My Birthday….part 1

I’m introducing this birthday post with the ‘nothing short of FABULOUS’ Acrostic poem composed especially for me by the now famous Sasha poem writer, Dee Owen, for my birthday.

For those who aren’t sure just what an Acrostic poem is compared to an ordinary poem.

An acrostic is a poem in which the first letters of each line/verse spell out a word or phrase. The word or phrase can be a name, a thing, or whatever you like. Dee has chosen to use my name ‘Kendal.’

Usually, the first letter of each line is capitalized. This makes it easier to see the word spelled out vertically down the page. (Unfortunately when I copied and pasted the poem my blog didn’t highlight the first letters K,E,N,D.A,L (which Dee had also coloured in blue) as they were before and I’m not sure how to rectify this.

Acrostics don’t need to rhyme, and no need to worry about the rhythm of the lines. Each line can be as long or as short as you want it to be….even just one word….but Dee has decided to make life much harder for herself and not only put in rhymes at the end of every other line but also kept the line rhythms.

‘K’endal happy birthday

I hope you have a blast

Remembering the good one’s

and presents from the past

‘E’very post delights us

and makes us dance with joy

At seeing all those Sasha’s

Gregor’s ,babies and their toys

‘N’ever would we want you

to stop all that you do

For we love all your hard work

and appreciate it too


‘D’elicious are your dolls

the dresses and the shoes

Their poses and the backdrops

their accessories and news


‘A’mazing are the photo’s

you kindly share with us

We wish we could product such

with even twice the fuss!

‘L’astly please remember

your public does await

For news and views from Sasha Brood

while eating your mint cake!

           With Love from Dee xx  

For those of you who don’t know what ‘Kendal Mint Cake’ is, it’s a white energy bar made in Kendal, Cumbria, from pure and natural ingredients like sugar, glucose syrup and  oil of peppermint, which is used by people walking in the famous Cumbrian Landscape (Lake Districts) to renew their energy levels.


Whilst talking of Dee here is a photo of the large Sasha birthday card that she had, had made for me. Inside it reads….To Kendal. Have a lovely Birthday. Love from Dee and the Sasha Clan. xx

Many, many thanks again Dee for the truly wonderful poem and beautiful birthday card.

Birthday 011

Next up is the introduction to my birthday doll. As you can see from the photo he was bought from Sashadolluk and is an early 1960s Gotz slate-eyed, sharp-nose lad who I recognised as once belonging to Ronny (of absolutely-sasha) and was, and  still is, called by his  original name of Spencer.


This larger photo below was taken by Shelly Baxter too.

d110213 170

Here he is at Alsager and eager to be joining the Sasha Brood lads….especially becoming friends with Fritz and Niklaus, my two other sharp nosed Gotz boys.

No-navels 046

The first task though was to be sorting him out with a set of Dollydoodle joggers, hoodies and saggy beanie hats before he meets my gang.

No-navels 044

I love his hair style of ‘short, back and sides!’

No-navels 045

I was delighted that he had come in a Summer Doddledoodle outfit as that would save me a job of equiping him with shorts and a T-shirt later on…..but Judith had other more wonderful ideas.

No-navels 047

I showed him Judith’s ‘specials and basic’ clothing website pages and he choose this camo set and toning gilet.

No-navels 043

Now all re-dressed he is heading off in the car to have some birthday photos taken amongst the shrubbery at my late mother’s bungalow as he wants to see just how effective his camo outfit is.

Birthday 003

Safely strapped in and leaning securely against the superb comfortable French Bulldog cushion that Little Lonely, from ‘absolutely-sasha’s’ household, so very kindly sent me for Mother’s Day, we set off to drive the five kilometres across the country lanes to Audley.

Birthday 004

On arrival he opted first for a little shrub and tree climbing to stretch his legs after the journey.

My Tree Climbing Gregors 022

I hope that you agree with me that he’s a very handsome lad. Fritz had better watch out when he finally gets to meet ‘the girls!’

My Tree Climbing Gregors 019

I am really thrilled with him.

My Tree Climbing Gregors 027

……and luckily he’s very photogenic for my average compact digital camera and shakey hands.

My Tree Climbing Gregors 028

Leaning against the tree trunk and debating what to do next.

My Tree Climbing Gregors 026

Yes, that is some of the ‘white stuff’ also known as snow! It was bitterly cold out there so we only stayed for about ten minutes. What I do for my blog!

My Tree Climbing Gregors 025

Spencer really enjoyed himself trying out his traditional camo fabric Dollydoodle outfit against some natural backgrounds.

Next are my birthday cards. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time this week to lay them all out on my bed as I normally do. I do apologise but here they are standing on my bay window ledge. Thanks to all who so very kindly sent me all these wonderful cards.

Birthday 002 Birthday 003

I also had four of the wonderful Jacquline Lawson animated birthday cards and amazingly all were different. Many thanks to you four for thinking of me.

Now for my super birthday gifts. Firstly two Sasha canvases made by my daughter from two of my photos that she particularly likes. To accompany these she kindly organised and put some of my new pictures up around the house and gave me time on the computer plus drove me ‘out and about’ locally.

