The Last of….

…..The SECOND set of the girl’s Summer dresses. It was a difficult photo shoot as the bright sun had decided to play hide and seek with me and my camera, popping in and out of the clouds ‘at the rate of knots’ …. BUT it had to be done today as have a busy next few days before hopefully posting these my blog on Sunday.

A Frido minty FCP 1969 girl in an attrative and fresh looking vintage-sasha dress set and JJ bar shoes.

Final Summer Dresses 002

This is a sweet looking little tot though who, in my opinion, slightly lacks the expressions of my other two very similar blonde Gingham dolls but remains here on account of her being my one and only full centre part non NP girl.

Final Summer Dresses 007

She also looks the part of what is perceived as a typical little English old fashioned child with her overall fair colouring, blonde hair in bunches and blue eyes.

Final Summer Dresses 008

Most of you must now know my dolls as well as I do so the photos here today are, as well as displaying the last of their Summer dresses, showing some of their varying poses in front of the camera.

Final Summer Dresses 043

Final Summer Dresses 044

These dolls can be so photogenic ….if the light allows.

Final Summer Dresses 042

For any new comers to the blog this is a Trendon 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly whom she named Belle.

Final Summer Dresses 041

She is wearing a very early short Ruthsdoll’s dress and JJ open-toed sandles which were made and then given to me as a gift by Jean Jenson.

Final Summer Dresses 050

Her wig is a now discontinued Global wig, style cossette, which with her eye painting, I think gives her a Mabel Lucy Attwell appearance.

Final Summer Dresses 048

A 1969 Gotz No-Navel girl seen here in a N.Gould. shorts, top and sun hat outfit with JJ sandals.

Final Summer Dresses 038

Until the other day I thought that she had stopped making Sasha outfits on account of the birth of a baby girl several years ago now but a friend told me that she is now back again designing and making for Sasha. so will hopefully be watching out for some more of her designs.

Final Summer Dresses 040

I think that she has somewhat of a little urchin look about her.

Final Summer Dresses 037

Final Summer Dresses 039

Final Summer Dresses 036

Riplee, a Trendon wide faced 1970ish doll customised by Shelly and wearing a Trendon Velvet’s wig.

Final Summer Dresses 029

Her dress is a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress that came on a doll that I had purchased. Have added JJ sandals.

Final Summer Dresses 030

I think that she is quite a photogenic little soul so have included a fair number of photos of her.

Final Summer Dresses 031

Final Summer Dresses 032

Final Summer Dresses 028

Final Summer Dresses 034

Final Summer Dresses 033

Final Summer Dresses 027

My 1968 Frido Fringe Dungaree girl in a pretty, filmsy styled party dress by smpg that I bought second hand off Sashadolluk with JJ peach leather sandals on her feet.

Final Summer Dresses 020

(There is a matching headband but haven’t used it here with her hair already being in plaits.)

Final Summer Dresses 019

Final Summer Dresses 021

Final Summer Dresses 022

Final Summer Dresses 023

Final Summer Dresses 018

Final Summer Dresses 024

These last photos of Miss Lippy are especially for Simply-Sasha. She is wearing a very attractive vintage-sasha smock and shorts set although bought with another doll in mind and as always, JJ sandals.

Final Summer Dresses 058

Final Summer Dresses 061

Miss Lippy sends her love and says a special ‘Get that knee better asap!’

Final Summer Dresses 062

Final Summer Dresses 057

Below she is wearing a Liberty print vintage Sasha outfit that has actually already been seen (but not on her) in an earlier post and JJ sandals.

Final Summer Dresses 015

Final Summer Dresses 016

I’m thinking that these above are the LAST of their Summer Dresses (unless I discover a few more in their clothes boxes later on.) I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these lovely outfits designed and made by some of our very talented seamstresses.     (Thinking that it will be the Gregor lads in their Summer Dollydoodles hoodies, T shirts and shorts up next since the girls have rather ‘hogged’ all the posts of late.)


22 thoughts on “The Last of….

  1. Another fabulous bunch of Sasha’s and their clothes. I do love the first photo’s of thr FCP in the blue and white, always lovely on a blonde with blue eyes.Then Belle in her cossette wig, looks gorgeous as usual , then one of my favourites a No Navel girl, another beauty.
    Love the red haired 68 dungaree’s girl in her lovely bright dress and sandals and then Miss Lippy wearing a very nice VS outfit that I had my eye on!! The second outfit suits her s

  2. Their Summer Dress parade seems to have been never ending so it will be a nice change to move onto the lads….although they have a lot of loose stringing from too much activities so will have to watch them more closely from behind the camera in case their are some nasty tumbles, bumps, scratches and bruises.

    The beige linen outfit was my third choice since the first (the pale blue embroidered) and second the blue white stripped one….and WE now know who snapped that one up!) had already gone.. (My joint third was the brightly patterned pink dress but then decided to go with the plain beige linen as have a doll in mind to wear that.)

  3. Oh Kendal, lovely girls and outfits so beautifully styled as always – the one who tugs at my heart strings is dear little Riplee with her big Shelly eyes, and you always manage to capture that certain touching look of innocence!………if she ever falls out with the others……………

    • Wasn’t sure if it is Belle or Riplee that you are so taken with? (I’m thinking that the mention of the wide eyes that you are referring to Belle! ) If so I hate to say this but she says that she never wants to leave here! Which is nice for me to hear but not for you.
      These Sasha Dolls behave so wonderfully well when in front of the camera. I’m always amazed at how little I have to do myself to capture their expressions!

