Here come the Girls….part 2

My apologies for the lack of the Bank Holiday Monday post as promised last week but sometimes even the best laid plans don’t materialise. Anyway here are another ten of my girls modelling some more of their many pre-Summer outfits accumulated over the years.

I just adore this Gotz 1969 No-Navel girl. She was the first of my No-navel girls having resisted them for years due to not liking them until then.

Sunday and outside 088

This vintage-sasha dress is usually worn by my 1960s brunette cude eyed Gotz girl but she decided that she wanted to wear another so I thought that I’d give it a try on her and I really like it.
The subtle colouring of this material certainly suits her ‘dark’ looks.

Sunday and outside 083

She is another of my favourite dolls!

Sunday and outside 085

I just love her little pointed elfin face with it’s tiny chin and slightly turned up nose bridge.

Sunday and outside 084

A 1967 Frido Gingham NP seen here wearing an equisitally smocked dress by Jill Mackley.

Sunday and outside 079

This girl has the most beautifully detailed painted eyes. You can see every brush stroke and I adore the way the eye lashes have been done……

Sunday and outside 080

……Although for these latest posts I haven’t taken any really close-up facial photos as the main object of the latest shots are to show their outfits.

Sunday and outside 082

Notice how the actual smocking also gathers the checked material to make it look as if the smocking is continued above and below it. Very pretty head pose.

Sunday and outside 076

This very pretty1970 Trendon doll is my friend Rosie Shortell’s favourite doll of mine!

Sunday and outside 095

She is wearing an attractive very fresh looking dress set by vintage-sasha and Dayzees socks and commercially made shoes.

Sunday and outside 098

Her hair is beatifully two toned and gorgeously soft and silky and, as Shelly so often says in her website descriptions, ‘with plenty of factory curl remaining.’

Sunday and outside 097

I am trying really hard to-day to limit my photos to just FOUR a doll, two full length and two slightly closer to show any top detail more fully so as not to bore you.

Sunday and outside 092

Oh dear! YET another of my favourites! She is a Frido 1966 Graphic eyed girl who was manufactured straight after the Developmental dolls.

Sunday and outside 108

She has very dramatic eyes which became known overtime as ‘dropped or puddle’ eyes.

Sunday and outside 114

She is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress, one of her first new styled open fronted dresses from a few years ago, with the slightly longer length.

Sunday and outside 109

This dress could, I think, easily pass for a very pretty trendy Summer school dress. I have teamed it up with pale blue commercially made socks and JJ navy sandals.

Sunday and outside 112

A Frido 1969/70?  FCP rather petite and minty girl is next.
She is wearing a very attractive vintage-sasha denim dress and shorts set with pink machine stitching and tiny pink buttons down the front.

Sunday and outside 055

I have added pink ribbons and JJ sandals to highlight the pink detail. I think that it was with this outfit that I first pulled the underneath shorts down to show beneath the smock and whilst my wonderfully dear friend Steve was rather shocked, Sarah (Williams) who made the outfit, rather liked it and so it became a future fashion statement.

Sunday and outside 056

This denim colour of the material I think is just perfect with her eye colour.

Sunday and outside 058

Sunday and outside 054

Can hardly believe it!!!! Here comes another of my favourite dolls! How could this be happening as they were just randomly selected.

Sunday and outside 102

A Gotz 1969 No-navel girl. She is/was my third No-navel purchase after I had finally become attracted to these later 1960s Gotz dolls only a few years ago. Just look at her delightfully pointed little chin!

Sunday and outside 106

She is wearing a very pretty blue vintage-sasha dress that matches and enhances the colour of her eye paint.

Sunday and outside 127

On one of Sarah William’s latest blog listings I was after a little dress in this material but missed buying it as it was already sale pending…… BUT then last week I luckily discovered that I already had this one in the same material! How lucky is that?

Sunday and outside 131

This 1969 Frido Brunette Gingham, now a wigged doll usually wears a beige with a tiny darker brown sprig design but I thought that I’d give her a change and try this Ruthsdoll’s OOAK dress on her as I thought that the peach tone in it went well with her hair colour……

More Sashas outdoors 009

…..BUT since taking these photos she has decided to revert back to her old favourite and this has been snapped up by my 1970 blonde, brown eyed Gotz No-navel lass and will hopefully be seen in a future post.

