Denise Owen’s Chat n’ Snap Final Part

WARNING……this is a very LONG post so you might need to have a drink and some light refreshments to hand!

Up first we have my doll Lucy. She is a 1969 re-rooted by Sarah Williams Gregor  wearing a studio style dress equisitely and delicately made by Sarah from a Victorian Christening gown.

It was for sale on her vintage-Sasha blogspot and the moment that I spotted it I knew that I just had to have try to have it as it reminded me of our own family’s Christening gown which was originally my great grandmother’s Victorian day dress. I have added some of JJ very first made bar shoes. (Looking like it has got slightly caught up at the back on the right hand side so not hanging as straight as it should be!)

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 123

One of my nieces, after I had demonstrated to her how I wanted it, made me the headdress out of the flowers that I had especially bought for the purpose. (Unfortunately it had decided to slip down a little for these photos.)

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 118

The material is so very old and delicate that one has to be so careful especially when doing and undoing the press studs.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 115

Sorry that the undergarment’s lace at the neck is showing here.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 117

This is Susan’s dear little blonde baby with his rare and attractively eyes painted by Sara Doggart and in Susan’s very first Dollydoodle sleepsuit bought off eBay, eyeing-up Diane Duke’s little brunette baby’s bunny. (She’s obviously not going to let go of it by the way she’s hugging it so tightly to her.)

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 116

This is Michelle’s (one of Dee’s sisters) Mitzi looking very smart in her black jumper, knitted by Gillian Nash, and a most attractive little kilt (…..that I have MY eye on if it ever comes up for sale. If not, if whoever made this kilt is reading this then I’d love to buy an identical one for my Sasha girls!)

NB. Have just been infomed by Gill that this is her doll and not Michelle’s Mitzi as I had previously thought. My apologies. She also tells me that the little kilt was made by Hagdolly on eBay. Thanks for the info. I live and learn!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 088

I am guessing that she is a 1973ish Trendon doll with a trimmed hair style that SO suits her…..

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 089

……and gives her, with her big blue eyes, such a super little rougish charm.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 090

Here she is watching baby Drake playing nicely with Dollmum’s daughter’s little baby, Leo? in this dear playpen made and generously donated for the charity by Ken and Doreen.

They also donated the little wooden pram, which Sarah Price purchased, the wooden rocking horse bought by Judith, the blackboard and easel that Sarah P bought for me for my Christmas present. They also designed and made the colourful little swing which was snapped up too along with the playpen when the two little babies finally went home.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 087

Three super lads and a Sasha belonging to Diane Duke and sporting some of her beautifully knitted jumpers.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 127

Below are three of her girls, a 1979 Trendon White dress, a 1980s brunette and a 1975 Long Dress lass.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 118

A sweet group of little babies all hugging their special soft toys (with an Elke toddler standing at the back,) again, I’m thinking all belonging to Diane Duke.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 106

These two girls were really most helpful staying on Dollmum’s sales table and helping her to sell her gorgeous wooden Sasha/Gregor toys!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 094

Hattie in the background here is obviously taking a well deserved break from her clothing boutique and has popped over to see how her hat/beret sales are doing. Not sure if the 1990s Gotz Gregor is over-seeing the sales for her or actually looking for a new home but I’m guessing not the latter as he looks loved and quite at ease here.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 091

Back to Dollmum’s table to see her Gregor demonstrating the new wooden croquet set with one of her Sasha girls and her daughter’s baby (who from the looks of things has just been bought a Reindeer outfit ready for Christmas) looking on. (My Brood are having one of these marvellous outdoor garden activity sets for Christmas.) In the background on the right you can see one of the little wooden chairs made by Dollmum’s young daughter entirely out of lollipop sticks. Such a clever idea.

(Looks like one of their dolls is taking a little nap after a tiring day at school!)

