxxx

    • Oh thanks Steve. What a lovely thing to say. I feel so honoured and thrilled. and am always willing to help or advise whenever you think or feel that I can.

      You’re here really early today especially as I’m not expecting many visitors today, as I’m hoping that they are all having such a wonderful day out and about with their families but wanted to have something here in case any of the UK mothers were feeling lonely without their families being unable to visit them..

      I love hearing and reading about my friend’s pasts. Being such a special day I didn’t want to bore people with some of my basic facts so after some censorship i thought that these were more light-heated, suitable and acceptable.
      God Bless those 24 hour cafes which produced those full English fried breakfasts. Perhaps not in the ‘healthy eating’ categories but we’re still here…..and even with our very strict parents continually on our cases!
      It was a parental rule in my home that you had to appear at the breakfast table to eat another plate of bacon, eggs and fried bread after which though you could go back to bed for another hour or so.
      Would love to see any photos of you from this time. Sounds fabulous.

      Many thanks for today’s good wishes.

      • I’m with Kendal on this one, Steve, would LOVE to see photos of you from that time!!! Hugs Sharon xx who used to dress as a Bay City Roller!!!! :0

      • I don’t have any photographs from back then unfortunatly Kendal, i think then we just lived for the moment, lol. Its a good job there aren’t any as we thought we were the bee’s knee’s. I can remember Wayne’s mum tearing up a pair of her living room curtains (our new romantic phase) and drapping them over us before went out, lol. Unfortunatly she died fifteen years ago, she was such a lovely and kind person. Wayne’s parents were both from Jamacia and had a tough start when the came to live here in the fifties, but they were never bitter! Wayne and i are still best friends these last 39 years or so, although we don’t see each other as often as we should, lol. xxxxx

      • Oh that’s such a pity as Sharon and I had got quite excited.about the prospect.
        Pleased to hear that you still keep in touch. even if you’re not able to meet up that often. The curtain robes sound very inventive. I think that we didn’t use our cameras so often as the films and then the developing were very expensive in those days. Today’s photographers don’t realise just how lucky they are with everything being digital.

  4. Another great post Kendal. I did not know half of those facts about Mothering Sunday and I loved all the photo’s of your Sasha’s and babies and the snippets of where they are now!
    Like Chris my only wish would be to see my mother once again and introduce her to the Grandchildren she never met , having passed away when I was twenty and me the only one wed.

    Loved the seven facts about you! Goodness you have led such a busy and interesting life ! and you poor parents must have been forever wondering what you get up to next!! 🙂 Loved the tale of you getting stuck in the toyshop! I can just imagine you spending ages getting just the right cabbage patch doll and not noticing that all was now darker and quiet!

    I was obviously much to of a good two shoes when I was younger ! much to my surprise!!!

    Have a lovely day at the garden centre, I look forward to seeing the results
    hugs Dee xxx

    • I do enjoy reading about our UK customs and how they originated. I couldn’t miss this opportunity to re-new this one as don’t always get the opportunity to relate them these days, no longer teaching. There are quite a few too linked with the other countries celebrations of Mother’s Day.

      I am so sorry to hear of the very early passing of your very young mother.So sad too that she never got to see her lovely grandchildren as ‘grandmas’ are so special and precious to our children.

      I should have known that YOU would understand about the sheer pre-occupation, regardless of what is happening around you, when choosing a new doll and ‘dolly’ items. Definitely a full time occupation!

      With being the eldest I found life very trying with my parent’s home rules on how much freedom, boyfriends, car usage, pocket money etc especially having fought these battles and then to see my sister and three brothers sale through without any of these fights and arguments.

      Have a wonderful day hopefully with all three of your girls around you!

      • Yes have had a visit from all three of my girls, so a very happy mother 🙂 It does seem that the eldest gets all the grief and the younger ones then sail through! Being the second oldest it was sister not me that forged the path!!!
        Hugs Dee xx

      • So pleased to hear that all three girls were able to come over as you deserve a day of extra happiness for all the pleasure that you give me via your blog posts.