More Sashas outdoors 010

This Ruthsdoll’s dress is made from such a very pretty and dainty mulitcoloured floral material and have finished the outfit off with some peach coloured suede JJ sandals.

More Sashas outdoors 012

Due to falling hair she always wears a strawberry blonde Global Cossette styled wig.

More Sashas outdoors 074

My 1966 Frido blonde Developmental girl.  I am very lucky in that I now have three of these first English Sasha dolls, one of each of the hair colours, first the blonde, then the red and finally the brunette.

More Sashas outdoors 041

The Developmental and Graphic eyed dolls have the slightly larger heads and were the prototypes of the English production. Love the inverted litte pleat detail on her smock here.

More Sashas outdoors 044

She is wearing a most attractive trouser outfit in grey tones by vinage-sasha and teamed with Ruthsdoll’s lace up shoes.

More Sashas outdoors 040

I love the grey linen smock top over the off white daintily self-patterned blouse.

More Sashas outdoors 038

A Frido 1968 Single Fringe waif, one of my latest purchased girls last year. (I was immediately attracted to her on account of her cut bobbed hair.)

More Sashas outdoors 019

Quite a trendy layered, feathered style although would have like the very short cut fringe to have been just slightly longer but have managed to disguise it somewhat by pulling over some of the longer hair from the sides until I can bare to part with her for a while to get the fringe area re-rooted.

More Sashas outdoors 018

Another very pretty vintage-sasha trouser outfit in green although unfortunately the true green on the trousers has been altered with the sun and the photographying in this shot and is indeed a much darker, more olive green in real life. as can be seen in one of the pictures above.

More Sashas outdoors 025

I love this little frill detail on the yoke joint seam.

More Sashas outdoors 021

I just give up!  How come that my VERY favourite Gotz girl has managed to squeeze herself in here at the end????

More Sashas outdoors 013

She is a 1960s crude eyed Gotz girl who I just couldn’t resist when I first spotted her for sale but wearing an awful stripped 1950s style crimpline trouser suit. (Luckily my eyes have now been trained to see beyond some of the ‘not so nice’ clothing that they are sometimes put up for sale in.)

More Sashas outdoors 014

I have dressed her in a stunning Jill Mackley smocked Ginger Bread Man dress and added manufactured shoes and socks and a hair ribbon to bring out the material colours.

More Sashas outdoors 016

This doll makes a wonderful ending for ME to this number 705 post.

More Sashas outdoors 017

More girls and dresses to follow next week….all being well.


32 thoughts on “Here come the Girls….part 2

  1. Good Morning to you Kendal….Oh my goodness,such a lovely Sunday treat for us all….some of the MOST beautiful Sasha dolls I have been lucky to feast my eyes upon ! I just adore your collection and as you have such large collection we get very spoilt in the Sasha World BUT one can never get enough of a good thing !! thank you Kendal for sharing your dolls with us and I am not doing a ‘my favourite’ as they pretty much ALL are LOL…….Have a super day and I hope it is sunny in your neck of the woods? 🙂

    • Thanks Chris. So pleased that you enjoyed seeing some of my Sasha girls and their fabulous outfits.
      I really enjoy dressing them and then photographing the results as I’ve always loved dolls and photography and combining these two gives me the best of both worlds so am even happier.
      Good job then that I hadn’t asked you to let me know any of your favourite dolls or outfits.
      Yes thanks it’s bright and sunny here (bit too bright for photographing though) although there is still a cooling breeze!

  2. Kendal another set of stunning girl’s in beautiful outfits.I love seeing your girl’s and what they are wearing . I must confess the two No navel’s are my favourites and both look fabulous in their dresses.
    I also love the 68 girl’s and your waif is a beautiful one, I love that her hair is short and different.

