Here we are again

Before I even begin to introduce Sophie I can hear Dee’s bear Reuben shouting up from the deep south ‘Get your hair brushed and re-braided’ …and quite rightly so! (Hadn’t realised until I saw these photos that it had become so messy!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 003

Having started life during the Second World War years my motto has always been on the lines of ‘waste not, want not’ SO I’m still going to show these photos of her, in spite of her hair, having gone to the trouble of taking them!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 002

This slate eyed Gotz waif is one of my favourite dolls as I just love her her little face. She is wearing a pretty dress and pants set that was given to me , after admiring it on one of his newly bought dolls, by my dearest friend Steve. Many, many thanks again.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 120

As unfortunately you can see from the above photo she is badly in need of an arm re-string but it was just too hot for her to wear a little cardie to cover this fact!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 004

(You can just see the tip of another one of the lovely selection of ribbons Sarah W gave me!)

Another of my Frido blonde NPs from early 1967 modelling a really lovely dress and pants set by Passion for Sasha sent to me just recently by Chris Taylor ‘for sharing my Sasha photos with her.’ A million thanks Chris for your kindness and thoughtfulness yet again.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 029

Chris had treated herself to an identical dress and liked it so much that she asked Ginny to make up another one for me! Chris has hers on one of her red headed girls but I have firstly put mine on this blue eyed lass as I love the way it enhances and brings out her blue eyes….BUT will definitely be trying it on some red and brunette haired dolls later.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 031

I have teamed it with some JJ Mary-Jane shoes and pale blue socks which match or tone with the checks in the material.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 030

This is a really pretty doll with her arched right eye brow and serene overall look with gorgeous quality hair.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 028

Next is the little red heared slate eyed Gotz girl, Sally wearing one of my first ever Ruthsdoll’s outfits (one of the ones literally torn off one of Ruth’s own dolls at Dawn’s first ever Sasha Funday!)

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 008

I always think that this drees looks so fresh and clean for the Spring and Summer months.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 011

She was one of Ellen Church’s ex dolls and was purchased via SashadollUK. She still has her hair in Ellen’s originally braids, so obviously Ellen is a better braider than I am!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 010

I always think that she has the look of a touch of Irish decent with her red hair and the ‘wearing of the green’ and with a sense of ‘fun and trouble’ showing in her sweet, but cheeky, little face.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 009

Another of my favourite Gotz girls but unfortunately still un-named. (It’s on the ‘to-do list’ that has gained yet another year!)

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 023

She is wearing another lovely fresh looking dress and pants set, made by eseacaper and given to me by Sarah Price for my 70th birthday, when my daughter drove me down to visit her for the day. Many thanks again, Sarah.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 024

I couldn’t just find the usual slightly paler ribbon that went with this outfit so had to ‘borrow’ one of the ones that Sarah William’s had recently sent me.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 110

She has unusual crude eye painting rather reminisent of the sharp nosed, slate eyed Gotz lads.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 112

Can hardly believe it but below is the THIRD doll up today that has a NAME!  Holly, a Gotz yellow highlight eyed waif. She is really rather a little poppet of a doll.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 050

….and looks sweet in a short dainty Molly/Thelma of Sashaboutique outfit that was given to me by Steve, as I so liked its simple smock style, different coloured collar and shortness. Just how good you are to me Steve!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 049

She is a very popular little mite with the other girls and enjoys trying out anything new or adventurous.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 051

Her shorter hairstyle I think really suits the large bow.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 046

A 1966 Frido Graphic Blue Cord eyed NP with the most stunning large blue eyes.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 014

She has on today a fanastically smocked navy blue/white checked dress made by Rosemary Shortell which is a copy of the original dress that she made up for her own daughter when she was young. (See photo below.)

I featured this in one of my articals in the Sasha World magazine which showed some Sasha Dolls in replicas of real human’s outfits.


Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 013

Rosie so very kindly gave this to me for my 70th birthday (along with one of her most attractive and sort after knitted Lama coats) when I went down to visit Sarah P for a birthday luncheon. How lucky am I? A million thanks Rosie.  I shall treasure it for always.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 017

The whole front is so wonderfully smocked and reminds me of the smocked dresses that my mother used to make for me in this very same style.

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 014

Just look…even the back has such fantastic detail!

Photo-ing at the Shrubbery again 020

Glancing back through this post I am amazed at just how many truly wonderful Sasha friends I have who have given me such magnificent, attractive and delightful outfits for my girls. No wonder they have ALL been able to have TWO changes of outfits EACH (and still with a couple to spare!) My thanks to you all again and I am most appreciative of your kindness and generousity.