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 093

Another helpful doll modelling Gillian Nash’s beautiful knitting and helping boost her knitted jumpers, cardigans and socks that were most temptingly offered for sale.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 092

Some lovely dolls at very temptingly low prices were being sold on one of the tables to the delight of those wishing to add to their collection. Wonderful too to be able to see, hold and inspect the doll first hand before purchasing. A rare experience these days.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 104

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 105

Certainly there was almost a doll for every need and pocket waiting to be adopted by a new owner.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 101

Unfortunately this little Gotz Stine was left behind unsold at the end although through no fault of her own as she was sitting so prettily and patiently. Hope that she has now found a new home in time for Christmas.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 102

A pretty 1974/5 Long Dress looking for a new mummy.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 103

…..and a little baby Cara who looks to have decided to wear a little baby White Suit’s clothing!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 100

Some more of my purchases can be seen below. A mustard beret made by Dee and sold under the trade name of Hattie’s Hats, two packets of Sasha ribbons containing thirty different colours, a metre of each colour. Just what their hair ribbon box needed!

I was very lucky and won this pretty dress in the raffle, (definitely helped my disappointment of not winning the main prize of the shop front) which was won by Theresa O’Neill but I was on standby to take it home with me should it not fit into Jocelyn’s car. (Which it unfortunately for me did!)

Chat n' Snap 3 003

Two T shirts featured last week and one baby onesie (for baby Drake) purchased from the Sashapotamus stall to replace the previous one that I bought for him which was somehow lost before it could be posted down to his mummy with the other items.

Chat n' Snap 3 006

Bought this attractive Dollydoodle toddler outfit for Lorraine’s little Ollie as she was not  able to come.


Catherine French gave my Brood this fun little Halloween set for me to take home to them to enjoy on Halloween night. They say ‘Thank you very, very much, Auntie Catherine! We just love it.’

Chat n' Snap 3 009

(My apologies for the crumpled packaging that had got a little squashed in my overnight case on my rail journey home.)

Chat n' Snap 3 011

Chat n' Snap 3 013

A few more of my purchases from the Dollydoodle’s sales table. The two hoodies are for gifts but the converses are for the Brood.

Chat n' Snap 3 016

Here is the little Trendon 1971/72 waif that I bought first. (An unexpected buy that burnt quite a hole in my alloted spending money.) She came wearing this sweet little coat and dungaree outfit by Nellie Rose.

Chat n' Snap 4 001

When we got home I spilt the outfit into two, a coat as one and the dungarees as the second, as I thought that all together it was a bit too much of a muchness for me.

Chat n' Snap 4 003

Firstly I added a Ruthsdoll’s beret and some JJ red long boots. Then I swapped the boots for some Ruthsdoll’s lace up shoes and pale blue socks.

Chat n' Snap 4 015

……,And finally I tried some JJ sandals with it. All three I think look good so she has a choice.

Chat n' Snap 4 011

Close up side view showing her attractively cut bobbed hair!

Chat n' Snap 4 009

Here she is in just the dungarees and blouse.

Chat n' Snap 4 005

Unfortunately as it was now early evening and getting dark the flash decided to go off for this close up facial shot enhancing those stray hairs that seem to have become my unwanted trade mark.

Chat n' Snap 4 007

When I arrived home from the Chat n’ Snap this sweet bright and little girlish outfit was waiting for me as a gift from Sharon Humphries (Sharon from Spain.) I adore her outfits and had completely forgotten to put a bid on a similar one being sold on eBay BUT luckily there was just enough material left over to make this one up for me!.

Winter Clothing 2 158

Being to hand she luckily got to try it on first and was so thrilled at how much it suited her that I quickly got into the car and drove the five kilometres to my favourite photoshoot spot and took these photos.

Winter Clothing 2 160

Doesn’t she look ‘as pretty as a picture’ in it?

Winter Clothing 2 163

The Chat n’ Snap day was drawing to a close so Lucy called Bea to tell her that they should be heading back to the car to start the long journey home. Whilst they had been shopping  in The Village High Street two of Catherine French’s great lads had kindly offered to clean and wax the car for a donation to the Scout’s Group Charity.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 070

Please notice the wonderful little minature cleaning products that Catherine had made for them to use not to mention the wonderful real life model of a Nissan car that her husband had bought for them.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 064

All finished the two boys start to gather up their bucket, sponge, bottle of car shampoo, polishing cloths and tin of car wax polish

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 071

Just look at how well they have polished it….you can clearly see Lucy’s reflection in the door panels. Well done boys, an excellent job and thank you very much indeed. It looks superb!

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 080

Come along now Bea and get into the car. BTW Bea is wearing this delightful little outfit that Jackie Rhydstrom had especially made up for her as a 2011 Christmas gift. Many thanks again, Jackie, we just adore it!

