Continuing the Dollydoodles theme!

Shortly after the T shirts and little girlie smock tops came the full length zipped hoodies followed by Judith’s next very successful design of the back fastening hoodies.

Today’s post features these hoodies, although only for the girls this time, as the lads are insisting on having their own post show next month.

End of September 1 032

My very pretty Trendon 1971 girl is wearing the white ‘girlie’ smock top that should have been featured in last week’s post but had missed being photographed in time. It is being worn with some pretty daisy patterned cropped leggings and converses.

End of September 1 181

Her blonde two-toned hair is one of the softest and silkiest of all my dolls.

End of September 1 036

A 1967 Frido Brown Cord NP has on a white hoodie over patterned full length leggings and UGG boots on her feet. After having taken these photos I remembered that these leggings should have had a pink hoodie with them and not this white one (so after these next three photos I’ll add in one of the correct hoodie.)

DD outfits Oct 041

This doll’s hair, since being very kindly washed by Sarah Price for me on one of her visits (as it was rather grey from the storage dust that had seeped into her original box) is now as lovely as the girl’s above.

DD outfits Oct 042

Her eye painting is referred to as the ‘open’ eye style.

DD outfits Oct 037

Here she is in the pink hoodie that exactly matches the colour in her leggings and pink UGG boots (which unfortunately I don’t seem to have a full length photo of. Typical!)

Thursday morning 020

The next three photos (though not my best and could have been better!) are especially for Ronny as they are of Miss Lippy, a Frido 1967 Dungaree NP with her damaged lips from being force fed by her previous little mother.

I can just picture the scene and wonder if she had to do the ’round and round flying aeroplane action’ like we’ve had to on occasions before it got into her little mouth.

Thursday morning 011

Miss Lippy often likes to wear this jade green colour.

Thursday morning 016Thursday morning 009

My apologies for these rather dark photos as when I arrived at the photoshoot it had started raining and having travelled there I didn’t want to waste the time and opportunity.


Harper is a Trendon doll from around 1970 that has been customised (and named) by Shelly into this most attractive girl.


As you can see she has the wider face that I so love and is wearing a lilac/white three piece set that I have put together for the slightly cooler Summer days.


Unfortunately yet more dark photos. This 1967 Frido Dungaree girl is one of Dee’s favourites of my dolls.


She has a slightly sulky look which I find quite attractive as normally the Frido/Trendon dolls are usually more on the pretty-pretty side….whichI find somewhat boring!


She has on a back fastening hoodie and navy leggings and finished of with JJ lace boots.


A Frido 1966 Brown Cord Developmental girl who came in a rare original box labelled ‘Brown Cord’ (as normally these brunette haired girls always wore the Gingham dresses but she was a ‘special’ lot to be included in a doll show.)

Thursday morning 056

A red hoodie over black jumper and leggings with JJ red boots on her feet.

Thursday morning 055

These Developmental dolls had the larger heads and very slightly taller and chunkier bodies with the longer arms of the NP dolls.

Thursday morning 057

Here we have Annaleise, a Trendon 1970s? falling haired brunette Gingham doll, re-rooted by Jackie Rhydstrom in an attractive lilac based outfit which I think tones beautifully with her auburn hair..

DD outfits Oct 016

She normally has her hair plaited but as a change today I have allowed her to let it hang loose.

DD outfits Oct 025

I love this lilac and white stripped hoodie.

DD outfits Oct 020

Next is my Gotz 1960s Bettina mohair re-root who has on one of the newer back-fastening hoodies sporting another idea of Judiths, with some cut -out daisies to adorn the front, to match the daisy flowered pattern on her full length leggings.

DD outfits Oct 085

She is a Gotz pale skinned girl with somewhat of a film star dramatic look. ( think that I’m right in saying that she was Bettina’s first ever re-root.)

DD outfits Oct 087

She always looks good in pink as it enhances the colour of her lips.

DD outfits Oct 092

Another back fastening hoodie, on this 1966 Frido Developmental Jeans girl. I love how it looks with her purple spotted leggings and JJ snow boots.

DD outfits Oct 030

It goes really well with her grey eyes and ‘silvered’ (due to oxidisation of the original paint) eye-brows.

DD outfits Oct 032

I’m attracted to her rather serene and calm facial look.

DD outfits Oct 035

Oh dear, yet more of these dark and dismal photos but I just haven’t the time to spend in Photoshop lightening each and everyone. Will just have to accept that Autumn and Winter is approaching and the best of the natural day light has passed for this year.

DD outfits Oct 157

I’m not sure that this was the doll for this outfit being a brunette but was running out of dolls to dress at the time. Rather thinking that it should have been put on a blonde girl as it used to be.

DD outfits Oct 060

A 1969 Gotz No-navel with her little pixie shaped face and cute tiny chin.

DD outfits Oct 059

Lastly today we have a 1968 Frido Fringe waif wearing her white back-fastening hoodie and some attractive spotty blue/white leggings.

End of September 1 078

In spite of her rather badly trimmed hair I do think that she has a pretty wider face. (Sarah Williams sent me the ribbon which is a perfect colour match!)

End of September 1 073

My apologies for the usual stray hairs across their faces but it has been slightly on the breezy side here and as much as I try to remove them they blow back just as I’m taking their photos…. but luckily it is more the Dollydoodle outfits that we are focusing on at the moment.

Continuing with the next stage of the Dollydoodles developments next Sunday.

End of September 1 195


22 thoughts on “Continuing the Dollydoodles theme!

    • Didn’t dare NOT include her although I was slightly disappointed with them as she is usually such a photogenic little soul.!
      The weather up here is the same. Such a pity after such a lovely long lovely Summer!

