Apologies for the Absence

……BUT I’m hopefully back again now and with a vengence!

Today we I am continuing my plans as promised some weeks ago now, to feature my Brood in their Dollydoodle gear. After the Gregor’s recent post to celebrate Judith’s birthday the Sasha girls are now in situ.
I just adore this 1970 wide faced Frido/Trendon little tot who is wearing one of Dollydoodle’s FIRST girl’s shorts and T shirt outfits.

As I mentioned in the recent Gregor post we were allowed to choose our own materials  at the very beginning from a chart that Judith put together and sent with me to one of Anne-Marie’s fundays.

End of September 1 015

My very first choice was this hot pink set which looks beautifully bright and cheerful especially on the brunette girls.

End of September 1 013

I’m not sure what the mark is on the side of her nose but it’s no longer there now so must have just been a spot of dew from one of the shrubs.

End of September 1 018

I have tried today to reduce my pics of each girl from four to three. Firstly to show the whole outfit, secondly to show any detail on the upper clothing and the thirdly to show a close-up of the doll’s face.

This was my second attempt at choosing my own material colours and this time decided for a softer lilac outfit.

DD outfits Oct 104

My 1960s Gotz slate eyed waif, Sophie likes always to wear this if it’s out on offer.

DD outfits Oct 102

I also ordered some full length lilac leggings to go with the T shirt for the cooler evenings and a zipped white hoodie is added if needed.

DD outfits Oct 105

An eBay win with this 1969/70 Frido wide faced Gingham girl in a similar matching coloured outfit to the one that one of my lads, James was wearing in the Judith’s birthday post last week.

End of September 1 043
End of September 1 042

Another of my own personal choices…..although have now just realised that she hasn’t on the darker blue T shirt that was originally in this outfit but a later paler blue long sleeved one.

End of September 1 041

1967 Frido Jeans FCP NP with eyes painted by Kristina, the Manchester art student who came in one Summer to help Sara Doggart with the eye paintings.

End of September 1 062

This was the second series of Judith’s for the girls with a prettier, more femine style smock top and cropped stripped leggings.

End of September 1 061

Love the circular yoke and little buttons and detail on these tops.

End of September 1 191

A similar top here in pale blue seen on this petite and minty FCP Gingham girl but with another new design on her bottom half of stretch denim cropped leggings which have proved since to be ‘a must’ in every little Sasha girl’s wardrobe.

End of September 1 056

She has some of my latest purchases, Marty Murphy’s Birkenstock sandals, on her feet which I think are just perfect to wear with Judith’s shorts, skinny jeans, cropped and full length jeggings.

Sally, a Gotz slate eyed, red headed, pig-tailed little girl looks good in this pale yellow and denim cropped jeggings outfit

DD outfits Oct 107

She has, I think, such a cheeky little face and can be quite a handfull with her ‘firey red haired’ temperament.

DD outfits Oct 112

I adore this photo below as it definitely portrays her character to a ‘T.’  (I’m always disappointed with the colouring of these close up photos when I have to change my camera settings to allow me to get in for a closer shot but so far, can’t find away around it.)

DD outfits Oct 116

The next session in my Dollydoodle’s outfit post will feature the introduction of her zipped and back fastening hoodies meanwhile I have added a little extra treat today.
I just love to see other Sasha collectors dolls and am always pestering one of my ‘bestest’ Sasha Friends, Steve Kingaby, to please take some photos of his Sasha Collection and ‘low and behold’ below are some of the photos below that he ‘surprisingly’ sent me this week taken with his iPad. Aren’t we the lucky ones today!

Am now going to try to date and describe them as best I can. (Hopefully Steve will correct me if necessary when he views the post later.)

A Frido 1967 NP Jeans girl with her eyes painted by the Manchester art student, Kristina. and wearing her original farmpants outfit.

NP farmpants

I have asked Steve to bring this doll with him to Dee’s Chat n’ Snap later this month as I wanted to meet her as I now have two of her eye painted dolls (although they can’t come with me as I’m only taking an over-night case to hopefully last me for the three days that I am down there.)

NP farmpants close up

Another gorgeous Frido NP, a 1967 Dungaree girl wearing her original outfit

NP dungaree's

….plus a little ‘cardi’ by Molly to add that extra needed layer of warmth now Autumn is here.

NP dungaree's close up

A Frido 1966/7 Ballet NP again in her original outfit .

