Happy Birthday Auntie Shelly

These ‘Shelly’ customised dolls of mine would, on behalf of my Sasha Brood like to wish their ‘very special’ Auntie Shelly a very happy birthday.

The next two photos of this 1969 Frido Dungaree girl show the very first doll that I bought off Sashadolluk on April 6th, 2002 for my 61st birthday the next day. Shelly had only just opened her website when I phoned her asking if I could buy the above doll as a birthday present ‘from me to me’ and would it be possible for her to arrive here the very next day. The answer was ‘yes’ and ‘yes.’

The rest, as they say, is history!

Since then literally hundreds of my dolls have come and gone via her and Sashadolluk. I would say that most of my collection has been purchased this way and for which I am truly grateful for as my dolls give me so much enjoyment and pleasure on a daily basis. Hard to imagine my life without them!



Probably one of my most liked by the Sasha Collectors of today is Harper seen below.

Togetherness 030

Sunday and outside 033

Jac, a 1970 Gregor is a unisex doll that has been with me for many, many years and has now decided that he likes being ‘one of the Dollydoodle’ dressed lads the best.

Gregor Beach shorts 007

My Gregor Lads 030

Belle, a customised 1970s Gregor who is almost world famous now.

Final Summer Dresses 045

Riplee, who has joined the brood within the last year.

Final Summer Dresses 027

Missing out on purchasing Belle the first time round I bought this 1972 Gingham doll with falling hair and sent her down to Shelly to try to replicate another Belle.

Sunday and outside 008

A little 1970 wide faced waif that I asked Shelly to enhance her eyes and brows as they were greening.

Sunday and outside 020

Many thanks Shelly for all your help and advice AND fantastic website that has allowed me to build up ‘my very special to me’ Sasha Brood (….though I doubt that my Bank Manager would agree being aware of all the money spent, not to mention the debts incurred along the way!) but which my family say helps to keep me occupied and ‘out of their hair’ with all the wonderful friends that I have made over the years, plus keeping my brain alert with all their details, books, the Sasha World magazine, blogs, outings, fundays plus the UK Festival visit, and the seemingly ongoing buying and selling of dolls, outfits and accessories.

So…. a very happy birthday from me, many thanks again, my love and and may God bless you.


40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Auntie Shelly

  1. Kendal ,You are the best and I am so touched by your lovely Blog entry just for me . I absolutely love every moment of rehoming dolls and there are so many special people out there who mean the world to me , I know they say Virtual friends are not real friends but I totally disagree . I had the pleasure of meeting you in person last year after many years of phonecalls and emails , it was just like being with a friend who I had seen every day all of my life . Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes and being my very first customer all of those years ago .You have been my rock in hard times and kept my on the ball and I do want to share this with everyone so don,t delete this comment Kendal !! After I lost my Mum , Kendal would phone me everyday and say ,” so what are we doing today then ?” who are we listing ?” and can I send you some dolls ?” She kept me up and running and without her I don,t think I would have had the strength to carry on . I know Sasha dolls see us through hard times and distract from the hurts that remain with us through life when bad things happen which is why I am honoured to do what I do . Nobody could wish for a more dedicated Friend than Kendal she is all giving and I love her to bits . love Shelly xxx

    • Tears are brimming over after just reading this.though I’m sure that I don’t deserve such praise as being one of your friends is entirely MY pleasure.
      Will try to reply to this more fully when I get back as just leaving for my monthly Arthritis hospital check ups….(that should bring me back down to earth and normality with bump!)
      Many thanks Shelly and again have a fantasticday with your ever-increasing wonderful family around you.

  2. What a lovely birthday tribute for Shelly from you and your Brood, Kendal! You have some beautiful dolls there and you’ve certainly inspired me too…and although it’s but a drop in the ocean compared to yours, 8 of my ten Sasha/Gregors have also come from Shelly, two also have her magical touch on them too, with their very special Shelly-painted eyes!
    I too, would like to add my good wishes to yours for a lovely birthday today…or as they say here in Spain, felicidades y ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  3. Happy 21st Birthday to Shelly! 🙂
    What a wonderful blog post for a very special person! You have enhanced many a Sasha doll collection Shelly plus you are a super person to know!
    Have a wonderful Birthday and enjoy your day!
    Much Love xx

  4. A very Happy Birthday Shelly Baxter, hope you have a great day! Great post Kendal, your first ever purchase was a good one and I think the best birthday presents are the “from me to me” kind haha. Love Gill xxxxxx

  5. Happy Birthday to Shelly!
    While I don’t have one of her dolls, I do enjoy seeing them, Her artistry enhances Sasha so well, I love her subtle but effective touch.

