NPs out in the Shrubbery, part 2

Finally got back down again to my late mother’s garden last week to finish off taking the photos of my second set of NPs…. that I didn’t manage to do the time before because of the sheer cold of that bitter North East wind.

In the Shrubbery 017

First up is a really beautiful 1967 Frido Brunette Gingham girl with equisite eye painting….if you can see beyond all the stray hairs blowing in the breeze.

In the Shrubbery 018

She is wearing an attractive OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress that Steve had specially made up for me as my Christmas present. I have teamed it with a pair of handmade leather shoes by Betsy-May and commercially made socks.

In the Shrubbery 020

I tend to much prefer the Sasha brown eye paintings to the blue as you can usually see the details so much better.

In the Shrubbery 086

This girl has a side parting with the hair swept to the opposite side and caught with a ribbon.

In the Shrubbery 019

Secondly here is another Frido 1967 but a blonde Jeans girl with a full centre part and  very unusual eyes painted by Kristina, a Manchester University art student, who came in during one Summer holiday to help Sara Doggart paint the eyes.                            This doll was featured in the Sasha book, Sasha Dolls, The History.

In the Shrubbery 030

She is seen here wearing a Pinestreetstudio dress with Trendon Kiltie tights and commercially made shoes.

In the Shrubbery 073

I think that the blue in her dress really brings out her eye colours.

In the Shrubbery 072

Have now included Lorraine Tyler’s gorgeous Frido NP, Mereidth, whose eyes were also painted by Kristina.

image001 image002

Third doll today is an early Frido 1967 Ballet girl who I have braided her hair on account of the strong wind that is blowing a gale today  but she usually wears it in a ponytail with longer side pieces of hair framing her face.

In the Shrubbery 061

She has the quirky right eyebrow that is reminisent of this period.

In the Shrubbery 016

She is a pretty and quite dainty looking girl.

In the Shrubbery 015

She has on another OOAK Ruthsdoll’s open fronted checked dress and commercially made socks and shoes (as I think that the original shoes are being worn with another outfit at the moment.)

In the Shrubbery 062

I’m thinking that she looks prettier with her hair up in a ponytail with loose tendrils framing her face so have just gone to my ‘Pictures’ and located these few photos below so that you can decide for yourselves.

No-navels 012

I prefer it done this way but plaites/braides are better when it is breezy outside as it stops the side hairs blowing in her face…. and as you already know I have enough trouble with stray hairs over their faces.

No-navels 015

As you can see her previous little owner before me had at one time given her a little ‘lipstick’ to enhance her lips and this has slightly bled into the surrounding vinyl and needs to be removed at some point.

No-navels 017

Lovely to see a few Crocuses and Primroses out after the long Winter months.

In the Shrubbery 011

Fourthly is a petite Frido 1967 Dungaree girl with the full centre part.

In the Shrubbery 007

I always think that she has a rather bewildered and sad expression as though she’s not as happy with life as she should be but I can assure you that she is treated the same as the rest of the Brood. NO favourites here! (Twenty-four years of Primary School teaching has taught me that!)

In the Shrubbery 003

She has on my very first OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress which actually came with matching material shoes which Ruth did in those days before she bought her leather stitching machine and started using real leather.

In the Shrubbery 008

We had allsorts of weather changes whilst I was photographing her. When I left my home it was sunshining but on arrival it had clouded over and there were snowflakes swirling around in the sky but  luckily just as I was thinking of returning home again and that that I might have had a wasted journey…..the snowflakes disappeared and out came the sun again.

In the Shrubbery 006

…….But rather TOO brightly…….so had to pick her up and move to a more shady part to continue photographying.

In the Shrubbery 002

This tot has always worn her hair in the bunches as you see above or hanging loosely.

Next doll up is a 1967 Frido Dungaree girl with the damaged lips from being force-fed with a ‘silver’ spoon by her young, but caring little mother…. as she was probably a finicky eater (like I was….and if the truth be known, still am!)

In the Shrubbery 022

I rather got carried away with taking ALL the next photos trying out various different poses with her so please accept my apologies beforehand and scroll down quickly if you so wish.

In the Shrubbery 024

She may have damaged lips but IMO her eye painting more than compensates. Note the slight bit of bare scalp with no rooting holes that is showing here between the fringe row and the back hair. This often happened and can be seen more in the dolls when their hair is taken and pulled back.

