Standing on the Corner….

‘Watching all the girls go by, Brother, (well sister to you!) I don’t know a nicer occupation, Matter of fact neither do I? (These are some of the lyrics taken from the Dean Martin song.)

More Sashas outdoors 031

More of my girls (although I might have used a couple previously in the former two posts) modelling these next ten superb outfits that I have been buying over the last eighteen years. First is my Frido 1967 blonde Brown Cord NP in a very attractive eseacaper outfit teamed with manufactured pale blue socks and JJ sandals.

 More Sashas outdoors 033

More Sashas outdoors 034

This doll has the most beautiful hair since Sarah Price washed it for me on one of her visits. Before that it was full of dust gathered from years of being in storage.

More Sashas outdoors 032

My apolodgies for the rather green hue that seems to be hanging over these next few photos but the light was fading plus she was standing/sitting under the shade of the shrubs.

More Sashas outdoors 005

This is a pale skinned 1960s slate eyed Gotz lass wearing a very pretty vintage-sasha outfit from a Laura Ashley cotton. I remember having a long dress made from this pattern but in a grey/white material in the 60s.

More Sashas outdoors 003

It is being worn with some commercially made socks and shoes.

More Sashas outdoors 007

I am very partial to this little tot who I think has a dear little lost girl look about her. (I’m hoping that this photo is less ‘green’ hued than the last three as it might have been  taken on a different day to the others.)

More Sashas outdoors 072

One of my few Frido NP1967 Dungaree girls with a slightly sorrowful expression. She has chosen a simply styled vintage-sasha floral print dress that brings out the colour of her hair well.

Shrubbery -dull 050

Worn with commercially made socks and JJ sandals.

Shrubbery -dull 053

Shrubbery -dull 052

Rather like this sideways on pose.

Shrubbery -dull 056

A Gotz 1970 No-navel girl still trying to find her perfect dress. Here she is trying out a Ruthsdoll’s dainty coloured floral dress worn with some suede pale pink JJ sandals.

Shrubbery -dull 043

Love the shade of her eyes with her blonde hair.

Shrubbery -dull 047

Looks rather like she is asking us if this suits her the best?

Shrubbery -dull 049

A 1967 Frido Ballet NP girl in a Ruthsdoll’s blouse under a Pinestreet skirt with JJ sandals and commercially made socks.

Shrubbery -dull 038

This is a pretty and dainty looking girl, perfectly suited to be a ballerina and who looks just as lovely when her hair is braided.

Shrubbery -dull 039

Like this side view of her with her pony tail and wisps of longer hair to the front.

Shrubbery -dull 040

My 1969 Gingham doll who is now wigged in a Global Cossett styled wig (due to falling hair) in her favourite pre-Summer dress which tones well with her strawberry blonde hair.

Shrubbery -dull 033

She has a sort of delicate, pale look about her with her fine cascading tendrils framing her face.

Shrubbery -dull 035

I’m not sure just who made her dress as I’ve had it a long time now. It does look a little like a ‘Molly/Sashaboutique dress and I’m thinking that my friend Steve might have given it to me? I am thrilled with the tan coloured socks that I discovered last year and that match the dress material so well.

Shrubbery -dull 037

Shrubbery -dull 034

Next is one of my more well known 1967 NP Dungaree girls who is now fondly known /nicknamed as  ‘Miss Damaged Lips’…….

Shrubbery -dull 027

….which luckily seem to pale into significent when you catch sight of her beautifully painted eyes.

Shrubbery -dull 028

She came back from being re-strung at Sashadolluk in this beautiful vintage-sasha dress which suits her down to a ‘T’. Luckily I already had some toning sandals and a pair of socks that are edged with a matching to the dress colour.

Shrubbery -dull 032

Nice photo of her eyes which could have been much clearer if I had taken the time to change the camera setting to ‘close-up’ but I had only planned to be taking more distance photos to show the outfits……but this one just seemed to slip in here.

Shrubbery -dull 029

A Frido 1968 Single Fringe Dungaree tiny eyed doll in a simple styled peach/white floral vintage-sasha dress and JJ sandals.


These photos aren’t so sharp as I’d like them to have been as it was a too brilliantly sunny day….. so I had to take the pictures totally against the sunlight.


I can’t always plan to go over there when the sun and light are OK for taking  photos. I usually just call in there on my way back from somewhere else (as I normally have the camera and a few dolls tucked away in the car boot….just in case!)  and so have to take pot luck with the weather and natural light.


This side of the driveway is usually in the shadows from the Leylandi hedging so I don’t get to use the lovely, now just uncurling at the tips, delicate green ferns as a background.


I always think that this Frido 1966 Developmental doll is rather like a dramatic drama queen with her heavy darker looks and almost black hair.

Shrubbery 3 014

She is somewhat of a special doll in that she was sold at a London toy fair wearing the Brown Cord outfit and in her box which was specially labelled ‘Brown Cord Brunette Doll’ ….as these first brunette girls always wore the Gingham dresses.

