My Sasha Babies at Bedtime

This week we are looking at the Dollydoodle’s sleepsuits for the Sasha babies. There were about five overall styles, four of which I have examples of but not the fifth which has a top yoke and a bottom half (which is sometimes in a different material) and Judith has very kindly sent me a photo of below.

The navy stripe on the right was my very first one and bought off eBay in December 2009 when Judith was making these for the Beruganer and Enny babies who are slightly bigger in size.

When she decided to venture into starting to make them for the Sasha babies she hadn’t got a doll of her own to use as a model so had to rely on me trying to describe what I thought needed altering. The turquoise one on the left was her first prototype that she sent to me to try. It was slightly too big in places so I suggested that I sent her one of my babies until she could find and buy one for herself. The yellow one in the centre is an  example of a one piece front in a self colour material but with a printed fabric motif on the chest. The striped model has a centre panel inserted in a contrasting material.

DD Sleepsuits 012

On the left is the diagional style (and my favourite) whilst the one on the right has a false raised folded seam running down the centre. There are several styles of hats as can be seen here from the classic beanie to the jester style and are often topped or decorated with a twisted top knot/pom-pom….. or two.

DD Sleepsuits 014

Below is an example of the yoked style all made from the same material.

Sasha 157

It’s well worth checking out Judith’s Dollydoodle’s home page for her version of her new beginning into the Sasha world complete with photos at  ….

Bea, my toddler, usually wears the prototype being just that little bit bigger than the babies when standing.

DD Sleepsuits 077

Here you can see that the neck and sleeves needed to be made slightly smaller and shorter for the future sleepsuits.

DD Sleepsuits 074

DD Sleepsuits 080

We all know this little fellow, baby Quirky who has been with me from very early on in my collecting, with his cute little face and wayward hair…. but not so minty having led an active life before he was adopted here.

Xmas 2013 Presents 009

He is wearing one of Judith’s DD sleepsuits that were made for the slightly larger baby Beuranger? and Enny dolls and was won off eBay in the 2009….so one of my very first of the DD sleepsuits.

Xmas 2013 Presents 007

First up now wearing the true Sasha sized sleepsuits is Anis (Bettina, who customised her named her this for her eBay listing.) She is a mid 70s Trendon baby with the raised eye-lids who had, had her hair re-rooted in Mohair by Bettina. (This was Bettina’s very first re-rooted baby. Re-roots were VERY, very RARE, almost non existant, when I first spotted and bought her off eBay.)

I have always like anything different or unusual in the Sasha World and clearly remember desperately wanting to win her and so put a huge £175 bid on…..and then praying like wildfire! Luckily I won her for a mere pitance of the original bid placed.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 001

I knew from her photos that her eyes and brows had started to green but it was that halo of fine blonde hair that attracted me. She is wearing a very pretty and soft, almost silky, Dollydoodle sleepsuit which came with it’s own colour co-ordinated pink velour jacket (as you will see in a later post.)

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 002

This darker skinned baby boy was one of my very first Sasha babies bought even before Quirky many years ago but has survived the passage of time so is still with me. He has rather a cheeky looking little face as though ‘butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!’

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 024

He is wearing one of DD’s sleepsuits that was purchased from Judith’s website last year. It has little elephants scattered over it and is normally photographed with the baby holding a soft toy blue elephant (which unfortunately couldn’t be located in time for the photoshoot. A reminder that I MUST get their props, toys and accessories into ONE storage place!)

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 025

He has a slightly darker blue line on his eyelids.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 026

Another early and rather minty Trendon baby with the darker painted eyes. He is a relative new-comer to the Sasha Baby Brood, arriving during the last few years.

Xmas 2013 Presents 027

He is wearing a delightful little DD sleepsuit with a machine embrodiered line of little ducklings waddling across his chest to compliment the little ducks and chicks in the actual material used for the sleeves and feet soles. I think that I added this to their night wear range last Easter.