In the Shrubbery 026

She is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress that I asked Ruth to make up for me. This material has an almost Viyella wool feel to it…. although it isn’t the actual real Viyella.

In the Shrubbery 068

I have teamed it with some Ruthsdoll’s cream leather lace-ups as a change from the  commercially made brown bar shoes that I usually put with it, and socks that I bought some time ago from Jill Mackley’s ‘Frocks and Socks’ (unfortunately now discontinued.)

In the Shrubbery 023

I love the shortness of this dress (like Ruth used to make them before the slightly longer lengths came into fashion.) It reminds me of how I used to dress my daughter when her knickers/pants could occassionally be glimpsed whilst she was playing…. so that they if  weren’t made of matching material they were always colour-cordinated to wear over her cotton white ones. (Hoping that she doesn’t read this as I’ll be in big trouble!)

In the Shrubbery 071

Here we have my Frido bobbed haired 1967 Gingham girl who is another of my longest ‘living here with me’ dolls.

In the Shrubbery 079

I could hardly believe my eyes when I first caught sight of her for sale on Shelly’s Sashadolluk website. I thought that she looked as if she had come straight from the hairdressers as there wasn’t as many ‘cut’ haired dolls aroung in those days.

In the Shrubbery 076

Close up photo showing her lovely eye painting and Ruth’s dainty white edged with lace dress collar.

In the Shrubbery 038

She is wearing another of Ruthsdoll’s very attractive OOAK front opening outfits.

In the Shrubbery 037

Side view showing the attractively cut bobbed hair cut.

In the Shrubbery 039

Frido 1967 Brown Cord Dress girl who came in her large white box.

In the Shrubbery 043

Her hair was full of dust from storage so Sarah Price very kindly gave her a shampoo and condition on one of her visits here. Now, as you can see it is beautifully soft. silky and glossy again.

In the Shrubbery 048

She is wearing one of Jill Mackley’s of ‘Frocks and Socks’ lovely smocked dresses to which I have added a pair of commercially made socks and Ruthsdoll’s shoes.

In the Shrubbery 049

I am quite taken with this sideways pose with the bright sunlight filtering through the greenery behind her.

In the Shrubbery 053

She has what is described as the ‘open eyed’ eye painting. Please notice Jill’s equisite piping at the dresses neck and yoke and wonderfully neat smocking..

In the Shrubbery 045

Because I’m still feeling GUILTY about taking this Frido wide faced Brown Cord/Jeans? girl out of the equation before she had her chance to be photographed in the shrubery with the others…….

More photos 081

….as she was up for adoption I thought that I would feature some of her past photos in retribution for my sins.

Project 2 010

She is/was the younger sister to my bobbed haired NP Blue Cord girl featured in the above photos and again with her sister below.

Project 2 009

Here she is wearing another lovely smocked dress by Jill Mackley of ‘Frocks and Socks’ with sandals by JJ.

Photographs after watching the Royal Wedding 028

Her fringe and hair length had been cut by her previous owner but it is still soft and shiny with a full centre part allowing it to be styled in neat bunches as can be seen in a couple of the photos later on.

Photographs after watching the Royal Wedding 030

Here she is supporting the 2012 Olympic GB Team with her Dollydoodle pointing finger.

Sashas and the Olympics 005

…and wearing a Dollydoodle GB team T shirt.

Sashas and the Olympics 008

Showing off some Dollydoodle Summer wear in the next two photos.

Dollydoodles 019

Dollydoodles outfits 039

Shown below with her elder sister, both in OOAK Ruthsdoll’s outfits.

Spring changes 022

As you can see from this next photo ( and the one above) her wider face gives her a much younger look although both these dolls were manufactured at the same time and their eyes painted by the same artist.

Spring changes 025

This was a beautifully soft, warm and cosy Winter outfit that Steve gave me.

Winter Changes continues 035

Still feeling very guilty and sad at having to part with her to try to keep the ever mounting numbers down as she had been with me for MANY, many years.

Winter Changes continues 034

I felt that I should end with this photo of her somewhat questioning my awful decision but I do hope that she is now settled in and very happy with her new adopted family. She is shown here in a very pretty coloured double row smocked OOAK Ruthsdoll’s dress.

Bits 009

That’s it for this Sunday. I hope that you have enjoyed some more of my NP girls out amongst the greenery.
I will try to do a few more photos for Easter Sunday but then will be taking a break for a while as my daughter is coming up from the south to spend some time with me and her old school/work friends.