NP Ballet 1

Beautiful eye painting and lovely hair condition from the looks of things.

NP ballet Close up

Steve adores the Fringe girls and here is one of his favourite blondes. A Frido 1968 FCP (not sure if she’s a Brown/Blue Cord or a Jeans lass) wearing a OOAK outfit by Ruthsdolls  and JJ sandals. (Thinking that her cardigan is also by Ruthsdolls.)

single fringe 2

Another very attractive Frido 1968 Brown Cord Fringe girl with a rather unique ‘scowling/questioning  expression. Love those tightly closed little lips! ( Not 100% certain if she has a FCP too although it does look like it from the photo.)

single fringe 3

A simply beautiful looking Frido 1968 Fringe girl, (possibly a Blue Cord) wearing a Egonbrooks knitted dress with vintage-sasha stripped tights. Love the wider face here.

Single Fringe 1

This was originally one of my Trendon early babies that Lisa Hartley re-rooted and am always sorry that I had, had to part with her…..but obviously at the time needs must! I think that she is wearing a ‘Passion for Sasha’ outfit but stand to be corrected here.

Baby reroot

Finally we have Steve’s one and only toddler so far, a 1990s Gotz Ollie with such a dear little face outside playing with a little Maileg wooden pram (full of his toy monkeys) and enjoying the sunshine. Adore the little Terrier dog.

ollie 1

Steve had also sent me a few photos of the dolls that he is planning to bring with him to ‘Dee’s Do’ later this month but didn’t include those in case I spoilt the surprise!

Next Sunday I shall hopefully be continuing with my Brood in more of their DD wear.


22 thoughts on “Apologies for the Absence

  1. Wonderful photos Kendal!!! What a nice surprise to see Steve’s Sashas!! They are beautiful and a delight to the eye!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Yes, weren’t WE lucky seeing some of Steve’s Sasha Dolls. Hopefully we might even get to see the others now in the near future although he was complaining about the time it took….. BUT we all know that!

  2. What a wonderful post for a Sunday morning Kendal ! Not only your beautiful girls but some of Steve’s too! Loved all your girls in the dd outfits, it always amazes me how you always have the right colour shoes to go with each outfit! I love the first brunette wide faced Sasha and the hot pink looks so good on her.Also of course the cheeky slate eyed red girl another favourite.
    I love Steve’s girl especially the single fringe girls and the last one is a really beauty. The little re rooted baby is sweet to.
    Looking forward to seeing who Steve brings to the CnS which is now rapidly approaching!
    Nice to have one of your Sunday specials Kendal, welcome back 🙂
    Hugs Dee

    • Yes, that WAS a great surprise to see some of Steve’s own Sashas. He certainly has collected some really beautiful dolls over the years and is nhow often dressing them in home clothing instead of only keeping them in their originally outfits.
      Wait until you see one of the ones that he is bringing! .He just got in there before me! (Will definitely try to SNAP that one up at your ‘Chat n’Snap when no-ones looking!)

      My Brood now have a very large shoe store accumulated over the last sixteen/seventeen years!

  3. Such a beautiful collection of gorgeous sasha’s wearing their DD outfits with eveything matching right down to their toes. Love Steve’s Frido NP 67 dungaree girl her little face is stunning!

    • Yes, I agree that that girl of Steve’s is to die for!

      I always try to match their shoe style and colour to their outfit so it’s lucky that I have built up quite a selection over the years of my Sasha Doll collecting!

  4. Great photos of some of yours and Steve’s beautiful girls. Love your two wide face girls, especially the brunette, she has such a sweet face and looks great in her hot pink Dollydoodles. Sounds great that you could once choose what you would like Judith to make. Lovely to have you back blogging. Love Gill x

    • I’m thrilled to have the addition of some of Steve’s dolls for a change. Obviously the ‘pestering’ finally paid off this time! Will give him a short break and then start again!

      I am enjoying seeing Judith’s progress over the last few years with her Dollydoodle clothing. Have so much to organise with the dressing and photographing and so hope that the weather will allow me to continue with taking the photos outside using the natural light.

  5. Fab pictures K! What more can I say, great to see your dolls and also Steve’s wonderful collection especially Olli 🙂

    • Yes, I knew that you would comment on Ollie, him being originally yours! Steve’s hoping to get a Dollydoodle Winter outfit for him at Dee’s Chat n’ Snap to keep his little legs from getting chapped by the cold.

