Christmas Deliveries 2013…… plus more coated Sashas

North Pole Deliveries

“Hmmm” said Father Christmas looking at his list,  “This house certainly looks familiar….

Tudor Yuletide 090

…. BUT the person who lives there seems a little bit older than the average person who believes in Father Christmas.  Still, she’s been good this year, so I’d better deliver this Sasha anyway.”

(BTW This IS my daughter’s introduction NOT mine!)

Tudor Yuletide 086

Tudor Yuletide 087

Farewell for another year and a very happy 2014.

Tudor Yuletide 088

Then the sleigh disappears into the darkness for another twelve months……..

Tudor Yuletide 089

Christmas Presents delivered the more usual way: (My daughter’s input again!)

My very first 2013 Christmas present arrives by Courier.

My Shop Front Arrives 001

…..and is taken round into the conservatory to be unpacked later.

My Shop Front Arrives 002

……and THIS was what was inside it…..a shop front from Denise and Paul. Isn’t it just wonderful? Aren’t they so very kind? A million/trillion thanks to you both. I’m certainly going to have some Sasha fun with this!!!!!

My Shop Front Arrives 005

I quickly found the two potted plants that I had bought the other week in anticipation and placed them either side of the door.  Grabbed a nearby doll and Foxy, the Steiff Fox Terrier and ‘hey presto’ we are ready for action in the New Year.

My Shop Front Arrives 008

Some more of the ‘coated’ dolls can be seen below as I haven’t been at home much since Christmas Eve to take the photos of my Sasha related Christmas presents. (Hopefully I’ll get around to doing that next week when my daughter has returned home and all friends have all been and visited.)

Winter Coats and Jackets 175

This is my bobbed haired Frido 1967 NP Blue Cord waif wearing a Dollwork’s jacket over a DD T shirt and VS trousers, with Ruthsdoll’s shoes.

Winter Coats and Jackets 170

Winter Coats and Jackets 179

Winter Coats and Jackets 174

Sophie, a 1960s slate eyed Gotz girl in one of the first vintage-sasha cord coats….. and boots very kindly given to me by Susan Bulger-Pomeroy.

Winter Coats and Jackets 161

She is one of my favourite of my Gotz waifs.

Winter Coats and Jackets 155

She has a look of me when I was a child and wore my hair in plaits….. though MY fringe was always clipped back off my face.

Winter Coats and Jackets 163

Please can you pull your fringe away from your face for once so that we can see it better?

Winter Coats and Jackets 159

A pale skinned Gotz 1960s slate eyed lass with her hair re-rooted by Bettina with mohair.

Winter Coats and Jackets 153

I love this colour on her in this VS fitted full skirted coat, tights and JJ sandals.

Winter Coats and Jackets 152

Winter Coats and Jackets 151

A Trendon 1972 Gingham doll that I bought especially to send to Shelly to re-paint her eyes and wig her in this Monique Cossette wig to replicate her as closely as possible to Belle (as I had just missed buying her again for the second time and was so very disappointed.)

Winter Coats and Jackets 141

She is wearing a coat that I think was knitted by Postiebabe (but as it was rather a long time ago now that I could be mistaken.) Dolls-secret tights and Ruthsdoll’s shoes.

Winter Coats and Jackets 146

I love this colour on her.

Winter Coats and Jackets 142

A 1960s slate eyed trimmed haired Gotz waif that I purchased from Marie Morgan for the sole purpose of using the various wigs that I had accumulated over time on her.

Winter Coats and Jackets 130

I want to try this VS coat on over some purple DD skinny jeans and my VS purple dungarees when I have the time as I’m not so sure that these white tights are the right thing to wear with this lovely Harris tweed coat (another of VS’s very first coats) and Ruthsdoll’s shoes.

Winter Coats and Jackets 133

A Frido 1968 Fringe waif girl in a hat and jacket knitted by Christine Durand and jeans,  I think, by NGould, with JJ sandals.

Winter Coats and Jackets 188

Winter Coats and Jackets 186

Winter Coats and Jackets 192

Frido 1966 Developemental Brunette Brown Cord (that arrived in her box with this rare combination as opposed to the usual brunette hair and gingham dress version … which was produced especially for sale at the toy fair that year.)

Winter Coats and Jackets 140

Rosemary Shortell designed and knitted this unusual and utterley charming Larma coat and then gave me it as a gift for my 70th birthday…. which she wears here with  DD leggings, JJ boots and a Ruthsdoll’s felt beret.