    Seeing your fcp makes me wonder if I should keep mine !
    I also love the gingerbread

    • it’s rather wonderful that both of us are enjoying the No-Navel girls at this particular time. There has unfortunately been TWO more of these dolls just recently on Sashadolluk that I would have loved to have bought but…(brunette, blue eyed and brown eyed, red haired) .it’s the same old reason stopping me. No spare cash and unfortunately too old now to be employable.

      If there is even the slightest chance of still keeping your FCP then I would as it’s always good to have one in your collection.

      I too, do love the Gingerbread printed dresses. They make a lovely change to the other more usual floral, stripes etc. material designs.

      Thanks for commenting. Love to hear what other people have to say.

  3. man dress I just missed out on one of these dresses by lesley of special delivery last year.
    A gorgeous set of photo’s to start off a nice sunny sunday.
    thank you Kendal.
    sorry my comment is in two parts but had trouble posting it.
    hugs Dee

  4. This is a real feast for sore eyes today Mrs Hackney, lol. My god you do have some very beautiful Sasha’s (and outfits). Thank you for sharing with us, as I know these dress changes are a real labour of love on your part! Its such a shame that Jill doesn’t sew anymore, as I love her dresses, luckily I do own one now, thanks to you!
    My favourite girl today is your beautiful crude eyed girl (but you know that already), followed by the developmental girl, graphic eyed girl and your lovely 1970 girl. I also like your cut haired single fringe girl! xxxxxxx

    • Thanks for your comment with your special preferences of my dolls. I love to talk and discuss these Sasha Dolls with everyone who is ready, willing and able.

      You’re quite right, it is a bit of a struggle for me to change outfits on these dolls nowadays especially doing up or undoing the buttons or press-studs.
      I try to gather all the outfit items together first and put them on the settee with the doll to be dressed and then later on take the actual dressing slowly and whilst watching the TV.

      I do consider myself so very lucky having a fair number of Jill’s smocked dresses before she decided to retire from making them. (The same applies to the Sashadollstyle and Pinestreetstudio outfits!)

      Love YOUR choice of your favourite of MY girls. A nice wide selection.

  5. What a grand selection of beauties you have for us this morning!
    I love them all… as each one is *so* different and special in her own way.
    I can see you have spent a lot of time selecting and dressing each girl to look her pre-summer best… and the natural background is lush and shows the glory of nature… stunning photography!
    I, too, agree with you about the recent offerings on Shelly’s, regarding the brunette no-navel with blue eyes and the redhead no-navel with brown eyes… two very beautiful girls with adorable (painted) faces, lovely hair and fringe.
    Thank you Kendal for showing more of “here come the girl’s… part 2″… splendid!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Jill’s dresses are out-of-this world! 🙂

    • Loving your comments as usual. Always so interesting and right to the point..It’s so often heartbreaking when you miss a doll on Sashadolluk that you’d have really liked. Luckily we all get over it eventually, especially when another loveable doll appears for sale.

      I really enjoy discovering which outfits suit which dolls and then photographing them. I am thrilled when I ‘discover’ an outfit that I wouldn’t have thought suited a doll so well. Then can’t wait to photograph the two together.

      Yes, it a great pity about Jill not making any more of her delightfully smocked dresses..

      • “Heatbreaking” isn’t that the truth! I must admit there are dolls I still think about but missed for the same reasons as you and everyone else… arrived late… or no funds available… or the price was in orbit.
        Isn’t it funny how each doll has their *own* little style going for them… just like us humans. I think that’s what makes dressing them such *on-going* fun. And, when you get it right… it’s very rewarding!
        Hugs, -Anne

      • ‘Isn’t it funny how each doll has their *own* little style going for them… just like us humans. I think that’s what makes dressing them such *on-going* fun. And, when you get it right… it’s very rewarding!’ ….so absolutely true although with roughly the same body mould for all the Sashas you would think that this couldn’t be true.
        I’ve even got some girls who suit the longer length clothing whilst others suit only the shorter dress styles. Some look fab in trousers or capris whilst others look not so good. I find all this absolutely fascinating to say the least!

