Back to The Dollydoodle’s Sasha Clothing

Having taken a four Sunday break to report on the Chat n’ Snap event I’ve now unfortunately lost the track and thread of this topic so will now have to forget the correct order that I bought them and was originally listing them in and just add them randomly. Sorry about that as this is looking like my last post before I take a whole month of December break to allow me to prepare for Christmas.

DD outfits Oct 005

DD outfits Oct 003

DD outfits Oct 004

This post is ‘pictures only’ and showing two of the last of new DD designs, the trendy skinny jeans and pretty cotton flowery tops.

DD outfits Oct 080

DD outfits Oct 164

DD outfits Oct 083

DD outfits Oct 045

DD outfits Oct 050

DD outfits Oct 049

DD outfits Oct 008

DD outfits Oct 010

DD outfits Oct 009

DD outfits Oct 168

DD outfits Oct 093

DD outfits Oct 097

DD outfits Oct 098

DD outfits Oct 089

DD outfits Oct 092

DD outfits Oct 086

DD outfits Oct 121

DD outfits Oct 122

DD outfits Oct 118

DD outfits Oct 129

DD outfits Oct 131

DD outfits Oct 126

DD outfits Oct 026

DD outfits Oct 021

DD outfits Oct 020

DD outfits Oct 054

DD outfits Oct 052

DD outfits Oct 055

DD outfits Oct 133

DD outfits Oct 135

DD outfits Oct 138

Thursday morning 041

Thursday morning 040

Thursday morning 043

Thursday morning 028

Thursday morning 034

Thursday morning 031

Thursday morning 001

Thursday morning 007

Thursday morning 005

IF I find that I get on well with writing my Christmas cards, wrapping and posting my presents. putting up the decorations, tidying the house and getting the Christmas food in then I’ll try and squeeze a post in on the Sunday, 2nd before Christmas, failing that it will be the Sunday, 29th before the New Year when my daughter will be heading back home.
Many thanks again for all your support with my blogging for yet another year and wishing you all a very happy December and a wonderful Christmas.


46 thoughts on “Back to The Dollydoodle’s Sasha Clothing

  1. Another Sunday treat Kendal. Beautiful Sasha’s wearing beautiful clothes. It’s lovely to see all the different outfits that Judith’s produced being worn by your love girls.
    Hard to chose a favourite but I do love the purple set and also the hoodie and red spot set and LOVE the red boots, were they by Jean J?
    Gorgeous and sweet no navel and love all the reds and the cossette girl’s so pretty much all of them.
    have a

    • Even I’m at a loss each time to choose a favourite as I keep on seeing something more that I like here and there, a pose, an expression or a view of an outfit. Had such a struggle this time with just choosing only THREE photos of each doll when I like to download four….. but there were SO many to go on today.

      Yes, the boots were by JJ. Shall really miss her footwear although luckily I have built up a wonderful collection over the years.

  2. Who needs words when there are so many fabulous pictures to look at Kendal? Sumptuous girls and clothing who all look well geared up in their DD wear. Have a lovely Christmas Dear Kendal and all the best for the New Year.

    • Thanks for saying that it does kind of ease my guilt of no descriptions or doll details here and for the Christmas and New Year good wishes.
      Must try to make a start on getting organised for Christmas to avoid that last minute panic and rush that always seems to happen here with me! .

  3. Oh dear Kendal – not sure how the Sasha world will cope without our Sunday morning ‘fix’! I don’t in any way mean to make you feel as if your letting us down, but rather to express just how much so many appreciate your wonderful talent in bringing out the personalities of these delightful little ‘people’, and for your amazing generosity in the time you spend on sharing your knowledge and outstanding collection of Sashas.
    Your human family must come first at this time of year, so would like to wish you a wonderful Advent as you make your Christmas preparations, and along with so many will look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the New Year. Jude

    • What a lovely kind thing to say although I’m sure that you’ll not miss the blog with no doubt having your own Christmas preparations to do.
      Many thanks indeed for your good wishes for December and Christmas. Always a busy, but most enjoyable time of the year meeting up,with family, especially those living far away, and remembering old friends with sending of the cards and gifts..

  4. Lovely girls and clothes in good style!

    And you’re so busy as a bee, Kendal – doing all the things christmas at the right time,
    not to get in trouble just before the christmas days (like me:)

  5. Your girls all look fabulous in their Dollydoodles. Will miss my Sunday morning “fix”. Hope you have a great Christmas! Love Gill x

    • Thanks Gill. I’m sure that you’ll get by without this Sasha ‘fix’ as like me you’re bound to be rushing around getting ready for Christmas!
      Happy Christmas to you and your family…. and Sashas!

