The dolls that missed

The boat last Sunday due to time to be downloaded onto the blog post running out..

Unfortunately as you will see the natural lighting in most of these photos leave a lot to be desired but had I have gone over there any later it wouldn’t have been any better with the sun quickly rising and causing shadows galore.

Early morning 118

Just discovered that WordPress must have been ‘fiddling’ around yet again with their blog formatting and am now having to take each photo singularly and resize before adding it here. So maddening and frustrating as it’s going to take me forever at this rate!

Early morning 046

First up is a 1967 Frido Brunette Gingham NP with delightful round detailed eye painting wearing a very pretty Jill Mackley from ‘Frocks and Socks’ ‘Bumble-bee design material smocked dress with JJ shoes.

Early morning 047

The quailty of this material is nothing short of superb. I was hoping to find a little bit of pale yellow ribbon to tie at the side of her hair but wasn’t successful. (Their ribbon drawer definitely needs tidying and sorting out.)

Early morning 049

A 1967 Frido NP Brown Cord who came in her original large white box. She has the slightly rarer ‘open’ eyed eye painting.

Early morning 090

….and the most beautiful silky hair since Sarah Price washed and conditioned it on her last visit as it was quite grey from all the dust gathered from previous storage.

Early morning 091

Love how her shorter trimmed side hair frames her face. She has chosen to put on another Jill Mackley finely smocked and piped dress in a delicate pale pink seersucker material with commercially made shoes and socks.

(Unfortunately she is not wearing the correct ribbon that is usually worn with this dress but just couldn’t find it at the time.)

Early morning 113

Early morning 112

Here comes the well known 1967 Frido Dungaree NP, fondly known here as Miss Lippy, in an attractive and early Ruthsdoll’s smocked Homespun material outfit.

Early morning 054

I amaze myself at daring to put this brightly coloured orange dress on a red haired doll BUT I hope, that like me, you too think that it works well. Commercially made shoes and socks complete the look.

Early morning 053

Early morning 117

Early morning 116

Early morning 078

Another well known doll of mine is this bobbed haired 1967 Frido Blue Cord NP who likes to wear this shorts and top set by Pinestreetstudios teamed with Trendon socks and JJ sandals.

Early morning 079

I have always loved Cindy Patrick’s Sasha outfits with her unique style and material choices.

Early morning 156

Early morning 079

My early 1967 Frido Ballet girl has decided to wear yet another Jill Mackley beautifully designed and made smocked dress in a Scottie dog printed material, the red in the dog’s checked coat toning well with her red hair and with JJ sandals and tan colured socks on her feet.

Early morning 071

Early morning 070

As you can see here the sun is already quickly rising and it’s rays are peeping through the trees casting shadows.

Early morning 157

Close up to show this lovely material and the sunlight on her hair.

Early morning 159

A slightly later Frido Dungaree girl is next. She is from 1968? and as you’ve seen before has NO fringe and shoulder length bobbed hair which is beautifully silky and ‘swishy.’

Early morning 095

She prefers to wear a more Summery casual look so has chosen this attractive vintage-sasha smock and capri outfit with JJ flip-flops on her feet.

Early morning 094

She has the slightly darker vinyl giving her a lovely smooth sun-tanned look.

Early morning 092

Not another Frido 1967 Dungaree girl???? Yep! I’m afraid it seems to be so in spite of what was random choices.
Early morning 130

This tot, I think, has a very sulky but attractive look to her and I always like her in this bright blue Ruthsdoll’s early short smocked outfit.
Apologies as always for the stray hairs! Unfortunately now getting to be my trade mark!

Early morning 002

I am very partial to this Homespun material and had three very similar dresses made up by Ruth many, many years ago now. The orange one seen above, this blue one here and a lime green one that is to come…. plus a soft red in the same style but in a cotton print, not Homespun, material.

All these outfits originally came with matching material Mary-Jane shoes (still have them) which was Ruth’s trade mark in those days before she bought her leather stitching machine.

Here though she has on a pair of JJ sandals and some commercially made socks that have a matching coloured top trim (although I can’t now remember how I came to have them here… unless they came on a doll that I had bought.)

Early morning 129

I’d like to thank Sarah Williams for recently sending me a selection of ribbons to match some of my outfits and these shown here (and above on the orange version) is/are one/two of them and match the outfits perfectly.