Winter Coats and Jackets 137

Winter Coats and Jackets 139

I am spending today helping my daughter gather her things together ready for her journey back home so I shan’t have the time to reply to any of your ‘much-looked- forward-to’ and ‘very-much-appreciated’ comments until later in the evening….or the following day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say many thanks indeed to all my friends who sent me and my Brood such wonderful Sasha related gifts and which will hopefully be captured on camera and displayed here asap.

Wishing all my blog followers a very happy, healthy and Sasha fun filled New Year and many thanks for your support and encouragement over the past year.


26 thoughts on “Christmas Deliveries 2013…… plus more coated Sashas

  1. Dear Kendal, how wonderful to have a store front for your brood!!! Dee and her DH are so thoughtful to send you this amazing gift!!! Your girls look very smart and well dressed in their coats and hats and boots. I love reading about the girl’s backgrounds and their clothing too. Each girl is beautiful :). Father Christmas was a nice addition too! I hope you enjoy the holiday season that will bring in a wonderful New Year—2014–Happy times ahead 🙂 Love, Ginger xxxx

    • I am SO, so thrilled with my Shop front and can’t wait to play with it. Have already thought of one or two ideas as shop windows to start off with. Just need the time now.
      There are still one or two jackets that need to be got out of the clothing boxes and put on a couple of dolls ready for the next photo session.

      Many thanks for your most interesting comments and for the New Year wishes. We all here wish you the same.

  2. How wonderful of Dee and her husband to send you this wonderful store front, I know how much you admired them and I am sure you will put it to great use…in fact you have already! Love the little pot plants in front.

    All your girls look gorgeous – my favourite coat this time is of course the Llama coat knitted by Rosie – is simply stunning as is the amazing girl wearing it.

    • Yes, aren’t I very lucky.Really looking forward to being creative with the New Year, Have thought of a few ideas with regards to which shops it can be but need to get my thinking cap on when it is going to be used as a house as i haven’t much in the way of miniature furniture etc.

      Rosie’s Lama coat is very striking. Are you able some time to knit yourself one for one of your girls?

  3. Another wonderful post Kendal, and as Ginger has already said, I also enjoy all the little details about your featured Sashas, which make your posts so entertaining as well as so informative for a relatively new collector. I loved your visit from Santa and his sleigh – we have a Rotary Club organised Santa and sleigh visit our roads but I would never have thought to ask for help with in the way you have – sheer genius! Just love all the girls and their beautifully styled outfits and I’m so looking forward to seeing how you put Dee and Paul’s amazing shop front to good use in your future posts.

    • I should definitely be thinking of using your Rotary Father Christmas next year. They are so friendly and willing.

      It was quite thrilling to see some of my girls in the coats again as I never got around to dressing them in them this time last year and had forgotten just how lovely they are.

      Will do my very best with the superb shop front!

  4. That shop front is *so* Kendal perfect… what a super time you’re going to have with it! I can only imagine all the photos and creative stories that are yet to come… exciting stuff… 2014 is looking very promising. (An awesome gift… way-to-go Dee!)
    Gorgeously *coated* Sashas!
    Thank you for another year of *fantastic* blogging!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • You’re so right with these comments about my shop front! It’s just out of this world and can’t wait to get the time to play with it to my heart’s content.

      A very happy and Sasha fun filled New Year to you and your family.See you here in 2014!

  5. Another set of gorgeous girls in their fabulous coats and matching outfits. I particularly like the 68 fringe girl waif in her blue and white jacket and hat and the trendon 72 gingham in cossette wig .Love the red and black of Rosie’s jacket ensemble too!
    Glad you like the shop front, I think the shiny black door looks very good, I may paint my door a colour. I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely things you use it for, the two photo’s you have already done look great.

    have a very happy New Year
    Love Dee xxx

    • Yet MORE thanks for my fabulous shop front!
      Am almost wishing that Christmas was over and I can get to play with it no-stop. Have to keep excusing myself for a minute or two and go to have a quick peep in between doing the necessary jobs that Christmas time entails….(eg. looking after family and friends and making sure that they are enjoying themselves and being fed.)
      There has already been one or two little additional details added to it ready for the next photograph to be taken..

      Wishing ALL who live in the Sasha Village a very happy New Year.

