Some more of us

My 1968 Fringe Dungaree girl is wearing a pretty little OOAK sundress made by Ruthsdolls from a fat quarter of seersucker material that I had bought from John Lewis.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 079

I normally put some JJ tangerine sandals with this outfit but at the time someone else was wearing them.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 080

Her very fine fringe has a will/way of it’s own and prefers to stick out rather than lie flat.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 078

As I’m not keen on any neck or shoulder joints being shown Ruth very kindly carefully designed this dress so that they wouldn’t be.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 075

Although this is a very pretty doll she rather pales in comparision to one of Steve’s Dungaree Fringe girls….. BUT he won’t agree to do a swap.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 076

A Frido Fringe 1968 waif in the Ruthsdoll’s lemon seeksucker that some of you will remember that I treated myself to at Easter.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 092

I just love this pale lemon dress material teamed with her blonde, though rather untidy today, hair.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 088

This could well have done with a brush to tidy it but time was short and…….

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 089

… you can see there was quite a breeze blowing so might have well been a waste of time.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 091

I love this doll (a Frido 1967 Blue Cord girl) who I think that I named Bethany OR was that the name I gave to the Fringe waif above? (No doubt Anne Deitchman will probably know and put me right here!) because with her slightly concaved face, (probably due to the pulling from the mould and subsequent drying afterwards) it gives her a different and very young look.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 061

She is wearing a pretty smocked lilac/blue checked dress given to me by STEVE (yes, yet another! ) I think that it was made by Molly/Thelma of Sashaboutique. Where would my girls be without his kindness and generosity?

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 072

Being one of my favourite dolls I guess that the camera rather ran away with me…..once again. Sorry!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 064

Lilac commercially made shoes and white socks complete the outfit. A sharp breeze blew her hair across her face (though rather artistically I thought!) just as the camera clicked.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 068

Kind of got carried away with her photos yet again after having spotted these toning coloured rambling ground cover Geranuim flowers growing at the bottom of the drive.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 070

Different camera angle view to show how the flowers enhanced her dress colours. (Any excuse to include another photo!)

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 071

I’m not so keen on how this part of the garden tends to give a rather greeenish hue (from the tall hedge and green grass) to their faces…..but sometimes this is the only position that I can use (shooting  directly against the sun) when down there on account of the it’s position.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 032

Amy is a 1960’s pale skinned Gotz girl and she has chosen to wear one of my much older outfits , attractively designed and made by N.Gould, unfortunately another talented seamstress that we don’t see or hear of these days since she had a lovely little baby girl some years ago.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 037

Love how the red and white stripped tights have been daringly used against the pink and red dress material…. though broken up with the white lace edged pantaloons. These red bar shoes were one of the very first shoes of this design made by Jean Jenson after her Mary-Jane style and I love their beautifully neat fit.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 034

One of Sarah William’s recently sent to me ribbons adorns her hair.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 033

Riplee, a Trendon girl customised by Shelly but in a different wig (Monique real hair Kimberly style) from her usual Trendon Velvet wig in an attractive two piece outfit by vintage-sasha.
Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 081

I do like this wig on her (I also have it in blonde and auburn.) Since taking these photos I have changed her footwear and now she has on the dark brown Boneka side bar shoes that Dorisanne gave me for Christmas  and which are the perfect colour for her top smock.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 082

Good photo below of another example of Shelly’s wonderful eye painting. Their colour goes beautifully too with the colour of this wig. and smock top.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 083

Side view photo showing the page-boy style of the wig’s cut. The late Judy Scalletti introduced me to this wig as this was the exact make and style that she used to demonstate the wigging technique at one of the past Sasha Festivals to some of the attendees who gathered together in Heidi Wheeler’s bedroom on the first Thursday night. after the ‘Meet and Greet’ as wigging the Sasha in those olden days was something quite new.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 085

Didn’t like this very pretty flimsy party outfit on this Frido 1966 Graphic eyed Dungaree doll in the end so have since taken it off her and am now in the process of finding another doll to wear and model it .

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 040

BUT did quite like these three close-up facial poses of her (though try to ignore the green hue on her face) so thought that I’d leave them in here as it shows off her dramatic eye styling whilst I go off in search of another dress for her to wear.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 042

She needs a longer and less dainty dress as these 1966 year dolls are slightly taller and sturdier overall looking dolls with bigger heads.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 044

Still loads more girls waiting patiently in the wings to model more of my many Summer outfits for the second round. Could even be a small THIRD round for some of the lucky girls as yet more outfits are coming to light as I delve into the bottom of their clothe’s boxes…… so hopefully see you here again next week, same day, same time? Until then have a lovely week with plenty of Sasha time included.