Early morning 006

There are three more dolls (my 1970 Gotz No-navel, the blonde 1966 Developmental and Shelly customised Riplee) waiting patiently in the wings to be added here but unfortunately my eyes and fingers are telling me that they have had enough being on the computer for this morning so, if that’s OK with you, I’ll leave them to start next weeks blog post off.


21 thoughts on “The dolls that missed

  1. Kendal, what a lovely post of beautiful girl’s to start the day with! There are so many here that I love!Miss Lippy, 67 bobbed haired blonde, the 67 ballet girl, in fact every single one! I would be torn to decide in which order I’d love to have them!! Thank

    bear knocking on your door , barging in and asking all your Sasha’s to line up for his inspection and selection of his new owner!! I think he’d even consider a waif, if she was

    an np!!!

    • Sorry about a part of this comment missing, It in it’s self went missing and I thought I have found it all but obviously !! after the word Thank it should continue with ‘ thank goodness Reuben is not seeing this or you would have a rude little bear knocking on your door, then it containues…
      anyway it’s happened again, so lord knows what this will say when I post it !!!
      many thanks for letting us see these angel’s

      anyway, a lovely post of more of the gorgeous girl’s.
      sasha hugs

  2. You have such a wonderful collection of Sasha dolls Kendal and they are always a delight to see. Your 67 ballet girl and brown cord are gorgeous!
    A great post, can’t wait to see the rest of the brood.
    Sasha hugs

    • Looks like I’m having the same trouble too as started replying to Michelle’s comment above when it suddenly jumped and knocked me out of the reply box and now won’t let me get back in to finish it.
      Will see if I can get in touch with WordPress and complain.

    • Many thanks for commenting on this latest blog post.
      Great to hear which of my dolls you like the best as luckily each Sasha collector tends to like and prefer different types of the dolls due to their year of manufacture, eye painting, hair colour, sex etc.

      There are a good twenty five more of the girls to be photographed yet never mind the babies and lads.

  3. Hi Kendal

    I seem to be having trouble leaving comments on your blog, so apologise if you’ve received the same one twice, maybe not at all?

    Just wanted to say that “I love the Jill Mackley smock dresses and your girls look fabulous as always!”

    Love Gill xx

    • So sorry to hear that you too were having problems with leaving a comment.
      in the end none came through so I copied and pasted your email to me here.
      I’m sure that the fault must lie with WordPress themselves, rather like we had at one time with blogspot as I didn’t get my usual blog post email delivered to my inbox.

      Yes, Jill’s dresses are gorgeous, such a pity though that she no longer makes them.

  4. Another bunch of gorgeous girls Kendal, and all so beautifully dressed as usual. I am wondering where on earth you store all these lovely outfits! You must have either very big closets or the girls have all the clothes and you, my dear, have to run around half naked!! (Thank goodness for the current heatwave in the UK, if the latter is the case! 😉 LOL)
    I think the redhead looks really great in the orange dress, I don’t think it clashes but rather it enhances her pretty face and haircolour.
    The Scotty Dog fabric is very nice and looks great with the red sandals.
    I have some of that Bee fabric here, I agree it’s great quality. I can’t remember but maybe it is designed by Mary Englebreit (sp?). Certainly nice, whoever designed it.
    I love all their JJ sandals and have finally ordered a couple of pairs for my dolls!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  5. Pleased to hear that you agree with me on quite a few things here!
    I’d never entertained dressing my Sashas in animal printed fabric before until Jill made these dresses but now I and my girls just adore them.

    I have four A1 sized storage boxes that sit on top of each other in my bedroom by the dressing table for their clothes.About six transparent plastic smaller boxes for their footwear which are kept under the spare bed and their hundreds of toys, games, accessories are scattered in many Sashadolluk cardboard boxes in cupboards, wardrobes, under beds (in other words where ever there is a spare space) throughout the house and conservatory and garage.

    Plan one day to photograph all this so that you can see just what a spoilt lot they really are!

    I do actually have FAR too many clothes which are kept in two double plus one single wardrobes and the hall coat cupboard. Not that I can probably still fit into them …but they are there ‘just in case!’

