My Christmas Sasha Gifts, Happy New Year and the WordPress 2013 in review

I was planning to wish all my blog followers a very happy New Year and start showing you my wonderful Christmas Sasha related gifts last Sunday but unfortunately my AVG anti-virus protector ran out and I couldn’t manage to renew it by myself in the time.

Firstly, I have added my annual Worpress report and would like to thank each and everyone of you who visited me and the Sasha Brood here during 2013 for your support and encouragement…..and which my family says helps to keep my brain and mind active and me from being lonely or board and out of mischief.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

In 2013, there were 54 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 728 posts.

The busiest day of the year was January 3rd with 301 views. The most popular post that day was My Sasha Christmas Presents part 2.

Special thanks to to everyone who takes the effort and time to add a comment to the posts which I so enjoy reading. Congratulations too to the five top commentators listed here:

Your most commented on post in 2013 was Your opinion please

These were your 5 most active commenters:

  •  sashavillage 71 COMMENTS
  •  anne 70 COMMENTS
  •  Simply Sasha 61 COMMENTS
  •  Sharon H 52 COMMENTS
  •  Gillian Nash 45 COMMENTS

Attractions in 2013

These are the posts that got the most views in 2013. You can see all of the year’s most-viewed posts in your Site Stats.

Here is the magnificent shop front that Denise and her husband gave me for Christmas.

Just how lucky am I? As you can see here I had added some silver Christmas decorations to it.

New Year 005

This 1967 Frido NP is the doll that you saw Father Christmas arriving on his sledge in a recent post bringing her to me at my home.

New Year 011

Although she was dressed as a Jeans girl when she arrived I’m rather thinking that she was originally a Blue/Brown Cord as she doesn’t have the FCP that is usually associated with the Jeans girls.

New Year 010

Her eyes were painted by Kristina, the Manchester Art Student, that came in to help Sara Doggart paint the eyes in the Summer of 1967.

New Year 007

She is a minty doll complete with her plain backed gold tag.

New Year 009

I quickly changed her into this lovely 2013 limited Christmas edition Ruthsdoll’s outfit for this photo shoot but haven’t at the moment had time to try on some other outfits to see just what styles suit her the best.

Christmas 2013 gifts 017

I love the smocking here.

Christmas 2013 gifts 018

Still making up my mind as to which of the footwear to use with this outfit. Either the sandal style that the outfit came with or the lace-ups that I already had here. At the moment I’m tending to go with the latter being Winter and will use the sandals during the Spring and Summer months.

Christmas 2013 gifts 022

One of my Sasha New Year resolutions is to finish off naming my Sasha girls and babies as hardly any of these have been given names. As I now have two of these dolls with eyes painted by Kristina I have decided to call this one Krista and the other, Tina.

Christmas 2013 gifts 023

Sarah Williams gave me this really ‘chic’ outfit (plus a little War I replica bear which will be featured in the next Sunday’s post.) I just adore her VS outfits, especially those with the berets, and can never get enough of them.

Christmas gift outfits 059

I chose this Trendon 1970/1 bobbed haired doll to wear it as I like the look of bobbed hair under the berets. As I bought this doll from  Denise’s Chat n’ Snap I have called her Denise after the event and one of the characters in one of my favourite TV programmes, The Paradise.

Christmas gift outfits 061

This outfit has such a French smartness about it. I have added three quarter socks and grey, rather than black. coloured bar shoes to complete the look. A million thanks Sarah for this fabulous outfit!

Christmas gift outfits 056

Christmas gift outfits 058

Belle, my 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly, snapped up this sweet little VS coat given to us by Susan Bulger Pomeroy (along with another outfit and gift to be shown next Sunday.) Although I have to admit that it does so suit her I do intend to enjoy letting others try it on at some point in time.

Christmas gift outfits 055

Burgandy bar shoes and tan socks complete the outfit.

