Denise Owen’s Chat n’ Snap Part 2

Following on from last weeks post Lucy and Bea reach the Street Art Wall by two of the Sasha Village’s lads, Toby and Zac (with the help of one of Denise’s daughters.) A great meeting place for them now for the future?

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 094

Bea and Lucy enjoy meeting the artists on their way to the next shop. This is the first time that they have ever met or spoken to a street artist and are most impressed.
Zac tells her about the street ‘tags’ and points out Toby’s tag on the left bottom corner ….though I think that Bea is more interested in Mr Mossy’s little one on the right! as she is a great fan of his.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 060

Below are more many photos of the visiting dolls but unfortunately I’m going to be struggling a little here due to a very short memory span these days,of who belongs to whom so I’m hoping that some of you will be able to help me out in your comments andI’ll adjust accordingly.

Two very attractive NP girls, the one on the right is a Frido 1967 with the rarer ‘open eyed’ eye painting. (Do these girls belong to Emma Louise Flood or Emma Hassam?)

Plum has just informed me that the girl in the blue short coat and hair re-rooted by Alison belongs to Jane McLuskie. Thanks Plum.


Dee's Chat n Snap 1 169

The red headed lass above looks to me to have been re-rooted by Jackie Rhydstrom. Just been informed that the re-root is by Alison.


Jocelyn’s Gaby, a Frido 1967 NP Ballet  who went missing when my daughter was taking the photos so her mummy very kindly sent me a photo of her to add to the post. She is wearing a Sashapotamus T shirt and one of Dee’s berets and a locket from the Sashadolluk website.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 160

Whilst I know that the Superman Rowan, in the middle belongs to Judith of Dollydoodles  I don’t know the other two lads….although they could be part of Jocelyn’s gang since they are standing close by to her other dolls.

The two Batmans belong to Callie Doyle and not to Jocelyn as I had thought. Thanks again Plum.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 165

‘Three pretty NP maids in a row’ (from the soundtrack of the Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan.) (The one in the centre has just been lucky enough to have been completely re-dressed from Sarah William’s sales table!) ….but who is their lucky mummy? Plum has just informed me that the two in the very pretty coats belong to Jane McLuskie.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 156

Denise’s girl in the centre and Emma Louise Flood’s girl on the right. (Not sure who’s the dark eyed brunette lad on the left is. Jocelyn’s?) No,he doesn’t belong to Jocelyn so she tells me!

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 158

Cathy’s Esther on the left with Judith’s Ollie on the right. He is wearing a hoodie, beanie hat and jeans from Judith’s new Toddler range.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 159

Cathy’s Esther.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 148

I’m pretty sure that these three girls in the front belong to Gillian Nash (as I know the the bike does!) all are wearing either Dollydoodles and vintage-sasha clothing (….with a few more of Dee’s? dolls in the background.)

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 151

Susan Bulger Pomeroy’s rare Trendon baby with his eyes beautifully painted by Sara Doggart and wearing a lovely Easter themed Dollydoodle sleepsuit.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 152

A OOAK 1990s Gotz baby with her hair re-rooted by Lisa Hartley and wearing a Ruthsdolls? OOAK angel top and Dollydoodle’s tights..

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 170

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 147

The three dolls on the front right (one wearing a recent Pinafore Swap Event run by Lorraine Tyler and the other two in their smart school uniforms) belong to Anna Paige and her daughter and the brunette girl on the right is Theresa O’ Neill’s. The beautiful Gotz red heard No-Nose girl at the back is one of Denise’s favourite dolls.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 157

Above is a Frido Dungaree girl who can’t just remember her mummy’s name.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 001

Another of Denise’s Gotz No-navel girls standing on the corner waiting for her friend to arrive to go shopping with her.

Dee's Chat n Snap 1 155

On the back left is Dee’s Gotz slate eyed doll in her Passion for Sasha dress in the Sasha Village Autumn Trend fashion, in the middle Emma Louise Flood’s Frido Ballet girl and on the right Gillian’s Gotz No -navel in a vintage-sasha dress.

Catherine French’s Frido Dungaree girl looking neat and tidy in her very finely ‘knit by her mummy’ cardigan and three-quarter length socks.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 025

Close up of her very pretty face!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 026

Judging by the very neat knitting I’m presuming that the lad below is another of Catherine’s lads…..( but my apologies if I’m wrong! You’ll be meeting two more of her boys in next week’s post.)Dee's Chat n Snap 2 027

His blue knits certainly enhance the colour of his eyes.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 031

Two of Paula (Plum’s) Morton’s Gotz girls a 1960’s slate eyed girl and a 1990’s Esther toddler) looking after each other. (There are two more of their photos at the end of the post that I unfortunately missed putting in here.)

