Sashas amongst Farmyard Animals

Easter Saturday bought slightly less of the bitter east wind so three of my Sasha Dolls agreed to accompany me to Astbury, a quaint old village with a Norman Church about eight kilometres from where we live, to have a few quick photos taken amongst the Daffodils on the village green. (An annual event at this time of the year!)

Easter 106

Unfortunately and disappointedly even these long established bulb/plants were still not yet in flower. On my way back home I was also planning to call into the smallish garden centre there to pick up some more Hyacinths bulbs that my sister wanted and here, quite unexpectedly, a plan B was hatched.

Easter 096

Easter/Spring as we know represents New Life, new beginnings, eggs, baby animals, Spring flowers and this place had it all….so out came my camera and dolls and below are some of the results.


1Easter 111

2Easter 073

3Easter 066

4Easter 049

5Easter 064

6Easter 047

7Easter 082


8Easter 103

9Easter 102

10Easter 099

11Easter 028

12Easter 032

13Easter 033

14Easter 021

15Easter 003

16Easter 078


I’d love to know via a comment if there were any photos that you especially liked from here so have numbered them to make it easier to let me know.

PS. A few additions NOT linked to Easter…. the dogs and fox are especially for Ronny, the guinea-pigs for Lorraine and the frogs for Lorraine’s Gregor, Rory.

Easter 113

Easter 054

Easter 040

Easter 041

Easter 092

Easter 016

Easter 024

Easter 062

Easter 025

Easter 052

Hope that you have enjoyed seeing my three dolls amongst these animals.
Would love to see you back here again on the 14th April.


30 thoughts on “Sashas amongst Farmyard Animals

  1. I love all the photos but the most favorite is the ones with the dogs. As I am a dog person and my Sasha/Gregor have little stuffed dogs of there on. We do share.Karen

    • I particularly thought that the sheep,dog was really realistic.
      There was a pony there too but rather out of mine and the camera’s reach and as it was so busy there I didn’t like to ask if they could bring it forwards for photograph.

  2. Great post Kendal, love all the interaction between your Sasha’s and the farm animals.
    See you on the 14th, have a lovely break.

    • Thanks Dee. I was most impressed with how lifelike the animals were although I thought that they looked slightly better there than on the resulting photos.
      Thanks for the good wishes for my blogging break.

  3. Well my kids are all absolutely delighted by this post. Rory of course with seeing the frogs – he wants to know why he can’t have one that big! The cavies are also another firm favourite as know and you may remember ‘Bobby’ bringing one home from his adventure last year when he tried to ride his tricycle down to Devon and worried poor Henry and the other lads silly!

    The girls and babies look lovely with all the spring flowers and baby animals.

    • I thought that Rory would be thrilled with the frogs.
      Yes, I remember very well Bobby heading off on his bicycle to see a friend MANY miles away in Devon and all the worry and stress that it caused us.Luckily he soon returned non the worse for his adventure.
      Thanks for letting me know your favourite photos although I had guessed which your household’s would be!

  4. Lovely post Kendal. I know these trips out, are a real labour of love, as your hands are not as good as they once were! Thank you for taking the time to post these wonderful pictures. XXXXX

  5. Very cute photos! Children are always fascinated with animals and how wonderful to see your Sashas out and about… meeting some resin-y barnyard friends.
    Your two gorgeous girls and baby look adorable in their spring outfits… so Easter-ish… and yellow is such a happy color. I love the smocking on Bethany’s lemon-y gingham dress and I *totally* love the fabric, with the sweet little chicks, on the brunette’s dress along with her fabulous JJ shoes in *screaming* yellow… awesome! And, of course, baby looks like a piece of banana cream pie wearing his fleecy DD coat with hood… too cute!
    No. 6 is my favorite photo… I like all the photos taken with the ducklings. 🙂
    Thank you Kendal for your Easter follow-up post… take care and I’ll catch up with you mid-month.
    Hugs, -Anne

    • Thanks for taking the time to choose your favourite photo. I too thought that the photos with the little ducklings were the best as the models were so realistic looking.

      I agree that the two girl’s dresses were really lovely and perfect for Easter, in spite of the unusually Luckily the little baby was still in his warm Dollydoodle fleece and Ruthsdoll’s knitted leggings so he would have been as warm as toast.

      Gosh ‘MID MONTH’ sounds horrendous! Where does the time go to? Must ‘hustle and bustle’ myself and quickly tackle a few necessary jobs another before month passes. .

      • Exactly, the ducklings were so realistic looking. Plus they have just a hint of yellow in their down that was very complimentary.

  6. i LOVE your beautiful gotz girl….all the photos are lovely but my favourite is of her sitting with the rabbit…..sarah x

  7. Very cute photos, Kendal! I love the one with the frogs! She is obviously thinking whether it would be worth while kissing one of them and turn him into a prince! Also love the ones with the dogs. Actually, they are all very nice indeed. Such fun! xxx love Karin

    • Funnily enough I did think of having him kiss the frog but thought that the people shopping and passing by might think that I was more ‘nutty’ than they had already thought.

      Sorry hadn’t numbered the photos with the dogs as was thinking that they weren’t very ‘Eastery’ but perhaps should have done as the sheepdog ones are proving very popular.