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 084

I know that this was a very LONG post and hope that you have survived and enjoyed it to the end and not given up halfway through. Our thanks again to Denise Owen, her husband and family for making this fantastic day come true for all of us who were able to attend. We’re all now looking forward (and hopefully saving the pennies!) to next year’s one!

(Apologies for any spelling mistakes as my eyes are now very tired from being on the laptop for so long.)


48 thoughts on “Denise Owen’s Chat n’ Snap Final Part

  1. Thank you for this post! Wonderful start to a cold Sunday Morning! And always nice to see yet another of my waifs adopted by you in her OOAK Nellie Rose outfit made from discontinued Cath Kidston Stanley fabric, she certainly seems to have settled in well 🙂

    • Yes, I was informed that it was originally one of your dolls but if I didn’t the Cath Kidson ‘doggy’ print material might have given me a clue!.
      I’m delighted with her as I love the shorter haired Sashas.

  2. Thank you Kendal for these wonderful posts – really hope I can make arrangements to get there next year (such a success, I’m taking it for granted Dee will be hosting another for 2014!) Loving your Lucy in her amazingly detailed studio dress, and your latest little waif is totally irrisistable – can absolutely see why you fell for her. Jude D

    • The Sasha grape vine has it that there will most certainly be another in 2014. I have already booked time next October to stay at my daughter’s.
      Loving all my purchases! Great selection of superb things to buy, one was definitely spoilt for choice!
      Hopefully see you there then?

  3. So lovely this read this wonderfully long post and have a taster of what I missed. I love your new girl, she looks very sweet and seems to have settled in well with the rest of the brood I hope. Lucy looks great. Fantastic purchases and a very special thank you from Ollie and I for his little outfit which he hasn’t taken off since it arrived. Both of us are indeed thrilled with it.

    • Hoping that it isn’t too long for some viewers!
      My pleasure tell Ollie. When I saw it I fell in love with it and immediately thought of your Ollie, not having a boy toddler myself since I decide to sell on my own Ollie last year as found that my one toddler, Bea, was more than I could cope with!

      I’m really pleased with Lucy and my new waif!. The numbers here are unfortunately mounting again! Might have to be looking at a New Year cull?????

    • …..BUT that’s maybe because you are one of the dedicated followers and enjoy reading and seeing everything (like me) that has to do with our lovely Sasha Dolls..
      Pleased though that you enjoyed your extra cup of coffee!

  4. Great photos Kendal. The blonde bobbed hair Sasha in th black kilt is actually mine not Michelle’s, though she is very similar to Mitzi. The kilt is by Hagnolly on eBay. Gill xx

  5. Another lovely post Kendal. It seems so long since the Chat n Snap ! It was nice to see more of people Sashas and the sales tables.
    Your new girl is lovely and looks great in all her outfits, I love the jj red boots especially.
    I can only say thank goodness the next ones not for a year because I will definately be taking more money!!
    Hugs Dee

    • Hopefully I will be taking more cash too BUT I have to admit that my cheque book came out far too often as well…..hope that the banks still decide to keep them in action for then!
      Fantastic selection of new Sasha items etc condensed under one roof! What more can a Sasha lover want? (Well yes, there is the money problem!)

      It may now seem to be rather in the past…. which looking on the positive side (as I do!) makes the next one so much nearer!

  6. I am enjoying coffee and your Sunday postings Kendal. It is Thanksgiving week here in the US and I like to pause and think of the things that I am thankful for and your blog is one of those things that I love spending time to enjoy the photos of beautiful Sashas and their outfits, play things, and the scenery. I thank you for this gift 🙂

    Lucy is beautiful in the white, gorgeous dress and perfect red shoes. I love your new girl with her sweet bob cut. Have you named her? The outfit by Nellie Rose is wonderful and I like the JJ boots you chose and shoes too with the pale blue socks. Sharon’s outfit is adorable too! Doll Mum is so talented and her daughter is too. I think the games and furniture are very creative! I have enjoyed all of the photos very much, just so very nice to see. Thank you!!! Have a wonderful day xxxx

    • Always lovely to feel appreciated and to be especially thanked for doing these blog posts. I do enjoy doing them and so sharing my Sashas with others but they are often rather too time consuming especially when there are so many other more important .jobs that need doing.