Christmas gift outfits 054

As the Brood’s watering can matches the colour of her coat she has decided to appoint herself as chief plant waterer of the potted plants outside the shop front although I’m not so sure that it is a job to be undertaken in that best coat!

Christmas 2013 gifts 007

As you may have noticed here I have started to make this shop as a sweet shop first of all although it’s not quite finished as yet as I need to find one or two more of my sweet based props.

Christmas 2013 gifts 005

Couldn’t resist adding another photo of this ‘Mabel Lucy Attwell’ replica looking little doll.

Christmas gift outfits 053

As I prefer the shorter cut haired dolls to wear the hoodies if I’m needing to put the hoods up I let Denise wear this new Dollydoodles outfit given to me by Judith as well. Judith said that this was a special one-off for the Brood as she knew that I so enjoyed  Chon’s teenage Snoopy collecting years BUT as it’s SO super and such a shame to limit it to one, I’m more than willing to share the design with others if she wants to make some more for her website listings.

Christmas 2013 gifts 026

I have added some DD leggings and Ruthsdolls boots to finish off this bright and fun casual outfit. Tons of thanks Judith for thinking of us with this most attractive little top.

Christmas 2013 gifts 028

Looking at these photos of her with the hood up I think that the younger Gregor lads would also enjoy having one.

Christmas 2013 gifts 032

Christmas 2013 gifts 030

Drum roll!!!!!

Introducing another NEW Dollydoodles long awaited by Susan and I line, the baby SNOWSUIT! Aren’t I the lucky one to be given one of the very first off the production line? Armfuls of thanks Judith for another gifted FIRST. How we love to introduce your latest products.

Christmas gift outfits 091

Quite a co-incidence as my sister and I had recently bought a friend’s first baby girl one almost identical and when he phoned to thank me he said that he adored seeing her in it as she looked just like a lovely soft pink Marshmellow. Good enough to eat!

Christmas gift outfits 089

I think the same of my little tot here, who I sent to be re-rooted by Lisa Hartley, when I look at these photos. All cosily wrapped up against the cold.

Christmas gift outfits 090

I’ll have to stop here as I stayed up late last night to do this post, which indeed had a few more gifts featured, but when I came to publish it this morning I was devastated to discover that ALL the writing and many of the photos had completely disappeared (in spite of saving it all at the very end!) so have had to set to and start over again and do as much as I can.

SO I still have to feature my presents from Steve, Chris Taylor, Sarah Price and Cleo, Cathy and Plum, Gill, Chon, Shelly, more from Susan and Sarah W, and anyone else that I might have missed mentioning here.

A very happy Sasha fun filled New Year to all my followers and thanks for visiting us here.


34 thoughts on “My Christmas Sasha Gifts, Happy New Year and the WordPress 2013 in review

    This post has cheered a dismal day for me. Glad to see your lovely girls again. It seems you had a wonderful, Sasha filled Christmas. Congratulations on your special girl. Love your little sweetie with the bobbed hair too, especially in her Snoopy hoodie – she looks a real tom boy.
    I may be being dim here, but can you tell which artist painted each NP just by looking? I’d love to see a comparison of Sara’s and Kristina’s work, side by side.

    • Glad to have cheered you up! I’m hoping that the incoming comments will cheer me up after the devastation of discovering most of the prepared post had disappeared over night so having to literally almost start again this morning.

      I had one of the best Christmases for a long while as I was feeling so much better and it seemed to last for a lovely long extended time. I’ve had so many absolutely fabulous Sasha related presents as you will see as well next week.

      Will try and put a few photos together of Kristina’s and the other eye painters together to show you the slight differences.

      Happy Sasha fun filled New Year to you too.