Off now to have a little weep at my unforgiveable recent Sasha cruelty of parting with her.


36 thoughts on “NPs out in the Shrubbery, part 2

  1. Kendal I am in heaven! What a beautiful way to start the day. More of your fabulous Sasha’s !
    I was just deciding that the third girl, the red of course was my favourite only to discover there were more to come, torn then between the two reds with the brunette at the start coming a close third, I then realised there were yet more of these wonderful girl’s!
    I love your blonde with the stylish cut, she jumped to the top of my list and then on to more of the beauty’s below.
    The two sisters together, a beautiful photo, are you sure you taught scholl children and not photography? the get even a couple of my photo’s with such detail, clean looking and sharp would be a delight, so to see all these perfect photo’s is as stated above heaven!
    The photo of the girl sideways with the sun through the shrub’s..brilliant!

    Then we have all these fantastice dresses by these talented peiople, it’s like pressing your face against the most beautful shop window while you mentally work out with outfit you want first ! I so love all these checks , such lovely colours, we need more of these !

    Dont be sad that your waif’s moved on to another Sasha mum, think of the joy you have given that person, who now gets to enjoy this beautiful girl and if no one ever put their girl’s up for adoption those of us who have only recently come to adopt sasha’s would not be able to and therefore not get to feel the magic of these girls.

    Well I cannot spend any more time writing I need to go back and look again at these magnificent girl’s and their clothes and plot who and what I can sell in order to own just one or two of this quality.
    sasha love Dee x

  2. Gosh Dee! I don’t think that I have ever had such a long and detailed comment, unless by my good friend Anne Deitchman, so I’m not sure just where to begin with my reply to this.

    My average digital compact camera seems to work better when taking photos outside but as we know only too well that, that’s not always possible… (and unfortunately for me becoming more impossible by the day) so the old patio table and chair in my conservatory with a backcloth masking taped to the window has to suffice for most of the time… but sadly gives my photos a sort of ‘hazy’ look which I’m not so keen on but haven’t the time to spend hours trying to sharpen them up in Photoshop…..well that is, if I knew how to!

    I am most impressed with your ‘studio ‘set up and right there in the heart of your home which must be really lovely.

    I seem to be one of those people, who because they were bought up during and following the war years, become very attached to and love, cherish and care for everything that belong to them . The motto ‘Waste not, want not’ is firmly imprinted in my mind so parting with or even moving on anything tends to cause upset and sadness. I seem to treasure everything that I have or own in whatever condition it is … BUT consider myself especially lucky to have been able to accumulate some rather delightful Sasha Dolls, whether minty or waifs, over the many years of collecting them and so I enjoy sharing them with others.

    Many thanks again for your superb comment on our beautiful Sasha Dolls and their wonderful clothing made by our very talented seamstresses.

  3. Kendal,
    I am a newcomer to the Sasha world being encouraged and taught by my friend Ellen here in Maine, US. My learning curve is steep; your words and pictures are are amazingly beautiful and instructive. Thank you.

    • How wonderful to be starting out as a Sasha collector AND having Ellen encourage and teach you. I have on quite a few occasions been asked to help new Sasha Doll collectors and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope that i have been helpful to them with their collections..

      I would have been over-joyed to have had someone help me in my early days but there was no internet as such and I didn’t know any Sasha Doll collectors then. Now it’s a completely different set up with loads of help and advice if you need it.

      It’s a good job that many of us tend to like certain types and styles of these dolls so that there is still plenty to share between us now that they are not being produced any more.

      So pleased that you are enjoying visiting my blog and hope that it is helpful at times. At the moment I am concentrating on the photography and the posing of the dolls alongside my love of their clothing.

      • Kendal,
        Thank you for replying this morning. It is wonderful to feel connected to others who care so deeply for these dolls. I keep learning and you are helping a great deal. Betsy

      • My pleasure and lovely to meet you here as Ellen did mention that she finally had a new Sasha collector living nearby. I am luckily that I still have a local Sasha friend (the other has moved house down to the south) and we meet up,during the school holidays, as she is a teacher like I was.

        She always brings a couple of her dolls over with her and then we have afternoon tea with some of my home made clotted cream scones.
        Before I started my blogging .we used to have a little quiz time when she would go round the rooms and try and guess if I’d had any new dolls or outfits since her last visit. That’s now stopped as she was cheating and looking at my blog before coming over and so scoring 10 out of 10.