  6. Happy December Kendal!!!! Thank you for posting the very nice DD outfits on your lovely girls. I like them all very much and especially the white hoodie with the litlle girl in red on the swing–how sweet is that??–red bows too :). Also, the Mary Jane style tennis shoes in red are extra nice and did I see a pair of Marti’s Birkenstocks? I hope you have a great time getting ready for the holiday season. Hugs, Ginger xxxx

    • Many thanks for your December and Christmas wishes. Hopefully starting my preparations early to avoid that usual mad rush and panic at the end.
      Yes you did see one or two (white and navy) pairs of Marti’s Birkenstocks.
      I SO love my DD wear!

  7. Dear Kendal
    I agree how much work and love you share with us is amazing. I have learned so much and am so thankful for all you do . Have a wonderful time and take care. We at our Sasha house wish you a Happy Holidays. Hugs Karen and Sasha Gang.

    • Many thanks for the Christmas wishes.
      I only wish that I could find the time to do everything that I need and indeed want to do but the older I get the less time I seem to have.
      A very happy Christmas to you and your Sashas.

  8. OK_______ I’m starting a new society, The Ban Kendal From Christmas Before Mid December Society. How DO you expect us to face another week of daily toil without our Kendal’s Sashas fix? I’m prepared to give you two weeks off for Christmas and NO MORE!
    Oh, OK. I’ll let you off for a month as you’ve given us such long and beautiful posts recently. Hee hee.
    You put me to shame Kendal. I didn’t even get round to stirring up on Stir Up Sunday this year. All cake, puddings and even mince-meat will have to be bought as I’m being very lazy and only making the edible tree decs, marzipan fruits and ginger bread doodads. I have two Gregors going off to prep school in January – no time for cooking, I’ve got name tapes to sew into all the wonderful uniform items Andrea made for them. What’s a Sasha/Gregor mother to do? These kids take up so much time!
    Jenni xx

    • I’m sure I’d be the first to join your society but need to find the time to get under way with all these preparations that Christmas seems to need.Will promise that if things run smoothly and I find a little spare time to create a quick post.
      I keep wondering just how I coped with it all when teaching but guess that I had youth on my side in those days. Have become so much slower these days with everything taking twice as long.

      Pleased to say that the garden is now prepared and ready for the coming Winter months though the same can’t be said of about half of my Sashas who are still in their Summer gear. Poor souls!

      Your Christmas cooking skills sound scrumptious. There’s nothing to beat home made fare especially at this time when friends and family are especially popping in.

      How lucky for two of your Gregors to be starting school in the New Year. We wish them every happiness and success. .

      • Well, Kendal – you are certainly a role model when it comes to Christmas! I love your post-Christmas posts, showing your amazing choices and wrapping of gifts. Chon must have been one of the luckiest little girls alive on Christmas morning when she was small.
        Sooo…. all in all, I’ll put the proposed society on ice!
        You are the very first person I’m able to say this to in 2013… MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh, and keep the camera close at hand to show us all about Christmas at Lady Kendal’s Castle!
        Jenni xx

      • Have had a bit of a struggle with the wrapping paper this year after two years of locating some beautiful designs but am hopefully now sorted. Looking forward to having some spare time later this week to try it out. Will take some photos to post on the blog nearer the day

        Finding some cards too was a nightmare but have now got some reasonable ones for my non-Sasha friends and have just designed a Sasha one for the others. Now need to try to find some firm to quickly print them for me.

        Chon says she (and several of her friends want me to adopt them at this time of year ) still enjoys my input at Christmas so that’s encouraging so hope that I can live up to her expectations again this year. Have managed to get her two super Polo related entertaining table gifts for Christmas as she loves having friends round for meals….. (plus two put away for her 50th birthday in June!)

  9. It has all already been said…but I will say thank you for a super post,but where is ‘my’ girl Miss Lippy? 🙂
    Don’t overdo things this month/Christmas K…we need you back fighting fit for many posts next year:)
    Wishing every one a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY TWENTY FOURTEEN!

    • She has just been changed into a new dress ready for the next post whenever that may be BUT until then she is securely standing on a side table right by where I sit on one of the settees and is in charge of the table lamp there.

      Will try not to overdo it but on top of everything my sister and I are having to get the bungalow left to us by our late mother finally completed and ready for my younger brother to move into over Christmas as he has just sold his house and now has nowhere else to live. So ‘all go’ here!

      Many thanks for your good Festive wishes and the same to you and your family not forgetting the nine dogs.

  10. Kendal,
    What a lovely Advent gift from you today! The girls all look comfortable and content in their Dollydoodles outfits. I appreciate all the time you spend making these gifts for us – dressing the dolls and then taking fabulous pictures of them. I am celebrating my one year Sasha connection right about now; you have taught me a lot. Thank you and enjoy this season with all the special things you do.