  6. GORGEOUS pics Kendal and agree with you regarding the girl with the denim dress and eye matching. I had some comments to make regarding PT1 ……but as usual short of time. In summary, I think some of the hair styles are a little mature for the featured dolls. That said, I haven’t a clue how old they are supposed to be! I’m not sure at what age a female starts to become ‘fringe conscious’…….also suspect that a lot of your dolls own tail combs (hee-hee)!!!!! The magic of these dolls – and your great talent – is that you take a photograph at one angle and one deduces a certain character; change the angle the the doll’s possesses a new character.. Just wonderful.

    I like the high neck collars……..but have wondered why none of the ‘lads’ wear period clothes. Tab shirts come to mind :):):):). Come to think of it, I hope the lads are going to receive a similar treatment as these two postings.

    Beautiful day here in the north of England and I am listening to a chiffchaff singing his head off.

    Thanks, as usual, for all your efforts 🙂

    • Pleased to hear that the weather in the north of England is respecting your visit home from your work in France for once and allowing you some great sunshine …..and bird song.

      The Sasha Dolls are meant to represent seven to ten year old children in real life but some have a tendency to look slightly older. I try to dress them in clothing suitable for this age range but more in the 60-70-80s styles when they were actually being manufactured.

      My lads unfortunately aren’t interested in those days and old styles and tend to dress more like the trendy kids of today.
      Yes, they are getting ready for a post of their own when the girls have finished in a couple of weeks just before they change out of their hoodies, joggers and saggy beanie hats. into their shorts and T shirts.
      Unfortunately though they have just recently lost two of their members so are now down from 13 to 11….though still a respectable number compared to other Sasha collectors..

      You’re quite right I’m more into the photography side of things at the moment and enjoying taking their photos outside after such a long Winter and being stuck indoors in the conservatory studio with only back-cloths..

      Great to have you back in the UK and commenting.

  7. Gosh Kendal! What a wonderful selection of beautiful Sashas in some exquisite outfits! I just love looking at those amazing faces and the very fine eye painting on some of them. I have totally fallen for a couple of your Sashas: the two Goetz No Navels – brunette and blonde. Although having said that, as soon as I look at another one, she quickly becomes a favourite! It is a labour of love to dress them and arrange them so beautifully. I think we all really appreciate what you do on your blogs. Such a delight to be able to see some rare Sashas. Love, Karin xxx

    • Oh, many thanks Karin.
      I think that our Sasha Dolls were made for sharing with other collectors rather than being kept in secret in our homes. Mine certainly enjoy being shown off and being in the limelight whilst I’m still able to do it.

      We have some absolutely superb seamstresses around that we are indeed spoilt for choice, especially if like me you can no longer sew, smock or knit.

      The Gotz No-navels are really proving very popular these days.
      I was so sorry when the Gotz company had their licence taken off them in 1970 as I love their dolls individualities giving them such uniqueness and personality
      I know that the English dolls in the mid sixties to the start of the seventies were better made and in the very beginning had more detailed and individual eye paintings…..but as time went on and the demand grew they quickly lost this and in the latter years of their production if it wasn’t for their original clothing you would be hard pressed to tell an 80s brunette Marina from a Red Pinafore, Pink Dress or a Dancing Dress, …. or an 80s blonde Gingham from a Sailor Suit or a School girl .
      (Luckily the two honey blond haired girls, the Silk Dress and Partydress, had different eye colours. to help distinguish them.)

  8. Well where to start and what to say that hasn’t already been said really!

    I have enjoyed going through these pictures AND reading everyone’s comments.

    Sometimes I am not sure how I feel about the No Navel girls and then other times I really like them. I especially like the one that takes the lead in this post. I really like her dress – I think it suits her perfectly.

    The next one that jumps out at me is your graphic eyed girl in the fabulous blue checked smocked dress which just looks the picture on her. I also love the very next girl the FCP petite pretty as a picture sweetie. I think it really is the blondes that do it for me 🙂 your blonde developmental girl is another that makes my heart take a leap! She is just so pretty as well and I just love her.

    All in all they are all beautiful and dressed to perfection. Thank you for a very enjoyable post and for making all the effort you have in putting it out here for us all to enjoy.