  4. WOW!!!! It would be hard to choose a favourite, they are all gorgeous! Such a great selection of photographs of which there can never be too many!!! I think your blog would make a geat book and then I could sit and ponder over it all day! Love Gill x

    • Not too sure that sitting looking at a book would be considered a good thing by your family as if you’re anything like me once I get absorbed in a book the hours fly by and nothing else gets done! Hence the mounting up of the jobs that have accumulated up here and must be tackled!

  5. Picture 10 is gorgeous Kendal (and I love the pics with the plaits)! Sorry I haven’t posted (been out of UK again). The recent Frtiz posting activated my imagination and currently preparing a reply 🙂 I think ‘Jeggings’ would be of more use to your ‘girls’ at the moment, but love the detail contained within those smock dresses (not sure where human smock dresses end up?). But what of the role of a tail comb within the life of a Sasha? Is the tail comb as important as the fringe? Perhaps Fritz has a plan to be a tail comb salesman when he grows up?

    Have a lovely – and hopefully warmer – Easter Kendal. Love your photographs and stories……..but a little worried in relation to the lack of news from Ross:( His lack of confidence has got to be of some concern 😦 I was concerned when Fritz pinched Ross’s chips during their camping expedition. Fritz was supposed to have been in charge of supplies, so Ross should have stood up for himself and sent Fritz off to the chippie! I believe Fritz purchased a pair of ‘Tuff’ shoes (with a a compass in the heel) from ebay, so an apparent inability to locate the chippie was no excuse.

    • Love it when you’re back working in the UK and ‘pop in.’
      I totally agree with your favourite choice of photo…. Number 10 it is!
      Luckily the girls are staying in with me whilst this bitterly cold weather rages outside so still being in their Winter dresses isn’t of too much major importance as yet.
      When I look back at my childhood years and wonder how we coped with our bare legs and chapped sore knees from the cold, rain and wind… that literally blew right through our pure wool coats.
      What a difference in clothing especially for the girls today with warm trousers, tights, fleeces, down-filled jackets and wind and waterproof coats/ thermal hats and gloves. It’s a wonder my generation is still alive and not frozen out completely!

      My Gregor lads are well and truly geared up for this cold spell in their Dollydoodle wear, hardly, apart from their faces and hands, an inch of bare flesh showing to catch the cold..

      Fritz and the boys will hopefully be in front of the camera asap when Easter and my daughter’s visit are over.

      Thanks again for your comment. Always great to hear from you.

  6. WOW!
    Your outdoor, Spring-time fresh, background is just splendid. Nature is so perfect, in all her seasons, but Spring presents refreshing shades of green everywhere, signalling *the awakening*… the youth. How glorious and fitting to photograph so many high-end girls amongst the newly sprouted greenery and flowers.
    I would be hard pressed to name a favorite Sasha as each one has her own *uniqueness*… just like people do.
    I find it amazing all the hair that one finds on these very early Sashas… tons of it… and, of course, the fabulous eye painting.
    I love all your clothing/outfit choices… your beauties are Easter ready… hmm, where are those baskets, colored eggs and chocolate bunnies?
    Thank you Kendal for the Sunday morning *eye candy*! Simply delicious!
    Hugs, -Anne

    • I was so pleased to have been able to go down there again even if it was only for a very short while to finish off photographing these girls.
      Our weather, like in so many places, is still so very bitterly cold in the wind. I have been ‘holed up’ here in the house for so long now that I’m ready, willing (and hopefully able) to want to get out and about a bit more now that the lighter days and nights have arrived.
      I agree there is nothing quite like a bit of natural greenery for enhancing these dolls.

  7. Oh what stunning girls, it was NP joy for me. I am a keen gardener and plants person, it had been my intention to look at the whole of the image but I couldn’t get beyond looking at your beautiful Sasha girls.
    I have a real love of these dolls, I know there are many beautiful Sasha’s out there but for me the wonderful hand painted detail is what makes them so special. What an assortment of hand painted eyes! I found it impossible to choose a favourite, each one I came to stole my heart. It must have been so hard to part with your girl, they are so individual choosing the one to go must leave you with so many doubts. Whoever has your beautiful girl is so very lucky.
    I am going back to have another look and this time I will take in the entire picture. Hopefully next time you are out taking photographs the sun will be warm and spring will finally be here.
    Much love Kendal

    • Oh dear! I’m afraid to say that the garden there hasn’t as yet been touched since last August. Just been let to grow WILD until we can get some warmer weather here. It all really needs a jolly good sort out but luckily the evergreens do help to give it a bit of green colour for a back ground.
      Not much sign either of any leaf buds on the trees and bushes and the poor Daffodils are still just only above ground height. Beginning to wonder if we’ll have a Spring at all but just go straight into Summer….well that’s if we’re lucky to actually get a Summer this year!