      I’m afraid that I haven’t as yet named my new doll (as so many of the others haven’t been given names) although Lucy was quite easy as she used to be my Luke before her ‘make-over’ so just changed a couple of those letters to make Lucy.

      Our Sashas are so lucky having such wonderfully creative sewers and crafts people making for them.

  7. What a wonderful and delightful post. I had to click on almost every picture for a good close look at all the wonderful details. I loved everything (of course!) but really liked those floral fabric shoes some of the girls were wearing. I haven’t seen those before.

    As for “culling” (should I say “the C word”) I’ve heard it also referred to as “the Catch and Re-home Programme”. I think that sounds sweet and perhaps less shocking to the Sashas. 😉

    • Oh that’s a far nicer way of referring to reducing the Sasha Doll numbers. Must try to remember that in future.
      Those little cotton print shoes come from Prilly-Lilly I think that is what it is called called on eBay. They do a really lice little fleece Duffle coat that fits Sasha perfectly although not especially made for them as such.

  8. Cathy has just emailed me her comment as she still can’t leave her reply normally………………
    ‘Hi Kendal,

    Sitting down with my second coffee of the day … rather a late start for me but have done loads of washing and other jobs around the house already, so feeling that I’ve earned this sit down now 😉

    Bravo on your wonderful final blog post on Dee’s Chat n Snap … I’ve really enjoyed every minute of looking through it and going back again to look at all of the gorgeous photos, it really has brought the day back to me and its so nice to see so many dolls that I somehow seemed to have missed seeing on the day … too much chatting or shopping on my part I expect is the reason for that!

    As you know I adore Lucy, she is so beautiful, I think Sarah has done a superb job of rerooting her, her hair colour is perfect, she looks so delicate and pretty wearing the VS studio style dress, it really is exquisite and suits Lucy perfectly. Her headdress is a lovely finishing touch.
    I love the two little early babies sitting together so sweetly, both have gorgeous big brown eyes. I too loved Gill’s blonde Mitzi in her very stylish black and white kilt with matching jumper, shoes and tights … I am a big fan of those kilts 🙂 Lovely to see Diane’s boys and girls, all so well dressed, lovely knitwear and I especially like the dress that the redheaded Sasha is wearing, love the colouring. Great photo of Hattie checking on her beret sales … I bought two for my girls …
    I quite agree with you that it was a lovely and special experience being able to see dolls for sale close up and being able to hold and inspect them, a real rare treat …. there was one girl that caught my eye … I kept looking at her all day long and in the end gave in … like you I had taken my cheque book, just incase … LoL! I chose Lilly who is looking rather lovely I have to say on your photo of the dolls for sale …
    Lovely to see your other purchases and the pretty dress you won in the raffle, lovely colours, looking forward to seeing who from your brood will get to wear it 🙂 I also really enjoyed seeing the Sashapotamus goodies for sale, it was nice to see them close up, so many colours and designs to choose from … love the ones you got.
    Amazing Halloween goodies from Catherine French, aren’t they fabulous! I didn’t even see the converse on Judith’s table, I can’t have been looking properly … love the hoodies you got, the one on the right is a lovely colour, bit different.
    Oh I love your new brunette little girl …. isn’t she sweet, love her big brown eyes and I think her bob style haircut suits her perfectly … I really love her outfit too, love the Cath Kidston fabric and really love the gingham lining on the duffle, very cute to see it in the hood and on the cuffs, she looks sensational with her red boots and beret … perfect Kendal finishing touch! Although I can’t decide which footwear I like the best … the Ruth lace ups with the pale blue socks are so sweet and match perfectly …as do the red JJ sandals with the blue socks … I love them all! She looks fab in her Cath K dungarees and I love her in her new dungarees by Sharon, I also love the trendy clothing that Sharon makes for her dolls, I didn’t realise they were sometimes on eBay … ooh I will have to start looking … well maybe in the New Year, best get Christmas out of the way first!!
    Fabulous photos of Catherine’s car and her boys polishing it, excellent job they’ve done and the little miniature cleaning products are amazing, I had a good look at them on the day, Catherine has such a good eye for detail and her miniature items are always exceptional.
    Gorgeous photo of Lucy at the end, she looks so good in her VS outfit and a very sweet photo of her and Bea together … love that both of their outfits tone together so beautifully …

    Thank you Kendal for this post, I’ve just spent a lovely time (not sure how long I’ve been looking but finished my coffee a while ago!) anyway I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, so thank you very much 🙂

    Love Cathy x’

    • Such a great day! So many people to meet and chat too. Such wonderful things to see and buy.Fabulous dolls to admire and drool over and add to our wish lists that never seem to get any shorter. What more could a Sasha collector want in a day?