  6. I too have many Shelly makeovers and I love them all. Shelly is ‘one of a kind’ and without her we sashaphiles would all be lost souls. She is such a great friend, what more could one ask for.
    Lots of love for a happy birthday

    • Oh! What a wonderful way of putting it! Just like her OOAK Sasha Dolls. I couldn’t have put it better. Many thanksfor that!
      My own personally loved Sasha Brood wouldn’t be anything like it is if it wasn’t for her website, which finds me on it far too many times a day….just in case there’s been any new listings….although I would be so much richer in the finance department…but we all know that money can’t buy happiness BUT for me Sasha Dolls certainly can!

  7. A very happy birthday to a super generous and helpful person who I feel lucky to call a friend. I too have bought many dolls from Shelly and still have my first three that my husband bought me when we went to visit her and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet such a lovely friendly and helpful person as my introduction into Sasha’s. We share the same birth year – have a brilliant day!

  8. Happy Birthday Dear Shelly, hoping you have a wonderful day with your family around you, (I am hoping you got my B/card), lol.
    Lovely post Kendal, paying tribute to everyone’s favourite Sasha FRIEND SHELLY and her wonderful website ( her re-paints are amazing too) xxxxx

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY……cant add anything without echoing whats already been written ….hope you have a lovely day…..sarah xxxx

  10. Happy Birthday Shelly. I hope you have a wonderful Day and thank you for running your wonderful site that allows us to see the most beautiful Sasha’s and Gregor’s and if we are lucky to purchase one or two.
    You Knowledge and help is incrediable for us Sashaholic’s! Although we have never met I feel that we are friends 🙂
    And I would just like to say that your photo’s of the dolls are so wonderful you could be a prof

  11. Happy Birthday Shelly! XxxX
    Lovely Birthday post Kendal as always I have loved looking through some of your wonderful SashaDollUk collection and their equally wonderful outfits 😉
    I can only echo what’s already been said and yes I have met Shelly on more than one occasion!!!
    My first big Sasha came from SashaDolluk and many have followed since! Thank you Shelly for all of your advice, help and for just being a lovely friend ;))
    🍸Cheers xxxx

    • My collection certainly wouldn’t be anything like it is if it wasn’t for Shelly and her Sashadolluk website! I just love the variety and the various conditions of the dolls that have accumulated there over the years.

      I think that many of us can relate to you and your first big sasha Doll coming from Sashadolluk. A really super starting point!

      I often wonder just how much time each of us spend on there per day/week/month/year. Think that I must certainly be either at the top, or very close, judging at how much time I spend skimming and scanning it’s pages!

  12. Happy birthday Empress Shelly!! Thanks for introducing me to Kendal all those years ago. Want you to have the best day EVER and love to Fred and the family. Thank you for my super pen and know that the Sasha Rabble and I always think of you and send love and cant wait until the next time we see you.
    Im honoured to have you as my friend and Kendal couldnt have said it better.
    Tons of love and huge hugs,
    The Madhouse in Cheltenham xxx

    • I do hope that your wish came true and that Shelly has had the BEST day EVER!
      We are all so lucky having Shelly as a friend. Poor Shelly! I hope that it doesn’t get too much for her at times as I’m sure that it must be with people like ME who’s always asking questions and wanting help and advice about this, that and the other!

  13. This has just come in privately to me as Cathy still isn’t able to post on my actual blog………
    ‘Super post Kendal, very interesting to see your first Sasha purchase from Shelly’s site & a real pleasure to see all your stunning repaints by Shelly … Who is the best in my opinion!

    I can’t post on your blog … Sorry this is late but only just got home, been to Swanage for the day!

    Love Cathy x ‘

    • Yes, I too enjoyed seeing the photos of my very first doll from Sashadolluk again.
      Can remember that day so very well as was a little stressed and scared as had never done anything like that before!

      Still concerned that you can’;t post comments onto the blog. Can your husband suggest anything that can be done from my end to help?

  14. Dear Shelly,
    Sorry this is late, but I hope you are having a very, very Happy Birthday.
    We have never met but I feel like I know you anyway!!
    Many thanks for the many dolls I have got through SashaDollUK and for your more than willing and friendly help and advice. I have three dolls with eye repaints by you and absolutely love them. It’s a real pleasure to know you and I wish you many more Happy Birthdays and every success for the future.
    Tons of love,
    Susan xoxoxo

    Kendal, what a wonderful blog today and such a lovely way to pay tribute to Shelly on her Birthday.
    As usual, your dolls look a million dollars and are dressed impeccably.
    You also have been an inspiration for many new collectors like myself and between your and Shelly’s advice, I have many gorgeous Sasha babies whom I adore.
    I have met wonderful people through Sasha dolls and regularly remind myself how lucky I am I stumbled across these little creatures in 2009.
    It’s true what they say Sasha lovers are the friendliest and most helpful and thoughtful people you will ever come across and, I am thrilled to be able to say I have experienced this first hand.
    Thanks again and lots of love,
    Susan xxx

    • I love trying to help Sasha collectors choose and buy a new doll as I’m sure Shelly does,
      it’s almost like second best to buying one for yourself.