      I fell in love with the Sasha Dolls the moment they came out here in the UK in 1966 made in a factory not so far from where I live, about 35 kilometres. I adore their simplicity of style and although basically all from the same styled mould each one is truly an individual in her/his own rights and in my case it seems that the more ‘waify’ they are the more I love and need to take care of them.

      Many thanks for commenting and for your warmer Spring wishes! Sasha love from Kendal..

  8. The garden looks great Kendal there is plenty to see what with the colour from the shrubs and the spring flowers that are out. I love the photo of the Frido 67 dungarees girl with the branch twisting above her. I work on sculpture and often use branches as a source of inspiration, this one gets my creativity flowing.
    One of my favourite places to be is in a not too well managed wood, I love the shape of fallen branches and rotting wood. In fact I love decay of all kinds, rusty metal, flaky paint driftwood, all sources of inspiration to me. My wish is to work on a large scale sculpture in situ in a wood using metal and fallen branches, so far I have only been able to make smaller scale versions but one day…..

    • That’s a relief then. I shan’t have to be racing out in this bitter cold and tidying it up! Can stay in the warmth and enjoy my Sasha Dolls for a little longer.
      Your dream of creating a large sculpture out of natural and recycled materials in a wood sounds very exciting and artistic. Do hope that it all comes true.

      When I’m next down there I’ll take a few more photos for you of the fallen twigs and branches that are further down the garden. under the trees. Not sure that the Sasha girls would want to be photographed down there but one or two of the Gregor lads might well enjoy the change of scenery.

  9. What beautiful girls in such a lovely setting. These photographs are wonderful, Kendal. These Frido Sashas have such sweet expressions and the eye painting is exquisite. I love them all. Would be hard pressed to choose a favourite. Each one of them takes that position until you scroll down to the next one. Love the dresses, too. These warm checks with the smocking detail are perfect for Sashas. What a lovely post. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do it. I am with Gill. it would be wonderful, if you could produce a book of all your lovely girls. Love Karin xxx

  10. Yes, I agree the earlier Sasha Dolls have lovely and quite individual expressions due to their eye painting. Such a pity that towards the end high demand caused the eyes to be printed on with just a little hand finishing.

    I have always loved the earlier Gotz dolls for their individuality due a great deal to the eye artists so was surprised that the eyes of their second 1990s production didn’t take this into consideration at all plus Gotz must have also known that these dolls weren’t going to be just another play doll but that they would be sought after by the Sasha collectors too.
    After all in real life people’s eyes are so important when expressing how they are feeling.

    Hadn’t realised that most of my girls in today’s post were wearing Ruthsdoll’s dresses originally put on for Christmas. Funny how you don’t always notice these things until some one points it out..With this cold spell of weather still with us I haven’t decided when to start the next seasonal change over.

    Will have another think about doing a book of Sasha ‘out and about photos’ but never seem to have any spare time these days to even think about such things….probably because I don’t go out with them quite so much nowadays. Might well do another calendar when the time comes round.

  11. They are all so delightful Kendal just as good in the photos as in real life 🙂 I love your brunette whose hair is so dark it is almost black. I feel lucky to own a Sasha with eyes painted by Kristina as well – a little bit of Frido/Trendon history to cherish. I was going to say the first three were my favourite, but then I look at them all and think they are all just so very special. The little girl with the damaged lips I have always admired, as you say she has exquisite eyes. She just looks like a professional with the way she poses and doesn’t let anything get her down – she makes the most of her wonderfully positive points.

    They are of course all immaculately dressed as usual, and I daren’t show my girls ‘The Kendal Sasha Brood’ Wardrobe! 😉

    • Hadn’t realised that YOU have a Kristina eye painted Sasha Doll too. Would love to see a photo of her as I have never seen any of her other eye painted dolls.

      My first doll shown in this post, a brunette side part NP Gingham girl, is , as you so rightly say, quite a stunner and always popular with other collectors..