  5. Happy Mothering Day Kendal, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Looking back to see some of your brood that moved on and some that have stayed must be bitter sweet. I think all of us have those feelings as collectors that often try to “right size” our collections. Your 7 things were delightful to read. I think I like the roof line photo best and the story of night time escapes made me smile. So nice that you were supplied a good light for safety. What a story :). That hotel photos are just wonderful too. I would love to see that too when I am able to visit the UK. Have a wonderful day! xxx

    • Your Mother’s Day over there stems from some completely different origins from these and is celebrated in May, the month of Jesus’s mother, Mary.

      It was rather worrying to see in one place quite a few dolls that are no longer here but as you so rightly say we have to watch our collections very carefully especially when number s start to spiral out of control.

      Pleased that you enjoyed reading some of the more spicy snippets of my earlier life…..(there were unfortunately a few others that although amusing but which I felt weren’t quite suitable for airing in places like this)

      That Hotel is built right on the rocks of the seashore and to the left of it with a private access, is two kilometres of a beautiful sandy beach. I do have some photos of it taken by myself but just couldn’t locate them in time.

      Thanks for the good wishes for today.

  6. Another lovely post, Kendal! Thank you and Happy Mothering Sunday (always think it a strange name as it sounds as though we should be treating our offspring to even more mothering, rather than being coddled a little ourselves).

    Now who was a naughty teenager then?! Just like I was. Were our parents more gullible? Or did my children also get up to such stuff some nights and I was just so easily fooled that I didn’t notice?
    My Dad’s curfew for me was 11pm until I left home. The doors were locked then and he went to bed. being a huge Victorian house with no access up to my 3rd floor bedroom and all other windows locked, I spent a few cold nights in the derelict stables – even the garage was locked up. The unfair thing was that, when out late, my brother would just go to Grandma’s house and she would cover for him by saying she’d asked him to help her with something and she had thought it better not to send him out so late at night to return home, but when I tried that once she called me a ‘hussy’ in danger of becoming a ‘street walker!’ Then she called a taxi, phoned my parents and left me to face the music.One rule for the lads and another for the lasses in those days! ! was 19, old enough to vote, get married, join the army etc. but not old enough to go out after dark!

    • Oh, I hadn’t thought of it quite like that….but yes, it does rather
      Thanks for the good wishes and I wish you the same again.

      Gosh, poor you having to stay out in the cold if you were not home in time for 11pm. Guess that I should be considering myself luckier than you and Steve with that extra hour! I have always felt that there was and indeed still is, one rule for us and one for the lads. Great use of the words ‘hussy and street walker’ by your grandma! Looking back is it any wonder that we were rebellious at times…..but at least we have survived and are still here to tell the they must ‘have done something right!’

  7. Dear Kendall – after such a wonderfully informative and terrifically entertaining blog post you deserve some time off! You really made my morning! Happy Mothering Sunday to you and all the other Sasha Mums. Enjoy your sabbatical and we eagerly await your return at Easter. 🙂

    • Oh thank you Jenni. Not sure that my Sasha Brood are going to take to it that kindly as I am taking a break from them too to allow me to sort out the garden fencing, tackle the mountainous heaps of paperwork that has now overflowed from the home-file and on into a good five carrier bags, try to delete ‘stuff’ from my computer which is now taking an age to boot up under it’s heavy load, carry on with the already ‘started’ tidying up,of the garage to name just a few things.

