New Sasha Designer Added

I’ve always liked how many Sasha collectors after a while of collecting tend to favour certain designers and sewers over others! In my case my dolls are particularly known for wearing clothing mainly by Ruthsdolls, Dollydoodles, Vintage-Sasha, Pinestreetstudios, Sashadollstyle, Sashawardrobe, Jill Mackley…… and Kate Smith’s ‘little knitteds’ plus footwear by the late Jean Jenson.
I also have a few outfits by Rosemary Shortell, Betsy-May, Sashapotamus, The Doll Works, Eseacaper, Bambino Bella, NGould and Phyliss Goedeke.

Just lately I have decided to add Sharon Humphrey’s cute little Summer outfits to their wardrobe and have recently bought another three to put with my first two (which many of you have already seen.)

As it was a gloriously hot sunny day yesterday I told some of the girls that they could help me set up the new croquet set outside on the lawn and use this as their ‘cat walk’ to model these latest SH outfits.

New outfits 008

New outfits 009

Unfortunately after having only taken these two photos above after the fifteen minutes of setting up I realised that the sun had already ‘caught’ my face so being very prone to skin Cancer I had to take everything back inside and start all over again in the shade of the conservatory. (Such a pity as my camera shows up so much clearer detail when ‘snapping’ outside…. as you can clearly see with the above two photos compared to the ones below.)

This very pretty 1970ish Trendon blonde Gingham doll is wearing the first of Sharon’s attractive new ra-ra skirted outfits…. and I would much appreciate your opinion or view point in your comment as to which of JJ sandals you like the best with the outfit…..the closed-in fronted pair or the ones with the diamond and spot cut-outs?

New outfits 034

New outfits 036

New outfits 032

New outfits 031

Next up is Lucy, my Sarah Williams re-root using my 1969 Gregor doll, Luke. She is wearing a very attractive beige/pale olive green/white linen trouser two piece. As we know from our own experience that linen is a natural fibre which allows us to breath through it and so keep cooler. (Always love it when two contrasting patterned materials are used.) Dorisanne gave them the lovely Boneka sandals which you’ll agree are just the perfect footwear to wear with it.

New outfits 045

Their superb croquet set was part of the wooden outdoor garden activity box that was handmade by Anna Page, (Dollmum) and bought from Dee’s Chat n’ Snap for the Brood’s combined Christmas present. It includes this croquet game, a quoit set, rope ladder and a skipping rope and which will be featured in future posts.

New outfits 043

New outfits 047

New outfits 042

Next we haved an early 70s Trendon girl who has been re-rooted by Jackie Rhydstrom in auburn. She has on a very pretty ra-ra skirted outfit in pink, again by Sharon Humphreys consisting of a neat fitting pale pink jersey long sleeved top, a cotton two tired skirt and a choice of long pink/white striped socks or short pink with a little darker pink heart pattern and top trim.

New outfits 019

New outfits 011

As well as asking your opinion about the long or short socks I’d also be interested to hear whether you prefer her FCP hair tied in bunches or plaited in braids as I am still undecided?

New outfits 017

New outfits 023

New outfits 024

New outfits 026

New outfits 012

These last two outfits are my first two from Sharon (and which you have seen before) but these two girls, Sophie and Denise, wanted to join in this post so that  they too could try out the croquet set.

New outfits 054

This dainty blue/pink floral ra-ra skirt has a pretty net under-skirt and grey top with pink/white striped socks with a little pink lace top trim.

New outfits 059

New outfits 058

New outfits 055

New outfits 057

My very first Sharon Humphrey’s outfit that she so kindly gave them (as I forgot to put a final bid on it when it was listed on eBay) to say thank you for me helping her with a few doll choices.

New outfits 061

Sorry forgot to add the two toned pink striped socks that go with it here.

New outfits 066

New outfits 067

New outfits 068

PS. I left Miss Lippy having a little go with the croquet set just in case SS-R pops by expecting to see her……

Miss Lippy 008

She is wearing a much seen OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress that I asked Ruth to make up a long time ago.

Miss Lippy 007

Miss Lippy 009

Miss Lippy 001

Thanks for visiting us again and have an enjoyable and Sasha filled week.


31 thoughts on “New Sasha Designer Added

  1. Love the clothes in this post. Sharon is indeed another wonderful seamstress to add to the must haves! The first girl in the blue and white looks sooo lovely and fresh. Love the auburn haired girl’s plait or bunch I say just what ‘s shown ! the two different styles look so cute and love both socks but did like the short ones just ever so slightly more.
    All the outfits are beautiful and look so good on the girls.
    Love the croquet set which reminded me I have one of Dollmum’s sets from the Chat n Snap which now the weathers improving they’ll be wanting to use!
    another lovely Sunday morning special Kendal , thank you for all the hard work, now go have a cup of tea and decide what’s in store for next week 😉
    hugs Dee xx

    • Yes, I too though t that they weren’t easy choices to make so will perhaps use both hairstyles and socks as and when the occasion and mood takes.
      I am very ‘taken’ with Sharon’s cute little outfits. She has certainly developed her own style.which look even more wonderful when some of OUR sunshine can be added.