      • Oh dear, Kendal. Why do these computers develop minds of their own when we most need them to be obedient?
        So sorry all your hard work was wasted, but your blog is so popular and beautiful to view that we will all be waiting patiently to see what comes next week. Knowing there is more to come and that we must wait for it only makes it all more exciting for we readers.
        Go and talk to your new girls about the horrors of technology. There is nobody as sympathetic as a Sasha, LOL.
        J xx

  2. Happy New Year dear Kendal! Your new, beautiful 67 NP is just wonderful. Her eyes are gorgeous. The lovely Christmas outfits are so nice to see. I wasn’t surprised to see the visit numbers to your blog. I love to visit with your brood and their fabulous outfits. Have a wonderful 2014!!! Ginger xxxx

    • Thanks for the New Year wishes.
      Krista is a lovely looking doll and I was so lucky to get her as she was already sale pending when I emailed Shelly but fortunately I decided to mention that if the sale fell through (not for one second thinking that it would!) I would love to buy her.

      I’m always amazed at the viewings that my blog gets but it definitely spurs me on to do more…. which I might not do as it’s so time consuming and there are so many important and necessary things that need doing here!
      Always love to read your comments. Many thanks.

    • This is my reply to Trumblesmum’s email above……
      I totally agree with you about these computer mishaps. I do struggle with the IT skills at the best of times but when there is a deadline involved it makes it so much harder for me to deal with.
      I do apologise to those of you who gave me such wonderful Sasha gifts and would have been shown today if it wasn’t for this.

      I’m sure that my Sashas will commiserate with me as they too had worked hard with the photo-shoot standing there in the cold wind posing this way and that.

  3. Superb post as always K! I love your Kirsta and doesn’t Dee 2 (Denise) look gorgeous in both the outfits you put her in? Great start to the today, which is for me Vee Double U related as Christian and I are refitting the interior of a Beetle with some newly reupholstered seats…nightmare 🙂

    • Rather you than me on tackling those VW jobs today! Give me a blog post any day! Good luck with fitting the new interior seats What colour have you chosen?
      It will be expecting to be chauffeur driven shortly!

      Though that you’d like seeing Denise seeing that she was yours once upon a time!

  4. Happy New Year and it’s great to have you back blogging! I love the way you’ve done your shop, it’s great to see all the different ways Paul’s great handiwork can be used. Needless to say, I love the Vintage Sasha outfits your girls received for Christmas, especially the red check coat. Your girls all look fabulous as always. Looks like Santa was very kind to you this year, you must have been very good! Nice to see I made the top five haha! Love Gill xxxx

    • Yes, congratulations on making the ‘Famous Five!’ Thanks too for always taking the time to comment. I think that had it not been your fab hot holiday abroad this Summer you might well have tied with Dee!

      Have already thought of a few ideas for the shop. Just now need the time to execute them.

      Santa was MOST kind to me this year as you will see from next weeks post as well.. Still can’t believe just how lucky I am!

  5. What a lovely post Kendal and so sneaky, I had checked several times this morning and then as soon as I go off to do other things, when I return there it is!!!
    What beautiful gifts you received from your friends.I love your new girl, that friend is especially generous 😉
    The grey out fit on Denise, such a nice name 🙂 , is gorgeous I loved that when it was on Sarah’s site.Love the snoopy top by Judith,love red on the brunette’s.The check coat is so cute

    • Paul’s computer so bear with me!!! The sweet jars are just the perfect size for the shop!
      Glad to see you are finally naming your Sasha’s.
      another great post for a Sunday Morning!
      love and hugs

    • Yes, it is such a lovely name and I shan’t therefore be shortening it either. Just recently I have been trying to remember to call you by your full name too.

      Yes these outfits are truly delightful.. There are three more to come next week a Sasha one from Steve, a DD baby outfit from Chris T and another Gregor one from Susan. Wish that I had a wardrobe like the Brood now have!

      Congratulations (and thanks) for being top of the comment’s list!

    • I had planned just to click ‘Publish’ when I woke up this morning having stayed up late last night to finish it SO was near to tears to find that three quarters of it had vanished overnight. Wasn’t sure that I had the courage or strength to re-do it until later today but then thought of all the wonderful Sasha related gifts that friends had sent me…..!!!!