Xmas 2013 Presents 025

Here is a one of the very earliest Frido 1969 Quirky eye-browed baby Nightdresses that came to me mint in the round peep-hole-window box over 14 years ago. Unfortunately like so many of the brunettes she has falling hair but luckily plenty of it but makes up for this with the wider face that I so love. She still has that new vinyl smell.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 016

This DD sleepsuit is made from a very pretty beautiful quality slightly thicker white jersey material with a peachy-pink modern flower print with pink contrasting jersey on the other panels and is one of Judith’s diagonal styles.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 019

Next up we have another same aged Frido1969 quirky eye-browed baby Nightdress who came from Kelly Wenarsky’s own personal collection and has equisitely hand painted eyes. I first spotted this simply delightful baby of Kelly’s many years ago and asked for first refusal if she should ever decide to sell her on….. but had to wait for many more years before she was ready to part with her.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 012

Notice her lovely plump cheeks and nicely styled hair. She is wearing a ‘twin’ outfit to the blue elephant version nearer to the beginning of this post with little pink bunnies and bows scattered around the material. This is one that I got early last year.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 010

Another very minty sexed Trendon baby re-rooted with mohair by Bettina but in a closer ‘tighter-to-the-head curly’ style.

Xmas 2013 Presents 018

She is wearing a pale lemon Easter themed DD sleepsuit with a line of little ducks running across the yoke with the words ‘Quack, quack, quack’ written underneath.

Xmas 2013 Presents 016

When ever I see this little tot I always think of the nursery rhyme ‘There was a little girl who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead, And when she was good she was very, very good, But when she was bad she was horrid.’

I did think of entering her with this Rhyme in the UK Sasha Festival Dress a Sasha competition in the Nursery Rhyme section but never got around to it in the end as time ran out.

Xmas 2013 Presents 017

These are my un-identical twin babies (representimg one girl and one boy) wearing two of DD’s sleepsuits, one in blue and white and the other in pink and white, with little rocking horse motifs.

Xmas 2013 Presents 029

I like having twins in my Sasha collection as we have twin girls in our family and I’ve  always thought that twins are something rather special.

Xmas 2013 Presents 031

I think that these were the last two of Judith’s rocking horse motifs from her past carefully treasured stash.

Xmas 2013 Presents 033

Another of my first sleepsuits, the pink spot, again bought off eBay in 2010. This was  very popular on account of the material.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 008

My Trendon early 70s baby Nightdress re-rooted, on account of falling hair, by Lisa Hartley always likes to choose to wear this. She has beautiful really dark eyes to match her dark brunette hair and little plump cheeks. (Apologies for all the stray hairs over her face.)

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 009

Another of my very favourite materials, the paw print. There were only three made of this material, I missed buying the very first but managed to buy the other two over a  period of time, one I kept for myself and gave the other away as a present.

Xmas 2013 Presents 004

One of my little early Trendon boys always likes to wear this as he loves animals.

Xmas 2013 Presents 006

This was another extremely popular one and known as ‘the pink frilly’ on account of the delightful little pink frill and row of buttons running down the diagonal seam. It is such a dainty example and looks gorgeous on the sweet, tiny and more delicate babies.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 021

The little pink frill also goes right around the beanie cap. This is a blonde sexed early Trendon baby boy Nightdress who is posing as a little girl for me as had by now run out of the brunette baby girl models.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 023

This is a OOAK sleepsuit set, consistimg of a little blue jacket over a teddy bear themed sleepsuit and was given to me by Judith as a birthday present.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 028

He is a dear little Trendon early 1970s baby boy with an impish looking little face and hair that sticks straight out when not captured by his little beanie hat.

Sleepsuits and Xmas 2013 gifts 029

This was a OOAK DD sleepsuit that I remember winning off eBay for £41+ due to the competitive bidders. It is lovely and colourful and perfect for my little black baby to wear.

DD Sleepsuits 064

She is a Trendon later 70s baby White Suit without the raised eyelids. Her hair has lost it’s tight curls but I prefer it this way as I sometimes put little ribbon bows in it.

DD Sleepsuits 066

Unfortunately one of my babies didn’t get to feature here as she hasn’t as yet got a DD sleepsuit so still goes to bed in her original nightdress…. but I’m watching out to buy one for her asap.