38 thoughts on “Here we are again

  1. Beautiful outfits on your girls Kendal. I do very much like the blue dress on your 67 blonde that Chris gave you, it really does suit her. Loving the dress that Rosie made as well. I also think the dress that Sarah P gave you for your 70th is lovely as well.

    Actually they all look beautiful! Dresses and the gorgeous girls.

    • You’re obviously a lover of the ‘blues’ on the Sasha Dolls judging by your choices here. I have to agree that blue always looks so pretty, clean and fresh especially on the blue eyed, blonde haired dolls.
      Thanks for ‘popping by’ and commenting. Always enjoy hearing your views.,

  2. Kendal, I think Sophie looks lovely with her wild hair, lol. I think sometimes we over groom our Sasha’s and want them to look perfect all the time. I can’t believe you haven’t named one of my favourite Sasha’s of yours (the crude eyed Gotz girl), lol.
    Love your graphic eyed NP in that fabulous smocked dress that Rosie gave you, how lucky are you, lol.
    Thanks for sharing Mrs Hack’s XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Pleased that someone likes Sophie’s rather untidy wild looking plaits as wouldn’t want people thinking that I’m not a good Sasha mother!

      Yes, I’m feeling very guilty about the lack of not naming most of my girls, especially the favourites. Wondering if the sheer number of them is putting me off as all the twelve boys have names.

      I can assure you that I’m most grateful to my friends who are so often thinking of and sending me these Sasha surprise gifts.

  3. They all look fabulous, I do like your redhead Gotz waif, there’s something rather special about Sasha with bobbed hair! Lovely selection of dresses as always. How clever of Rosemary to do that smocking. Such a lovely dresss! Love Gill xx

    • I’m surprised that the actual manufacturers didn’t do more shorter hairstyles apart from the Trendon’s Sweater girl and Gotz’s 1990s Anna doll as they are a lovely change.
      II was interesting to see the Gotz doll, Leon, with his longer bobbed lad’s style, so often being turned into a girl..I had two of these dolls customised into lasses. at one time

      I was very taken with your dear little school girl that you sold on quite recently with her blonde bobbed cut and would have loved to have bought her if the time had been right financially.

      • It was a tough decision to sell that blonde schoolgirl as she was very sweet but as some new “kids” arrive others have to go as my house is just not big enough. Gillxx

  4. I agree with Steve, Sophie looks great. A little girl should be free to play outside in the elements and, what ever a certain bear might think, that involves an occasional bout of hair in unrestrained mode.
    Somewhere, there’s a photo of me aged 4, with the most appalling hair do and a scratch under my eye – any self respecting school photographer should have known better than to leave the Reception Class portraits until late afternoon when we’d already have been out to play (or fight?) in the yard three times, LOL.

    • Breathing a sigh of relief then that others are liking Sophie’s untidy plaits so not feeling quite so guilty as I was.

      I had to smile at the mention of one of your school portrait photographs showing the scars of several school play and lunch times.
      Being an ex teacher I can remember trying to get as many of them taken before the morning’s outdoor break and then using my hair styling skills practised on my younger sister and later daughter on some of the others whose hair styles were rather the worse for wear from the outside fifteen minute session.

      • Oh, Kendal – The teachers’ most dreaded day is always photo day; it’s worse than the ‘my child won that race, the other kid cheated’ of sports days.
        When I was deputy head of a London school, the photographer always wanted to turn up on Friday….swimming day! I well remember the logistics involved in getting the nursery/reception class through, some of them screaming in terror, others preening and wanting to have several sittings, before they were covered in clay and paint. Then trying to put each of the other classes and all the various sibling groups through before swimming lessons gave the children wild hair and chlorine red eyes. Somehow, the head managed to be on a course or at a meeting every time…..
        But all that pales into insignificance when compared with a certain school I worked in where a new head teacher kindly told parents they could bring in children in the family but not at the school, so whole families could be photographed and copies sent back to Bangladesh. He clearly hadn’t realized that some papas had more than one wife and some of the group photos had dozens of people in them!
        Give me Sasha photo days over school photo days. The Sashas are biddable, stay clean, don’t wriggle and like single Sasha portraits best.

        My reply to Troublesmum’s comment above..

        Not sure where MY reply key to this comment went to. Can only presume that her comment came in whilst I was writing a reply comment myself so it wasn’t able to put itself in at the end where they normally go.