      I too love the already bobbed haired Sashas. Not sure if I could do that myself unless there was a good enough reason,…. although I have shorn a few badly falling haired ones ready to wig.

      • Next time click publish then go to bed, then in the morning you can see who was up early and commented.
        I am always publishing late because my blog will always put the date written and not the date published , so I publish ! 🙂

      • I usually write the blog post the evening before but then wait until I’m fresher in the morning to double-check it and then reply to the comments during the day..

  6. lovely photos as usual !….belle looks especially nice , how frustrating to have lost all that work but this is still a lovely post for a sunday morning ….sarah xxxxx

  7. What a fantastic bunch of goodies you receive this year Kendal, you must have been a very good girl in 2013!!!! I love your new girl, she’s delightful, so pretty and such gorgeous thick hair. She looks really nice in the smocked dress as the colour is perfect with her eyes. The blond girls do look good in blue, don’t they!
    Sarah’s gift outfit to you is really pretty too, I love Sarah’s work, I’m determined that one day I’ll have some of her outfits…or maybe a bit of her talent wouldn’t go amiss!
    And the Snoopy hoody is great too.
    I look forward to seeing all the names you come up with for your unnamed family members…..but I like the ones you’ve come up with so far.
    And how interesting that I’m number 4 in the list of ‘top contributors’ to your blog comments! (I’m assuming that I’m Sharon H anyway!!) I had to laugh, it has been said that I like to chatter a lot!!!
    Big hugs and thanks again for all your help in the last year!
    Sharon xxx

    • Yes, that’s you at number 4! Congratulations on that. I think that we are both rather ‘chatterboxes!’

      Feeling quite chuffed with myself at having thought of and given three names to three dolls today. Not going to be an easy task I fear with having 15 babies and 41 Sashas and with only a handful already named.

      I have had some fabulous Sasha related gifts.this Christmas. I’m only sorry that I haven;’t managed to get them all photographed and listed today. At least I have quite a few ready for next Sunday now so it will give me more time to do the last ones.

      Thought that you would like the Snoopy hoodie as it’s such fun and your kids are always dressed in fun-styled clothing.

  8. Happy New year Mrs Hack’s!
    How lucky are we, as I also had the same wonderful outfit from Sarah W for Christmas that your brunette waif is wearing, lol. Plum and Cathy also commissioned Sarah W to make me the same coat as Belle is wearing (mine has different buttons) for another of my Christmas presents. Love the shop front that Dee and Paul gave you, I only wish I had the room to display such a lovely piece.
    As for you gift from Santa, I think she is stunning! I love these beautiful girls with their eyes painted by Kristina (I am very lucky to own one).
    I also really love the outfits from Judith and the beautifully smocked outfit from Ruth. My beautiful Kathe Kruse girl is wearing the larger version that Ruth made for the studio dolls.
    I must comment more on your blog, lol xxxxxx

    • A very happy New Year to you too! Thanks as well for this mornings phone call.
      Snap then! We certainly are the lucky ones this Christmas having such gorgeous gift outfits!
      I’m thrilled to bits with the shop front and the two DD outfits. I get even more thrilled with new outfits for the Sasha Dolls than I would if they were for me as they always look so wonderful on them…..which is more than can be said for me these days!
      I too find the Kristina eye painted dolls just that little bit different and special.
      I was sorry that your lovely OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit that you gave me didn’t get featured today in this second edition post but my eyes and fingers just gave up. Rest assured it will be featured next week and on one of your favourite kind of Sasha Dolls.

  9. Hi Kendal, well you have such lovely photos and dolls on your blog so no wonder you get Sydney Opera house statistics! Well done.

    I’m enjoying that your new girl can’t make up her mind about which shoes to wear, tell her I think the t-bar sandals look good with that gingham dress. What lovely gifts you received from Sasha friends, the snoopy hoodie is great.

