Wishing all my blog followers a very happy and peaceful Easter and many thanks for your continuing support and encouragement.


I just love the Sasha dolls and so enjoy photographing and sharing them here with you and am always interested to read the comments about what you like or don’t like about the dolls themselves, their outfits or my photos. Keeps me on my toes and and my mind active.

This is the very first time that my Sasha Brood have ever had their very own personalised Thornton’s egg and are looking forward to cracking it open and sharing it amongst themselves later on.

Easter 003

Today I have chosen just two of my Sasha girls (to save time and make life a little easier for me as have had a busy week) to model some of my Easter themed and yellow coloured dresses.

Easter 013

Firstly my 1960s crude eyed Gotz girl is wearing the 2012 Festival dress that I won on the Children’s Fund Auction.

Easter 006

It is beautifully made by Tina Gross and I had wanted to own one of her unique dresses for many years so you can imagine my delight when I realised that I had won it. The outfit also came with this small white felt bag with a little yellow chicken inside.

Easter 009

I have teamed it with some yellow JJ sandals that I had specially asked Jean to make up for me in this colour and commercially made socks in ercu.

Easter 001

This is one of my favourite of my early Gotz dolls.

Easter 004


This limited edition Ruthsdoll’s smocked seersucker dress is an Easter present to myself. It has been on my ‘wish list’ for several years now so I decided that I had better get it before it became discontinued altogether.

Easter 019

It is being worn by my 1968 Fringe girl with the trimmed hair and teamed with commercially made pale yellow bar shoes and white Dayzee’s? socks.

Easter 022

This next photo is one of my favourite poses in this post.

Easter 020

I love, inspite of her cut short fringe, the way her hair lies/falls in the side view photos like this.

Easter 021

This next photo of a little chicken emerging out of an egg reminds me of the time that my daughter hatched two ducklings and five chickens in our home in an incubator as part of her Biology A level project.

It was a truely wonderful experience watching them hatch out and I remember having to be continually feeding them with porridge and scrambled eggs as they were greedy little things. The excitement as they smelt it coming to be being put into their cage, scrambling over, or rather in some cases trampling down, each other to get to it first.  They were very messy eaters sending the food all over the place as they tried to gobble it all up before anyone else.


A quick change now into one of Jill Mackley’s ‘Three Bear’ themed smocked dresses in Jill’s very own pattern and design.

Easter 028

Jill’s piping and smocking seen in close up below is always equiste and so excepionally neat.

Easter 027

She has kept on JJ deep yellow sandals and Dayzee’s socks and the attractive yellow wooden jointed bear that can be seen with her was a gift from Carolyn Campbell many years ago.

Easter 032

Such a pity though that her fringe had been cut so short and bluntly so that apart from a fringe re-root, there’s not a lot that can be done to improve it.

Easter 033

After a few days the tiny chickens and two ducklings were allowed out  and put into a pen on the lawn during the daytime.


Another of Jill’s ‘yellow themed’ dresses, this time in a paler yellow colour with a sweet ‘bumble-bee’ print on it.

Easter 034

Again her equisite piping and smocking on the yoke,

Easter 035 I have added my new Boneka navy T bar shoes for the footwear here but which sadly my hands wouldn’t allow me to do up at the time, so my apologies for this.

Easter 037

Unfortunately all of the photos in this blog post have had to be taken indoors as the bitter wind was still raging outside and the girls refused to model them in the cold with the short sleeved/sleeveless dresses being made from Summer weight cotton materials. Brrrrr! I certainly didn’t blame them as I’m still in my Winter fleeces!

Easter 036


Another basic smock styled very pretty dress in pale lemon is seen next.

Easter 046

I’m not sure who made it or from where I originally purchased it. I have teamed it here with commercially made shoes and socks.

Easter 041

It is made from Broaderie Anglais material (and could, from the looks of things’ have perhaps done with a petticoat underneath.)

Easter 042

(Pity that the collar very slightly overlaps!)

Easter 045

My daughter’s two little ducklings were introduced to water and swimmimng via a children’s paddling pool and it was lovely to see them waddling freely around the lawn along with the little chickens…. all following my daughter who they obviously thought was their mother.


The next outfit is by Ruth Briggs of ‘Daisy, Daisy’ ….though another seamstress unfortunately no longer trading.

Easter 054

Ruth had a very distinctive style when it came to designing and making her outfits (dresses, ballet and gypsy outfits in particular) though her dresses like the style here had one delightful thing in common…..