  6. Fabulous eye candy for a Sunday morning – they all look as gorgeous as ever, and what a treat getting to see some of Steve’s fabulous family as well. I adore your “1969/70 Frido wide faced Gingham girl ” she is stunning.

    • Hope that you are now feeling much better from your recent cold!
      Yes, we are lucky getting to view some of Steve’s super Sasha collection. Have told him that now we want MORE!

      I too love that little wide faced brunette lass!

  7. With your care Sophie can hardly be called a waif. She is my favorite of the week. She looks so sweet. Excellent that Steve sent pictures. It is such a treat to see others’ collections.

  8. Golly gee… they’re all *wow dolls*! No favorites here… I “love” them all.

    Your girls are dollydoodle-licious! (It’s fun to see the early dd togs.)

    Judith is a quality streamstress w/a flair towards the trendy… her “dollydoodles brand” is really fun stuff and her top stitching shows precision in her work… it’s no wonder her outfits are in such high demand that they literally fly-out-the-door whenever she lists the newest creations. You’ve got to be super fast and check her site frequently if you want one!

    It’s extremely kind of you to show-case a few of Steve’s “stunning collection” of Sashas this Sunday morning. He certainly possesses *choice ones and charmers*!

    Thank you for *all* the awesome photos of my favorite doll… SASHA!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I am enjoying seeing Judith’s progress with her Dollydoodle range. Such trendy, comfortable and fun leisure wear for our Sasha Dolls.
      Yes, I agree her stitching is nothing short of superb. So straight and precise!
      It’s certainly an art to get there in time as I’ve known a total wipe out of her specials page in less than an hour of listing. I wasn’t thinking that she was going to list before Dee’s Chat n’ Snap later this month so took me by surprise.

      I’ve loved putting a few of Steve’s dolls on here as his are some of the dolls that we don’t often get to see with him not having a blogspot etc.

  9. Sorry about this late post as I am busy packing, lol.
    Lovely to see Sophie and Sally again as we don’t often see them! Love your wider faced brunette and of course your beautiful 1967 NP who’s eyes have been painted by the art student Kristina.
    Thank you for showing off some of my collection dear Kendal. The girl in the farm pants isn’t the NP who’s eyes were painted by Kristina, (she is the NP in Sarah’s Sailor dress set).
    All my single fringe girls are FCP’s. The lovely Pram Ollie is pushing was a gift from dear Cathy and Plum (Plum also very kindly sent me the knitted shorts set). Also the beautiful knitted dress set (and tights) my last single fringe girl is wearing is the wonderful gift you sent me for Christmas, that I so love. xxx

    • Knew that at some stage YOU would sort me out and put me right! Thanks for that! Sorry for the mistakes here and there and appreciate the extra info. along the way.
      Hope that you noticed in one of my comments that WE want MORE photos from you in the future. We now know that you can do it so there’s NO more excuses!

      Thanks a mill Steve for sharing these photos of your beautiful girls, re-root baby and toddler Ollie!
      Hopefully see you again in 20 days time!

  10. Glad to hear that you’re going to be back with a vengence Kendal! I look forward to more of your blog posts. I love this batch of girlies today, and see that there are three of my favourites of your girls, amongst those you’ve shown us. The first little wider faced Brunette is gorgeous, definitely a favourite and then the blond Gotz girl, Sophie, and Sally, although I’m not sure I’ve seen her before. She’s lovely! I do so love these Gotz girlies now!
    And what a lovely bunch of dolls Steve has too! Very pretty. Thanks so much for sharing them with us Kendal and Steve!!

    • I love to share my doll’s photos with anyone who enjoys seeing them. I think this sharing amongst Sasha collectors is always so enjoyable and I personally learn so much more through this.
      Thanks for commenting and will tell those three that you enjoyed seeing them today.

  11. I love the photos of all these early outfits we used to spend ages trying to choose from. Also love your girls strap-over plimsolls and Steve always chooses such pretty kids and dresses them beautifully just like his real daughters! Great! Love Olly with his pram full of cute toys xxx

    • Yes, it was fun choosing your own material combinations in the early days. I think that this is why Judith’s basic page is so popular as you can mix and match the items to give your dolls a more personal unique look.

      I agree that Steve does have a very pretty Sasha girl collection and I’m enjoying his latest trend of dressing them more in home clothes rather than just keeping them in their original outfits.
      You’ll love the three that he has chosen and how he has dressed the three that he is bringing with him to Dee’s Do!

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