  8. all i can say kendal is you thought i was a naughty girl BUT what about YOU MRS HACKNEY !!!!!…loved hearing your tales ,..sarah xxxxx

  9. Oh what a fun post Kendal, as well as so informative, and the photos of the Mother and child tableaux – so sweet! Not able to visit my 95yr old Mum who lives near Petersfield, but she was taken out by my brother in his little MG – I would have loved to see her determined face as she struggled to get in! But – I was really lucky to have a surprise visit from my youngest son with 3month old Hannah (they quietly slid in beside us at Mass this morning) and the little poppet cooed and gurgled the whole way through the service. Older sister had 2 birthday parties to attend with her Mum, so I was able to enjoy almost a whole day of cuddles with no demands to play dollies for once.
    Your teenage exploits bring back so many similar memories, and as you say it was so difficult being the eldest as our parents struggled with setting those boundaries only to relax them for our younger siblings. The curfew at my college in Exeter was 9pm on week nights and 10pm at w/ends. For goodness sake, several of the students were in their twenties! I remember once returning with 3 friends from a Uni hop at about 1am, and knowing we’d be locked out we went back to my boyfriend’s (now DH) house. We couldn’t rouse him so I wriggled my very slim (then) arm through his letterbox and twisted it down and was able to slide the snib and open the door. We all crept in and kipped on his sofas. What a surprise when he came down on Sunday morning! A gaggle of slightly hung over giggling girls!
    I grew up in Wimborne and Lilliput, so Sandbanks and Studland were our favourite beaches for most of my childhood. My sister worked during the holidays in the café on Brownsea Island, and I do remember both of us going to a dinner dance at the Haven Hotel with our respective boyfriends. My youngest brother was a nature warden on the Purbecks for about 20yrs and knew every nook and cranny.
    Thanks for sparking off so many brilliant memories Kendal, and do hope you get to enjoy this little break, although by the sound of it you’re going to be busier than ever.

    • Sorry to hear that you were personally unable to see your mother today but I’m sure that she understood this and enjoyed her day out with your brother after her struggle to get in and out of the low MG sports car. (I remember my father having a racing green one!)

      What a lovely surprise for you when your youngest son and his new baby joined you at Mass. A perfect start to this special day.

      I think that although we were basically ;’good and well behaved’ girls we did from time to time show that we had ‘spunk’ and liked to make a point. I’d have liked to have been a fly on the wall when your brother discovered you and your friends sleeping on his lounge sofas that morning.

      I’m SO envious of the fact that you were brought up in that fantastic area of the UK. Even now it is so natural and basically unspoilt and for those of you who don’t know it is considered The UK Millionaires’s playground..

      Loved reading your comment so many thanks for finding the time to write it here.

  10. Thank you Kendal for so many rich stories from your life. As usual , the Sashas were gorgeous….the first picture of three in pink check is so sweet. Hope your Mothering day is a special one. My mom has also passed on and after 10 years I still miss her, especially on our Mother’s Day. Have a nice restful and productive leave from blogging. Regards, Winnie


    • Thank you for your good wishes for today. I’m so sorry to hear that your mother tool has passed away like mine has..How we miss them on a daily basis. I hope that I prove to be as good a mother to my daughter as she was to her five children. A wonderful role model.

      I too loved the photo of the three dolls all dressed in the pink check.

      Will hopefully try to get some much needed jobs done during my break from blogging.

  11. Happy Mother’s Day Kendal. I have really enjoyed reading your post today, especially your seven facts about you. I do love reading what others got up to when they were younger!
    Love Gill x

    • Thanks Gill. I hope that you had a wonderful day and that your daughter was able to visit you.

      I think that going away to boarding school definitely makes you more independent, somewhat bolder and certainly able to stand up for yourself and have your say….though not necessarily all good things

  12. I laughed so hard at all the mischief you got up to Kendal….are you sure you weren’t in any of the Carry On films? The one where you got locked up in the toy shop was a hoot and of course, it had to do with your love of dolls!
    I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and behaved yourself? Thank you again for such a lovely post and look forward to the next one after Easter ~ lots of love, Jackie xxx

    • Unfortunately, as you can see from this, all RC convent educated girls aren’t good all the time…..but I can’t take the blame for everything above…..somethings just seem to happen when I was around!