DD Sleepsuits 069

Whilst it may seem to some that I have got a lot of the DD sleepsuits you must remember that I have now been buying them for over four years so that averages as less than four bought each year.

Hope that you have enjoyed seeing my Sasha babies all ready for bed and my apologies for the sunshine and shadows on some of the photos as had to take them as time allowed as am busily helping my youngest brother move house.


53 thoughts on “My Sasha Babies at Bedtime

  1. They are all so beautiful Kendal! Lovely photos and charming poses, well done. I’m sure Judith appreciates your loyal patronage since she began designing for Sashaland. We all know our Sashas adore her! Love your blog – a wonderful start to a wet Sunday morning.

    • I just love handling the Sasha babies when they are in their DD sleepsuits as they, like real life babies, feel so soft and cuddly and you know that they will keep warmer during the night should they kick their covers as there are no gaps to let the night air draft in plus the little beanie hats limit the heat escaping through their heads (as it is a well known fact that quite a large percentage {just forgotten how much} of heat escapes through here.)
      Lovely to hear from you.

  2. And why, pray, should you NOT have as many DD outfits as your babies need?! The only reason I don’t have a whole lot more DD outfits is because I’m too lazy ( I PRETEND it’s because I’m too busy!) to keep an eye on what our lovely Judith is up to in her designing, making and photographing her beautiful outfits and usually arrive on the scene just as most have sold – my fault entirely.
    Actually, my lads always come first in the DD stakes. As you may have guessed, I love my boys best …BUT the possibilities that babies present has just been made clear to me by this wonderful post. I was about to sell all but two of the ones here, but now….. Oh, I love you, Kendal, you wonderful enabler, you!
    Come here babies, bath time! Auntie Kendal’s children never look as grubby and badly dressed as you do….I SAID, it’s BATH TIME. No, don’t throw breakfast at each other. Put those felt tips down NOW! Bath time!!!!

    • How I chuckled at your comment here! Not a lot to really laugh (or smile) about these days with the dire wet weather (although we here have so far escaped the worst of it) and even worse financial climate.

      So pleased that this post has rescued a few of your babies as it is rumoured that some soft little velour coats are being made especially for them in her next listing.

      I agree that I think that it is the Gregor lads that have benefitted the most from Judith’s superb jersey leisure wear. I never really cared for these lads (so only had a couple) until she started making the hoodies, joggers, saggy beanies and beach shorts for them Now I’m continually on the look out to buy more to wear her new gear.
      It was the same too for the babies, I had just one or two but once her sleepsuits appeared on the market my baby numbers shot up at the rate of knots and at one time they numbered 26!

      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the much needed laugh!

  3. What perfect timing for this baby filled post and what perfectly well behaved and turned out babies they are Kendal! You have a lovely nursery there and they are dressed so beautifully in their warm cosy sleepsuits or babygrows! When my son Brendan was little, I always liked to dress him in these because they kept everything so neat and tidy as he moved around, no nappy popping out, no patches of baby skin to catch a draft, such a great invention! I am now really looking forward to having a grandchild(ren) so that I can get the same little outfits for him/her!!!!!
    However, in the meantime, I will enjoy your lovely photos again and live in hope that my baby, Bertie, will turn out to be as well behaved and nicely dressed for bed, as your babies are!
    Thanks for another great start to a Sunday morning Kendal!
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx

    • Unfortunately the Babygros only came onto the market when my daughter was 18 months old so I wasn’t able enjoy their full benefits until then.
      I so agree with you about them keeping the baby looking neat and hiding that unsightly nappy bulk….especially if anyone who was using the old Terry Towelling nappies as I was.

      Bertie looks to be a great little chappie who I’m sure will be beautifully behaved as all mine normally are! If you’re not delighted with him then you can send him on over here.