    • Thanks Lorraine. I am wondering where you managed to get the time to comment here (and with such a lovely long and interesting one!) with all the sewing that you have managed to do this weekend.
      Hoping that your machine hasn’t got too over heated in the process!

      When reading through this it has made me realise that there were no red headed girls included this time, just the blondes and brunettes. It’s only when I come to do my replies that I suddenly realise these things.Just goes to show the lack of planning in my posts.
      They usually end up being a last minute rushed job as I realise that another Sunday is here! Where does my time go too!

  9. What a FAB-U-LOUS selection of pictures of gorgeous girls! My favourite has to be your 1960’s crude eyed Gotz girl. She is stunning and the colour of that Ginger Bread Man dress suits her so well. I love the No Navals too, they have such sweet faces. I do find them very hard to resist. SUPER DUPER!! Love Gill xx

    • Snap then! Delighted to read that you too have chosen my crude eyed Gotz girl to be your favourite of these girls.
      We all seem to be hooked on the Gotz No-navels at the moment. I would have loved to have snapped up the brunette/blue eyed on Sashadolluk last week and the red head/brown eyed on at the moment but am strapped for cash as unfortunately a NP had wormed her way in last that looks like my Sasha buying scuppered until next year.

  10. Lovely setting, beautiful clothes, and simply stunning dolls! No navels and Developmental Eyes are two of my favorites, so lots of eye candy for me here. The first pictures of your brunette no navel had me hooked and I had to wait for the rest of the photos to load before heading to bed. Now hopefully I’ll have sweet dreams of Sashas. I know how time consuming this can be, so thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Great to hear from you Francine and it bought back lovely memories of meeting you at the UK Sasha Festival. last year.
    Talking of Festivals I am again relying on you to take your usual fabulous photos (especially the ‘dress a Sasha, Festival outfit gifts and the children’s Auction) of this years for me to see and think that I was actually there.

    Pleased that you enjoyed viewing some of my Sasha girls in their Summer wear. It seems that the No-navels are certainly being admired and sought after this year!
    (Sorry to hear that the slow loading of the photos caused a delay to your bedtime. Shall I post LESS pictures the next time????)

    • Oh no, certainly not less pictures. I just need to pick a time earlier in the day to sit down and view your blog. 😉
      It’s more of a challenge with Boo along, but I will do my best to photograph and blog about the upcoming Sasha Festival. Knowing there are people who appreciate my effort makes the task a lot more enjoyable. I wish you could be there too, as I would love a chance to spend more time with you. I’ll have to settle for electronic communication until then, but hopefully our paths will cross again in the not-so-distant future.

  12. OK. Won’t reduce the number of photos per doll then!
    Yes, I’m sorry that I’m unable to travel (or stay at) in anything using air con nowadays.
    I AM very much looking forward to seeing your festival photos as usual.
    I know only too well from the Sasha events that I have been to that it does take time and a lot of effort to keep behind the camera when you would rather be sitting and chatting to the others…. but remember that I spend hours enjoying them and noticing every little detail and I’m thrilled when you manage to download them daily in the evenings when Boo is in bed. Feels even more then as if I’m there too.
    Yes, it would be great if we did ever get the chance to meet up again

  13. Beautiful girls! But the one I love is the 1968 single fringe waif! I do love a waif….doll, dog or car:) Perhaps not car….(:

  14. Oh another bunch of beautifully dressed gorgeous girls Kendal! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m playing catchup on account of my family being here from the UK, so forgive me for the delay in commenting!
    I love that ‘waif’ girl of yours, she’s just gorgeous, but then they all are really…I find it so hard to ever pick a favourite of your girls! I really do like these outfits that are a shorter ‘angel’ top style dress over trousers or leggings, they look very nice…..although I do like the traditional dresses too! I am beginning to think that Sasha girls look lovely in anything you put them in!!
    Big hugs Sharon x

    • Hope that you had a wonderful time with your family.
      Yes, that waif is rather gorgeous isn’t she and I certainly AGREE that our Sasha Dolls look great in almost any clothes though some look slightly better in some than others I found.
      I too like the smocks and angel tops over trousers/leggings.

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