      Yes, I do love my dolls, probably because there weren’t that many to be had when I was younger due to the war and the following years when things like this were so very scarce. My mother actually won one of my dolls from target shooting at Rhyl Fairground. She is an earthenware doll and I still have her boxed away in the garage. (She is lucky to have survived as if dropped they would break up into pieces….. but they were hard and therefore not cuddly so not that appealing.)

      Thanks for your good wishes and yes, I was perfectly well behaved yesterday!

  13. Hello Kendal, a belated Happy Mothers Day to you. What an interesting blog, one that put a smile on my face. I think my parents had it lucky, I was quite well behaved. I wish I had been more of a rebel, I saved that for later years. Sadly my mother passed away last summer so this is my first mothers day without her. Why do we wish we had done more when it is too late? we lead such busy lives these days and we sometimes allow things to take priority.
    I love your beautiful caring Sasha family photos, it is sad that some of the family are no longer with you. I have been contemplating letting some of my collection go, I have been given an acre of kitchen garden to restore and use for myself and my family, it is taking up all of my time. I think I will give it some more thought now though, they can sit and wait.
    I was also nearly locked in a department store. I had been shopping with my very young son when he decided he needed the toilet. It was not a quick visit and I could hear over a loud speaker that the shop was closing. They announced that the first floor was empty, the second floor was empty ( we were on the third floor), I tried to hurry my son but you can’t hurry young children in such matters. I would have liked to have run out and let them know we were still there but he was too young to leave, he would have panicked. Finally they announced ‘the third floor is empty’, they obviously didn’t check the toilets and we were still in there!! My son finally finished, we left to find the shop in darkness but fortunately there was a security guard who was able to let us out – phew.
    I loved the tales of your youth. I grew up in London, bumping into the famous people of the day was quite common unlike today where ‘celebrities’ have to take such care. I walked past Prince Charles in Harrods who was quietly shopping with only one obvious security guard. All the other shoppers around him were just busily getting on with what they were doing. On another occasion two friends and myself were spending the day in Kensington, it was during the flower power period. We had been in Paperchase and bought ourselves some paper flowers and then decided to go and sit in Kensington Gardens for a while. The Monkeys were playing in London and were staying at The Kensington Gardens Hotel. To our surprise Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesbit appeared, they started talking to us and then decided as we were next to a band stand they would give us our own private performance. Needless to say we felt very honoured and very special, to say thank you we gave them our paper flowers and we all went on our way. The band The Who used to rehears near to my senior school and had girlfriends that attended the school so I regularly saw them. Some of my year ended up working for them and I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their film premiers and on to a family party afterwards. I cannot imagine life being that relaxed now.
    Thank you so much Kendal for explaining the origins of Mothers Day, It was so nice to hear the humble beginnings of the occasion. I shall view it differently from now on and no longer see it as the commercial event it has become.
    I wish you a well deserved break and too look forward to your return. I also apologise for my lengthy comment.
    Sasha hugs

    • I just ADORE LONG replies so please don’t apologise. It’s wonderful getting to know more about people in this way.
      I’m so sorry to hear that your mother passed away last year. They seem to leave such a huge empty gap in our lives as they were always there to turn to for love, help and advice whenever needed.

      Marvellous to read that you experienced some of the same things as I had. Loved hearing about the locked in the shop event. It’s so scaring at the time though. Luckily you and your young son were in the toilets as I remember I had felt that I needed to go to the loo by the time I realised that I was locked in. Probably due to the shock.

      How fantastic to have seen and met so many famous people…. and quite accidentally. It’s something that you never forget and wonderful to go back and recall them every now and then.

      Mother’s Day as such has I agree become SO commercialised these days and from such simple origins. I still find it hard to imagine that the children only got to see their mothers and families on one day a year….and then only for a few hours by the time they had walked to and from the church.