  4. Oh No Kendal!! What have you done!! Love, love, love this post of your Babies all wearing Judith gorgeous sleepsuits! Being a bad mother I always went for the boys oy girls outfits that Judith put on her site and only thought about buying the babies something last by which time they have always already been snatched up!!
    I have managed to get hold of a couple of her outfits but seeing all these beautiful ones I’m going to have to buy for the babies first!!! So that’s more spending!!! and then there’s seeing all your lovely babies

    • which is making think should I buy that baby I have been looking at on Shelly’s, Sharon having bought the first one I was admiring!! I have five do I really need six!!!!
      I’m off before the list gets longer….

    • You’re always so spoilt for choice when Judith lists that it’s hard to know just where to look or what/whom to buy for as the minutes tick by and they are quickly snapped up.
      My sister says that one should try to have an adrenalyn rush each day but a Dollydoodle, vintage-sasha or Ruthsdoll’s new unexpected listing gives me enough for several weeks!
      I did notice that Quinn was wearing a very similar Teddy Bear sleepsuit the other day.

  5. There do seem to be a lot of orphaned Sasha babies arriving at Auntie Shelly’s refuge or to be sold at the Evilbay slave market. Perhaps I won’t add to the baby Sasha misery by adding any of ours. They are VERY cute, if naughty and neglected.

    If they’d sit still, I’d count them but I think there are at least 12 now, mine, Mum’s and Ellie’s (my friend died at Christmas and left me with a request to fix and love assorted Sasha casualties she’d bought over the last 20 years, ready to restore in her retirement that she will never have – and 5 of them are babies.)

    Do other people find that every baby that arrives to live with them needs restringing? The only one I have ever had with firm limbs is the one that my daughter had, who did have a very tough life (Hannah was 15 months when she first had her). Baby had many, many swimming lessons in the bath and was carried by one arm or one leg for years but her stringing has never been an issue. All the pre-loved babies from elsewhere are very floppy.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your friend being unable to restore her Sasha Dolls in her retirement as she had planned. Life can be so cruel at times.

      Actually apart from one baby here that is desperately in need of re-stringing I’ve not had any problem with them, only with the bigger kids!
      From the sound of things Hannah really LOVED her Sasha baby who became her constant companion.Loved the bit about the swimming lessons in the bath!

  6. What a beautiful post Kendal!!! I so love the babies in the Dolly Doodles outfits. The colors are so soft and the outfits very sweet for the babies especially the little hats. I have yet to be able to purchase a DD baby outfit but finally have a few Sasha and Gregor pieces from Shelly’s site. Her work is outstanding and Judith has wonderfully captured and provided playwear for our Sashas.

    If I would pick a favorite it would be the ducklings outfit that is very cheery. Your baby bed is just perfect and I imagined the light streaming in from the window that would warm the baby’s face. Precious photos! Little Bea is just perfection too, love her!

    Thank you for a delightful viewing experience while visiting the babies. Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead too!!!

    • So pleased that you enjoyed seeing my Baby Brood in their DD nightwear.
      They look so angelic like ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths’ just before bedtime but alas some then make up for that during the day…..but guess that I wouldn’t be without any of them

      I too love the little ducklings waddling across the chest design. Before Judith purchased her embroridery machine she had to make do with her treasured stash of little motifs or characters already printed out on real life children’s clothing.

      Thanks for commenting and the good wishes for today and the coming week.

  7. Kendal,
    Thank you! Admiring your babies, Judith’s work and your photography is a lovely way to begin the day. Although I have a fairly large Sasha and Gregor family, I do not yet have any babies. Your post, especially the twins, encourages me to change that situation as I have two sets of identical twin grandchildren still in infancy and toddlerhood.

    • I think that the Sashas and then the Gregors are usually the first to be bought in any Sasha Doll collection so can understand why the babies are the last to enter and or be included.Good luck if you do decide to buy a baby or two. I’m sure that you won’t regret it.

      How lovely to hear that you have two sets of twins in your own real life family. It is said that if it is in the genes then it can easily happen again and so I’ve heard some families taking out an insurance for this to help with the double costs.