      I’m ‘thrilled to bits’ with Dollmum’s outdoor games sets. I know that she said that they can be used indoors too but it was extra super to get it out in the sunshine that we are enjoying at the moment. I’m now wondering just what she’s planning to make for sale at your next Chat n’ Snap which will soon be here the way my life is flying by!

      Gosh we seem to be always thinking of the future in our Sasha worlds!.I was hoping to relax for a while after this morning’s blog post and here you are asking me to decide what’s on next week’s agenda! If I’m being really honest…..I haven’t a clue as yet! Awaiting inspiration!

      • I’m so delighted to see that the weather is warm enough for Croquet, and we mowed our lawn this weekend however unfortunately I didn’t have time for photos, so am hoping this glorious weather holds until next weekend.

        I’ve got ideas for the next Chat ‘n Snap but haven’t put them into practice yet, whatever I make it will be very limited edition and hopefully fun for collectors. I’ve got two major projects to look after this year in my work and volunteering life (promotion starting soon and the voluntary project came along within 3 weeks of each other) so will be doing my best to carve out time to make things because it does help to keep me happy when all around me is a bit busy and crazy.

      • Congratulations on getting those work projects. Sounds as though you will be extra busy then!
        Pleased to hear about new ideas for the next Chat n’ Snap. Can’t wait to have a little spend again!
        Don’t the lawns look great after this year’s first mowing?

  2. Really love this post, BUT, I’m sorry Kendal, I think Sharon is so much more than a seamstress – I think your title should have been ‘new designer added’!! Sharon seems to have developed a lovely modern take on Sasha girls wear which is becoming as recognisable as each of the other wonderful designers you’ve mentioned. I love everyone of these photos and can’t begin to imagine the time and effort involved to get such lovely photos – especially the outdoor ones – as you say the detail is just that bit clearer. The new props are perfect for the girls in this lovely weather we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy for a few days. I don’t really have a favourite, but the little pink and blue with the net underskirt is particularly cute and I do love the first outfit you’ve shown on your beautiful Trendon blonde – and btw I think the solid white sandal goes slightly better with the stripy socks, but really all the JJ sandals look just right with these young girly outfits. Thanks again for all the hard work for this super Sunday morning treat and also congrats to Sharon for this lovely range of Sasha outfits.

    • Point taken about Sharon and will go after replying to this and add it to the title. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

      I too like the little grey and blue/net under-skirted outfit the very best and agree with you on the closed topped sandals.with the first blue/white outfit’s stripy socks … they are a statement in themselves.

      On Friday my house was looking really clean and tidy but by Saturday lunchtime it looked as if a bombshell had hit it!
      My double bed was filled with large opened Sasha clothes and props boxes whilst spread out on the floor were the rolls of back-cloths/drops.
      My dressing table was scattered with ribbons and socks and the spare room bed was covered with opened boxes of their shoes.
      The living room was the venue for the changing and redressing of the dolls featured and so is filled with the clothes taken off which now need to be ‘bagged’ and put away.
      Even the conservatory has suffered as the photo-shoot venue.
      Looking round this morning at the chaos and mess that a new blog post causes I could almost weep! Just where to begin and start to tidy up before having to start the process all over again for next week. I’m thinking that I need to employ an aftermath ‘tidy-upperer’ assistant! Any offers?
      NO wonder so many main jobs don’t never seem to get done here!

      • I know exactly what you mean Kendal, and I think that’s why so many Sashaholics love your posts and really appreciate all the work and effort you put in, as well as dealing with the aftermath – however I do know of a certain little 4yr old who’d just love to come and help tidy up – the only trouble is, in reality she’d leave it in even more of a mess!

      • Oh, what a lovely offer of a little aftermath helper. Will definitely give it some thought and get back to you later IF I don’t get any better offers from others WHO don’t leave a different sort of mess in the process!

  3. Lovely outfits! Love the two piece Lucy is wearing and the “fruity” dungarees. I prefer the closed in white sandals, long socks and the bunches ( though that was a hard decision as both look great). Gill x

  4. Good Morning !!…Lovely day today….and made even lovelier by this amazing post today Kendal…thank you so much,I too agree that the closed in sandals are the slightly better shoe for the blue outfit (but I am a sucker for the diamond cut out versions usually) they just have the ‘edge’ for me….and bunches are very pretty for the Jackie re root who is so very very cute! LOVE the outfits by Sharon so little girl like and so summery looking ……

    • Thanks Chris. So pleased to read of your views with regards to the hairstyles, shoes and socks…. but guess that we’ve known for a while now that we do both have very similar Sasha tastes!
      I have always particularly loved the diamond and spot sandal cut out style so much so Jean always referred to it as the ‘Kendal’ style when I was ordering.