  6. Awww what a lovely bunch of girls and photos….I love them all! Your shop front is super and I really look forward to seeing what you do with it Kendal! The kids, as usual, look beautifully dressed, I really do like their winter outfits…..they all look so warm and cosy. I particularly like the blue and white knitted jacket and hat (with flaps) knitted by Christine Durand, the colour is just perfect for your Frido 1968 Fringe waif girl as the blue goes with her eyes.
    I love your daughters introduction too….you obviously have been a really good girl for Santa to personally deliver your new girl to you! And the courier too….looking perhaps a little perplexed to be photographed delivering a parcel!!!!
    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had a lovely Christmas and hope that your New Year will bring you everything you’d want in life, but particularly good health and happiness!!!
    Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xxx

    • I’m thinking that the girls might have appreciated their Winter coat warmth this morning as we had quite a hard frost and I believe that the wind and storms are back with us overnight although we here weren’t anywhere near as badly affected as those in the Scotland, Northern Ireland and the south of the UK.

      I loved the rather startled look on the courier’s face when I asked for and took the photo. Not the norm on a delivery I’m guessing! Father Christmas on the other hand probably expects it when he gets to my house with my Christmas Sasha doll!

      I’ve had a really fab Christmas and was feeling so much better to enjoy it.
      Chon has just left on her long journey home so am off for a little nap before hopefully tidying up a little and finishing off putting the rest of the baubles on the tree before friends arrive tomorrow..

      Many thanks for the New Year wishes. We all wish you over there the very same.

    • I always think that our Sasha Dolls are such fun to share with other collectors.
      I love how we all seem to make our dolls are own with our own personal preferences for their manufactured years, colourings, sexes, kids or babies,and then finally with our little ‘likes and dislikes So interesting and such fun!

  7. A very Happy New Year Kendal from Jackie in Costa Rica! Thank you so much for all the wonderful photographs you have shared throughout the year and I look forward to seeing many more of your beautiful Sasha family in 2014 ~ much love Jx

    • Hope that you are enjoying a wonderful time out there with your family. How are the re-roots coming along or haven’t you had the time to start
      any of them as yet.
      A very happy and Sasha fun filled New Year to you too.

      • We’re having a very fun-packed time, thank you Kendal. I haven’t started any of my re-roots yet but I have acquired two new little Sasha fans in Maxine and Stephanie (my daughter’s half sisters) who absolutely love my dolls. Unfortunately their Daddy will be mithered to death now and very soon to be a tad poorer in the New Year no doubt!
        Have a wonderful day today and lots of love for the New Year, Jackie xxxx

      • Sasha Dolls are so tempting no wonder those two are already smitten.
        So please that you are having such a fun filled time. I’ve had one of the best .Christmas’s ever much due to feeling so much better at the moment.
        A very happy, healthy and Sasha filled 2014.

  8. How lucky to get your Christmas doll delivered personally by Father Christmas. I wonder what the delivery man would say if he knew his photo was going on your blog. I like the Rosie Shortell knitting, such lovely colour combinations.

    • We are usually the last in Alsager to get our visit from Father Christmas and I always look forward to it though I bet that he’s had more than enough by then.

      Didn’t tell the delivery man exactly what I wanted his photo for….just said that I wanted it for my blog records.

      Rosie Shortell is a very clever and gifted person all round with her sewing/knitting/craft and IT skills..

  9. Happy New Year, to you Kendal and all your lucky Sashas!!! Wonderful, mouth-watering post as ever! Lots to drool over and covet!!! Love, karinx

    • Many thanks for your New Year wishes. I and The Sasha Brood would like to thank you for dropping by and writing this comment as we so enjoy hearing from Sasha collectors..
      A very happy, healthy and Sasha fun-filled New Year to you and your family too.

  10. I’m guessing your shop will be featuring lots on your blog over the next year. How nice that Father Christmas dropped by and brought you another lovely Sasha. What more could a girl want! Your girls all look very swish in their winter coats. I do like your pale skin Gotz brunette, she is just gorgeous. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and look forward to reading you blog in 2014. Love Gill xx

    • I’m sure, as you say that my shop front will e a regular appearance on my blog as I’m ‘over the moon’ with it. just need the time to think about some good ideas for it.

      The Sasha dolls certainly look good in their coats. Still have some more to list.
      Avery happy New Year to you and yours including your Sasha Dolls.

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