Easter 053

….sewn into the hem of the dress at the back is a little bell that delightfully tinkles as the doll is dressed or moved.

Easter 050


I was lucky enough to first meet Ruth at one of Anne-Marie’s Sasha fundays…. and then again at a later one of Dawn Law’s. On our first meeting I asked her if she could make the dress above and this one below specially for me.

Ruth used to be a be-spoke wedding and bridesmaid’s seamstress before turning to making Sasha Doll outfits and amongst my Sasha wardrobe is a beautiful bridemaid’s dress in cream slubbed silk which shows off her wonderful previous work.

Easter 064

I chose the materials from some samples that she had bought with her. Her outfits all come in a fine white organza bag that does up at the front with a daisy flower as a trade mark of ‘Daisy, Daisy.’

Easter 063

The dresses are just slightly longer than I would normally buy for my dolls but Ruth’s three models were the 80s limited editions, Velvet, Pintucks and Kiltie and they were/are almost two and a half centimetres taller than my earlier dolls.

Easter 061

Ruth’s drresses are/were beautifully made and finished and have real working button holes down the front opening and like Jill Mackley, Ruth does equisite piping.)

Easter 062 MUST have an Easter Bunny or else it wouldn’t be Easter!


Next we have one of my early Trendon babies in a pretty Easter yellow floral dress by Maz.

My Sasha Babies 006

She is a little boy in reality but I think makes a very pretty girl with her gorgeous eye painting with those little flicks.

My Sasha Babies 003

Unfortunately our Daffodils here in Cheshire are only about 15cms above the ground and only just coming into bud due to this prolonged cold spell.


Keeping with the Easter theme of yellow, eggs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and Daffs another of my Trendon baby boys in a sweet Dollydoodle duckling sleepsuit and holding a dear little knitted and patchwork/button trimmed chicken that Paula Moreton (Plum) sent the Brood last year.

Plum's Easter Chick 001

Kissy-kissy! I just LOVE you!

Plum's Easter chicken 018

Below is a rather attractive oil sketch of a chicken.

Cute Chicken

One of my 1969/70 Quirky Trendon baby girls wearing a Dollydoodle pink/grey rabbit printed sleepsuit enjoying a little sniff of MY Thornton’s chocolate Easter egg.

Easter Egg 050

Does this say MY name on it?

Easter Egg 049

After keeping the ducklings and chicks for a fortnight we then took them to a nearby farm as planned but we were very sad to see them go…. but it was costing me a small fortune to feed them on that diet.


Another of my early Trendon baby boys in one of Dollydoodles little fleeces and Ruthsdoll’s knitted leggings holding my Easter treat from one of my brothers! I am extremely fond of Ferrero Rocher!

Easter 006

The babies will all be sharing these Cadbury’s mini Easter eggs later after breakfast.

Easter 016

Plus they have some mini Lindt and MaltEaster bunnies that James, Susan Bulgar Pomeroy’s youngest son, has so very kindly sent them. They are all saying ‘Thank you very much, James, and Happy Easter!’

Easter 031

Love the way these eggs have been created! Wonder if they are made of stiff icing sugar and so are edible?


This is a sweet and dear looking little soul paiently waiting for his Easter goodies and wearing the Dollydoodle Easter sleepsuit that I bought last year.

Easter 011

He is delighted to be given one of James’ Lindt little bunnies. Thank you James. I love him.

Easter 028

He will be allowed to have one of these mini eggs too.

Easter 020

What a lucky little chappie he is!

Easter 026


Thought that I had better include Quirky in the post too so here he is clutching the dear little lamb that Susan Bulger Pomeroy gave the babies last year.

70th birthday presents 055

And looking longingly at the candy eggs that Sarah and Cleo Price sent to them.

Photography yet again 043

These are some plastic eggs that I used to fill with little gifts and use for an Easter Egg hunt for the younger nephews and nieces in our family.

Photography yet again 028

This photo is a lovely reminder of the Easters ‘when I was young’ when mother told us that eggs boiled on Easter Sunday always came out coloured, like these seen below, as they were magical  eggs. (Of course we never knew that she added dye to the water when she was boiling them. (How lovely and full of wonderful surprises our life was in those days.)