  5. I so enjoyed this post Kendal and the featuring of Sharon’s lovely creations. As you know, I love the flippy skirts on our sweet girls–just so nice. I prefer braids on your pretty Jackie reroot and the long socks too. Both styles of JJ shoes are wonderful but if I had to pick one it would be the solid version for that cute outfit.

    After seeing the fab grapefruit dungarees, I have developed a certain craving for something citrus 😉 Have a great week! Ginger xx

    • I too love these little two tired skirts on the Sasha girls and agree with you about the solid topped sandals with this particular outfit and plaited hair.

      The Dungarees do look so tempting! Hope that you already have some grapefruits in the house and so don’t have to rush off to the local supermarket!

  6. Aww thanks so much for your lovely compliments in this post Kendal, it was a pleasure to see your sweet Sasha girls wearing the outfits. I’m just glad that you’re pleased with them.
    I think the little redhead, rerooted by Jackie, looks great in the plaits, and I think I prefer the short socks with the pink set….and I like the plain white sandals rather than the cut out ones….although they both look nice.
    I really do like the look of the crochet set that you got from Anna, I wonder if she’ll bring any more to the Chat n Snap? And also I love that backdrop of yours, it looks so effective.
    Well I hope you had a lovely day!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    • My pleasure as I so love your cute little outfits.
      I too agree with all your choices on the hair style, socks and sandals. A case of ‘Great minds think alike fools seldom differ!’

      I’m sure that Anna will make some more of these for the Chat n’ Snap as they were popular. That back drop worked well with the croquet set although I would have liked to have actually used my lawn which had been cut and scarified the day before so was looking very neat and tidy.

      • I love that expression, my grandad often used it!
        I think I’m going to bring one of those old fashioned Steamer Trunks to the Chat n Snap at this rate…oh and a smaller one filled with money!!!!
        I know what you mean about wanting to take the photos outside, but all the best laid plans, as they say…….

    • I forgot to say in my previous comment that Sharon’s outfits are great – modern, fresh and trendy and just what little girls these days like to wear. I agree about the short socks, they work better than the long socks with the pink set.
      I do have a couple of Garden Games sets left (including the croquet set) so will have them with me at the Chat ‘n Snap in October.

      • I’m sure that those garden games will soon be snapped up.
        I am rather wishing that I still had a little girl to dress in these sweet little outfits.
        Thanks for your opinion on the long or short socks.

  7. Lovely photo’s and Sharon’s outfits are wonderful too and you have reminded me that i have not used the quoits set i bought from Anna at the Chat’n’snap.

    • Yes, Sharon’s outfits are just delightful and perfect for this beautiful sunny weather that we are having and enjoying at the moment.
      Anna’s garden game sets are just superb and the perfect size for the Sashas!

    • It hasn’t been the weather for garden games unfortunately but with the sunshine we’ve enjoyed this weekend where Theresa and I are, it is definitely beginning to feel like time to get into the garden again.

      • Luckily we up here are having and enjoying the same weather so was definitely time for their (your) garden games box to surface. and be used. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t get down to let them use it on the actual newly mowed lawn itself.

  8. Dorisanne emailed me privately with this comment as she still can’t leave them herself……
    ‘Hi Kendal,

    I’ve been enjoying your Sunday blogs. I love your Sashas and their clothes and especially your photos and settings. I was wondering about your striped knee socks and dotted ankle socks in today’s blog. They are wonderful and I would like to know about their source.
    I’m continuing to enjoy your blog and Sashas each week.’

    Thanks Dorisanne. I have now emailed you with Sharon’s info.

  9. Wonderful read Kendall. Such attention to detail. Your love for your girls is reflected in every photo. Such a good mum!! What could be more perfect than a sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden playing croquet with lovely little girls wearing lovely dresses. You have the ability to take the ordinary to the extraordinary! Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your garden. Many, many thanks…Carol

    • How lovely of you to say all of the above!
      I do really love ALL my Sasha Dolls and especially enjoy dressing and re-dressing and then photographing them. They are all so photogenic that all I have to do is point the camera and click away! Don’t know what I’d do without them as it’s such a superb hobby to share with other the Sasha collectors, many who have become wonderful friends over time.

  10. What a lovely lot o pics. They remind me of being young in the Springtime! it really makes me feel like the nice weather is on its way. Lovely lovely pictures that makes a positiv vibe for the day! xx

    • Thanks Sarah and so pleased to hear that they have reminded you that Spring has arrived and more importantly that they have made you feel young again!
      We all need a bit of the later from time to time!

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