      My family often ask me to select and buy presents for them to give others at Christmas/birthdays etc and although slightly worrying at times with the choices, I do, as my sister so rightly says, enjoying the feeling of buying, even though it’s for them with their money passing through my hands. Must have a bit of ‘shopoholic’ running through my veins!

      I luckily have many friends as I count them and health as two of the most important ingredients in life, They range from family, ex-school friends, home based friends and Sasha linked friends and I have to agree with you that these are most probably my favourites, as they so passionately share my wonderful hobby.

      I would like to add here that I was thrilled to finally meet you at the Sasha Festival last year after several years of internet friendship in which I have thoroughly enjoyed communicating with you about your slightly more unusual collection of just the babies and the more recently addition of the toddlers.

  15. Kendal, what a lovely Birthday tribute to Shelly – I hope she has had a lovely day. I too have purchased a few of our collection via Shelly’s site and her help and advice is always spot on and friendly.

  16. “Happy Birthday Shelly!” I hope your day is lovely… and you are surrounded by all those you love. 🙂 I also hope, fingers crossed, you are eating a truly dreamy cake to celebrate this marvelous day… your day!.
    Thank you for being you… for all the hard work you do… day after day… year after year. You are dependable and uber reliable, and I know I can *always* count on you whenever I am buying or selling Sashas. All your efforts are greatly appreciated by anyone who collects Sashas, and you are valued immensely. We all *LOVE* Sasha Dolls UK!
    Hugs and kisses, -Anne
    p.s. Thank you Kendal for this *extra special* post!

    • I do hope that ‘Cake’ is part of Shelly’s diet as I know that she has to have a special one on account of some of her allergies BUT it’s lovely to have one anyway for the others to enjoy….and in Shelly’s family there are plenty of ‘others’ so non will be wasted!

      Shelly certainly does have to work extremely hard to keep us all happy and contented with our Sasha buying.
      For me I’d love the unpacking and photographing of the new dolls arriving but would hate all the paperwork involved and the answering the barrage of questions from potential buyers, especially if hey are anything like mine which must verge on that ex TV programme ‘Twenty Questions!’ (Please forgive me Shelly, will try NOT to do this as much in the future!)

      Another part of her job is to inspect, describe and price the doll or item. I wouldn’t have a clue here as that requires so much Sasha specialist knowledge at your finger tips and I just buy on the facial look of the doll which would get us nowhere.
      Then, of course,there is all that sending of out of our dolls,outfits and accessories that she has to juggle and sell on to help us find the necessary money for the new doll. I’ve never been good at any form of book keeping!

      So I’d like to join Anne (and the others) in THANKING YOU Shelly for all that you do for us and our Sasha Dolls.

  17. I am sat reading your blog Kendal with my morning coffee and my latest waif beside me, who has just arrived from America…..and for once, I am speechless! This is the most heart-warming post with so many delightful friends contributing to Shelly’s special day, that I can only reiterate everything that has already been said. But how lucky we all are to have Shelly and Kendal in our lives and thank you to you both for making each and every day so special with our love of Sasha’s and the bundles of joy they bring! Happy Birthday Shelly, have a wonderful time with your family and an extra big hug to you Kendal, love Jackie xxx

    • Everyday I’m amazed at how our love of our Sasha Dolls brings so much joy and delight into our lives and through people who most of us only know through the Sasha linked internet with Shelly and her Sashadolluk website at the heart of it all..
      The sheer pleasure that I have enjoyed on a daily basis from viewing her website and then afterwards discussing the new dolls listed with friends has become a big part in my life of Sasha collecting and can’t now imagine my life without it as I just love to talk ‘Sasha!’.

    • Lovely to hear from you Anne-Marie as I know that you are an extra special long term friend of Shelly’s.
      Many of us that know you miss your wonderful previous imput into Our Sasha Worlds especially through that marvellous magazine, The Sasha World, that you were editor of for several years and which was full of photos and interesting and super infomation about these unique dolls.

  18. Oh wow only just had time to check Kendal’s blog as been doing a little emergency babysitting but I have to say I am bowled over by such kind and lovely comments I have just put the tissue box down ;0) Thank you so very much everyone you are truly wonderful friends , I had the best birthday so many cards and a beautiful hand written poem from Orlaith who is Christina Meatyard’s very clever 7 year old granddaughter . I have been made to feel very special and will do my very best to be the best for you all love Shelly x x x

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