A Sasha Doll, an outfit and a Prop or Two

Proved to be somewhat of a difficult task this week trying to find and sort out some more Winter based outfits that hopefully you haven’t seen for a while. I have photographed them with a prop or two though unfortunately inside in the conservatory as although the weather has been beautifully sunny and the plants and bulbs beginning to surface, grow and flower it was still a little too cold for me to be outside for the hour or so with the camera and dolls.

Here’s Harper, my Shelly customised Trendon doll, wearing one of the lovely vintage-sasha pinafore oufits that I bought from the Chat n’ Snap last October. Yes, I know that you have seen this outfit quite recently but it’s to show one of the ‘topical’ super striped pairs of socks that Sharon Humphries (in Spain) has been recently making. Many thanks indeed Auntie Sharon. We just love them! Commercially made bar shoes complete the outfit.

Photos for Sunday's blog 007

Photos for Sunday's blog 008

Photos for Sunday's blog 013

Next is my 1966 Frido Jeans Developmental girl wearing a tartan pinafore by Thelma  Holmes (known as Molly on eBay) over a polo necked jumper by Phyliss G from the USA and the tights made by Denise Owen for last years Chat n’ Snap and given to me by Steve as part of my Christmas present. Thanks again Steve. Commercially made bar shoes complete the outfit.

Photos for Sunday's blog 022

The wooden rocking chair was given to the Brood by Sarah Price on one of her visits up here many years ago. A most useful item, Sarah and constantly in use with one of the babies sitting and rocking itself in it..

Photos for Sunday's blog 021

Photos for Sunday's blog 023

Riplee, another of my Shelly customised girls, wigged with a Trendon 1980s Velvet wig and wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s open-fronted smocked outfit. The superb blackboard was bought from Dee’s Chap n’ Snap by their Auntie Sarah Price for their Christmas present. They say ‘Thanks-ever-so-much.’

Sasha plus prop 002

Sasha plus prop 004

Sasha plus prop 006

A 1960s Gotz slate eyed girl re-rooted in mohair by Bettina, wearing stretch denim jeans by Bambino Bella and a beautifully knitted ski jumper by my local Sasha/teacher  friend Kate Smith from a Susanna Lewis pattern and Ruthsdoll’s shoes. (Apologies for all the stray hairs!)

Photos for Sunday's blog 003

Photos for Sunday's blog 006

A few more photos 051

Another Frido NP from 1967, who has an attractive concave shaped face, has on a delightful Betsy-May outfit which was given to them by Steve Kingaby as one of my birthday gifts. (It also comes with a little hat and drawstring bag though not seen here.) JJ Mary-Janes complete the look.

Sasha plus prop 015

Sasha plus prop 016

Sasha plus prop 022

Another wonderfully knitted Ski jumper by Kate Smith, from a different Susanna pattern to the one above, and worn with Sashadollstyle navy cord jeans and JJ laced boots on my 1970 wide faced eBay Gingham doll win many years ago. (Again my apologies for the sray hairs everywhere as it was quite cold and the air was filled with static electricity radiated from me!)

Photos for Sunday's blog 043

Photos for Sunday's blog 042

Photos for Sunday's blog 047

Photos for Sunday's blog 041

A 1960 slate eyed Gotz waif, now wigged, in the vintage-sasha Harris Tweed coat now seen over linen trousers (from a VS Dungaree outfit)…. as ypou may remember that I wasn’t happy with it before over just the white tights, and Ruthsdoll’s shoes .

Photos for Sunday's blog 048

The ‘minty’ minature lilac and white pram was commercially made by Red and houses an Ashton Drake minature tiny baby.

Photos for Sunday's blog 051

Photos for Sunday's blog 055

A Frido 1966/67 brunette Gingham NP in a Ruthsdoll’s tartan skirt and gilet wool and cord outfit with Trendon Kiltie tights and JJ Cossack long red boots.

Photos for Sunday's blog 024

Photos for Sunday's blog 029

Photos for Sunday's blog 025

Krista, my Frido 1967 Jeans NP, with her eyes painted by the Manchester art student Kristina, is seen here in a Pinestreetstudio dress and Trendon Kiltie tights with commercially made shoes.