      Thanks for the super long and interesting comment to match this rather longer than usual post.

  9. Thank you for the “WARNING!”…
    You have out-done yourself with this post! It’s very eye-catching… with beautiful dolls, clothing, play equipment and various other props to insure our Sashas and Gregors have the best of everything to keep them busy and happy.
    Lucy looks like a “Victorian Doll” in her re-made christening dress by Sarah W… very nice indeed.
    Congratulations on all your purchases! Your new little brunette bobbed waif is adorable… I am very fond of the 70/71/72 Sashas and Gregors… and think they are under-rated. She looks absolutely *wonderful* in all the outfits you’ve dressed her in because she is *so* darn cute!!!
    Taking a moment to chime in w/Ginger… during this week of Thanksgiving… and “thank you” from the bottom of my Sasha-loving-heart for all your efforts on this blog.
    You are tremendous!!!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Lovin’ the Lucy and Bea photo… and Catherine’s packaged *ghost poop* put a BIG smile on my face. 🙂

    • My thanks to you and my blog followers for letting and encouraging me to share my Sasha hobby with you all.
      Catherine French’s detailed craftmanship is to die for. How I would love to have her skills for my Sasha hobby. They’d want for nothing!
      One of my most WOW factor treasured Sasha memories will forever be when I first saw her Gregor goes to Boarding School UK Sasha Festival raffle prize! Well worthy of being in the Sasha Morgenthaler Museum!
      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US.

  10. Another lovely post Kendal, and no need to apologise for it being so long, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we never tire of looking at Sasha dolls and their outfits!! I love Lucy and her beautiful outfit, sooooo pretty and love it with those shoes, perfect.
    Your new girl is very pretty, I love her bobbed haircut. And I love the outfit that she came in, how pretty is that!
    I’m really happy to see her also modelling the outfit I made, I’m so glad that you like it!
    Thanks also for the rest of the photos from the Chat n Snap, they’re super and it was great to see what dolls were on offer…how did anyone resist!!! It must be so nice to see them all in advance of parting with your money, especially as it’s so hard to see everything properly in photos….oh to be able to pick them up and hold them, examine them first…such fun!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xxx

    • You would have loved the shopping and buying part. So much to choose from you were spoilt for choice.

      Glad that you liked my new little girl especially in your outfit. Just perfect for her to wear don’t you agree. She looks so young, fresh and carefree in it.
      It was a rare treat too to actually see and handle the doll before you bought it..

      I do hope that you can get there next year so that you can enjoy the same experience and we can finally meet you and some of your dolls.Hopefully you can make some of your sweet Sasha outfits for us to buy.

      • Hm! Just as well I can’t get to these events….our boiler is groaning away and telling me it can’t possibly live through winter 2014/15, even if it does manage this year so I shouldn’t be buying any more Sasha stuff… But my toddlers need clothes, two boys need restringing and where, oh where did Catherine get those lovely blue wellies one of her lads is wearing to clean the car in? My dudes have to struggle through mud and, dare I say it on Lady K’s refined message list, a little sheep poo sometimes. They need boots!

    • I do hope that it wasn’t TOO long a post as I fully appreciate just how busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas most people are at the moment but didn’t think that there was quite enough content to spilt it into two smaller posts.

      Pleased to hear that you are enjoying visiting my blog and coming prepared with a few light refreshments.

  11. such a feast for the eyes, both my daughter and I enjoyed this post. I am not surprised your eyes were tired after creating it. As usual I spotted dolls in your photos which were at the chat n snap which I just didn’t see, I think some dolls did a fair bit of moving about during the afternoon.

    • ‘ I think some dolls did a fair bit of moving about during the afternoon.’…..a bit like us then?
      I must congratulate you and your daughter again on your most attractively set out sales table and the wonderful items on it for sale. Such creativity and superb craftsmanship.