      Thank you for your good wishes, both for yesterday and for my forthcoming little break from blogging. I do hope that I manage to get some of the planned things done in the time.

  14. It was so lovely to read all the tales you have told me again and have a good laugh. I love the outfit Christine made for Quirky and can now blackmail you lol!!! xx

    • Thanks Sarah. Hope that they ALL weren’t too repetitive.?
      It is such a dear little outfit and can’t for the life of me think why I should have put it on Quirky instead of on a brunette girl apart from the fact that I might not have had so many babies to choose from in those days.

  15. Hi Kendall
    What a lovely blog! Thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I didn’t know the history of Mothering Sunday so appreciate the education. In Canada Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May, the month of Mary. Was also raised as a strict RC with many nuns for teachers so learned a lot if self discipline growing up. At this time my mother is in crises (hence the late response to your posting) and at the end stage of life.

    Just love seeing all of your Sasha photos – there can never be too many! The history of Sasha & your personal Sasha history is so interesting. Do you ever wonder why it is so important to adopt one then to decide to let it go, why some faces speak to you more than others? You have a wonderful memory of each one and all of their clothing. Amazing!!

    Hope that you have a good rest until Easter. I posted my 7 personal facts on Sasha Village. It is so great to think that after all of our teenage escapades we all grew up to be responsible adults. Hope that your Mothering Sunday was all that you wanted it to be.

    Hugs from a slightly warmer Canada

    • Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day on that date. May is always a lovely month full of blossoms and a perfect time of the year to give thanks to our hard working and wonderfully caring mothers.

      So sorry to hear about your mother’s poor health and will definitely say some prayers for her.
      yes, we certainly had a very strict life when being taught by nuns.I suppose looking back it has probably stood us in good stead overall for our later lives.

      I think that many of my doll changes have been due to starting my collection almost ‘blind’ with no available help or advice.After a while we then seem to realise their differences and discover our own personal ‘likes and dislikes’ with these wonderful, unique dolls.

      Will go off shortly and read your seven facts..
      Thanks for the good ‘break from blogging’ wishes and yes thanks I did enjoy yesterday although missed seeing my daughter due to her having to work.

  16. This is exactly the description and explanation of the origins of Mothering Sunday I grew up with in Cape Town (where apparently they now celebrate Mothers Day in May instead of Mothering Sunday in Lent). Your archive photos are delightful, my favourite being your 1966 NP and Little Bea.

    Kendal, your 7 facts are very full of interesting escapades! Sharon nominated me for the 7 facts however I’m not participating online for personal reasons, and anyway I couldn’t possibly match all the exciting things you seem to have done.

    • A case of ‘Snap’ then with regards to our Mothering Sunday origins… even though at that time you weren’t living in the UK.
      I too liked that photo one of the best as they look well balanced and colour co-ordinated together. Another of my favourites was the three later Gotz dolls in their pink and white checks. I also like the rather adoring look on the face of the baby dressed in the yellow knitteds and little Anis looks sweet with her ‘mother.’

      I can well understand your personal reasons for not wishing to write 7 of your facts as I am (and was) very selective in what I put out for all to see.

      Hope that you had a lovely Sunday with your family.

  17. Popping in here, a little late, to wish you a belated “Happy Mother’s Day!”
    Thank you for all the photos, old and not-so-old, of your *big and little* sashas… sweet! sweet! sweet!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all seven (7) things about you… quite entertaining to say the least. The photos you attached were very helpful and gave me a nice visual of the things and places you wrote about. My-oh-my… what a life you’ve had… my little mischief-maker!
    Enjoy your *time-out* as it will be nice to re-group and relax.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Really pleased to have you back here today…..I am well aware that you’re extra busy these days.
      Many thanks for the belated wishes.
      Pleased that you enjoyed the post and my seven facts! Didn’t want to bore you with the more mundane details!
      I shall be hopefully enjoying my time away from my Sunday blog posts. Only hope that I get those planned jobs done in the time.

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