  4. No Kendal – I think I know how you and Belle feel about each other – she could break anyones heart; but I was referring to Riplee who is just so appealing in these and previous photos. Very few others seem to be able to catch their wonderfully different expressions as you do. Being a newcomer I’m thoroughly enjoying your archive posts at the moment, even to the point of neglecting the gardening, ironing etc etc. I hadn’t realised how just addictive this Sasha hobby would be once I gave in!

    • Oh good….so it’s Riplee that you want to be informed of if she decides to leave The Brood! Will tell her to let you know when she’s had enough of living here.

      Sasha collecting has a lot to answer for as we’ve all found out over the years. Time and funds just seem to disappear into thin air.

  5. all lovely Kendal, nice to see belle as im thinking shes one of my favourites, I say one of as im thinking I have quite a few…..I think petrana , smpg made the lovely pink layered dress, stomar is her sister in law, so I think you just may have got the wrong family member !……lovely morning blog post …..sarah xxxxxx

    • Oh thanks for putting me right on this. Will go and alter it.
      Belle is certainly a little poppet though unfortunately her wig is becoming rather untidy looking. Should really stop her going out and about but that seems such a shame for her.
      Thanks for making your latest beige linen smock and shorts set. Love it’s plainness and simplicity and looks just as adorable on the doll that it was bought for which has still to make her blog appearance.

  6. Thank you Kendal for my Miss Lippy fix! A really superb way to start my day (which is grey and overcast here). She looks fantastic in her photos/outfits. I don’t know what it is about her but I just want to scoop her up and give her a hug 🙂
    Not forgetting the other girls who all look pretty as always, another superb post K!

    • Always aim to please! I think that it’s the mothering instinct in us that wants to give her a hug to try to make those lips better.
      Glad that her appearance has helped make the start to your day better. We’re OK weather-wise up here and still haven’t had any rain as such so water butt is still empty much to the Runner Beans annoyance!.

  7. Wonderful set of photos staged in the beautiful garden that shows off your girls to full advantage. A superb set of summer clothes indeed, your girls do have a very enviable wardrobe!

    • I have to agree with you about their wardrobe….far better stocked than mine. It’s a wonder they haven’t taken over my wardrobe spaces as well.

      Hope that you are recovering a little now from the loss of your beloved dog, Shadow. My daughter told me that still having her other dog has helped the upset a little especially with the daily greeting on her return home from work.

  8. Your minty 69 blonde FCP has gorgeous two toned hair, and her little dress matches her blue eyes.
    But, it’s Belle with those huge memorizing eyes, full of enchantment, that makes my heart flutter!
    The precious 69 no-navel with the blue eyes is “oh so pretty”… wearing her little shorts outfit complete w/floppy hat and up-turned brim. (I think the no-navels are ethereal creatures, with their longer arms and thinner bodies.)
    Riplee with her wide and desirable face makes any outfit look good. I’m lovin’ her mustard colored Ruthdoll’s dress w/matching summer sandals.
    68 is probably my favorite year of production. The dolls produced that particular year are heavenly… just look at the face of your little red haired girl. 🙂
    Miss. Lippy is an angel… who proves a little damaged can be an asset!
    Thank you Kendal for another peek into your Sasha world… and their closet!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Feeling rather sad now that it has all come to an end although I thought that I would be pleased after it had stretched on for far longer than I had anticipated!.
      A bit like last week when I asked one of my nieces if she was relieved that she had finally finished and handed in her Master’s Dissertation and she replied that she was missing it as it had become such a big part of her life over the last few months.
      I’m sure that I won’t have that problem as my Gregor lads will soon take my mind of my girl’s Summer clothing project especially as so many of them are loose stringed and won’t just be content to use that part of my late mother’s garden for their photo shoot.

      I’ll always be amazed at just how each and every Sasha Doll seems to be so different from each other. and with their own little unique personalities. Aren’t we the lucky owners?

  9. Awwww another bunch of lovelies Kendal! Nooow, who is my favourite today? It’s a very hard choice as they all look so pretty, but I think the little 1969 Gotz No-Navel girl just pipped the others to the post. There is something about the set of her mouth and chin that appeals to me, she almost looks like she is being stubborn over something!!! I like her outfit too, and I particularly like to see little girls (and boys) in hats! Very cute! As for outfits, of course they are all lovely but my eye was very much drawn to the flimsy party dress by smpg being worn by an equally gorgeous girl. I like the bright colours of the dress, but then you know I’m partial to bright colours on my vinyl kids!! But as blue and white are my favourite colours together, I also really like the first dress which is the Vintage Sasha one…..I always think blue and white look so fresh and clean together.

    All in all, another lovely blog post…and I look forward to seeing the boys when it is their turn!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • I agree that the No-navel has a firm, and maybe bordering on stubborn,, look to her mouth and chin area I too love the shorts set and which when I bought it many years ago would have been very trendy for it’s time!

      The smpg dress is not my usual style but decided to take a risk as it was rather different but then missed buying it on eBay (as forgot to bid) so was delighted when a friend pointed it out to me when it was later being sold on Sashadolluk.

      Blue and white together always looks good.

  10. I am late again Mrs Hackney! For some reason the email telling me about your blog update was in my spam filter (never happened before).
    Lovely post today, I particularly like your no naval girl, as I think she has a much fuller and rounder face than most. Love your dungaree’s girl in the pink party dress and Miss lippy in both VS outfits. xxxx

    • My blog post alert wouldn’t have liked being in your SPAM box one little bit! How dare your computer treat me like that!

      Yes, my No-navel has a lovely round face and plump cheeks with that pointed little chin below.
      Guessing that you’re just liking my Dungaree doll as I know that her dress isn’t your style!
      Miss Lippy thoroughly enjoyed her extra outing via Simply Sasha’s request.

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