Sasha plus prop 010

Sasha plus prop 011

Sasha plus prop 014

One of the dolls, a Gotz slate eyed wigged waif, who has now been with me one of the longest, in her ski jumper and hat, again superbly knitted by my friend, Kate Smith and worn here with some Ruthsdoll’s combat trousers and JJ snow boots ready to go to the Kidsgrove dry ski slope, five kilometres away, to practice as she is wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Winter Olympic girl skier, who is from Cheshire where we live. (Not to mention the snowboarder, Rowan, who actually lives round the corner from us in Alsager but who unfortunately had the accident whilst practising for the finals and was so concussed that she had to withdraw.)

Sasha plus prop 061

Sasha plus prop 062

Sasha plus prop 066

There were actually about three/four more dolls that were photographed and fitted into this category but I felt that this was perhaps enough for you (31 photos and 742 words) to trawl through for today so they will ‘over-spill’ into next week’s post.


21 thoughts on “A Sasha Doll, an outfit and a Prop or Two

  1. Good Sunday Morning, Kendal!
    A lovely post, as always. I just wouldn’t want to be put on the spot over which doll looks the best today.
    Think your Gotz slate eyed girl in the pink/white outfit and lugging her skis to the piste should have a name – how about Rowan? She’s a sweety – the early Gotz kids are really growing on me. Kate Smith deserves an award for her beautiful knitting.

    • Funnily enough I nearly did ask my followers as to which doll, outfit and prop that they liked the best this week but decided not to tax you and let you just scroll through at your leisure.

      I think that your idea for that Gotz girl’s name is a good one but will have to check with Judith of Dollydoodles as her main Gregor model is called that.

      Thanks and great to hear from you as always!

  2. Another fantastic Sunday morning delight. Personally I have not seen quite a few of these outfits, so much is new to me.
    Love Harper starting it all off in her lovely lilac Sarah dress and Sharon socks! Love also the pine street outfit the deep blue fabric lovely and perfectly matched with the black tights.
    Your friends knitwear is beautiful, she should sell it to ebay, she’d make herself some money.
    In fact they all and all the outfits look great today but just must mention the girl in Pink at the end, she looks so natural lugging her skis in her sweater with slightly long sleeves and tucked in trousers.
    Many thanks Kendal for another delight!
    Dee xx

    • Oh! So pleased to hear that you haven’t seen quite a few of these outfits as don’t seem to have bought many new Winter outfits of late.
      Yes, Kate’s knitting is so neat and precise. Luckily I have collected some beautiful examples over the years, given to me as birthday and Christmas presents, as unfortunately since became a deputy head (and is ‘acting’head’ at the moment ) she no longer has the time to knit.
      A rather wasted talent from the Sasha World’s point of view but she is a superb teacher and deputy-head.

  3. What a lovely post Kendal. You have some beautiful outfits. Its so nice to see a few of my favourite models on your blog today, one being your lovely Bettina Re-root and the other two being your early blonde NP’s. Sorry I have been a bit quite of late! xxxxx

  4. Great to have you back as you have been missed over the last couple of weeks but know that you have been extra busy! It’s a struggle too to think of what to say week, after week seeing the same dolls and outfits BUT it is so appreciated and spurs me on when sometimes I don’t particularly feel ‘up to it!’

  5. Wonderful photos Kendal and such lovely knitted creations. I think the lilac color on Harper is perfect. Her striped socks are just the right touch–yeah Sharon! I am in love with your beautiful brunette NP which has long been a favorite of mine. I really enjoyed your post and will look again and again at your beautiful girls and their props Thank you!

    • I agree with you about Kate’s beautifully knitted Ski jumpers. We had a super arrangement from my point of view as I provided the patterns and she did the knitting!!!!

      It’s such a pity that the brunette NPs are in such short supply. I have only ever had three in my Sasha collecting time and one was sold on to help pay for the Developmental MIB girl.

      I’m always slightly disappointed when the photos have to be taken inside instead of out doors but although the weather here has been dry and sunny there was still that cold chill in the air if you’re out for any length of time.

  6. Well done, yet again Kendal. I think you’ve treated us to another wonderful Sunday morning post. After just waving off our delightful grandsons (aged 5 and 8) and their lovely Mummy after their 1/2 term escape from London, I was in need of a little pick me up with my cup of tea and this post has certainly done the trick! I still find little Riplee most appealing and so sweet and innocent in her pretty lavender outfit. Your friend’s knitwear is so beautifully finished – an amazing talent – these tiny fairisle patterns on Sasha sized sweaters must be very fiddly but so well worth it especially when photographed on your gorgeous girls. Thanks so much for such a cheerful post – just what was needed on this rather dull and dismal Sunday.