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 010

Facial close up and showing her trendy bobbed hair style.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 012

Cathy Buckley Mellor’s 1960s Gotz Highlight eyed girl looking very smart in a vintage-sasha Retro styled outfit with JJ sandals.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 006

I love this eye style. The headband worn is very ‘with it’ of this 60s era as I know as I wore my hair in the same way!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 008

Chon took this ‘cheeky’ photo to remind me of the very short dresses and pinafores that I used to dress her in in her pre- school days…..(not to mention me at that time in my mini dresses and skirts!)

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 009

Loving the look of this re-root and the girl behind in her American Girl over-sized dungarees and Dollydoodle short sleeved hoodie. Three times I have now bought a pair of these dungarees for my dolls and three times I have then sold them on as not liking them actually on MY own dolls BUT still I hanker after yet another pair as I adore the look on other’s dolls!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 002

Close up of her very pretty face and love the combination of the lighter brunette hair and blue eyes. (Thinking she is a Jackie Rhystrom re-root?) She belongs to Theresa O Neill.

Sorry I’m wrong again. Plum says that her mummy is Mary Birch. Thanks Plum.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 003

Next up is one of my favourite of Steve Kingaby’s dolls. A very pretty Frido 1968 Fringe Ballet girl in a vintage-sasha coat and knitted beret (supporting Cancer research) and JJ sandals.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 071

This was Sarah William’s very first attempt at making and designing her coat range. (I have her second one!)

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 069

Another doll that I would have loved to have taken home with me…… as is the Gregor below!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 067

A very RARE and stunning Frido NP Gregor with his eyes painted by Sara Doggart. I was just a little too late to get him for myself BUT have first refusal on him should he ever be looking for a new Sasha home!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 060

Loving his eye painting and how Steve has dressed him.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 066

The third Frido NP doll that Steve brought with him is dressed in a OOAK vintage-sasha sailor themed outfit and teamed with JJ sandals..

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 074

I’m guessing that she must have originally been a Brown or Blue Cord girl. Her eye paint is stunning.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 075

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 077

These last three photos were meant to have been included somewhere else in the post but had been overlooked at the time so am popping them in here rather than miss them out as they are well worth seeing and it’s way past my breakfast time. A really beautiful Frido NP who I think has been re-rooted by Jackie Rhydstrom. Not sure just who she belongs to but thinking maybe Emma Louise Flood?

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 036

Paula’s little Esther.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 051

Loving this Gillian Nash socks and JJ shoes detail photo here on Paula’s doll shown below in the last photo!

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 047

Another close up of Paula’s doll’s face.

Dee's Chat n Snap 2 012

Again many thanks to my daughter for her time spent taking these delightful photos.
Still more to come (including more photos of Dee’s, Gillian’s, Karin’s, Dawn’s, Sarah P’s, Susan’s, Diane’s, Catherine’s and my dolls) plus a few more of the Village Street shop scenes, my sales purchases and Catherine’s Sasha car, so hopefully look forward to seeing you then.


39 thoughts on “Denise Owen’s Chat n’ Snap Part 2

  1. Just popped by before driving into Brighton. I always enjoy seeing other people’s dolls, so thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and show us who is who. The little redhaired waif of Paula’s was once mine so it is always nice to see her again…and no I didn’t cut her fringe 🙂

      • Only Tom (French Bulldog) went with us today as he is Dan’s favourite of our dogs and I can happily live Tom with Dan while Merrick and I go shopping!

  2. Hi Kendal – thanks for bringing back all the memories of the Chat’n’Snap once again! (And thanks for posting the photo of Gaby – neither of the other two dolls I brought are in the photos this time though.) – Jocelyn

    • My pleasure as I too am enjoying them. Thanks for pointing out that there weren’t any more of your dolls featured this time….though sorry about that. Hope that they appear in the next post then. Can you describe to me what they look like?

      • They’re my two newest dolls, Kendal – the yellow-eyed Cora and the £150 Gregor Shorts, who’s wearing one of ELAF’s owl hats. They were both in the first instalment though, so they won’t really mind not appearing again!