Shrubbery 3 019

She is my most expensive doll to date.

Shrubbery 3 017

She is wearing an open down the front dress by Ruthsdolls and suits the slightly longer length. Commercially made socks and shoes complete the picture.

Shrubbery 3 016

As you can see the evening had by then arrived and the sun was setting down so not providing the necessary light needed for taking photographs.

Shrubbery 3 031

But she was the last doll that hadn’t had her photo taken that day so I hadn’t the heart to let her return home without taking a few shots…. but will bring her with me again, another time.

Shrubbery 3 028

She is a Trendon 1972/3 Gingham girl who, due to falling hair been re-rooted as a red head FCP by Jackie Rhydstrom.

Shrubbery 3 030

She likes to wear this toning coloured vintage-sasha dress with beige long socks and JJ sandals. Her hair is very versitle and looks equally as good left hanging oose, bunched or plaited.

Shrubbery 3 033

I still have another full post of dolls and pre-Summer outfits already photographed to list next week and then I think that the Gregor lads will take over the  following Sunday’s posting as their numbers have already been reduced by two to eleven (from the thirteen before) whilst I again attempt to change most of the Sashas girls into a set of lighter weight Summer leisure and beach wear.


25 thoughts on “Standing on the Corner….

  1. sigh…I would just love to hold one of these girls, and look into their eyes…Sasha dreams 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

    Kirsten in the USA

    • if you’re ever over this way then you’re very welcome to pop in and hold ALL of the dolls if you’d like to.
      They adore to be handled and admired and talked about…..and are getting to be somewhat loved to bits by me.

      They stand or sit on every available surface (though unfortunately gathering dust) around the house (apart from in the kitchen and bathroom) so are easily accessible to pick up at any time. They are free spirits and like to be part of my life so don’t care to be kept behind closed glass doors….and are thrilled when they occasionally get to be taken out and about in the big outside world.

    • I’m so glad that you agree with me about just how lovely they are. Each and every one has it’s own little personality that you can’t help falling in love with. This always fails to amaze me considering that they were commercially manufactured from basically the same mould. Even their clothing tends to suit some more than others, which again seems almost unbelievable when they are made to measure the same Sasha sizing.
      Thanks for commenting. Lovely to hear from you.

  2. What a great way to start the day! I have just got back from walking my canine crew and am busy later undersealing the chassis of the VW Beetle this morning (which I am not looking forward to doing this messy job 🙂 ) It was lovely to see your spoon fed NP with her damaged lips as she is (along with your 68 SF waif) my favourite of all your girls.
    Please give them both a big hug from their Auntie Ice Queen 🙂

    • Gosh you’re an early bird today then!
      Don’t envy you your today’s job! Good luck with it and hope that you don’t get too messy!
      I too particularly love these two dolls. I think that it’s the ‘waif-iness’ about them that are so appealing to us mothers.
      Will give them both a hug from you. (Are you melting just a little then with the hot sun these days?)

    • Good morning to you and Henry, Rory and your new boy, Francis.
      Hope that you had a great day yesterday at Dawns. I was so sad not to have been able to get there and join you all. Hopefully you have taken loads of photos for me to see?

  3. Gorgeous girls, fabulous dresses, great Sunday morning viewing! Love the colours of the Vintage Sasha dress your Frido NP 1967 Dungarees Girl is wearing, suits her so well! Love Gill xx.

    • Thanks Gill for your comment.
      I tool think that that particular dress looks so very fresh and sharp on her. She is just ‘over the moon’ with it and says that it was given especially to her so she’s not sharing it with the others.
      Hope that you had a great day yesterday. Would have loved to have gone!

  4. Sigh… Thank you Kendal for another master class in how to dress a Sasha to show off their beauty and then take a photo to prove they are truly beautiful.
    I have to say that the reds, every single one of them are my favourites and I love the dark dramatic beauty of your np brunette.
    A lovely Sunday delight
    Love Dee x

    • I don’t think that that takes much to do as the Sasha Dolls are truly beautiful to start off with.
      I basically prefer the brunettes and then the blondes to the reds myself but it’s good that we all have our likes and preferences so that there are enough of these dolls to share amongst us all.
      Great to hear from you and hope that you had a great time yesterday> Hoping that you missed me just a little bit…. although you probably didn’t with you having such a wonderful time. Perfect weather for it!

  5. Sasha dolls are just the most wonderful dolls ever created… imho!
    Another set of gorgeous dolls taken from your breath-taking collection… dressed
    delightfully in pre-summer clothing and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
    I love them all… however, I will say, the lovely NP with the damaged lips has the *biggest eyes*… and, the dramatic dark haired NP (developmental) wearing the red (Ruth Dolls) dress is super special.
    Your little blonde no-navel in the dainty flowered smocked dress is sweet, though I (personally) prefer her wearing the brown tone dresses… to match her striking brown eyes.
    Thank you Kendal for all the eye candy… great photos!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Thanks Anne for your comments.
      Yes, Miss Damaged lips has huge and beautifully painted eyes which definitely distract our eyes away from her lips.
      I too prefer the No-navel girl in a different dress but she and the strawberry blonde Cossette wigged girl had decided to try each other’s dresses on to see what they looked like on each other.
      yes, I am very pleased with the brunette developmental doll.