  8. Good Afternoon Kendal……What a wonderful post today!! Just LOVE all the props back once more I have missed them AND what super props they are!! and the outfits are to die for too I am truly in baby heaven 🙂 all so special and each little tot is a masterpiece as they are all different just the dream doll are they not? child Sasha/Gregor and baby version….thank you so much Kendal,love this post (but then I love them all,my store of your e-mails now is very long!!! but so lovely to go over and over them….have a lovely day Kendal xxx

    • I do apologise for the lack of the props just recently but was making use of the weather and natural outdoor backgrounds while it lasted.
      It isn’t until you really look closely at the baby Sashas that you begin to realise just how different to the others they are and therefore somewhat unique in their own rights, just like the Sashas and Gregors!

      Lovely to have you back commenting. Thanks for today’s good wishes.

    • I’m so pleased that you too like them in their nightwear. I always think that real life babies look so sweet when they are bathed and all ready for bed too. So clean and angelic looking and susually melling of Johnson’s baby talcum powder.
      I was thrilled to get those bunnies from Paperchase in Manchester many years ago. Wish that I had bought more at the time as they have never been repeated since.

    • Sorry about that Sarah! I felt that way at the very beginning of my Sasha Doll collecting but then ‘discovered’ them and how easy they are to pose to photograph and so they rather ‘mutiplied!’

      • It is all about the way that Sashas can be presented, isn’t it? I was naive enough to think that with Hannah’s black baby and her big brother Caleb already here, I could buy just one blonde boy and a brunette or read haired girl and set about searching for my ‘only two.’
        Then, I think it was Ronny’s daughter who posed a blonde Gregor and his baby brother play fighting. Well, I couldn’t separate them, could I? And, of course, they had to have a sister too, didn’t they? I mean, I only had one little baby girl and three boys which would have been hard on the baby girl, wouldn’t it?
        So, then came the rookie Sasha lover’s greatest mistake – I discovered Sasha Doll UK and all was lost! Lol!
        Finding SDUK was actually anything but a mistake. It was actually a way back to a thwarted childhood passion – but I think my bank manager would like to see Shelly ban me as a customer… or is that an addict? Another boy is coming here from Shelly very soon – is there no end to my love affair with my Gregor toy boys? Hope not!

      • I think that you have just totally described Sasha Collecting today. Once you have one in your hands you are literally sucked in the whirlpool by the media, Sasha websites, on-line groups and blogs plus the collectors themselves, both on-line and at events….. so losing complete control of your Sasha actions.
        How great that you are expecting yet another Gregor…. but he will need his own clothing and footwear…. so yet more searching and spending etc
        (Dare I ask how many lads are living there with you at the moment….or is it best not to?)

  9. A “fabulous” baby post Kendal! My compliments!
    It features a full history of how “Dollydoodle” evolved, at least in baby-wear, and why the outfits are so desirable and sought after. It’s such a great look and fit for our precious Sasha babies!
    Judith’s craftsmenship is excellent and her stitching is precision.
    I “love” all your babies… cuteness galore!
    Thank you for your efforts… absolutely adorable photos.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I have my hand up ‘seconding’ every word. Leisure wear is so important in our lives as well as in the Sasha Doll’s world.

      I think that sometimes we don’t actually look at the baby’s faces closely enough to see all their little differences there like we do in the bigger Sashas and Gregors.
      Unfortunately a few of my babies are actually out of my limited collection years but they have been allowed to stay purely on account of their superb individual eye paintings.

  10. K where is ‘my’ Miss Lippy? Didn’t you promise to slot her in with the babies????? Am going to boycott the blog until ‘my’ girl is featured 🙂 🙂

  11. Oh’ Kendal,
    What a wonderful post. I have been waiting patiently all week and you did not disappoint. I adore the babies and just love, love, love Judith’s sleepsuits for them. I always feel babies should be dressed like babies (if you know what I mean?) and be nice and warm when they are in bed or on little adventures crawling around the floor. I also adore the pastel colours so am in heaven here looking at everything.

    • I too prefer to see the babies, dolls or real life ones, dressed in soft materials against their delicate skin and pastel colours to make them so endearingly cuddly …..hence the popularity of Judith’s sleepsuits which fit this bill to perfection.