  1. Thank you Kendal. I love your photos, all of them, light and dark backgrounds. I have learned a lot about Judith’s clothing which is so very pretty on your girls. Have a great day 🙂 Ginger

    • Even I’m finding it interesting looking back to seeing just how Dollydoodles has progressed over the last few years.
      I really should have started with the baby sleepsuits where it all began but as usual I’m not that organised and it’s now looking like this might well be where I finish this series!
      The next couple of posts will be showing the introduction of her embroidery machine, gilets, skinny jeans and pretty cotton tops..

      Thanks for putting up with the dark photos.

    • With this cold and wet weather this morning I’m not sure that they will all (especially those in their Summer tops and cropped leggings!) agree with you. At least they know that since they have been photographed there is more hope of then donning their warmer wear before the others.

      Feeling quite sorry though for the lads as they have to put on their beach shorts for the camera before snuggling into their joggers and hoodies for the Autumn and Winter!

      • I meant cool as in awesome rather than temperature on a cold wet horrid day like today. I’m sure the boys are looking forward to modelling in their beach shorts as boys do like to pose. Gill x

  2. Another fabulous Sunday morning delight Kendal. I particularly liked the brunette in the red hoodie and boots, they look great with her colouring.
    Nice also to see Miss Lippy and My Favourite Little Miss K with her sulky look! and always happy to see a No navel in the mix.
    Love all the other girls shown and their DD outfits a lovely range you have there Kendal.
    and so lucky to get them photographed before this truly Autumn weather arrived !
    hugs Dee xx

  3. Thinking that I’m almost there, might just be a few more and still have to get the boys to don their beach broad shorts for a photo before snuggling into their hoodies and joggers until hopefully next May!

    Yes, have managed to buy quite a few each year since Judith started up Dollydoodles. Almost enough to have a complete Sasha clothing box labelled Dollydoodles though luckily there is still room left to encourage me to buy more of any of her ‘about to be’ designs of which there might hopefully be some at your Chat n’ Snap!?!?

  4. Kendal, Oh, thank you again for the lovely treat this morning! I enjoy each and every post although I have not written to tell you so. I learn a great deal from your work and have such fun doing it. It is difficult for me to pick favorites, but this morning I especially liked the pictures of your 1967 Frido Dungaree girl in white and navy. I wish I could send you some of the gentle sunny fall weather we are having here in Maine, US.
    All best from me, my Sashas and my Gregors,

    • I was rather disappointed with the lack of sun in these photos but hope that people were able to appreciate the outfits…but.which should have been shown in a sunny environment. Seem to be working backwards as usual….getting to be the story of my life in general these days.

      Until today we have been having very good weather for the Uk at bthis time of year BUT would have loved to have had some of your weather sent over for these last set of photos! So thanks for offering. Will try to wait for brighter weather to photograph the lads in their DD broad/beach shorts though!

  5. Extremely enjoyable to view each (fabulous) doll wearing a *different* Dollydoodles outfit!
    Today I adore Miss. Lippy wearing the turquoise hoodie and black leggings (w/the black trainers). A super cool ~look~ for her.
    I’m very biased and absolutely *love* the NP w/the silvered brows… just because of her *specialness*! (Darling little white leather apres snow boots by JJ.)
    Awesome photos… tons of thanks Kendal!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • These posts are bringing back some great memories of the path that Dollydoodles has and is taking. I love the feel of the Jersey material when dressing and redressing the Brood. It is so soft and looks so comfortable for them to wear plus I never dreamed that I would ever get so excited about buying any Gregor’s clothing!

      Judith is having a sales table at Dee’s Snap n’ Chat so hopefully shall be adding a little more to my Dollydoodle clothing collection then.

  6. Enjoyed your post today Kendal
    Especially as its such a dismal rainy day
    Seeing your lovely girls all dressed in their D/D outfits and looking very trendy has brightened my day!
    Especially Iove your 1966 brown cord developmental brunette in her red and black outfit but must say they all are so lovely 😉

    • Lovely to hear from you. Unfortunately I was so disappointed with many of the photos being so dark with the rain and complete lack of sunshine but hope that the colourfulness of many of the outfits have brightened this cold and damp day.

      Yes, that particular doll is quite rare so I’m very lucky to have been able to buy her.

  7. What a shame the weather is making doll photography so much harder now for those of us in UK, the girls still look good even if you’re not happy with the photos, Kendal. On this occasion I particularly like the 1966 Frido Developmental Jeans girl in the lilac outfit, she has such a lovely face and the outfit suits her well.

  8. Finally I get a chance to look properly and comment on your latest blog post Kendal, and what a treat I was in for! Such a lovely bunch of girlies in their casual DD outfits, soooo pretty, each and every one of them. I really do like seeing the little Sasha girls in leggings as they have such cute chubby legs….just like my friends little grandaughter, very squeezable!
    I am particularly taken by your 1971 blond girl, what a beauty. I also love Harper, her eyes are perfect. You have such a wonderful collection of dolls, that I really would like to come and play at your house…..only problem is, you might have to adopt me because once there, I’m sure I’d not want to leave again!!!!!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

  9. What a feast for sore eyes Kendal, all your girls are beautifully dressed. Its nice to see you have even used some of my favourite Sasha’s of yours. I Love your Developmental brunette NP (she looks stunning in red) and your blonde in the purple. I also love your Bettina reroot, who looks equally lovely in the pink! xxxxx

    • Always enjoy hearing which of my dolls are liked the best by other collectors. Makes me take a closer look at them. Obviously the two Developmental dolls have come out top with you today with the Bettina Gotz re-root closely following behind.
      I have since found my purple UGG boots and put those on over the purple spotted leggings and I think that they look even better. (Must try to remember to take another photo to see what you think.)

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