  6. We now have a new Sasha fan to our group! Since visiting my daughter in Costa Rica, she has come to love our beautiful dolls, where we have both enjoyed your wonderful photography together. So it was a special treat to see Annaleise again as we scrolled down admiring all the summer dresses! Lots of love from Jackie and Natalie xxx

    • Welcome to the Sasha fold, Natalie!
      How lovely that you were able to spend some quality ‘Sasha’ time together BUT my apologies that Annaliese’s photos weren’t as good as I would have liked! Just typical isn’t it BUT I can assure you, Natalie that she really lovely.

  7. they all look lovely but im thinking the pale skinned blonde is a “sarah must have”….so if shes ever looking for a new home, remember me ! ….xxxxx

    • Yes, she is rather a poppet isn’t she?
      I especially love her in that pink colour.
      Unfortunately you might have to be second in line as there has been someone else after her for the last couple of years..
      Many thanks Sarah for all these lovely dresses of yours that my dolls are wearing here.

    • Yes, she is rather a poppet isn’t she?
      I especially love her in that pink colour.
      Unfortunately you might have to be second in line as there has been someone else after her for the last couple of years.

      Many thanks Sarah for all these lovely dresses of yours that my dolls are wearing here.

  8. Good grief! You have been busy girl! All round at Gangies and looking gorgeous in the garden and totally beautiful in their dresses and short dresses with such pretty sandals and hairstyles.
    DONT show mine as they cant be like that just yet until they come to visit you with Chons birthday gift and Aunty Catherine French’s gift for you too!
    WE are so looking forward to it so when the good weather comes we shall get more pictures of the divine cousins.
    LOVELY Kendal xxx

    • Yes, I thought that WE might, providing the weather’s good, be spending some time round at my late mother’s (Chon’s Gangie’s) bungalow taking photos of your Sashas and Gregors in the Shrubbery…. although there might not be any colour, apart from green, showing as there aren’t any colourful Summer flowers growing around there.
      Looking forward very much to receiving Catherine French’s little gift. Many thanks in advance Catherine.

  9. Playing catch up again! Kendal, another beautiful selection of dolls and outfits! I think your dolls have a lovely big wardrobe of clothes and I really love those JJ sandals. I would like to get some of those for my girls and perhaps a brown pair for my boy too. When I win the Euro millions of course!!
    I couldn’t pick a favourite this time round, but I really do like your girl with the reroot by Jackie, such a lovely colour hair, and she looks so pretty in her chosen outfit with the knee high socks…..the whole look really suits her. Also your ’Miss Damaged Lips’ looks particularly lovely in her blue outfit. The colour is perfect for her. And no, you’d never notice her lips when you see her facepaint, she’s really sweet looking.
    I really am enjoying your ‘fashion fests’, they give me so many ideas…..pity it’s only ideas that I get, and not the time to do anything more than think about it!!!
    Big hugs, Sharon xx

    • Firstly, A very happy birthday! Hope that you’re having a great day celebrating with your family, friends and Sasha Dolls.
      My Sashas are rather lucky in having this lovely lot of outfits to chose from… as the result of many years now of collecting.

      The Jackie re-root does seem to so suit her chosen outfit as every item seems to tone in beautifully.

      I just adore the JJ sandals and now have a wide range of colours for them to colour co-ordinate with whatever they are wearing. I’ve tried to buy a few pairs a year to go with their new outfits as, as they say ‘a girl can never have too many shoes.’

      Miss Damaged Lips is so thrilled with the dress that Shelly sent her back in after her re-string and is quite possessive of it, not letting any of the others have even a little try on.

      I’m sure that as time passes your ideas will become a reality!

  10. Sorry once again for my late response! Loving these beautiful pictures of your girls in their summer dresses Kendal! Your 1966 early NP brunette girl is stunning, I hope to get one just like her one day, lol. I also really like your single fringe redhead (we don’t see her very often). The pine street studio outfit of your NP ballet girl is gorgeous also. xxxxxx

    • I can see that with you around NONE of my girls will ever be missed out being photographed for long! They say thanks for keeping an eye out for them.
      I always like it when my blog followers include detailed comments on particular dolls or outfits as you do.Keeps me ‘on my toes’ and ‘up to scratch!’

      I too, like the Pinestreestudio skirt and thereby ‘hangs a l tale.’ . I missed buying it when it was first listed on eBay so asked Cindy if she could make me up another but without the cross-band on the chest.
      Then when it arrived I decided that I wanted a cross-band so she sent ione over afterwards with two matching buttons for me to have sewn on….but unfortunately in the meantime I misplaced the buttons so now I have to tuck it in, hence the slight unevenness in the photo.

      I can’t remember now what blouse it originally came with but I preferred this peach one of Ruthsdoll’s that is shown here.

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