  8. Oh, just noticed the baby with the ducklings!!! That’s such a pretty picture! Don’t know how I missed it first time round! Will probably notice more when I look through your post again!!! xxx

    • Yes, the ducklings were some of the more realistic looking models.
      Their numbers kept decreasing as they, and the little chicks, were the ones people were buying whilst I was there for their Easter home displays.

  9. They’re all great but my favourites are Nos 4 and 6 as I love your beautiful Gotz girl in that fabulous dress. Have a great time and see you again on 14th. Gill x

    • Thanks for your much appreciated input on your favourites of the photos. It seems that No 6 is proving popular.

      I agree the Gotz girl so suits that Festival won dress.. I’m always amazed at how some dresses are just perfectly suited to some dolls and don’t look anything special on others.

      Thanks for the good wishes and I too look forward to meeting you here again hopefully on the 14th.

  10. What wonderful photos, Kendal! Gosh! I thought 073 and 066 looked particularly proportional and very realistic. However, 113 – with the brunette Gotz and sheepdog – is a real keeper! It’s perfect. Her expression and body language works very well with the sheep dog’s protective (or playful?) stance. The garden centre seems to have it all, but you have such a magical way with your photography. How do you manage to get not only a living position with the dolls, but you get just the right angle, too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful snapshots!

    • Many thanks indeed for letting me know which were YOUR favourites of the photos and even better to know the reason why too!
      I can now take all this information on with me for the future and hopefully keep on trying to improve my photography skills.. I always find good constructive ‘feedback’ so very useful as it’s sometimes so hard to see it for yourself..

      It was only towards the end that I spotted the space and background available for your very favourite photo of the Gotz doll and the sheepdog as with quite a few of the others the staging wouldn’t allow the two bigger dolls to stand up….but I did like the rather wooden rustic environment and it was situated towards the back of the outside area so that I wasn’t too much in the way of the shoppers passing.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed these photos with the animals. It reminds me of a nice farmyard where young children could wander about seeing and petting the animals. So sweet! My favorite photos were 5,6,9, and 11.I thought these photos showed a special connection between the animal and the doll. Thank you Kendal once again for the delightful photos. Love, Ellen

    • Many thanks indeed for taking the time to select your favourite photos. I always find this most interesting and helpful.
      Unfortunately when you are visiting these venues you can’t always get the space or backgrounds to set up the scenes as you would like to, especially as i usually promise not to move or disturb anything.
      I thought that some of the models were very realistic..

  12. These are really really lovely photos as usual Kendal, I loved the animals with your Sasha kids, they all look gorgeous. I couldn’t pick a favourite as they are all wonderful, but if I really had to, then it would be one of the photos with your little blond girl in them! I love her, her face, her hair and her pretty lemon checked dress……thanks so much for sharing Plan B, I for one can wait on Plan A until it gets a bit warmer for you there!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  13. Thank you for your comment.
    I smiled at the bit about ‘I for one can wait for plan A!’ Must keep an eye out over there then when the weather finally gets some warmth in it. and the Daffs come into flower. Hoping that it isn’t this weekend when I’m so busy doing other things.

    Yes, the 1968 Single Fringe waif has a lovely look to her in spite of the blunt cut fringe and the new yellow dress does suit her fairness. If I’d just thought a little more at the time I could have easily gone back to the car half way through and swapped over the clothing between the two girls giving a bit more variety to the photos, as both dresses look good on both dolls

    I was quite pleased with the wooden backgrounds in the end although the bigger Sasha Dolls weren’t able to stand up. As you know from your lovely photos backgrounds play an important part in these photos.

  14. Hi Kendal,
    Sorry for this late reply but once again I was overawed by both of your Easter blogs and had to go over them again daily to make sure I hadn’t missed out on any details. I have more than enjoyed these two blogs and especially this one with the animals. I absolutely love all kinds of animals and it was such a treat to have Sasha’s with them. Is there anything these Sasha’s don’t go with???? 😉

    I would have to say my favourite pics and it was very hard to choose are numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 11 and the ones with the dogs and rabbit were gorgeous too. I must say I have never been to a garden centre where they have such beautiful stock and I also recall you went to another garden centre before Christmas which also had amazing props. I certainly have nothing like that around me here but would absolutely love it if I did. I would have purchased one of all of those animals for starters! They are soooo cute.

    Many thanks again Kendal for all the time and effort you have put into these amazing Easter blogs. I have savoured each and every picture.
    Susan xx

  15. Sorry to hear that you don’t have these wonderful garden centres over in the Republic of Ireland. They are always very popular venues for visiting (especially when the Grandmas are in tow!) as they also serve meals and snacks so makes a very pleasant morning/afternoon out..

    I’m pleased to read that you especially enjoyed the second one with the animals. There were many more there including hens/cockerels, cows, tortoises, badgers, lizards, stoats, owls and ,a pony.but I was mainly concentrating on the ones linked with Easter and new life.

    Also interesting to learn which photos were your favourites.. I’m sure that your MANY babies would have enjoyed the treat of being amongst them..

    Many thanks again for your superb detailed comments.

  16. What a great joy t see these lovely dolls, outfits and the usual invasion of the wonderful garden centre!!
    Great Kendal! xx

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