I hope that you have enjoyed this extended Easter filled blog post. I still have a few more photos to include in a short post for tomorrow but unfortunately will be giving be blogging next Sunday a miss as it’s my birthday and my daughter will be up for five days, when hopefully we’ll be ‘out and about’ plus having our family and friends and her school friends visiting.

Again have a very happy day with hopefully a chocolate Easter egg, or two, to nibble on throughout the day.


27 thoughts on “Easter

  1. What a fantabulous post to wake up to this morning Kendal! So many delights to read, look at and admire. Beautiful dresses modelled by your gorgeous girls intermingled with the wonderful story of hatching out the chicks and ducklings, how simply delightful.

    I pulled out my girls ‘Easter’ dresses yesterday to do a post today…their collection is somewhat meagre compared to yours! So glad that Quirky also got into the act…lets just hope that all those little eggs don’t disappear though before they get shared around.

  2. Thanks Lorraine. I felt a bit guilty though at only using TWO of the Sasha girl models but as you know only too well changing several at one time is so time consuming when you’re searching for the colour coordinating shoes, socks and hair ribbons as well. (This way, on at least two of the changes, I could use the same shoes and socks and hair ribbon!)

    The hatching of the duckling and chick eggs was a truly wonderful experience. Such a pity that we no longer have the photos that we took.

    Hope that you are feeling much better and can fully enjoy the Easter weekend.

    Ps. (Need to leave a comment or two on your blog but have to have breakfast first as I’m now starving after listing such a long post.)

  3. Happy Easter to you too Kendal…such a wonderful post today,I LOVED every single bit of it,like you say,these outfits are works of art,such talent in the Sasha World isn’t there ? the sun is shining today also on this special day…..Kendal ALL your dolls are delightful,I really have no favourites because they are like your ‘children’, extended family members….bliss Kendal,what a treat for us all !!! (you put outfits together so,so well by the way !!) gorgeous 🙂 xx

    • So pleased that you enjoyed the longer Easter post.

      We are indeed, so luckily having such talented Sasha outfit designers and sewers. I can remember when I first started collecting in 1975 there were very few people making clothing especially for our Sasha Dolls…..but even worse was, when after I had bought my daughter her first Sasha Doll in 1966 there weren’t ANY outfits to be had apart from the ones produced by the Frido/Trendon factory.

      I try NOT to have favourites but I’m afraid to admit that there are some that pull slightly more at my heart strings than others!

      Have a very happy Easter weekend At least it’s sunny and dry although still bitterly cold.

  4. Happy Easter to you and your brood.
    As always such lovely photos, your kids have beautiful clothes. It seems a shame that children no longer dress in pretty smocked dresses but wonderful that talented people take the time and trouble to sew for ‘perfect’ Sasha kids.
    Best wishes

    • Thank you for mine and the Brood’s Easter wishes.
      I can well remember that my best dresses were made and smocked by my mother from the top of the yoke right down to the waist.
      Although I too learnt to smock from her I never managed to actually personally smock any of my daughter’s own dresses….although I did a few for her dolls.

      I agree that we are so very lucky with our wonderfully talented seamstresses who produce such beautiful clothing for our very treasured dolls.

  5. Happy Easter Kendal! Happy Easter to your Sasha children from my Sasha children!
    Fabulous post, put together beautifully. Really enjoyed it! Thank you xx

    • Many thanks for the Easter good wishes to both me and my Brood. We did all have a really lovely day, well more of a long weekend although a pity that the weather wasn’t a little warmer.

  6. Happy Easter Kendal, another delightful post full of delicious things to see and eat! Loving all the dresses and the accessories edible and non edible!
    Lovely story re the hatching of the chicks and ducklings.
    Have a great time with your Daughter.
    Sasha Love Dee x

    • Thanks Dee.
      Thought that I had better add the extra items in as basically I only had the two Sasha girls modelling the main outfits for those of my followers who are mainly looking at the actual dolls.

      The hatching of the ducklings and chicks will be one of the things that you won’t ever forget. Just having the two though saved a great deal of time as you can appreciate having changed a fair number of yours today.

      Thanks for the good wishes for the time next week with my daughter.

  7. Happy Bunny Day!
    How delightful to wake up to your Easter Parade featuring two (2) beautiful Sasha girls (and babies) wearing an array of gorgeous Easter outfits… *fit for a princess/prince*… in various hues of yellow and pastels… and all the sweet confections of Easter… chocolates, mini eggs and candy eggs. Not to forget, the live ducklings and newly hatched baby chick… themed Easter plushes (lamb, chick, bunny)…. plus plastic eggs and colored eggs in the crate… and, of course, the flower of spring – the beloved daffodil. Nothing beats the joys of Easter… celebrate!
    Hugs, -Anne
    p.s. Thank you for all your efforts… an *extraordinary* post!