        Oh gosh, I had completely forgotten about the swimming days AND the family photos.
        My sympathies would have clearly been with you, as a deputy head, with the organising and controlling of this event. Never know how these heads managed to get out of these things.

        Apart from my own class kids I also had to deal with all the sporting team photos (football, netball, rounders, cross country, rugby, swimming, and cricket) when the rest were finished. Getting ALL the school’s team’s correct clothing together and labelled for the right children’s sizes beforehand was a nightmare in itself (especially as I did all the washing etc of it myself.after each event.)

        We tried to make the best of the family portraits by planning them to be taken first thing at 9.00am so that the parents could bring the younger (or older children not attending this school) with them when bringing the 4-11 year olds…. as being a Roman Catholic School there was a much wider than the more normal Primary School three kilometres catchment area, , many had to travel in by car or taxi.

        Ater that came the sibling’s in our school photos which included one family of FOURTEEN (and with no twins included either!) and many of sixes, fives and fours. (Well I did mention that they were of the RC faith!)

        Luckily we always managed not to book a photographer on our swim days.
        We also had the First Holy Communion photos in June (usually my class) and the Confirmation the Autumn and the school prospectus (which I also organised) when required..

        Now that you have reminded me of all this I wholly agree with you about just how relatively easy it is for us photographing our Sasha Dolls. I promise that I will never complain again!

  5. To my shame I am sure that rude Reuben would indeed say something about her untidy hair but personally I think it makes her look more natural and childlike and just like the Sasha’s that live in the village!
    I love the dress that Chris T gave you especially as I own the exact same one that I bought from Ginny and have put away until the Autumn when I have plans for it’s use!!
    Loving all todays girl but especially the gotz’s girl’s! such sweet faces they have! and little Holly could be a sister

    • I’m really delighted with the pretty little dress that Chris sent me the other week as you are with yours..Looking forward to seeing your future plans with yours.

      I’m so pleased that you too are seeing the fantastic facial expressions that the early Gotz dolls have, such a lovely change from the rather pure and sweet English dolls.

  6. To Marcie! does she speak French when you are not looking??
    It’s lovely seeing more of your girl’s in their wonderful dresses and another batch to enjoy this blustery Sunday morning!
    sorry for the two part comment but it went haywire twice so I published what I could see then carried on here..that’s deciation for you
    hugs Dee x

    • My apologies for WordPress’ jumping you off whilst you are trying to leave your much appreciated comments. Thanks for your continued perseverance as I always look forward to and enjoy what you have to say..

      Must listen out to hear if Holly does speak to Marcie in French or English. Yes they could well be sisters and as you know, I would have loved to have purchased her myself.

  7. Oh Kendal, go easy on poor Sophie – the natural look is far more interesting!!!! One can take so much of goodie-goodie girls whose mother checked their hair before leaving for school. What about the poor girl who didn’t pretend to be posh or win the best Tantum Ergo singing competition when she was in the 6th form? Surely you must have a female Fritz counterpart amongst your collection who isn’t posh or longing to join the Woman’s Hour team on Radio 4?

    I’ve been think about your Standing on the Corner postings (see: )? I wondered if Sashas/Gotz – and associates – are allowed to whistle? I am, of course, aware that British females aren’t encouraged to whistle. HOWEVER, I listened to an interview with Ms. Agnetha Fältskog (Singer with Abba) recently and she disclosed that she whistles more than sings when at home!!!!! I’m dying to know what she whistles along to…….possibly ’The Poor People of Paris’( :):):)

    I’d be overjoyed to discover that Gotz/Sashas enjoy whistling.

    Thanks, as ever, for keeping up with the fab postings.

    P.S. Can Fritz whistle?

  8. ‘Long time no see’ as the saying goes so great to have you back in England and commenting here.
    So pleased that you are another that isn’t complaining about Sophie’s rather messy hairstyle.

    I’m pretty sure that a few of my lads will be able to whistle or at least have tried out the ‘wolf whistle’ on several occasions with some of these very pretty or attractive girls.. I should imagine that Fritz certainly can.

    I have always loved the ABBA music and have CDs of most of their songs so it was lovely .to have a quiet reminder of this with your mention of Agnetha . I think that I saw that recent interview with her but can’t quite remember the ‘whistling’ mention.

    Hope that you have been back here long enough to enjoy the rare spell of UK hot weather….although it has been far too hot for my Sashas and I to venture out into it….so rather wasted on us.