33 thoughts on “Some more of us

  1. Well another wonderful Sunday morning treat Kendal.I think you will have to have a little something ready to post every Sunday or we may have withdrawel problem’s if you do not post a few beauty’s for us to gaze upon! Loved all the outfit and girl’s but did particually like the 67 blue cord girl.
    And it was interesting seeing Ripley in another wig!
    Love the 66 graphic eyed girl at the bottom, lovely close up shots. I do also love the bit of the dress we can see, maybe it could be shown on another girl

    • I think that it’s good for me to have a certain day’s blog post target in mind so that it spurs me on and doesn’t allow me to ‘blog drift’ as I was tending to do before.

      Riplee’s Velvet’s wig was a little too dark for the smock material, hence the substitute

      Pleased to hear that you like the Blue Cord girl as well as I do although I’ll admit that she might not be to everyone’s taste but I like to be a little different to the norm with my Sasha Doll choices.

      Yes, the Graphic eyed girl’s dress WILL be shown on another doll asap as it’s a very pretty and unusual dress.

  2. ? It looks to be a lovely fabric, lovely and bright for the summer.
    In fact all the girl’s are looking very fine this morning.
    have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing next Sunday’s Beauty’s
    hugs Dee

    • Looks like YOU are still having trouble with your commenting. Is anyone else having the same trouble when they are writing a reply? (It seems that Dee is getting thrown off in the middle of writing her reply so has to start another one to finish it off!)

      Have another bunch of lovely dolls in a variety of outfits all ready and waiting for next Sunday. Just need in the meantime to try to narrow the numbers down.

    • Thank you.

      Unfortunately a couple of years ago there was a very tragic accident in Nikki’s family which left her in deep shock so that she didn’t feel like carrying on with making her wonderful Sasha clothing.

      I think that just recently she has changed her direction and now concentrates on knitting for real people rather than for dolls.
      She did mention though that she still hopes/plans to continue setting up those interesting Sasha scenes and writing those delightful little stories around them.

      We all miss her unique Sasha clothing designs and gorgeously coloured outfits.

  3. all beautiful photos Kendal….as usual !, n gould has been sewing again the last month or so, love her outfits and shes now making lovely shoes to go with them xxxxxx

  4. Kendal your blog is a Sunday morning treat which I always look forward to! I love looking at your various beautiful girls and their fabulous collection of dresses. I cannot imagine how many boxes of clothes they have. My favourite this week is Amy, 1960’s pale skinned Gotz girl. She has such a sweet face and love her hair. Riplee looks great and so different wearing another wig. FABULOUS! Gill xxx

    • Oh I’m so pleased that you enjoy visiting my blog on Sundays.
      You’ll hopefully get to see and delve into their clothing boxes when you come up to visit as that is also on Dee’s list of wanting to do as there wasn’t time on her last visit.

      Yes, I agree that the pale skinned Gotz lass has a very pretty face.
      The Monique Kimberly wig seen here on Riplee is one of my favourite of my wigs. It feels so beautifully real-like and soft..

      • So looking forward to delving into your clothes boxes, with Dee! We shall be in our element!!!!!!! Gill xxx

      • I definitely think that you will as they have a wonderfully extensive wardrobe after 16 years of collecting! Don’t forget to ask to see their shoe boxes as well!
        Not sure if there will be much time left for anything else though!

  5. They all look delightful in their beautiful dresses. I love how Ruth has extended the little sun dress to suit your tastes, and very nice it is as well. The fabric is wonderful – I do like that seersucker fabric. I was trying to remember what it was called just the other day, thanks for reminding me. I think your blue cord girl is a real sweetie and the little dress you chose for her suits her really well and I love ALL the photos!

    • I used to have a pale pink version of the sundress too (with some matching dungarees for a Sasha baby) but that has since been sold on.

      Pleased to hear that you too like my concave faced girl. I love seeing all the different faces with these dolls. Must try one of these days to line them up together and take a photo as ‘Seeing is believing!’
      I should imaging that sewing with seersucker is much harder than a plain standard cotton material.

  6. Another weekly treat K! I always love to see your blonde 68 waif…please try and take some pictures of your redhead with the damaged lips when you can as she is also a real favourite of mine 🙂

    • ‘Miss Lippy’ as she is fondly known as here has already been featured TWICE in this Summer clothing series…..BUT just for YOU I’ll try to find her another outfit and take her down with me again.(Mustn’t be seen to be having favourites here!)

      I too really love the blonde Fringe waif. I have a great fondness for the trimmed haired girls as I’m not, as you no doubt all well know by now, overly fond of the Frido/Trendons with ALL that hair! ;

      • Thank you Kendal! I look forward to seeing Miss Lippy then 🙂 And as a special thank you for my forthcoming ‘Lippy’ treat I win let you WIN a couple of ‘who can comment first ‘ on Dee’s blog 🙂

      • Ah yes BUT how will I know just when you have let ME beat you and when I have won myself by getting in there first all by myself?
        Seems to me that whichever way I look at it YOU are getting the better deal here!