    • Think that today’s post might have turned out to be on a theme of ‘All things bright and beautiful’ from one of our church hymns.
      Tomorrows smaller version is more in keeping withnthe second line, ‘All creatures great and small.’

      i agree Easter and Spring is so welcome after the hard Winter months….although we’ve yet to sample the Spring!

  8. Wonderful to see all those beautiful outfits on your lovely girls (and babies), interspersed with some nice reminders of what Eastertime is actually about: Chicks and ducks and eggs and rabbits and chocolate and SPRING!!! I love that sketch of the little chick. Your pictures always look so clean and fresh. It is a pleasure to see them and thank you for continuing to do those lovely post. Can’t be easy! Happy Easter. Love xxx Karin

    • Blogging, although most enjoyable, is very time consuming as you know. One of the advantages is that it’s a good excuse to have a little Sasha play without feeling too guilty at the jobs surrounding you that desperately need doing…. plus the fact that you come into contact via the comments with other Sasha collectors.

      I hope that I was forgiven for only using two of my Sasha girls today as it saved me time at this busy and full long weekend..

      Glad that you liked the little chick sketch too.

  9. Kendal,
    Thank you for the lovely Easter treat! Yellow is a wonderful color for the dolls. Your work provides much pleasure and instruction for me as I move towards just the five month point of having Sashas and acquiring clothes for them. Wish I had been there to help you with the Boneka t-strap shoes. I have two pair which are very nice but take extra effort in fastening.
    It is sunny, calm and warm (50’s F) here in Maine.
    Have a Happy Birthday!

    • I too love the Sasha Dolls in yellow.
      How wonderful to be starting out on your Sasha collection. So much to see and learn about these dolls. Have you bought a few of them already? Any particular favourites so far?

      I love how we all have our own special likes, eg, years of manufacture, hair/eye colours, hair styles, and then develop our own way of dressing them.
      What a very kind offer of helping me do-up their new Boneka sandals. Hopefully when they are worn in and have stretched a little more it might be easier for me.

      Wonderful sounding weather that you are having over there. Can’t wait for this bitterly cold east wind to go from here

      Wishing you a wonderful and happy time with your Sasha collectioning.

  10. What a super collection of Easter themed outfits and accessories – thank you for sharing them and have a lovely Easter weekend.
    I’d love to dress all the dolls in Easter clothes, but we’re decorating 2 rooms downstairs at the moment, so upstairs is filled with downstairs stuff and it is too dusty in the house to get the clothes out of the cupboard for a big change (not that we have much choice of Sasha clothes yet, the larger 19.5″ Gotz family have plenty). I am hoping to do a little bit of doll photography soon though to put on my blog.

    • Their Easter themed clothing has built up quite nicely over the years I’m pleased to say…..though not unintentionally, just seemed to happen by chance..

      Don’t envy you decorating… and TWO rooms at the same time…. but think of how lovely and fresh it will all be when finally finished.

      I’ll look forward to seeing the new photos on your blog once you have finished the decorating then. Loved your last sporting/spectator scenes.

  11. What a lovely blog post Kendal, I loved all the yellow and the whole Easter and Spring theme going on throughout….it’s really pretty! I do so love the Sasha girls in yellow, it goes so nicely with their tan skin. I hope you had a lovely day today and that you enjoyed all that chocolate!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    • Wished though hat the weather was as Spring/Easter themed here in the UK as well. From your recent blog posts you’re allright over there.
      Yes, thank you I had a lovely day with my family and enjoyed watching The Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race on the TV in the afternoon, especially as my team. Oxford won after last year’s disaster.
      Certainly enjoyed breaking into my chocolate Easter egg.

    • Thanks Steve for the Easter wishes.
      Please that you approve of my Sasha kid’s Easter dresses and thanks for reminding me that the pale yellow Broiderie Anglais dress was made by Thelma Holmes (Molly) and that it was you who so very kindly gave it to me and my Sasha girls.