  3. Thank you Kendal and your daughter too! I have really enjoyed the beautiful dolls and colorful outfits. I really enjoyed seeing the stunning brunette boy painted by Sara Doggart. He is remarkable! Have a lovely day 🙂 Hugs, Ginger

  4. Lovely post Kendal, lots of lovely eye candy for a sunny Sunday morning!
    I think I can identify a few of the owners for you!!
    The two boys wearing the batman tops belong to Callie the three np beauties in a row wearing the coats belong to Jane Mcluskie as does the re root redhead np in the blue coat (re-rooted by Alison)
    The blue eyed brunette re-root with the plait is Mary Birch’s girl.
    Hope this helps?!!
    Thank you for such lovely pics of my girls too 😉


  5. A lovely, informative post, Kendal – thank you!
    It’s always interesting to see the variety of face/hair, even within a year or type of Sasha. There is no way on earth my mum’s little Esther could get her hair into bunches, it’s far too short, though I always think of the later Gotz dolls as being lacking in individuality.
    My problem with you, Kendal (LOL) is that you make me very fickle! Every time you post, I find I have a new favourite in the Sasha world. This time it’s Catherine’s red-head in the kilt and gorgeous green sweater. I wish I could find a pattern for something like that – I love knitting and don’t mind working with very fine wool, but I’m not secure enough to go at it without a pattern!
    Keep the piccies coming! When people tell me I shouldn’t want more Sashas, I refer them to you, just to prove I have not got all the possible variations and I’m not REALLY being greedy….
    Jenni xx

    • Shall I stop posting then to make your life less ‘fickle?’
      I guess all of us see other Sasha Collectors dolls and immediately add another to our wish list. I sometimes call it my ‘Appreciation of other’s dolls’ list so as not to get too carried away with the wanting!

      It’s always interesting to spot the finer differences with dolls that are meant to be almost identical. Pity though that your mother’s Esther’s hair won’t go into bunches though have she tired to put it into two higher up bunches.

      Hopefully see you here next week then?

  6. another great post on the Chat N Snap Kendal. It’s lovely to see all the Sasha, Gregor’s and Babies that attended, I did get to see some but not all and it’s lovely to be able to see them again and so interesting to see that some could not wait to put on their new clothes!!
    Chon did you proud with her photo’s, you may have to employ her as your offical photographer for Sasha events 🙂
    Looking forward to the next batch

    • Will pass on your message to Chon and will definitely book her for your 2014 Chat n’ Snap and free me to chat and buy!

      I like the fact that you get to see so many more details from the photos afterwards as there’;s only so much MY brain can take in at once!

  7. Yes, Dee, I did ask. But don’t you sometimes wish you kept up with the Ebay listings a little more thoroughly? Anyway, asking has saved me rushing out to buy a ticket to go and visit Jocelyn for a shopping trip!
    Now I’m getting the guilt feeling – my Sashas are looking sorrowful and muttering, ‘Don’t you love us, Mummy? Why do you want more like us, Mummy? Why don’t you buy us enough clothes, Mummy?’

  8. I *LOVED* seeing the different Sashas… dressed in many different styles… it’s what I enjoy!!!
    Thank you for all the awesome photos, and thank you to all the owners… it was a real treat to view your beautiful girls and boys! Hugs, -Anne

    • Great isn’t it when you can see so many wonderful Sasha Dolls under one roof not to mention their different styles of clothing. I particularly like it when the collectors seem to develop their own certain style so that you can have a chance at trying to guess just who they belong to.

      (I found it very sad though to see all those wonderful JJ shoes on so many of the dolls and to realise that she was no longer with us, having passed away only two days before.)

  9. I can’t pick a favourite from this gathering of dolls at the CnS – they’re all lovely. I remember really short dresses when I was a little girl. Chon did a great job with the photography giving you a chance to talk to lots of people, so I hope she becomes your official photographer at future events.

    • I too, was delighted with Chon’s photography and have already booked here in for Dee’s next Snap n’ Chat but hopefully if I’m not too tired from the travelling the day before we can work together (though after I’ve had a big spend!) and speed things up and therefore take even more photos.
      Wonderful to see such a variety of these dolls in one place. It gives you a super overall picture of the Sasha manufacturing industry as a whole over the years 1965-1986.

  10. How amazing to see my first ever re-root Kendal (your Annaleise was my second). She’s the blue-eyed girl with light brown hair and I sold her on Ebay only to see her there again a few years later, so I never knew what happened to her…..until now! I also recognise my lovely boy of Callie’s wearing his Batman outfit to the left of the three boys, so it’s good to see him out and about having fun!
    Thank you for such a wonderful post of so many Sasha characters, all totally unique and special ~ hugs Jackie x

    • Oh I’m really pleased for you to finally see and know a little more of your first re-root’s history. I thought that I recognised the Gregor and now realise that he was also at Judith’s Sasha Saturday. Wonder if they actually met as they were standing very close to each other?
      Small world?

  11. I’m really late to the party, as they say, having had no time yesterday to log on to my laptop, but have really enjoyed seeing all the girls and boys at the Chat n Snap, and seeing how they’re dressed and styled, etc., thanks so much for sharing all the photos Kendal! It must be really hard for people to choose who to take with them when they attend something like this!!! But everyone looks beautifully dressed for the occasion.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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