    • Many thanks for commenting. It’s a good job then that I hadn’t promised to do a daily Advent blog post or else we here might not be having a Christmas here at all BUT it’s a GREAT idea for next year if I can get myself organised in readiness.

      Congratulations on achieving your first year in Sasha collecting. Long may it continue as there is no turning back once you have caught the Sasha bug/disease!

      A very happy Christmas and New year of Sasha collecting to you too…

  11. Hi Kendal,
    Fabulous post as always and loving all the different Dollydoodles outfits. I will miss your Sunday posts but know how busy the month of December is for everybody.
    Don’t overdo it and look forward to your next blog whenever that will be 😉
    Wishing everybody a Happy December and run up to Christmas,
    Susan xx

    • My apologies again for NO Sasha toddlers or babies BUT don’t despair they will be featuring very soon now.They are just looking out their clothing changes so that they can be sorted and dressed whilst I watch the TV over Christmas.
      Many thanks for the good wishes for December and Christmas.

      • Ah, Kendal  I can tell you love Christmas and all that goes with it. I must make a start soon but, for me the magic has vanished as it is so hard to shop. No access to public transport, not being able to drive now and a 2 hour ride each way if I can hitch a lift to the nearest city has made me resort to the internet – it doesn’t quite have the same degree of fun and I find myself looking at Sashas instead of shopping…..!   Will love the other Christmassy stuff though! Have fun,     Jenni xx

      • Yes, I have always loved Christmas.
        It is a lot of extra work but great to have a few special family and friend’s days before the hard cold Winter months and really dark nights step in.

        I’m so sorry to hear that you can no longer drive yourself. Life is so much harder when you haven’t your own car at your disposal especially when like you, you live out in the country. I hate the day when my car goes in during the Christmas week for it’s MOT and annual service (they come and collect it in the morning and then return it at the end of the day) as i feel somewhat trapped when I know that it’s not ready and waiting for me if i need it in my garage!

        I do, do a little internet shopping for some of my gifts which I can’t readily get locally but it’s no where near the same as actually seeing and handling the goods before buying so am sometimes disappointed…

  12. Kendal, this post is FABULOUS!!! Thank you. xxx Gayle

    Kendals Sasha Brood wrote:

    > kendalssashabrood posted: “Having taken a four Sunday break to report > on the Chat n’ Snap event I’ve now unfortunately lost the track and > thread of this topic so will now have to forget the correct order that > I bought them and was originally listing them in and just add them > random” >

  13. Each Sunday morning, I spend my coffee time looking at your newest blog. The pictures are always captivating. I enjoy them so much!
    I can understand needing time to prepare for Christmas, and while I shall miss your posts, I will simply go backwards and look again at older ones. I never tire of looking at your wonderful collection, even ones I’ve seen before!

    I hope your Holidays are all you wish them

    • Thank you very much for this very kind comment. If I find that I’m getting on exceptionally well with the Xmas preparations I will try to add in an extra post as I’ve just taken some really rather attractive photos this afternoon (set off from here as it was beautifully sunny to find that when I had got there the sun had disappeared) when I should have been tidying up and can’t wait to share them with anyone who is around BUT felt that I should warn my followers in case there aren’t any posts until nearer, or after, Christmas Day.

      I’m continually amazed at the re-action that my blog gets as my dolls (apart from a few) are just the normal Sasha waifs, my camera is again average (so many of you have far better cameras than I’ll ever own) and their outfits can be bought by anyone from the Sasha market as can no longer sew or knit.)

      I’ll admit that I have been,(after buying three for my daughter in 1966-70) collecting since 1996, which must give me a certain advantage over a few of the newish collectors,…..but that’s about it.

      I have always loved dolls especially as there weren’t many around in my childhood (being born and brought up during the War years) BUT now as many of you know, ‘I only have eyes for the Sasha Dolls!’

  14. I REALLY REALLY REALLY love all these pics and will dribble over them for some time and maybe several times as I do so genuinely love your pics and Gangies garden.
    I also really am enamoured with the Birkenstocks!! VERY cute.
    Tons of love from the Cuzzy Rabble to the Cuzzies there.
    AND Aunty Kendal.
    Love Aunty Sarah xx

    • How I so enjoy dressing and photographing my dolls. Such a wonderfully peaceful hobby when I’m out there with my camera and an IKEA bag crammed full of Sasha Dolls.

      Luckily when my youngest brother moves in there he says that I can still come and photograph my dolls….so that’s nice to know.
      Just been down there this afternoon and even though the sun decided to disappear when I finally arrived there I’m rather pleased with the results. You can just never tell how they will turn out in the end!

      Love to you and your family. the little doggies and Sashas.