Birthday 022

A fabulous ‘bumper bundle’ from Judith of Dollydoodles…. which includes a few belated  previous Christmas and birthday presents as time, as we know, often excludes us dealing with these gifts. Included are a camo Spring/Summer outfit for my new boy, Spencer, a taupe gilet for a Gregor, two pairs of skinny jeans for Sasha plus a NEW product of a Sasha sweet little denim skirt for Sasha. A million/trillion thanks Judith!

Birthday 009

A most attractive birthday Dollydoodle outfit of the red spot/girl on a swing that I unfortunately had sadly and maddenly just missed when it was first listed….and a Dollydoodle  Easter baby sleepsuit that had gone on a ‘little walk-about’ detour and so missed Easter and arrived for my birthday instead, both from Susan Bulger Pomeroy. Tons of thanks Susan for these fabulous two outfits.

Susan has also sent me two pairs of Sashapotamus’ Pirate PJs for a Gregor and baby the week before and these will be shown on my next week’s blog post.

Birthday 011

I am delighted as always with Steve’s thoughtfulness, generousity and kindness. Not only has he given me a ‘oh so pretty’ little Trendon black baby but a cream Dollydoodle fleece little jacket and leggings for her to wear plus an attractive vintage-sasha outfit for one of my girls. Loads and loads of thanks Steve. Have decided to calll her Stephanie so using some of your Christian name’s letters.

Birthday 016

No mistaking whose outfits these next two are….given to me by Sarah Williams herself! My girls are, like me, over the moon with these two fabulous little dresses. Loads of the BIGGEST thanks are being sent your way. You always know just what I love for my Sasha girls.

Birthday 017

Delightfully fine and beautifully knitted by Shelia Vincent  (Cuddlelugs) items from Shelly. As you know, like you, I am a great fan of her little knitteds. The pen BTW is a Sasha Doll UK pen! Many, many thanks Shelly for ALWAYS remembering me at Christmas and my birthday… if you haven’t enough to be doing with your own large family and website! It is so very much appreciated.

Birthday 020

Two most useful and attractive little jackets for a Sasha girl and a baby, from Chris Taylor, especially suitable as Spring hasn’t made its full appearance as yet. A stream of wonderful thank-yous are flowing down to you.

Birthday 022

Most attractive and useful notelets from Jill Mackley. Always needed here for those much appreciated thank you notes and odd messages that I continually need to send out. Many, many  thanks indeed Jill.

Birthday 027

Birthday 031

My school/teacher friend Kate Smith arrived the other day armed with these delightful tulips which are enjoying the warmth of my home and opening out beautifully. Many, many thanks Kate.

Birthday Flowers 001

Birthday Flowers 002

My middle brother on advice from his wife, Ingrid, who knew just how much I had enjoyed the recent TV series (and didn’t want it to end!) sent for these Truffle chocolates (via the internet) from the Selfridges’ store in the Trafford Centre. Such a wonderful thought. Many thanks indeed to you both.

Birthday 026

My eldest brother popped over to visit me to wish me a happy birthday and although we don’t now give each other presents (far too many of us!) he didn’t as you can see arrive empty handed. We all know how much I love chocolate and have to have some every day for the energy and of course keeping the sugar levels up! Thanks, John (JR.)

Birthday 033

Off now to have some very late breakfast, well more like a brunch at 12.00pm before I die of starvation BUT will be back later this afternoon to post my new birthday Sasha/Gregor/baby clothing in action on some of my dolls. Many thanks again to you all for the wonderful cards, e-cards and gifts which made my day into a truly extra SPECIAL one.


19 thoughts on “My Birthday….part 1

  1. How thoughtful you are Kendal to share all your birthday gifts and cards with us via your blog, thank you.
    Love your new boy Spencer and he looks fab in his new Dollydoodles camo outfit! Wonderful birthday poem from the very talented Dee (you should have been a poet Dee, lol).
    Steve xxxx

    • Who wouldn’t want to thank and give credit for all those wonderful gifts and cards that I received which so MADE my day. Just wait until you see the clothing being modelled by some of my dolls this afternoon. They are just awesome. I didn’t used to look forward to my birthdays and gaining another year onto my age but NOW….they are really looked forward too.
      Do you like the new baby’s name, Stephanie/Steph that I have given OUR little black baby?
      Dee’s poem for me is I agree, just ‘out of this world!’

  2. Cathy has just emailed me this as she still can’t get to leave a comment herself……..

    ‘Hi Kendal,

    Just had a peep at your blog … ooh what a super birthday you had!!

    Love your new birthday doll, Spencer is such a handsome chap … he looks fab in his new DD camo gear with co-ordinating gilet!
    Am sure you will have a super time re-dressing some of your brood in all of the fabulous new outfits that arrived on your birthday … Little baby Stephanie is such a cutie … The poem by Dee is truly wonderful!