  12. Cathy emailed this to me privately as she still can’t get to leave a comment herself.

    ‘Hi Kendal,
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter, thank you for the lovely email Easter card you sent, have had a look at your blog … wow amazing dolls, wearing the most beautiful outfits! One day we’ll have to get a couple of our dolls together wearing the chick dress by Ruth of Daisy Daisy, as I have the same one bought maybe a year or so ago from Shelly’s site, I was thrilled to finally buy it as it had been one of my all time favourite dresses. I love the little chick dress by Tina, I remember you bidding for that at the Festival 🙂 Your brunette crude eyed girl looks fabulous in it … I really love your fringe girl with the trimmed hair wearing the yellow seersucker dress by Ruth, I have admired these dresses for years and still haven’t got one, I think I should take a leaf out of your book and finally get around to getting one before they are gone forever! I do like the yellow very much … I wonder if she might also do a pale/light green? Superb Thornton’s Easter Egg … decorated perfectly, what a great idea!
    The three bears & bumble bee dresses by Jill are just gorgeous … I would really love one of her dresses one day 🙂
    The little rabbit dress by Ruth of Daisy Daisy is really ever so sweet … you have the perfect collection of Easter & Spring dresses!
    And as ever your little babies are adorable and dressed to perfection!
    Bye for now,
    love Cathy x

    • Thanks for the lovely long comment Cathy.
      That is a good idea to get two of our Sasha girls to wear the Daisy,Daisy dresses together. They could pretend that they were twins or sisters.

      I am still really thrilled with winning the Tina Gross little chick dress from the Festival (wasn’t sure that I’d win it as Francine was bidding hard against me at the end) and delighted with the new Ruthsdoll’s yellow seersucker material dress.

      I haven’t ever seen one made in light green but originally there were three, in turquiose blue, yellow and lilac (I gave Shelly one of the lilac ones but those have since been discontinued from the looks of things and been replaced with a newer model in pink (although personally I didn’t like the smocking on that more recent one as much.)

      Must remember to take a photo of Ruth Brigg’s little bells sewn in the back hem of the dresses so that people can see it. Has your dress got one too?

  13. Happy Easter Kendal,
    What an absolutely fabulous Easter treat to see this blog on Sunday. I have looked at it over and over again just to savour it. I love the Sasha’s they are beautiful with the dark haired one being my favourite, eventhough, the blonde haired girl is gorgeous also. Their dresses are just magnificient and perfect for Easter as are their shoes. You have managed to have everything matching perfectly for Easter and Spring.

    Of course the babies as usual are delightful and once again in beautiful yellow attire for Easter.
    I have to agree with other peoples comments, that yellow really suits the Sasha’s. I hope they don’t get chocolate all over their pristine outfits 😉

    The extra photographs of the rabbit, chicks and ducklings are gorgeous and I have a particular love of the chicks and ducklings as in the past I have had both and been lucky enough to experience both the hatching of chicks and ducklings. It’s truly amazing to see the little chicks hatching out of the eggs and the amount of work they have to do to get out. It’s an incredible process.

    Once again many thanks for this Easter post and the amount of time and energy you have put into it for everybody. Magnificient photography and a delight for they eyes.
    Best wishes to you and all your followers for Easter,
    Susan xxxx

    • What a superb comment .Think that you have touched on about simply everything here. ‘Left no stone unturned.’ How wonderful and interesting for me.

      Firstly let me thank you for the Easter wishes. I did have a most enjoyable weekend.

      Talking about experiencing seeing chicks and ducklings actually hatching it was as you say, a hard and rather exhausting experience for them and we were told that we were not to help them in any way by removing the egg shells etc..

      I had planned to mention in the farmyard animal post (but never had the time to write anything alongside the photos) that my father kept chickens when we were young and every so often he would order 100 day old chicks who would arrive in cardboard boxes and then when released would go and huddle themselves altogether under the heat lamp set up in the hay loft.
      A beautiful and truly memorable sight and it was lovely too to pick the odd one up and let it nestle in your cupped hands.

      I too agree with several of my followers that yellow is a perfect colour on the lightly tanned Sashas. Luckily there were no chocolate stains found on their clothing after the Easter egg and Lindt bunny eating (though had the ‘Vanish’ stain remover at the ready!).

  14. Cant wait to be settled in my new home by the end of the month to totally relax and enjoy all these wonderful pictures you take and have my sanity back with my dear Sasha friends again after this sad time. Your pictures make life a great joy Kendal they really do and I want to thank you for always being there for me as such a great friend.
    With love,
    Sarah and the Cheltonian Sasha Rabble! xx

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