    • Pleased to be of some assistance after a hopefully exciting (but maybe tiring) half term break with your two young grandsons. As an ex teacher I always loved these half term breaks in which to recharge the batteries whilst trying to catch up on life and forever mounting those jobs.

      Kate’s knitting is delightful and so neat and tidy with a perfect finish inside.
      (One of the very first ones that she knitted me is in red and white and will appear in another later post. as just couldn’t locate the trousers that go with it in time.

      It’s dull and rather grey here too today after this last week of sunshine and warmth.

  7. Oooooh Kendal, you have dressed some of your girls in my favourite things, tartans and pinafore dresses and of course the ever-gorgeous JJ shoes! I particularly love the Pinestreetstudio dress and the one by Molly, so I’ve added them to my “wish-list” which keeps growing with each of your postings! Sharon’s socks are really lovely too by the way….Thank you, as always for all the wonderful pictures ~ love Jackie x

    • Great to hear that I have especially pleased you with some of the items featured in this post. I try to keep it as varied as possible knowing just how wide our Sasha tastes are.
      I always think that it’s good to have a wish list as it keeps us on our toes searching for this and that, so keeping excitement and competition amongst ourselves.

      I have plenty more of Sharon’s socks to be shown in future posts.
      Good to have you back home again.

  8. Another lovely post today Kendal, featuring the bigger girls, and what a great bunch of girls they are too….and as per usual, beautifully dressed. I love the knitted jumpers and hats by your friend, they’re gorgeous, I would love to be able to knit like that!
    I was really happy to see your blond girl with the ‘concave’ looking face as she is one of my favourites of your Frido girls, she has such lovely eyes too and looks pretty in her chosen outfit. And of course it was great to see Harper and Riplee, another two of my favourites! And what a super pram you have there for them, absolutely perfect! I would like to have a little pram like this but can imagine the fighting that would ensue if I only got the one….plus I can see the girls trying to squeeze one of the chihuahuas into it to take for a ride!!!!
    Thanks again for another photo filled and colourful post, I for one will never complain that there are too many photos or words!!!
    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xx

    • Last year I seemed to have missed out on featuring their Winter and Ski wear as they seemed to stay in their Christmas dresses until the late Spring/Summer so this year I decided to let them go straight into their Winter coats and snow wear.

      Now I need to find all their props, toys and accessories and try to get them stored in one main place rather than racing around all the rooms delving into cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, boxes under beds and even the garage when something is wanted as I’ve noticed that I have become somewhat lazy and boring with my blog posts of late and just basically use outfits on dolls.

      • I know what you mean about feeling a bit lazy about finding just that right prop, (although I don’t think for one moment that your blog posts could be described as ‘boring’….FAR from it!!!!) because sometimes I’m the same. I look for something and by the time I’ve found it…if it actually turns up….the time has gone and I have to do something else and the photo opportunity has been missed! I used to be far more adventurous than I am now, and that annoys me a lot about myself!!!! Each year I say that I’m going to take my dolls to interesting places to photograph them and it rarely happens!!!!
        But I do love those skis and think they really do make the photos of your sweet girl in her lovely matching jumper and hat!!

  9. Hi Kendal a lovely group of photo’s once again and i think my favourite is the slate eyed girl in the ski outfit. Her hat is fabulous xxx

  10. Dear Kendal, I can only agree on all what has been said above, as I couldn’t find better words to describe you new photos better than them. I love the dark hair NP in her outfit a lot but most I love the outfit of the slate eyed wigged Sasha with her skis :-). I haven’t seen a few of these actual outfits for a long time! Thank you for sharing the dolls and the outfits with us. (I do have a look at your blog every day, if I can.) Kind regards, Liss x

    • Certainly not sure that it’s worth trying to visit on a daily basis especially these days when there are so many repeats, both with the dolls and outfits. I do try to put the outfits on different dolls (when I remember) even though they might not suit that particular doll as much..

      I have since found two more of the Ski knitted jumpers(knew that I had one of them but had forgotten the other) by Kate to photograph hopefully in the next post and might even have a couple of new outfits to feature then as well.

      Lovely to hear from you.

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