  9. Kendal, thank you for the lovely photos. I am taken with Holly and I love her short red hair! I also enjoyed seeing the smocked dress on Rosie’s daughter and then your beautiful blue-eyed blonde in a copy of it. Rosie is so very talented! Hope all is well with you and your brood. xxx Gayle

    ‘Kendals Sasha Brood wrote:

    > kendalssashabrood posted: “Before I even begin to introduce Sophie I > can hear Dee’s bear Reuben shouting up from the deep south ‘Get your > hair brushed and re-braided’ …and quite rightly so! (Hadn’t realised > until I saw these photos that it had become so messy! Having start” >

    • Yes, Holly is rather a little poppet isn’t she. I guess that I am really rather a ‘Sasha waif’ person at heart although, as you know, I try to give each and everyone of my dolls equal attention, care and love

      Yes I rather envy Rosie’s artistic talent, not to mention her marvellous IT skills!
      Wish that I was so gifted in both these fields!

      Great to hear from you and hope that you are enjoying sharing your ‘Charlotte’s World’ raffle prize with your other Sasha Dolls.
      Have you fully now recovered from the Sasha Festival? How wonderful it all looked judging by the photos.

      Give my love to Carolyn.

  10. While they are all wonderful – something sweet in every face, and all dressed so well, your Sally just stops me in my tracks – she is so engaging! I am quite partial to redheads. She’s really got that bit of mischief in her eyes!

    Her green outfit is as refreshing as a shady spot in the garden on a Summer day- perfect right down to her shoes!

    Every time I see your girls in there pretty dresses, I want them all. Your sweet colored JJ shoes are having the same effect!


    • Yes, I agree, Sally is a real little gem. and I like the combination of her red hair with the green Ruthsdoll’s outfit.

      the JJ sandals are just absolutely delightful and the range of wonderful colours when put together reminds me of a candy selling shop.
      Each year I try to add a couple more pairs to my collection and this year I have ordered a purple and a lilac pair as haven’t had any of those colours before.

      Many thanks for commenting. I so enjoy reading about what people think, like or prefer.

  11. Kendal, you have such a beautiful collection of Sasha’s and each and every time you post on your blog, I try to pick a favourite! It is really very hard to choose because they are all so gorgeous and each one is so different from the other. Today I fell in love with Sophie….she is absolutely lovely! I really love her untidy hair, it suits her perfectly. I have been thinking about adding an older Gotz girl to my Sasha family, and now I know just the sort of girl I’m looking for! I think I might need to sell a few more BJDs though, before I have enough for what I want!!! I will only spend what I have in my paypal account and as long as I keep to that, then the world is my winkle!!! Off to look on Shelly’s site…yet AGAIN!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxxx

    • That’s the beauty of our Sasha Dolls. They are all so different and each and everyone has their own little character which you fall in love with.

      I think that each Sasha collection should have a variety of the different Sasha manufacturer’s dolls so I’m pleased that you are starting to save up for one of the earlier Gotz dolls. Good luck with finding her.

  12. Dear Kendal, I love your photos and there will no need to brush or re-braid the hair of your dolls as they look great and natural 🙂 … Liss x

  13. Sophie has that air of ‘I’ve been having fun playing, so if you must take a photo you’ll have to accept my hair as it is – I won’t brush it now!’ I’ve seen my girls look that way in several photos, its more natural.
    You’ve got such lovely outfits and dolls, my little girl enjoyed looking at them this afternoon after all the family had gone (2 days of solid fun). She was a bit sad to say goodbye to the family, so your photos were a great antidote – thank you.

    • How lovely of you to say that about Sophie’s hair especially as I was feeling rather guilty after seeing the photos close up on the computer screen.

      I’m so glad the ‘your child’ enjoyed viewing them with you and that it took her mind off missing the family members who had just left.
      Must be lovely to have someone else close in the family share any Sasha information with.

  14. Hi Kendal,
    How nice to see Sally in the limelight again (no pun intended)! She was always full of mischief so I was sure she would fit in with Fritz et all when you bought her. Of course I love seeing all your dolls and their wonderful outfits. I especially love the blue/grey plaid dress. A classic plaid in soft colors is tops! We do love the blues with our blue eyed dolls. Thank you for sharing your dolls with us. Such a delight! Hugs, Ellen

    • I do so love that little red haired minx, Sally with her cheeky, fun loving little face..
      I always enjoy it when a new outfit arrives and you have the challenge of discovering just which doll/s it will suit the best. Am getting much better at it these days with now knowing my Sashas so well and probably a case of ‘practice makes perfect.’
      The plaid colours on the dress that Chris gave me are beautifully toned..Now looking forward to finding some time to try it on some of my other coloured haired dolls to see if I like it better on them.

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