  12. I also have to admit, looking at the darker pink sleepsuit with the bunny motif I was one of the ones in that bidding war, but didn’t know you at the time!!! You certainly had the fastest fingers when it came to bidding ;-))
    Anyway, Kendal thanks so much for this post, I’m savouring every bit of it and will drool over it many times over the next week. You certainly have a way of bringing these gorgeous little babies to life and give great ideas to amateurs like me!!!
    Love and thanks,
    Susan xxxx

    • Oh, so sorry to hear that I was bidding against you for the little pink sleepsuit that’s on my little black baby. Had I of known you then I can assure you that I wouldn’t have bid against you knowing your wonderful collection of only babies and toddlers who would have perhaps needed it more than my few..

  13. Oh, Kendal… do you really want to know how many lads there are here? Are you sure about that? Do you insist? Alright, but remember, you asked!

    Now, before you have me arrested for minding too many children, please remember that some are Mum’s, one is Hannah’s, one is the DH’s, and 13 are from Ellie and in varying states of physical disability – from the slightly loosely strung through to the completely in pieces, via the scribbled on and scalped – I make it a total in the house of 33!
    Oh, but that includes Rosie-Nextdoor’s Tomos who has been farmed out here as a child protection issue as her brothers are cruel to him, apparently.

    But….. well….erm… (here, my voice drops to an almost inaudible mutter) 14 of them are definitely mine! That will be 15 that are mine in a week or so when that later Gotz boy on Shelly’s site comes home – just couldn’t resist his wide little face and the fact that all those poor sweater boys wear the, to my mind, odd mix of winter top clothes and summer sandals, so they just have to be rescued and given proper footwear, don’t they? As if I needed an excuse. I do usually prefer the Trendons or early Gotz dolls but he seemed special and my boy scout, Michael needs a pal so……. OK, DH!…. I know your boy is a later Gotz Allen but he’s always out with you that boy thinks it is abnormal NOT to be on a tractor!

    I just thought, could I reduce my share of boys by two because they are staying as guests of Lorraine’s Henry? I mean, when they take the head count for the UK census you are not included if you are sleeping elsewhere for that particular night, are you?

    I don’t belong to an early Gotz boy yet so I do want to adopt just one (or several) more some time. I have less girls and Ellie sent mainly boys and babies too but Mum makes up for my lower number of girls, she’s as bad as I am, except that she prefers girls and doesn’t go on-line to look without my help. Well we won’t talk about my role there, OK?

    Oh dear, do toddler boys count? Guilty as charged – 3 boys and 1 girl there… but one of my boys was a factory reject that I was given to turn into a real doll when in a very civilized French hospital that used doll repair as a form of occupational therapy.

    The rule that the DH set was that if I ever forgot the name of a doll, I had to sell that it as I would then clearly have too many, so they all have names except Ellie’s ones. Hee hee – he forgot that I have dealt with over 1500 children in my teaching/headship years and can name any one of them if I see a photo – colleagues and parents, no way, but the children were never a problem. So it could be another century before he can stop me taking in more homeless Sashas and, more particularly, Gregors……..
    Line up lads, all are welcome here!

    Poor Judith, she has no idea what the future of DD holds…she needs to run a sweat shop, just to help me clothe all these Doodle Dudes!
    Jenni xx

    • What a truly magnificent reply! I’m mesmerised by your huge collection of the lads. How thrilling to have such a large gang to look after,cloth and enjoy.

      Love the naming rules that your husband has set but obviously he is unaware of your capacity to remember children’s names….although this is very unusual for ‘headteachers’ to be able to do this, class teachers yes but heads no as they miss out on the day to day contact….apart from perhaps the naughty ones!.

      Am off now to get ready for bed but still thinking about all of this. What a fantastic Sasha/Gregor/baby home you must have.

      • I had no intention of being a deputy or head – just happened to be the most senior teacher in the school when the head and deputy decided to go sick a week before OFSTED and had to take over, then got my arm twisted to go on. BUT they never managed to keep me out of a classroom for an entire day because it was enjoying the company of children that got me into the profession, not boring old paperwork. Love the naughty ones best though! That’s why I LOVE LUCAS – sounds like a TV show!
        Come on Lucas, show your face somewhere (as if I didn’t know where!)