  12. What an enjoyable post Kendal and I just love, love your two new girls. The re-root is totally gorgeous with such a soft natural colour and silky fine hair. I’d love to get to the next years chat n’ snap and maybe I could persuade Sharon to come too? But in the meantime, it’s been great to see what went on and thank you for taking such an enormous amount of time putting the days events together……you and Chon really work well as a team! Hugs, Jackie xxx

    • Sharon is hoping to come so that would be wonderful if you could come over with her too as we’d all love to meet you both.

      Pleased that you like the two new dolls, although the Gregor re-root has been here with me for many years now as my wigged boy, Luke.

      Chon and I are hoping to work together as a team next year when taking the photographs as I’m hoping by then to have sorted out an easier rail route that doesn’t involve so much walking with my very painful Arthritic feet on the Euston and Victoria rail platforms and the getting on and off and in and out of the trains and taxis…

  13. Hello Kendal. Thank you so much for taking me to Dee’s “chat and snap” day, although I didn’t attend I feel that I have been part of it with all your wonderful images. So many beautiful dolls and outfits, so many tempting purchases to be made – what a lovely time you all must have had.
    I loved the creativity of the shop scenes and the boys washing their very posh car, how real they look with everything in perfect proportion. I would have been unable to come away from the gorgeous early Sasha’s that were for sale, oh they would have been so tempting. Girls in beautiful outfits and boys looking neat and dashing, so much to look at and see.
    I love your re-root by Sarah, the studio style outfit she made from a christening gown is stunning. What a pretty new brunette girl with her lovely mac and dungarees outfits that you have accessorised perfectly with red.
    I would have loved to have met everyone and seen the beautiful dolls in person but I really have enjoyed seeing through your images and descriptions.
    It seems it will be an annual event so I really must start saving my pennies now as I really hope to be there next time.
    Thank you again
    Sasha hugs

    • Oh! I do hope that you can maqnage to get there next year. It was a truly wonderful Sasha filled day!

      Excellent sized venue, super Sasha collectors to meet and talk to, fabulous Sasha Dolls to view or even buy, hundreds of Sasha clothes and items for sale, photo scene opportunities with your own dolls taking centre stage plus food and drink available if you hadn’t managed to bring your own.

      (I have to own up that the photographs were all taken by my daughter as after my initial big shop/spend, I had to sit down and rest after all the travelling from the day before.)
      Many thanks for the most interesting comment and wishing you the best of luck for attending next year when I shall look forward to meeting you there.

  14. Although it took me until now, Monday night, very late, to see it all, it’s not too much, it is a marvelous visit!
    I am enchanted with your new girl, love her sweet haircut. She looks adorable , whether in the coat and it’s accompanying overalls, or the cute pink ones from Sharon.
    I loved seeing so many others’ dolls , too. What a fine get together that must have been.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • It was much more of ‘a marvellous visit’ had you been there! Definitely the ‘talk of the town!’
      I loved the ‘chatting’ to the other Sasha collectors not to mention the buying/spending! Apart from the UK Sasha Festival I don’t think that I have ever seen so much tempting brand new Sasha items together under the one roof. My cheque book and purse were constantly out being used to their maximum capacity.

      It isn’t until well after you get back home that you even begin to realise the importance of these Sasha funday events. They influence your future choice of dolls not to mention your clothing styles, accessories and props.
      You’re well and truly inspired to take a good look at what you have and haven’t got or would like to have and what your plans are for the future with this wonderful Sasha hobby….and ‘the icing on the cake’ is just how many new friends you now know.

  15. Great post Kendal! I missed a lot as I was to busy chatting at Dee’s C&S to like minded Sasha folk, lol. I am so glad to see my little waif brunette Girl (I brought from Ronny) is loved once more as I just couldn’t bond with her. xxxxx

    • Every time I caught sight of you, you were definitely chatting so I agree that you must have missed a lot. Hope that you did find some time to ‘snap’ up a few oddments for your Sasha Dolls.

      I am ‘thrilled to bits’ with my new bobbed haired girl (although wasn’t anticipating buying another doll! As if I haven’t more than enough here already! Don’t seem able to help myself!)

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