  7. Another bunch of amazing beauties! Today my favourites are once again, the little blond ‘waif’, she’s just gorgeous!!! And I love that her hair is a bit windswept as it really does suit her. Love those seersucker dresses, such a nice fabric and you don’t see a lot of it about nowadays. I like the lemon one very much. N.Gould must be a girl after my own heart as I really love how she puts the striped long stockings/socks with the flowered dress, it’s something I really like to do…..I like putting flowers and checks together too…as long as there’s a common thread between them, it’s great fun!!
    And finally, that little Gotz girl, how sweet is she!!!!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    • Aren’t our Sasha Dolls just WONDERFUL? I can never seem to get enough of them or their outfits.
      A doll wearing a particular outfit OR a certain photograph of them gives me so much pleasure that I have to keep going back for yet another look!

      I love the way you too are mixing and matching your materials in your outfits. They look so trendy and such fun.

  8. Thank you dear Kendal for the lovely photos and for expressing your thoughts about choices for your beautiful Sashas. It is so nice to see them in beautiful outfits and I love the windy shots too–it’s true to life and delightful. Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, Ginger

    • Delighted to hear that you like the ‘windy’ shots! Unfortunately though stray hairs across their faces even when it’s NOT windy is fast becoming my trade mark!
      I just don’t seem to see them until they appear on my laptop screen and by then it’s too late.

      As you can no doubt guess I just LOVE talking about my dolls to anyone who will listen!
      Thanks for popping by again!

  9. Hello Kendal:) I’m new to the world of Sasha dolls and see that you have an amazing brood! I think one of my favourites is Bea even though she’s not in this post. This week’s girls are all so well dressed and certainly looks well behaved too:) I’m very partial to the little blonde waif:)

    • Bea will hopefully be featured in the very near future (after the Gregor lads) along with the babies.

      Yes, they are all, on the whole, beautifully behaved and I thoroughly enjoy buying them clothes.

      Waifs always appeal to most of us. Must be the mothering instinct in us.
      Thanks for commenting and enjoy your new Sasha collecting hobby.

  10. Thank you Kendal for giving me a lovely morning viewing over my coffee ~ what a nice way to start the day! Love Jackie xxx

  11. Kendal,
    I check every Sunday to see is there is a Sasha treat from you. Of course, most Sundays there is. Thank you. It’s nearly a year now since I acquired my first Sasha, but I did not stop there. It’s wonderful. Your pictures and comments are interesting and instructive. This week I began photographing some of my dolls in their summer outfits in outside settings and learned how hard it is to get just the right light; your photography is amazing! It’s not long now before I will have some wigs for a few of my dolls. Your picture of Riplee with her Monique Real hair Kimberly style wig is especially nice and encouraging to me. Now I must find where to get such wigs.
    Thanks, Kendal. Betsy

    • I’m very sorry then to occasionally disappoint you on the odd Sunday that I don’t manage to post.
      Gosh! It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since you first bought you very first Sasha Doll. Dare I ask just how many you have now?

      These dolls are just perfect for capturing with the camera. They can give you so many expressions just at the twist of the camera lens. Sometimes I can hardly wait to download them onto the computer screen just to see how they have come out.
      This makes for a lovely side track of our collecting which thanks to digital imagery these days doesn’t cost a penny once you have the camera. I do hope that you will forward me on some of your photos as I’d love to see them.

  12. Dont ever say sorry for the camera running away with you Kendal as I can never get enough of your lovely pics.
    Love Sarah who is getting over anaphylactic shock. xx
    Sorry for the silence xx

    • Thanks for saying that Sarah BUT I’m not sure that everyone would agree with you on some of the ‘longer’ runaways!
      (Have spent the week in and out of hospital so will try to phone you this evening when I get back from hearing the results.)

  13. Steve12 August 2013 09:13

    Kendal, Kendal, Kendal, I have tried three times now to leave a comment on your blog and for some reason they are not showing up?? I have never had a problem before.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say, your girls are a real credit to you, so beautifully dressed. My favourite is the blue cord NP girl with the slightly concaved face as I think this makes her look quite unique!
    Thank you once again for sharing!
    Love Steve XXXXXx

    • Steve had to finally leave the above comment on my previous Sasha Brood Blogspot version so I’ve now transferred it to here.
      My apologies for this Steve. Not too sure just what is happening as usually WordPress doen’t have these problems.

      Pleased to read that you like the unique slightly concaved faced girl too I really like her in this dress that you gave me.
      I know that I took rather too many photos of her as I had spotted those blue Geranuims growing after having taken her main four photos and realised that they were the same colour as the darker check in the material…. BUT it’s just as well that I did as when I went back there the other day they had completely finished flowering.

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