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Oh Kendal! What a fantastic post! You know I love ‘Miss Lippy’ so it is always a treat for me to see her. Of all your girls and boys SHE is the one I love the most – don’t ask me why I just couldn’t tell you 🙂
    So thank you for my Lippy fix 🙂

    • I too feel that way about Miss Lippy and often wonder if it’s because no-none even bothered to ask after her whilst she sat on Sashadolluk for ALL those months on account of her damaged lips (mind you I guess that they thought that £2000 in that day was far too expensive for such a damaged doll) and so the ‘waify mothering streak’ in me kicked in to bring her here and protect her…. as it can’t have been from her not being loved by her previous little mother as she was obviously well fed and must have had her hair brushed and styled a great deal!

      Mind you when you look closely at her face she has a lovely soft, serene and rather upper-class look to her that simply shines through …so that might indeed be the reason.

  7. Well…… dont they all look gorgeous my girl? What fun you have had there with the dressing up and the hair and shoes and outfits. Love the lighting on the dolls and always liked Gills dresses so very much. Did any of them try to make a run for it to see Aunty Dees garden or her bears?
    I’ve always been nuts on the homespun tiny bright gingham and bright is always great for little kids in the summer.
    Lovely to see them all and will see you in next few weeks.
    Have to go to Sutton first ok?
    Love from us all here xx

    • You’re quite right there, I do love changing and photographing the dolls. Just a pity that they tend to make so much mess in the process.

      Hearing the weather forecast for the next week or so it looks like I might have to repeat the very early getting up to miss the far too bright sunshine to take the next group to have their photos taken in the shrubbery.

      Think that my Brood still seem to be quite content here especially when other Sasha Collectors are coming to visit and meet them. I’ve told them of your pending visit with ALL your dolls as usual and they seem very excited.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. They’re all lovely, on this occasion I like the 1967 Frido NP Brown Cord in the pale pink dress the best, she has a wonderful face and the dress is very summery. I also like the scottie dog dress a lot.
    With the warm weather set to continue for at least the next few days (though I’ve heard rumours of longer than that) I think we’ll all be wanting to wear our lightest summery clothes and sit in the shade. Aren’t we funny – in the winter we complain endlessly about the cold, damp, grey, inconvenience of snow etc, then once the summer gets really hot, even though we’ve been asking for that all along, we can’t cope with the hot sunshine and soon find ourselves retreating to the shade (well I do anyway, and I grew up with long very hot summers).

    • Seems where the weather is concerned we are never satisfied….rather like Sasha collecting as we are so often tempted by what we haven’t got!

      I agree with you about Jill Mackley’s dresses. They are made from her own designed patterns and have a style all of their own. I’m so lucky to have quite a number before she finally decided to stop sewing them….although having said that I never give up and always live in hope!

      Thanks for commenting. Always lovely to hear from you.

  9. You’ve done it again, another bunch of gorgeous girls… and all of them special!
    First up your dark brunette NP, looking quite perfect in her novelty *print of bees* dress by Jill Mackley. The yellow color against her dark vinyl is such a wonderful contrast.
    Must note, I love the simplicity of Jill’s design… using piping instead of a collar… using piping in the yoke just above the smocking… and finishing it with sweet little sleeves that are neither too long or too full.
    Your blonde NP, in pink spun sugar seersucker gingham, looking totally sweet.
    Ms. Lippy, w/the gorgeous eye-paint, isn’t she a little darling dressed in orange.
    The bobbed blonde NP, looking comfy w/a tomboyish flair in her *Pinestreetstudio’s* outfit… love how you’ve paired up her red JJ summer sandals with striped socks, I feel like she’s saying “I’m fun… just look at my socks”… lol!
    I’m really impressed with your photography w/the 67 ballet Frido… I’m amazed how you got the sun shinning on her hair… simply beautiful! Cute scottie dog dress too.
    What a very pretty later no fringe dungarees girl… I like your choice of footwear… a very suitable choice with her *vintage-sasha* outfit… and her overall ~look~ is great!
    And, lastly… I totally agree w/you about this sulky tot… blue is definitely her color… adorable!
    Many thanks Kendal for all your efforts… fantastic!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Gosh my girls are delighted that you have commented on each and everyone of them. No favourites today then!
      It’s lovely too that most of the outfits really suit quite a number of the dolls although one or two of the more bossy little madams like to barge in first and claim a dress or outfit for themselves and won’t let any of the others wear it.

      Many thanks for taking the time to mention each and everyone.

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