  15. Thank you Kendal for highlighting your *Dollydoodles* boutique collection on this first day of December. Judith certainly offers a vast variety of stylish play-wear!
    I thoroughly enjoyed seing all the different dolls wearing different outfits showing off their “one-of-a-kind-ness”… terrific photos!
    Today the cossette wigged girl in the white top and red flowered (capri length) leggings caught my eye, with her sweet red mary-jane tennis shoes… so cute!
    Thanks for the heads-up that you will go on a December Blog break… as i will have to find a way to fill the void… haven’t quite figured that out as yet.
    Wishing you a glorious Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 🙂
    Hugs, -Anne

    • We all adore Judith’s leisure wear, so casual and comfortable that you feel that you can go anywhere or achieve alsorts when wearing it. Pity that she doesn’t do it in my sizing!

      Although I feel a bit guilty I thought that In had better mention my taking a break as didn’t want people getting their Sunday morning coffee and sitting down and finding nothing on the view whilst sipping it. I love to do this very thing with my Daily Newspaper although it’s with a cup of hot Ribena,as I no longer drink tea and have never liked coffee. although I love it’s aroma!

      Many thanks for the Christmas and New Year wishes. Will be back asap.

      • Yes, I hadn’t noticed them until Judith pointed them out to me earlier. They are added automatically by WordPress on the first of December but can’t now remember the date hat they disappear. I know that last year I was rather disappointed when they stopped as had got quite used to them.

  16. Kendal….Again a real feast for the eyes,I love all of your dolls whether in this post or other posts,who wouldn’t? You look after all of us with your super photo’s and I am always going to take a photo of one of my girls in the fantastic dress set you so kindly bought for me I shall always treasure it Kendal I LOVE IT!! one photo how rubbish of me not to even manage this?,Hope you have a great Christmas and a very very Happy New Year,from my dolls and me to your dolls and wonderful you!!! 🙂

    • Please don’t worry about photographing one of your girls in the Snap n’ Chat dress as I’m sure that she will look gorgeous in it as they all do in the VS outfits.
      (I too fell in love with it and have asked Sarah if she will make me up one when she has the time.)

      A very happy Christmas and New Year to you and all your dolls from me and all mine!

  17. Thank you for another lovely post of gorgeous girls and outfits Kendal…..what a delight to the eyes on this fine winters day! I am hard pressed to choose a favourite girl because they are all so lovely, but I do have a favourite outfit…and that is the red and white one, the hoodie with the little girl on the swing and the spotted leggings with red boots. I really love that whole look, so perfect and just what little girls wear! I wonder does the DD lady have an embroidery machine or do that by hand? Whatever she does, it really is great, I love the little ribbons on the little swinging girls pigtails.
    Well I shall certainly miss your Blogs on Sundays but maybe it will help me a little towards organising myself for Christmas…thought I doubt it very much. I will look forward to seeing more lovely posts in the New Year.
    But until then, sending big hugs from Sharon in Spainxxxx

    • I do hope that by taking this break from blogging that the preparations will get done in time this year though there are still a few nagging doubts that I will get distracted elsewhere in the meantime.

      Many thanks for ‘the big blogging hugs.’ I do hope that all the other bloggers keep going so that I can still have a Sasha fix and don’t get withdrawal symptoms.

      That’s a very sweet outfit that you point out. I also have one in navy and cream. Very cleverly done with nthevadded extra of the little bows on her plaits.

  18. Oh my goodness, the photo of your wigged girl, who I can’t remember her name (sorry), where you’ve taken a close-up in a little shade, has taken my breath away! That has so captured her essence with her beautiful skin tone, and, and…. So with your permission, I shall pinch the photo for my dreamy days and think of you over Christmas. Have a wonderful time Kendal and enjoy your lovely daughter Chon, as I will be doing with my two! Lots of Sasha love, Jackie x

    • Actually there are three cosette wigged girls on there but as only one is named I’m guessing that you are meaning Belle (a 1970 Gregor named by Shelly when she customised her.) I’m sure that she’d love to go with you to Costa Rica for Christmas never mind just her photo.

      Enjoy your time with your daughters too and look forward to your return home to Spain ‘whenever!’

  19. What a lovely last 2013 post Kendal, thank you so much for taking the time to share!
    Love seeing your stunning NP with the very slightly concaved face, she is a real beauty and of course your Bettina re-root and crude eyed brunette!!!
    Have loved looking at your blog this year, as you have truly inspired me to redress most of my Collection xxxxx

    • I just love to share my Sasha Brood with anyone available and willing. I like nothing better than seeing other Sasha collector’s dolls when ever I am able to.

      Yes, those three dolls are particularly nice and rather unusual.

      Feeling rather sad that this post might well indeed be my last for this year unless I hurry up with doing the preparations for Christmas..I seem to get slower and slower each year!

      So pleased to hear that you are finally getting round to dressing your dolls into some of that gorgeous clothing that you have collected over the years.

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