    Glad you had such a super special day 🙂

    love Cathy x’

    • Oh thanks Cathy. Yes, aren’t I and my Sasha Dolls the lucky ones AGAIN! Can barely believe it myself!
      Spent yesterday dressing some of The Brood in their new gear and although an extremely rushed effort due to the lack of time so no changes of the backcloth etc. I am thrilled with the results….although would have liked more time with some of the poses and accessories. Hoping that you and the others do too.
      Many thanks for your lovely card. I hope that you could see it on the window ledge.

  3. Kendal what a lovely lot of presents and cards and TWO new members to the brood! Spencer a very dashing sharp nosed boy and Stephanie a sweet baby!
    I am looking forward to the fashion show this afternoon and seeing all these wonderful outfits being modelled.
    I do believe Spencer may set a trend in his combat gear , I must make sure none of mine see him or I will be nagged from morning til night for the same!!
    Cannot believe this lovely sunny weather! Do you think spring just may have finally arrived??
    sasha love Dee

  4. Yes, I am so very lucky! Adore your poem!
    I’m hoping that I have done the new outfits the justice that they deserve as I was very rushed yesterday with it all and only managed to have some biscuits and chocolate for lunch as was trying to beat the daylight hours.
    You should see the chaos left here today after that mad trying on and photographing session! Will have to leave it all for tomorrow now as concentrating on the blog postings today.
    Not too sure whether to do part 2 as a separate post OR add it to the bottom of part 1. Might do both.
    Pity that it’s rather windy though. We have had weather like this all along so have felt quite honoured weather-wise..

  5. Oh Kendal, what wonderful pressies you received for your birthday. I know it’s belated, but I hope you had a lovely day last week… share your birthday with my brother!
    I really look forward to seeing all your gifts ‘in action’ being worn by your Sashas. I loved your new boy too, what a handsome beastie he is! And his hair style is just toooooo cute!
    WIth love and big hugs from Sharon in Spain xxx

    • Many thanks for the belated birthday wishes and yes thank you I had a wonderful day which turned out to extend THE WEEK!
      Please that you like my new lad, Spencer. I just love the Gotz sharp nosed boys although still can’t seem to take to the No-nose ones.
      Hope that you enjoy seeing my presents in action as have just finished posting them.

  6. Kendal, what a bounty! Just wonderful. Such a lot of goodies and such a pretty boy, to boot! I love him sitting in the car all securely belted up! Priceless! Great photos, as always. Thank you for letting us share your birthday! It was a blast! Love Karin xxx

  7. Thank you Kendal for giving Spenny such a good home and for such a wonderful post which I really enjoyed!
    Please give him a hug from me 🙂

    • Am enjoying having him here and will definitely give him your hug. I do so hope that he will be happy here living with my Brood. Will make sure that he gets featured on the blog every now and then so that you can keep a good eye on him.

  8. Oh my word, what an amazingly overwhelming selection of birthday gifts you received! So many gorgeous Sasha related items! How very lucky you are Kendal.

    And you have a wonderful new boy to your collection! He is superb in his new outfit as well. Would love to add one of these lads to my family one day.

    How sweet of Steve to give you a lovely little baby to join your family – I am sure she will fit in well.

    Will look forward to your brood modelling all the new outfits 🙂

    • I certainly am very lucky indeed and most appreciative. Many thanks for your’s and Henry’s lovely birthday card.
      The Gotz sharp nosed boys are super lads so I do hope that you get lucky with adopting one in the future.
      Steve’s little black baby is really sweet and no trouble at all. Sleeping soundly after her journey here.
      Have just finished posting part 2.
      Do hope that you are feeling much better these days.

  9. Awe… Fritz has a *mini me*! Isn’t he (Spencer) a precious little sharp nose cutie! I’m thrilled he’s yours! Love him in his new camo-gear from Judith… *stylin’* just like his older brothers.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the *wonderful comments* left by your blog followers/Sasha buddies.
    Really beautiful and generous gifts… all of which, I think, are awesome and splendid… and very very Kendal-esque. Each present was just *so* perfect and different.
    Looks like you had a FABULOUS birthday!
    Thank you for this *very delightful* birthday post.
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. I always love it when you introduce a *new* doll on your blog… it really makes my day more special! 🙂

    • Yes, Fritz and Nic (Nicklaus) are thrilled with him especially as he has increased their numbers againgst the Frido/Trendon lads.
      Like you I adored his choice of traditional camo gear. Suits his colouring perfectly.
      I had another wonderful Sasha filled birthday. Many thanks for you lovely birthday card and good wishes.

  10. Oh my, what a wonderful birthday and how delightful for you to share all those adorable gifts for us to see. I love your two new additions and will look forward to one of your amazing line-ups in time perhaps? A belated Happy Birthday and sorry this one sneaked in, but I hope you enjoyed every minute of your week with Chon and your special day ~ much love and hugs, Jackie xxx

    • Thanks Jackie for the belated birthday wishes and yes, I did enjoy every minute! Almost makes adding another year to my age a little more bearable!

      A line up of the Gregor lads and one of the babies is on the cards but not sure if one of the Sasha girls is ‘do-able’ as there are so many… though might be possible if I could make a graded levels stage set up.

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