      • Head and deputy going off sick just BEFORE Ofsted. NO WAY? Just NOT ON!
        Poor you. How on earth did you manage? You were obviously successful or else they wouldn’t have asked you to stay on. So congratulations from me!
        Give ME teaching any day over paperwork!
        Yes, it’s the naughty ones that remain in your mind the very best and for the longest.
        ‘I LOVE LUCAS’ does remind me of the old programme ‘I LOVE LUCY!’

  14. Another wonderfully inspiring post Kendal – your babes are just so adorable and how lucky that you came to know Judith with her amazing skills. I became drawn to the babies last year through your photography, which always seems to capture their individual personalities – but as you say, the babies are easy to work with – they almost pose themselves particularly in Judith’s onesies! I adopted all three of mine when they were raising funds for particular needy causes, so feel especially attached to them. I’ve enjoyed a lovely day with lots of cuddles with our 5 week old real life baby granddaughter while her older sister played schools with my Sasha babes. So entertaining!

    • Yes, I’m so pleased that I got to know Judith from the very beginning with her amazing Sasha clothing. There was a gap in the market especially for the babies and Gregors and she has filled it marvellously with her unique jersey leisure wear

      The babies are super to work with and I’m glad that you recognised that. Pleased to hear that you have three but even more special is that you have a real life granddaughter to hug, kiss and hold and hopefully photograph.
      I’m hoping to let a few of my Sasha big kids play school with my Sasha babies now that they have a blackboard and easel.

      Many thanks for this lovely comment.

  15. Kendal; the sunlight and shadows are very special on some photos and I like lthem best!
    My fav ist the yellow one with the ‘quackquack’
    Thanks for sharing!

    • How lovely to hear from you saying what you like. Since reading this I have gone back to look at the photos with the sunlight and shadows and I think that you are right. It does create interest.
      That particular pale lemon sleepsuit with the Quack-quack wording is indeed very sweet and can be worn by both the boys and girls..

  16. Kendal I like them all so much when they are sleepy and behaving themselves that I want to take them all home and I cant thank you enough for my present of the cot you got for me for Christmas like yours and my 6 babes are all wanting to sleep in it so I am haviang to get several beds for them so they can nap and let me give time to their big brothers and sisters!!
    I do think that as we like them so much we should offer to run a Sasha baby nursery!!
    Then we could watch over them to our hearts content and let their mothers have them back when they have had their naps!!
    Love to you all,
    Sarah and the Rabble xx

    • The little baby cots are I think just a perfect size for them. It reminds me so much of the wooden cot that I had for Chon.
      I do so love to see and hold my Sasha babies when they are all bathed and dressed ready for bed. They look so cute and feel so cuddly! A nursery sounds a great idea providing that they all sleep at the same time and not in varying stages.
      Hopefully see you up here soon. Love to your rabble!

  17. Never really been a big fan of the Sasha babies Kendal, but since you started dressing them in DD outfits i have become quite smitten, lol. I now have five babies and a toddler, lol.
    Great blog post xxxxx

    • I think that the Sasha babies haven’t been appreciated anywhere near enough as the ‘bigger’ Sasha/Gregors have. You have to look quite closely to see their little unique differences in their facial moulds and eye paintings. They are just wonderful to pose and photograph.

  18. I wish I could come and give all these babies a big hug 🙂 … they look so cute and sweat and all are dressed up with so much love and your very personal unique good taste! I love this blog post.
    Liss xxx

  19. Kendal, my girl and I love this post, we read it on Sunday but just weren’t able to comment until now. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful range of the baby sleep suits and adorable babies, they’re all so special, so we can’t pick a favourite. And I love your toddler.

    • So pleased that you both enjoyed finally seeing the Brood’s baby members! I’m afraid that it was a long time in the coming.
      I think that we so often just tend to view the baby Sashas from a distance, it is only when taking a much closer look that we are able to see their differences as we do with the larger Sasha/Gregor kids.
      Looking forward to meeting you both again in October.

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