      I do find that some Sashas are far more photo-gentic and pose-able than others …..though I can never quite pinpoint the reason/s why this should be so.

      I have been collecting Sasha clothes and shoes for MANY years now so I suppose that’s why they have quite a vast wardrobe with something for every occasion…. but am often taken by surprise by an item that I thought would look good on them, doesn’t and something that I wasn’t so,sure about really suits them. Then on top of that you have to find out which outfit suits which doll the very best and try to remember that for the next season.
      All quite time consuming to say the least.

      Hope that you are feeling much better today and that your body is now becoming and adjusting to the change in your medication.

      • She was the blonde I brought round to your place that day and photographed with the pram, I called her Meredith, I think we discussed names for a while. Brenda identified her for me 🙂 Will email you a picture

      • Thanks Lorraine. Yes, I do now remember your lovely doll coming here but wasn’t aware at the time that her eyes were painted by the Manchester art student., Kristina.
        Will try to add her two photographs to the bottom of my post as I’m not sure if I can add them amongst these comments.

  12. Wow Kendal, what a beautiful spring show! Not only do your magnificent NP girls give joy, but seeing greenery and flowers do too. We still have a snow covered world here in Maine. The girls are stunning in their beauty. Each one different and remarkable in their lovely dresses. I have always thought that the NP girls looked best in sweet simple dress such as these girls are wearing. Anything fussier would detract and compete with their beauty. I must say that I am drawn to your first dark brunette girl with the almost black strands of hair contrasting against her lighter skin. All the girl’s are lovely, but this one speaks to me especially. Thank you for this wonderful treat! Sasha love, Ellen

  13. We still have some snow left around here but it’s that bitter cold wind that is causing me to stay indoors. Spring will be MOST welcome this year,even if it’s so late in arriving.

    I was quite thrilled to be able to photograph the dolls outside again as there is nothing quite like natural scenery to off-set their beauty and clothing. I also like the fact that you can pose them in the midst of plants/shrubs etc. instead of just standing in front with the backcloth/wall behind them..

    It was purely by accident that this group of dolls were mainly all wearing Ruthsdoll’s Christmas dresses. I personally hadn’t noticed this until one of my followers commented on it
    There was obviously much more variety in the first group…. and hopefully in the other groups to follow before I start on the Spring and Summer change-overs. I think it all depends on which styles suit each doll the very best..

  14. This was emailed to me privately…..
    Bonjour ,Madame,
    Your damaged lips Sasha looked fine , at my eyes ;
    Once again , thanks for your so beautiful pictures ,and all that we learn from them.
    Have a beautiful warm (? ) ,sunny (?) day .
    Françoise Bonnet

    • Lovely to hear from you again and pleased that you are still enjoying my blog plus learning information from it.
      Thanks for you warmer weather wishes for today. We could certainly use some warmer weather here in the UK after struggling with this bitter cold wind for far too long now.

  15. What an absolutely beautiful bunch of girls! I love them all and their outfits are just delightful to look at too!
    My favourite…..because I always like to pick a fav… the one that you’ve given plaits for these photos, she is amazing…..I really really love her face and her lovely hair.
    But to be honest, it’s a close call, they are all such eye candy!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  16. it seems to me that the red headed girls are always the most popular with the collectors and I have to admit that the first close-up,facial photo of this girl has turned out to be quite stunning..

  17. This comment was emailed to me privately……
    ‘I loved your blog post, gorgeous dolls, your brunette with those amazing eyes is just gorgeous … I am wondering if I might of seen her years ago … at Shelly’s.’

  18. what a beautiful site you have and what beautiful dolls… in fact i am weeping as i really wanted this lovely little blond NP – she is my dream doll, perfect in my eyes, but i was too late. I do hope that if she ever decides to move on, she will come and live with me!!! I am sure she is everso loved and cherished now, after all, who couldn’t love a face like that!! i so enjoy looking at your posts. thank you so much for sharing your grils and boys with us in this way!

    • I’m so pleased that you like my blogspot. It is, I think, a good way to share my dolls with others who love the Sasha Dolls especially as I love photgraphing them as well.
      I think that there is nothing better than being able to photograph them outside amongst the natural environment but unfortunately our UK weather doesn’t often allow this during the Winter months.
      I’m sorry to hear that you missed buying my blonde NP girl. I was sad to have had to part with her, especially as with her wider face she was a younger, looking sister to another of my girls….but I’m hoping that she has gone to a good loving Sasha family.

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