    As for wordpress not saving your changes – sometimes if I’ve got a lot to say I write it in a separate text document, save it, then copy the text into my blog post. That way if the internet goes down or the blogging platform throws a wobbly, I’ve still got what I wrote. But I don’t always do this. Sometimes updates are carried out at around midnight and this can disrupt changes, so you think you’ve saved something (or forget to save the latest before closing the browser) and then find you’ve lost everything because the blogging platform was running updates just when you were trying to save.

    • I’m very pleased with the variety of Sashas that are now in my collection from minty-ish to dearly loved waifs and I treasure each and every one exactly the same. Certainly not a case of ‘size (substitute price here) matters!’ This way I feel that I can relate to people with all sorts of Sasha Dolls as it’s not so much of which doll you own but more of what you do with them.
      If I could still manage to knit and sew my dolls would certainly be dressed mainly by me as a proud mother…..but alas that can’t be the case.

      I think that I shall be taking your advice here and trying to save my wording as I go along. The automatic draft saver was working on this post as I proceeded along as I was watching it but I think that it was when the WordPress re-view was being added that the problem occurred.

      It does aggravate me though when I’m in the middle of writing a comment etc and the whole laptop switches itself off from what I was writing to update itself without a warning!

      Will tell my Christmas girl that you prefer the sandals with this outfit. Thanks for your help here!

  10. What an absolutely beautiful new girl you have now to join your brood and I so enjoyed your photo’s with missing my own girls back home. I do love looking at all the wonderful Christmas gifts from your friends, so can’t wait to see more on your next blog! Love Jackie xxx

    • Great to hear from you from Costa Rica!
      I’m sure that you must well be missing your Sasha girls back home but think of the re-uniting session soon now..
      Hope that the re-rooting out there has gone well and according to plan.
      A very happy New Year to you. Safe journey home when the time comes.

  11. Awesome store front! Awesome photos!
    Terrific *new* girl… “congratulations to the new Mummy!” Her ruthdoll’s outfit matches her gorgeously hand-painted eyes… a *super* girl!
    My Belle, you’re *perfect* in checkered red and white… *love* how you’re turned the collar up… adding a bit of attitude… well done!
    Adorable bobbed girl… looking very *chic* in her new vintage-sasha outfit.
    Snoopy… well, who doesn’t *love* snoopy… a timeless character.
    Precious baby pink snow-suit… softness galore.
    Great gifts… Great friends!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Always look forward to your comment that comes later due to our time differences!
      Not sure if you read Denise Owen’s comment when she says that you must be the comment winner as she was only up there because when she is using her husband’s computer it so often kicks her off before she’s actually finished so she has to write another one to complete what she was saying?

      Guessed that you would like the Snoopy hoodie. He’s such a fun character!

      How right you are! I am so lucky to have such good Sasha friends and certainly NOT because of the gifts! To me that’s such a huge part of Sasha collecting. Each year I’m so lucky to add a few more new friendships both through the Sasha events that I manage to attend and blog posts!

      Thanks for dropping by and a very happy New Year to you and yours!

  12. Hi Kendal,
    Congratulations on the WordPress Stats, your blog is loved by so many.
    Fabulous post and just love the little snowsuit on your baby. Your new doll Krista is gorgeous as is Denise. Her bobbed hair is so trendy!!
    I have gone over this blog twice just to absorb everything and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put in, it really made my day 😉
    Looking forward to next weeks post already,
    Susan xxx

    • Hope that you enjoyed seeing the VS coat that you gave us for Christmas on Belle in the photos. It’s simply delightful. Many thanks again.
      Your other DD Gregor outfit on my New Years doll is now already on next weeks post as is Bea’s shopping trolley.

      You’ll love the new DD snowsuits when they finally come into production. They look so cosy and warm.

      Read today on DollMum’s blog that you are hoping to come over to the UK next October so I’ll look forward to seeing you there again.

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